IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2013-10-21

vee_how are you joacim01:32
joacimsleepy =)01:32
joacimstill dealing with that civil war tho01:33
vee_haha call in murria. we'll ruin it so bad you wouldn't even care :D01:57
joacimCrusader Kings 2 =)01:57
joacimthe game starts in 106601:57
vee_oh. then just wait like 700 years01:58
joacimI dont know when the game ends. 1400 maybe01:58
joacimeuropa universalis deals with the 1400-1800 range I think01:58
vee_i ordered an rpi. im so excited. xbmc party for the dad :P01:58
joacimthat game plays a bit different too. people play that more like a paint the whole map your colour game01:59
joacimI'd like an rpi. think it would be useful for some tasks01:59
vee_yea. my cable company is charging 40 bucks a month for basic cable so i was like meh, might as well get an rpi. that, and i want to use rpi to setup a ssh proxy tunnel02:00
joacimwell. i think i'd only use it for irc :p02:00
vee_though im not sure how just yet02:00
joacimi rather spend my money on a proliant microserver.02:00
joacimi really just need a fileserver02:00
vee_eh. i also need to sell a thinkpad i have on my hands :P02:01
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joacimI'd like to buy one =)02:02
vee_ill sell you mine :P02:02
joacimkeeping a look out for the smaller ones02:02
joacimi guess shipping would be expensive =)02:02
vee_eh. mines 14 inches02:02
vee_im not quite sure how expensive it'd be02:02
joacimI'm thinking 10-12"02:02
joacimi assume 12 is the smallest thinkpad02:03
vee_x220's are really nice02:03
vee_think they have a 12.1 and a 12.502:03
joacimone of the nicer netbooks would be ok too. as long as the keyboard is good02:04
vee_i love my laptop02:04
vee_but htey keyboard could be loads better02:05
vee_11 inch poewr house02:05
joacimi love the one on my macbook02:05
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joacimwas really impressed by the trackpad too. it was so big and comfy02:05
joacimback then most other laptops had this tiny trackpad02:06
joacimwell. it is dead now, and i kinda want a new laptop for irc and typing. not going to pay macbook prices for simple needs like those.02:13
joacimtime for bed. good night =)02:14
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jaegerI have one of the 12.5" X220s, it's great02:35
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niklaswehmm this sucks.. I have waiting for 8 days now on the disk wiht 9TB to get encrypted (using debian) and now the installer hangs on configure console-setup09:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.2310:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mailman: updated to 2.1.1610:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sharutils: updated to 4.1410:00
frinnstwhy the need for 9tb disk encryption?10:13
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niklaswefrinnst: I have the server in a datacenter for free, and the rack cabinet doesnt have any locker..10:59
teK_is it full or why didn't you just do a dd to it before or after encypting things?11:08
frinnstteK_: debian insists on doing a complete wipe even if its already empty11:32
frinnstim sure you can get around it somehow11:32
frinnsttook a loong time even when i installed it on my laptop with a 80gig ssd11:33
frinnstuhhhm, eew? :)11:34
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jaegerfull disk encryption on an SSD is a nice way to ruin its performance :/12:12
jaegerbecause the entire thing is full at that point12:12
frinnstyeah and you need to loosen up on the security if you want to use trim12:15
frinnststill faster than a spinning laptop disk tho :)12:15
frinnstyay, managed to download win 8.1 finally, microsofts servers didnt want to let me last week12:17
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jaegerI installed in on my work laptop Thursday, seems ok so far12:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mailx: update to 14.4.512:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: update to 9.2.212:24
teK_IE breaks Google's Layout12:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sxhkd: 0.5.1 -> 0.5.212:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.2.0 -> 0.2.112:27
jaegerI'm trial testing an HP laptop at work this week because I've gotten tired of weird little quirks with my macbook pro here... so far this is working well. dual booting windows 8.1 and ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Intel Rapid Start even works with linux, which is nice :)12:28
