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vee_so once i unplugged the charger from the laptop, the temps dropped by 10 C. wut de herr?00:13
joacimpower management00:21
joacimit'll run the cpu and probably the gpu too at lower frequencies00:22
joacimthe charging circuit could run hot too i guess, and the temperature of that can cause the temperatures everywhere else in your laptop to go up00:23
vee_bah. i want it to stay like this lol00:47
vee_think i figured this one out too01:01
vee_when it sits on my desk, it tends to warm since its wooden01:02
vee_elevate it a bit and bam. 10 degree celcius drop is kind insane though01:02
joacimheh. i never really cared about the temps on my old laptop. used it everywhere01:14
joacimin bed, at my desk, at school01:14
vee_oh god01:48
vee_mine would turn into a thermal reactor01:48
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vee_have you guys seen this?
joacimI will now =)02:37
vee_i think its hilarious!02:38
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cacIs CRUX still alive and well?02:53
joacimI'd say so02:57
cacI always see CRUX as special to me despite I don't use it. It was the first non-Ubuntu distro I tried to install when I was new to Linux.03:09
cacAnd I failed miserably so many times. :)03:10
cacI neglected to configure vital things like /etc/fstab among others.03:10
cacDespite that the thing that always got me was configuring Linux.03:10
jaegerThat definitely takes some practice03:15
joacimheh. i had a hard time with fedora03:15
joacimi switched to gentoo 6 months later, but i found that switch to be fairly easy tbh.03:15
joacimgreat documentation03:15
cacKDE is still 3.5 in CRUX?03:16
cacI like it.03:16
cacI'm retarded03:16
cacI found out recently this is the distro that inspired Arch, never knew that03:18
jaegerIt was, yeah... arch has changed quite a lot since then, though03:18
cacjaeger, you guys aren't ever going to move to systemd... right?03:18
cacI know.03:18
jaegerNo plans to at the moment03:18
cacI used it for a while03:18
cacThen systemd happened :/03:18
cacI was really disappoint, and that move made me go into the longest distro hop of my life03:19
cacThe kde4 repo is kind of dated03:31
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vee_joacim, what did you think04:13
vee_anyone have any experience reflowing a gpu?04:26
vee_got an hp here, and this little booger has a black screen04:26
diversejaeger: there better be no plans at all!04:55
jaegerwell, if systemd ever turned out to be the proper tool for the job, I'm sure we'd consider it05:00
jaegerI find that extremely unlikely, though05:00
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vee_ever consider upstart or openrc?05:02
diverseI rather have those two, than systemd05:02
jaegerI haven't looked into them much myself but every now and then some of them get mentioned05:02
vee_gentoo uses openrc05:10
vee_its quite good05:10
vee_especially its parallel boot :)05:10
diverseactually, openrc compliments sysvint05:20
diversethey both go together05:20
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vee_think this will catch on
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horrorStruckhi #crux10:14
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aeXnilhi horrorStruck =)10:38
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SysGhosti am getting errors while copying just the core system12:14
SysGhosti done the partition i made a swap and a /12:14
SysGhost / is mounted on /dev/sda2 /mnt12:15
teK_what commands fail?12:15
SysGhosti type setup and i get installing error on each packages that the script tries to install saying like pkgadd: could not open ./core/ whatever the file names are and it just does that to each package12:16
SysGhostwell "setup" script12:16
SysGhostwhen i just try to install the core and fails to install anything12:16
SysGhostat the end of the script says install FAILED!12:16
teK_you justed bootet from our ISO?12:17
SysGhostyeah i got it on another pc other here ... i put the iso on a usb12:18
SysGhosti install it like that before12:18
SysGhostthe iso boots up but when i want to install the base core of Crux 3 i get fail on each packages12:18
SysGhostso i cant continued my setup as i need the core to proceed to the next step12:19
teK_that's a) strange and b) rather hard to debug remotely12:20
teK_you don't get an error saying: Package directories (core, opt, xorg or kernel) were not found ?12:20
SysGhosti mean the hand book is simple as it says make ur partition ( i done that ) mount ur partition to /mnt i done that and swapon i also done that too next step .. type setup to install the core base done that but it fails on all packages12:20
SysGhosti dont get that12:21
SysGhosti can see a check list of core, opt and xorg12:21
SysGhosti just have core selected i go to the next step and it says do u want to manually select packages i put "no"12:22
