IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-10-15

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Romstergeddit ls :D08:22
Romstermorning sepen08:22
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frinnstcan I help you, jazzman?10:08
frinnstor just random ctcp requests?10:08
jazzmanOh, sorry. I just missed10:11
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rauzhi guys14:00
teK_hey you14:00
rauzwhat's up14:01
teK_nothing special.. coding14:02
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rauzthat's something, i'm supposed to clean the livingroom in our wg but my motivation is very very low :(14:06
frinnstcleaning is pointless. its gonna get dirty again anyways14:07
teK_then living is pointless too14:11
rauzyeah but for a few days it's clean :D14:17
teK_and comfy14:17
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frinnstteK_: yes, but it takes more effort to stop living :D15:38
tilmanrauz: those vacuum robots are suposedly good these days16:01
frinnstunless you have pets16:05
frinnstalso they are not to be recommended if you have ricin-cigarettes16:07
tilmanand who doesn't?16:09
frinnstindeed, pointless product16:10
tilmanthink one of my displays is dying16:10
tilmanit's 8 years old, so not the worst problem16:11
frinnstgood excuse to get a shiney new one then16:12
tilmanmy neighbour is playing the trumpet16:13
rauztilman: yeah the are nice but expensive16:23
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frinnsttilman: is this you?
tilmanget out!17:50
rauzhaha wtf17:57
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tilmanfrinnst: :O19:21
frinnstHAHA so fucking true20:07
frinnstalso, angry looks20:07
frinnstyou will get angry stares20:07
frinnstbut not shouted at20:07
frinnstor people talking on their cellphones while queueing20:08
tilmanNote: once You start learning German, You'll find Yourself capitalizing all Nouns and in fact most Words. The Habit never goes away.20:20
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frinnstbah, lucky germans21:52
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