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diverseanyone use grub2?01:34
Romstertrie it the config sucks01:50
jaegerI use it, works great01:51
jaegerits config can be complicated but it's very powerful01:51
jaegerAnd the config only gets complicated if you use grub-mkconfig or something similar01:51
Romsteryeah but not easy to start off with01:51
Romsterwhich i did.01:51
Romsterwhole heap of not required junk when you do that.01:52
jaegerI have some simpler configs around for reference if needed01:52
Romsteri went back to lilo but i'll end up making a intrid one day.01:52
jaegerwell, you can use initrd with any bootloader01:52
Romsterand i'll need uefi capable later on the next mobo.01:52
Romsterdon't think lilo will support uefu01:53
Romsteralso no boot loader that i've tried can use UUID's without a initramfs01:53
Romsterthe one thing i'd want the kernel to be able to handle.01:54
diverseWell, I was researching how to adjust resolution on grub2 and apparently Crux doesn't have the /etc/default/grub for adjust settings to use grub-mkconfig with...01:54
diverseSo how I am going to adjust framebuffer res?01:55
Romsteranyhting not in /etc you make yourself.01:55
Romsterproviding that grub looks at that location for config. check it's man page.01:55
diverseno man page either...01:57
jaegeryou can use uuids without efi already01:59
jaegerjust have to use GPT01:59
jaegeras for lilo uefi, there's elilo02:00
jaegerdiverse: you can make one or just set the resolution in the config file yourself02:00
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jaegertry something like "set gfxpayload=1024x768"02:02
jaegeralso grub's documentation on the website is pretty good02:02
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diversejaeger: unfortunately I don't have access to X atm, since the current e17 is so buggy, I need to update to the pre-release versions, because the e devs are taking their sweet time.02:08
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niklaswemorrn morrn07:05
frinnstchange broken fans, read/delete email07:26
frinnstyou know, monday morning stuff :)07:26
frinnstfind out why cbt failed on our backups this weekend, generating ~300 emails07:27
diversefrinnst: what would happen if that occured on friday?07:33
diverseremember, its "read-only fridays"07:34
frinnstnot that much, since 1) our customers mostly operate on business hours. 2) Only diff backups run07:35
frinnstmight be a bit sluggish but i doubt anybody would notice07:35
frinnstthe "error" was datastore latency07:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cmake: updated to 2.8.1211:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: fontconfig: updated to 2.11.011:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-extutils-pkgconfig: updated to 1.1511:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-extutils-depends: updated to 0.30611:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-glib: updated to 1.30211:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-cairo: updated to 1.10411:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-pango: updated to 1.22411:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-gtk2: updated to 1.24811:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dev86: fixed build with certain hardware (FS#949)11:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dev86: added missing patch11:56
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frinnstanybody using linux 3.12-rc ?12:13
frinnstis it stable for you?12:13
jaegerI'm not12:22
frinnstthen what good are you? :D12:24
jaegernone as far as I know :P12:25
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horrorStruckfrinnst: i do use linus' tree, so stable for me it's almost boring :)12:45
frinnstwhat cpu and chipset?12:50
horrorStrucki3 330m (arrandale) with Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset12:55
horrorStruckthinkpad x201 ^12:56
horrorStruckwish andrew would release mmotm's more often for additional fun :P12:57
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frinnstseems the issue i have only shows on sandy bridge13:16
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horrorStruckstill the same kswapd issue?13:22
horrorStruckbisecting would be great if you can easliy reproduce it (and have enough time/motivation)13:23
frinnstyeah, its the time/motivation that's lacking13:23
frinnstbesides i already know what commits caused it13:24
frinnstthey merged some mm/kswapd "fixes" for 3.12 :)13:24
horrorStruckhehe :) has it been reported yet?13:24
frinnstnot that i can find, I opened a half-hearted bugzilla bug, but nobodys paid any attention to it yet13:25
horrorStruckyeah better go LKML most of the time13:26
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jaegerhad to go look at a computer that was "broken" just now... apparently sitting at the grub menu is "broken"15:27
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Guest34713hi , i've just installed crux 3 , it doesn't have a desktop ! what should i do now ?16:25
Guest34713no anwer ?16:28
jaegerGuest34713: depends on what you like. Do you have a particular desktop in mind?16:29
Guest34713xfce , lxde16:29
jaegerno idea about lxde but xfce is available, at least16:30
Guest34713but i can't configure my wlan for pppoe !16:30
Guest34713i can't connect to internet with crux16:31
teK_because pppoe is usually not used to access wlans16:31
tilmanalso, relation to desktop..?16:32
teK_maybe he's looking for a graphical application assisting in wlan config like wicd16:33
Guest34713but i accessed it when i was using puppy linux16:34
tilmanteK_: then why doesnt he say so?16:34
Guest34713but there is not interface "eth0" "wlan0" in crux16:35
teK_Guest34713: maybe you better start describing your local network / internet uplink first16:35
teK_well did you enable them in your kernel config?16:35
Guest34713but how ?16:35
teK_Also: there may be firmware required (and put into /lib/firmware)16:35
teK_with simple and precise sentences?16:36
Guest34713however you want\16:36
teK_you need wpa_supplicant + config for wlan uplink16:37
teK_you need pppoe if and only if you dial-in directly with your computer16:37
Guest34713i just don't know why there is not "wlan0" interface !!!16:39
teK_because you are lacking the driver and or firmware for it?16:39
teK_18:35 < teK_> well did you enable them in your kernel config?16:40
tilmani put article about wlan in wiki 5 years ago16:40
Guest34713i recompiled the kernel16:40
tilmanwith sepen16:40
jaegerGuest34713: sounds like you need to find out which ethernet and wireless drivers are necessary (with lspci and google, maybe) and add them to your kernel configuration16:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-gtk: include fix for erroneous refcounting20:31
teK_^^^^^^ frinnst20:31
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