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vee_speaking of usb on crux...00:27
vee_i used unetbootin on windows with jaegers updated iso, but it wouldn't boot on my achine00:27
vee_the regular iso works, however00:27
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SysGhosthmm i was wondering how do i setup wifi00:29
SysGhosti got crux 3 all setup just wondering how can i get ports when i have no network going00:29
vee_no wired connection?00:30
SysGhostwell i only have one either... so i use that for my new pc i have some crap down pci wireless card on the other pc00:31
SysGhosti suppose i have to un-hook my ether00:31
SysGhostand plug it in the otehr one eh00:31
SysGhostsetup wifi and that should be good00:31
vee_unhook it, get wifi up, then hook it back up00:31
vee_or go to your neighbors place, use their internet, compile in front of them, and scare them :D00:32
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SysGhosthmm i am having a hardtime i think i connect the eth0... i done dhcpcd eth001:33
SysGhosti try to get ports ports -u01:33
SysGhosteverything is failing with rsync01:33
SysGhostnothing updates01:33
SysGhostit seems to detect both my network card01:34
SysGhosthaha i will figured it out i guess i hope01:38
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SysGhosthmm i cant get my wifi card to work on crux02:48
SysGhosti should get a multi ethernet extention or something so i can hook up my other box with ether02:48
SysGhosti dont agree with wifi anyhow02:49
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Romsterprobably missing firmware07:06
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nrxtxdid qt4 get hard gstreamer dependency?09:02
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Romsternrxtx, nope10:39
Romster cat10:40
Romsterno idea what that other thing is.10:41
Romsteryeah it is werid never seen one before10:42
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SysGhosthow do i setup up wifi on crux 313:32
SysGhosttheir like nothing in the handbook13:32
SysGhosti have wireless-tools install13:32
SysGhostits simple to setup wireless on debian userland but on crux its like :(13:33
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tilmanSysGhost: you probably want wpa_supplicant13:36
SysGhosti have it13:37
SysGhostand i setup it up13:37
SysGhostbut it doesnt work13:37
SysGhosti also have the network modules in the kernel13:37
SysGhostits a crap down pci wireless card its just for now until i get a ethernet switch13:38
SysGhostmy other box is using the wired13:38
SysGhostwell its how i get internet now :P13:38
SysGhostme im not good with wireless13:39
SysGhostor all this new technology13:39
SysGhost i basicly follow this one13:39
SysGhostbut i get network error13:39
SysGhostnothing seems to work13:40
SysGhostsorry for this i know this much be annoying when user ask about this13:40
tilmanyep, its annoying as * when they only say "it doesnt work"13:41
SysGhostsorry i suppose if you want me to leave i will ... i am just bum out that these systems highly depend on network so much... i wish it would be like UNIX where it was bundle with programs13:43
joacimtilman: "the screen is just black"13:46
SysGhoststarting services: net[ERROR]13:46
joacimand when I go over, there is all kinds of white text on the screen giving a very clear description of what is wrong, or what to do to fix it.13:47
tilmanSysGhost: need more detailed info to help13:47
jaegerSysGhost: it might need firmware files or something. What do you see in the syslogs when it doesn't work? What's in your /etc/rc.d/net?13:49
SysGhostyeah thats what im thinking its me with linux kernel13:51
SysGhosti notice not all the ath wireless where selected so thats my fault13:51
SysGhosti think i will figured it out sorry about annoying u people13:51
SysGhosti will figured it out and i will let u know how i done later13:52
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: new md5sum15:44
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tilmangithub says: "You can clone with HTTPS, or Subversion."16:21
tilmanwtf they dont have anonymous git access anymore?16:22
HenesyAm I the only one who thinks git's commandline interface is a pain to learn?16:28
tilmanprobably not16:29
HenesyAlso, am I missing something, or would an ncurses git interface be really nice?16:29
HenesyI'm considering making that my next project if it doesn't exist16:29
tilmanthere's tig16:30
HenesyI did not know this existed16:31
HenesyStill might make one just to make one16:31
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: disable manpages for now18:20
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leetspete1How are guys burning CDs these days?  cdrdao and cdrtools don't compile for me with new-ish gcc.19:58
leetspete1So I figure no one must be using them.19:59
tilmanpackage cdrkit19:59
tilmanprogram wodim19:59
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vee_why not use usb20:29
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leetspete1Also, now that I think about it, I don't know if this computer (Pentium 4, Dell, $10) will boot from USB.  D:21:06
vee_the dimension 3000 does21:17
vee_why do you want plan921:25
leetspete1Because it's got some interesting stuff.  I actually use Inferno a lot, so it'd be nice to have a Plan 9 server around.21:30
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vee_flash is so annoying22:44
frinnst3.0.100 :D22:47
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vee_what do you guys use for your gtk icons?23:04
joacimI used elementary icons for a while23:10
vee_ill give that a look see!23:22
vee_first things first, im trying to get chromium to use pepperflash23:22
vee_cant seem to find the chromium defaults though23:23

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