frinnstoh, 2012r2 lists server core as the recommended option to install, not the gui12:29
jaegerheh... I'm sure our gui-only windows guy will enjoy that12:30
teK_what quirks? One would think the HW is 'perfect'?12:30
teK_or is that a marketing myth?12:30
jaegerI installed a 2012 core VM to run vCheck weekly and it blew his mind12:30
frinnstnoooo, its real tek!12:30
frinnstuh, real-tek12:31
jaegerteK_: it's mostly good but partly myth12:31
frinnsthehe jaeger12:31
teK_screw you frinnst =)12:31
teK_I never used a MacBook myself12:32
frinnstim gonna start calling you r8169.ko12:32
teK_hey make it e1000 at least12:33
jaegerhaha, nice12:33
frinnstspeaking of e1000, dont run win2012 with that12:34
teK_oh and you are SO inventive, never have been called like that before :)12:34
teK_just like you12:35
jaegerlooks like it's e1000e rather than e1000 for what that's worth12:36
jaegerrather use vmxnet3 anyway, though12:36
frinnstWe have a customer wiht 2012 and e1000e tho :(12:37
frinnstI notified our win guy about that bug - nothing has happened12:38
frinnstevening work for me, i guess \o/12:38
frinnstsince im responsible for the backups12:38
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jaegerargh, I forgot to renew my free hostname. it expired and is no longer available12:40
jaegerthey don't offer names anymore so I get to get used to a new one, heh12:41
jaegerMaybe I should just set up dynamic update support at and forget the free services12:42
frinnstfor your home connection?12:42
teK_why vmxnet3? Better performance / features?12:42
teK_I'm getting a vmware degree in here :>12:43
frinnstyeah, pretty much12:44
jaegerteK_: :)12:44
jaegerNew features and perf, yes12:44
frinnstparavirtualized instead of emulation12:44
jaegerThat comparison doesn't include the non-vmx stuff but it's still useful info if you're bored12:45
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teK_no I'll just try to stick with it if I have  to use vmware12:46
teK_still more a qemu fan by passion and a vbox user by demand (class)12:46
jaegerI use vbox quite a bit, myself, on my workstations12:47
jaegergood to have options for testing :)12:47
teK_sooner or later features will converge12:48
teK_yet vmware is quite ahead wrt management features, I guess12:48
jaegerDifferent target audience, really... vbox was designed more for individual use, vsphere for enterprise12:49
jaegerWould perhaps be more useful to compare VirtualBox to VMware Workstation than to vSphere12:49
teK_what about virt-manager?12:49
jaegerNo idea there, I have no experience with it12:49
teK_I mean.. vmware has the desktop virtualisation but otherwise?12:49
jaegerotherwise what? I'm not understanding the question12:50
frinnstgeez, still get the "tap to choose what happens with this cd/dvd" when i insert a cd in 2012r212:50
jaegertap this, windows12:50
jaegerI can't wait to see the fingerprints on windows guy's 30" IPS display12:51
frinnst"you have new apps that can open web pages"12:51
jaeger(it's not a touchscreen)12:51
teK_what features does vmware  have that nobody else have?12:51
frinnststability/performance/useability :)12:51
jaegerteK_: Ah, no idea :) I haven't kept up with comparisons, honestly. My employer bought vmware before I was hired, I just came in and learned it and love it :)12:52
frinnstYeah we ran vmware before i joined too, played a bit with hyperv too (we run it for one customer)12:59
frinnstits very unpolished in comparison13:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] chromium: updated to 30.0.1599.10113:30
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frinnst"Do you want to find PCs, devices, and content on this network, and automatically connect to devices like printers and TVs?"13:54
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frinnstawesome, thunderbird segfaults14:05
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frinnst-        ac_add_options --enable-optimize="$CFLAGS -mno-avx"14:10
frinnst+        ac_add_options --enable-optimize="$CFLAGS"14:10
teK_np: 2Pac/Greatest Hits - Disc1.11.Life Goes On14:21
frinnstnot if you get shot14:21
teK_but in your case it will14:26
teK_and if you listen to the lyrics it will even if someone gets shot14:27
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sepenoops there is something wrong in chromium14:59
sepenchromium-sandbox will be chrome-sandbox since -Dlinux_sandbox_path seems ignored15:31