teK_where are the ports (you may use find / -name '*.pkg.tar*' as a start)12:22
SysGhostso it looks like its installing then at the end says install failed and nothing installs12:22
teK_it does list the ports its installing with a progress bar?12:23
SysGhosthmm says /media/crux12:23
teK_you do not have prefix set on your cmdline?12:24
teK_(check with: grep prefix /proc/cmdline)12:24
SysGhostso should i install the core on to /mnt ?12:25
SysGhostmy sda2 is mounted to /mnt12:25
SysGhostwhich is my /12:25
teK_that should work just fine12:25
SysGhostbut i redo setup12:25
SysGhostand have core selected and it looks like its install with a progress bar and all12:26
teK_setup asks where your root is and if you did not specify prefix during boot time or ran setup with additional arguments, it will put things in /mnt12:26
SysGhostbut at the end log says INSTALL FAILED!12:26
teK_have you had a look at the log file?12:26
teK_it could be helpful if you could paste it somewhere12:26
teK_also: have you tried a second time?12:26
teK_i.e. rebooting and starting all over12:27
SysGhostyeah many times12:27
SysGhostin the log it syas pkgadd: could not open ./core/package name : invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character12:28
SysGhoston all core packages12:28
SysGhosti mean it work before in the pass12:30
teK_ok seriously wtf :)12:30
SysGhosti have no idea dude12:30
SysGhostthats what im thinking12:30
SysGhosti even redo the image on the usb format it and dd the iso again12:31
SysGhostboot it up redo my partition12:31
SysGhostmount them and run setup12:31
SysGhostand i keep getting the same error12:31
teK_ok, try this:12:31
teK_cd /media/crux12:31
SysGhosti see core there12:32
teK_tar -C /mnt -xvf filsystem*.tar.gz12:32
teK_tar -C /mnt -xzvf filsystem*.tar.gz12:32
teK_that should work just fine, right?12:32
teK_you have to change to /media/crux/core12:33
teK_I think, I dont have the ISO handy :)12:33
teK_and it's ... -xzvf filesystem*.tar.gz .. you get the idea12:35
teK_here's what I'd do:12:35
teK_boot from the iso12:35
teK_mkfs/mount your things12:35
teK_run setup-helper12:35
teK_tar -C ... the filesystem port12:35
teK_and then run in /media/crux/core something like this:12:36
teK_for i in *.pkg.tar.*; do pkgadd -r /mnt "$i" ;done12:36
teK_extract the kernel to /mnt/usr/src12:36
teK_run setup-chroot and proceed with the usual setup12:36
teK_sorry but I cannot come up with a decent procedure to debug this via IRC12:37
SysGhostno this is good12:37
teK_I'd like to know if this is a bug in our ISO :\12:37
SysGhostit was like that before though12:37
SysGhostmaybe its this pc or the hdd12:37
SysGhostwasn't ^12:38
SysGhosti dont see a filesystem tar12:39
SysGhostim a bit confused here12:39
teK_what's in /media/crux/core?12:41
teK_btw.. have you checked the isos checksum?12:41
SysGhostxz is not z12:41
SysGhostyeah i will checksum it12:43
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SysGhostseems ok12:44
SysGhostanyhow thanks for the help12:44
SysGhosti will try to figured it out later i have to go work now :(12:44
teK_and no problem12:45
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frinnstsounds like a fucked image?13:12
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jaegeryeah, it does... maybe a bad USB drive alternatively13:18
diverseRotwang: have you updated those ports yet?13:35
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spaceninjaAre the 2.8 packages still being updated after 3.0 got released? (haven't used crux for a while)14:53
horrorStruckthe ones with security issues14:54
spaceninjaok, the main reason why I asked was that I want use crux 3.0 with virtualbox, but my processor doesn't support virtualizeation.14:56
spaceninjaanyone knows if there's a software virtualization program that can run 3.0 in windoze? (no hardware virtualization)14:57
teK_have you tried qemu?15:08
teK_I'm not sure if it requires vt-d or friends15:09
teK_btw jaeger what is it with your naming conventions for laws?15:13
teK_PATRIOT act? Adjusted by the USA FREEDOM act?15:13
teK_wtfbbq :)15:14
diverseteK_: only qemu-kvm requires intel virt15:17
teK_I thought so15:18
teK_but could not come up with documentation giving proof15:18
diversewell I had experience with it.15:18
diversei think spaceninja would be fine with just qemu15:19
diversealthough the performance might suck15:19
jaegerteK_: they're not mine :D15:30
diversejaeger: you live in canada right?15:33
jaegerNo, in the US15:34
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diversepitillo: since the e developers are putting more focus on e18, how about we just move to using that?15:50
diverseI heard the interface is the same15:51
spaceninjateK_: Im trying to find a gui for qemu in windows, I've treid qt qemu, but it couldn't run crux 3.0, qtqemu was 32 bit15:57