sepenI'm preparing a new release for chromium15:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: thunderbird: force -mno-avx, fixed footprint16:47
diversewell, looks like mplayer2 is dead, great...17:15
diverseinb4 frinnst posting another random gif to reflect the current situation17:21
joacimthere you go17:36
diverseyou caught me off guard :P17:37
joacimwell it could be worse. the most up to date "easy to install" binary of mplayer for osx is two years old17:39
joacimthe mplayer2 binary for my gui is from january 201217:40
joacimwhats the name of the other mplayer fork?17:40
diverseI'm looking into "mpv" and it looks way more promising than both mplayer and mplayer217:40
diverseThe problem with the latest mplayer2 (last commit was in April 28) is that its quite the memory hog everytime you fast forward and back, and its soft sub rendering is out of date too.17:42
teK_how about vdpau / vaapi support in mpv (forgot about it, sorry)17:43
diverseteK_: it has it, its basically a merge of mplayer and mplayer2, while removing really old cruft that both projects had17:45
teK_and redoing some GUI/OSD stuff, as I noticed17:46
diversethey are doing lots of things, check out the changes page:17:47
diversehad to type that out, damn weechat wouldn't like me middle-click paste it.17:49
teK_I was recommended weechat last week17:50
frinnst* Switch back to GPLv2+.17:52
frinnstfrom what?17:52
frinnst"General Changes for mplayer2 to mpv"17:52
diversefrinnst: i think mplayer2 went to gpl317:52
joacimcan you even change the license like that?17:53
frinnstnot really, no17:53
frinnstunless the gpl3 code has been removed17:53
teK_eats about 5-6% point in CPU usage while playing an mkv with vaapi17:53
diversemine is having a mem leak, and it doesn't render all soft subs17:54
diverseteK_: wait are you using mpv?17:54
teK_mplayer: ~11%, mpv: ~16%17:55
diversewhich cpu?17:55
teK_on a laptop so battery life matters17:55
diversewow, mplayer2 on my machine spikes up to between 30 to 45 percent17:57
diverseok now its at a steady 20% to 25%17:58
diverseteK_: has mpv gone any higher?17:59
teK_I have a Intel i91517:59
diverseand are you using vdpau?18:00
teK_vdpau is for Nvidia, iirc18:00
diverseoh the intel one18:00
teK_yeah, I installed libva-intel18:01
diverseon mine the percentage varies depending on the rendering of certain scenes18:01
teK_it's rather constant here18:02
teK_within a small margin18:02
diversethats interesting to me, because right now it varies between 14% to $2018:02
diverseaccording to htop18:03
teK_depends on your refresh rate, too18:03
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diversemine is 60Hz for both screens on my dual monitor setup18:04
teK_refresh periods in *top18:05
diversehow do I find that out in htop?18:07
teK_F2 Ithink18:07
teK_'s' in top18:07
diverseI looked there18:07
diverseah ok18:07
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diverseteK_: I guess mine updates once per second18:18
teK_shift+q sounds nice18:18
diverseteK_: run this: htop -d 118:19
diverseand watch it refresh fast18:20
teK_later :)18:21
teK_gotta play payday 218:21
diversefrinnst: I guess its because they are also using mplayer code, that they could get away with changing the license back gpl218:24
frinnstno they cant18:24
frinnstif someone has posted code thats under gplv318:24
frinnstthen thats it18:24
frinnstremove it or keep it gpl318:24
frinnst(that part atleast)18:24
diverseouch, well lets hope they refactor a lot of that code.18:24
frinnstunless you own the copyright you cannot just "change the license"18:25
diversebut what if the code changes and its no longer the original?18:26
tilmanderivative work or rewrite?18:27
tilmanare you talking legalese or ethics? ;)18:28
diversefrinnst is talking legalese, I'm trying to understand how to get around that18:28
diversethis project called mpv is forking gpl3 code and is changing licenese back to gpl218:30
diversefrinnst: ping18:39
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diversewho is Doomicide?18:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: fixed issue with chrome-sandbox19:37
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diversehey Romster, you can remove the mplayer2 port from your repo if you want, the project is pretty much dead20:22
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-qxl: initial release22:04

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