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diverseRotwang: ping16:06
Rotwangdiverse: sup?16:20
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diverseRotwang: the pcmanfm + libfm port update16:22
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Rotwangdiverse: yes I remember17:37
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vee_good day, all18:28
horrorStrucksup vee_18:31
vee_woah, been a while horrorStruck18:33
vee_how have you been?18:33
horrorStruckfine thanks... 2.5 months holiday is pretty relaxing :P18:34
horrorStruckall good in LA?18:35
vee_its quite cool here, so i cant complain :)18:36
vee_thouh i really wish it would snow18:36
horrorStruckdoes it happen at all during the year?18:37
vee_the last time it snowed here was in 1954 i think18:37
vee_im going to say no lol18:37
vee_i really hope that once i finish law school18:38
vee_i can afford a vacation house somewhere in the north18:38
vee_northern europe that is18:38
horrorStrucksupposedly when?18:38
tilmanwhy not northern america?18:39
horrorStruckor canada18:39
vee_i like canada18:40
vee_but rather have a home in europe18:40
horrorStruckwe have nice skiing places here in france18:40
vee_oh i know18:41
vee_i have family members there oddly enough18:42
horrorStruckwhen is law school supposed to end?18:44
vee_it hasn't even started18:46
vee_im still working on my bachelors18:46
vee_im hoping to finish in a year18:46
vee_after that, law school usually takes about 3 years18:46
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horrorStruckstill a long path ahead :P18:47
horrorStruck"Better call vee_"18:48
vee_wouldn't that be nice haha18:50
vee_acquire the currency, have ssd's in raid 018:51
vee_it'll be great18:51
tilmancant watch this19:11
tilmanholy crap19:11
frinnstso fucking frustrating to watch19:11
frinnsti just want to punch them in the face19:11
vee_god why dont people fucking turn the wheel19:11
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vee_you know, some lady asked me to pull out her car from my schools parking lot because she couldn't find the reverse on it since it was a manual19:12
vee_i have never been so speechless. i have no idea how the hell she got to school. guess she didn't need the reverse19:13
frinnsthow the fuck are you unable to get a driving license without being able to use a manual?19:13
vee_frinnst i honestly think everyone should drive manual19:13
vee_it actually makes you pay attention to what you're doing19:14
tilmanmanual not very popular in usa still?19:14
vee_lazy fucks here19:14
vee_pardon my french19:14
tilmanmakes sense not to require it then19:14
tilmanover there anyway19:14
vee_however, my daily driver is an auto xD19:14
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frinnstyou can get an auto-only driverslicense in sweden i think19:15
frinnstmaybe 2-3 people get one of those licenses per year or something19:15
vee_thats so cool19:15
vee_well you guys actually need manual, because of snow and what not, right?19:15
tilmangermans drive manual because automatic is boring and un-manly19:16
frinnstsame here19:16
frinnstonly old ladies drive automatics19:16
tilmanmanliness important when it comes to cars19:16
frinnstthink nissan micras19:16
vee_of all the friends i have, maybe 3 can drive can manual19:17
vee_i love it. no one asks to borrow my car19:17
vee_not that i'd give it anyway19:17
frinnstbut there is only one license?19:17
frinnstie you take your driving test in an automatic and are then expected to be able to drive a manual?19:17
vee_or take it in a manual19:18
frinnstDSG boxes are nice tho19:18
frinnstits the only type of automatic i would ever consider19:18
vee_i forgot the name but you can have a manual, full on manual, without  a clutch19:19
vee_its pretty crazy19:19
vee_wait thats dsg lmao19:20
frinnstall automatic cars ive ridden in have had really sharp shifts19:21
frinnstdsg's are really smooth19:21
vee_skip to about 2 mins19:23
vee_ << also this19:28
nrxtxlast car i drove without manual gears was electric but that feeling is completely different, since it is accelerating from 0 to high speed without any up and downs :D19:31
tilmanhow the fuck is frinnst's video FOUR MINUTES19:33
tilman couple days old but w/e19:36
joacimfrinnst's clip reminds me of this:
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vee_so whats everyone up to21:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.4721:53
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SysGhostoi i was on here earlier i just want to confirm that Crux 3 is now installing ... it was my usb stick or something was wrong with it... so yeah i am happy to have it working :)23:11
SysGhosti am tuxhat btw23:11
SysGhosttake care people :)23:11
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jaegerI guessed correctly, looks like23:18
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