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RomsterAmnesia, to enable https support01:45
Romsterdiverse, i've got a test setup for newer crux stuff for 3.1 as well but i need to get into testing more.01:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libass: remove dependency openjpeg02:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ffmpeg: add dependency openjpeg02:04
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frinnstanybody using WD red drives?07:44
diversefrinnst: WD Caviar Black here.07:47
diverseRomster: cool, what are you currently testing for 3.1?07:47
Romsterpretty much any breakages of anything i mostly use.07:48
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diverseRomster: any changes compared to 3.0?07:53
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Romstertool chain and a few other small ports07:54
vee_anyone here ever try exherbo?08:00
frinnstnot I08:03
diversedon't care, love crux08:06
Romsteri doubt i'd ever goto anther distro ever.08:06
Romsterunless it was one i did.08:06
Romstertoo much effort for 1 person though08:06
vee_thought it was  pretty neat08:07
vee_too lazy to give it a try, since im worried bumblebee wont work lol08:07
vee_side note, switched back to ubuntu and flash seems to work fine on here o.O08:07
Romsterthat entire rubble of a port.08:07
Romsterflash is fine on crux.08:08
vee_i was having issues on it08:08
vee_then again crux and i dont really get along so...lol08:08
Romsterflash + vappi = bad colours in webkit though08:08
Romsteri'd prefer not having to deal with vee's crux issues08:08
Romsterthey never end.08:09
vee_it was just flash08:09
Romsteri got a 32bit firefox working here but some minor path issues.08:10
Romsterall because of one god damn game -_-08:10
vee_i just hope in the next crux version, we switch to upstart or openrc08:10
diversevee_: that's not going to change your problems though08:11
Romsteri've seen openrc in action on a live cd.08:11
Romsterthough i'd probably like runit but the code base is a mess.08:11
vee_diverse: i know, but, faster boot times make me happy :P08:11
Romsterrunit works in crux vee08:11
Romsterbut seriously i'd not suggest you tweak anything in crux for our sanity.08:12
vee_Romster: when i was gentoo, i really liked how openrc worked. but i think i tried runit once, and was confused as hell as to what to do with it lol08:12
Romsteri had it in hvlinux08:12
vee_aww cmon, im not THAT ba08:12
Romstervery fast boot times.08:12
vee_what ever happened to that one other dude who had a ton of problems and talked a lot08:13
Romsterhmm i forgot the name now.08:13
Romsteroh him08:13
vee_i think it was timcowchip not sure08:13
vee_he made me look good, we need him back haha08:13
Romstereh they tend to give up after awhile or figure it out.08:13
Romsteri even had help when i first started linux.08:14
Romsteri was really bad at it.08:14
Romstereven though i knew ms-dos inside and out back then08:14
vee_im still pretty terrible08:14
Romsterman i couldn't get used to \ too /08:14
Romsteri used to hit back slash all the damn time08:15
vee_i hate switching from linux to windows. have to go back to \ which is stupid08:15
Romsteror host\administrator08:15
Romsterfor a login on another domain08:16
frinnstyou can do administrator@host :)08:16
Romsterseriously never tried that.08:16
Romsternext time i get a chance i'll see.08:16
Romsterhalf the time i typed / in it and it wouldn't work.08:17
vee_kinda wanna try runit on crux now08:17
diverselooks like you got him to convert Romster :P08:18
vee_i tried it long ago, and it was quite fast, however, i couldn't figure out how to start the programs i wanted08:18
vee_so i switched back to the default08:18
vee_also, isn't 3.1 due to release soon?08:19
Romsterwhen it's ready08:25
diverseand when its ready, it will still not solve your problems, heh.08:26
vee_diverse: nothing really will, but if im going to fuck up, might as well do it on the most recent version, you know?08:27
diverseRomster: runit is looking pretty cool, these stages looks like it has safety net features.08:36
vee_out of curiosity, is there an ETA on 3.1? or a rough idea?08:42
Romsterno set date when ever it's ready08:42
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diversehmm, could runit be setup in a bsd-style way? Or is that not necessary?09:01
Romsteryou can run services with rc.d but they wont be monitored09:03
Romsterand will not gain parallel boot up times09:04
diverseSo it better to use the programs it includes09:05
Romsterjust write a services script to start it09:05
diversewhat about the "sv" program?09:06
Romster look thought the services bits in Pkgfiles09:07
nogagplzah hvlinux, is that still alive and kicking09:11
Romsterbut i might wanna redo the runit side of it and keep the NLS stuff along side crux some day09:12
nogagplzwell it had a pretty good run considering it wasn't even complete09:12
nogagplzand dinx still needs to do those xorg ports09:12
Romsterthat'l never happen09:13
diverseSo each service has its own directory in /etc/sv with a run script inside it and that is managed by runit?09:21
diverseRomster: ^09:26
diversenvm, not interested in runit anymore...09:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: clex: md5sum fix (silent tarball update by upstream)09:39
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AmnesiaRomster: ah I see11:20
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diverseIs there a way to adjust runit so that you can list the services you want to boot in a config file instead of sym linking the service directories in /etc/sv?11:59
diverse*in /service from /etc/sv12:01
doomicidediverse: I suppose you could remove old symlinks and then creates new ones, reading the service names from a config file12:18
doomicideI think ignite does something like that, it's in Arch's AUR12:19
diversedoomicide: thanks12:37
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diverseRomster: nice13:41
diversealthough its weird that the andy costume guy is wearing a tie on his head, is he supposed to be drunk or something?13:44
diversealthough the mustache makes him look like a hippie too13:48
jaegerprobably hipster trolling13:48
diverseI don't know how a hipster could be a hippie... oh that explains it.13:53
Romsterno idea why13:54
Romsteralmost 1am and i' gonna goto bed g'night13:55
joacimlooks like a trucker to me13:55
Romsterthink i stayed up too late last nihgt.13:55
diverseRomster: have a good one13:55
Romsterwill do13:55
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diversepitillo: thanks for patching e17 yesterday, no problems so far.14:40
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pitillodiverse: great, you are welcome15:56
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frinnst"oops", ive had pkgmk.conf not stripping binaries for a long time17:13
frinnsti thought it took very long to package firefox, is unstripped 1.3GB17:13
frinnststripped: ~50mb :)17:13
diversefrinnst: does that mean you screwed with everyone's pkgmk.conf?17:14
diversefrinnst: ?17:19
jaegerouch, big difference17:20
frinnsthehe no just mine17:21
frinnsti rebuilt everything earlier today17:21
frinnstwith unstripped bins17:22
diversewhen the build finishes, what does it usually strip out?17:23
frinnstdebug symbols17:23
diverseah okay17:23
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tilman1 gig of symbols \o/17:30
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vee_woot. rasberry pi comes in today!19:18
diversevee_: hopefully you aren't going to install crux on it?19:24
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vee_you guys are terrible19:30
vee_no ill be using openelec so ill annoy those guys for a while19:30
rmullvee_: #crux-arm :D19:34
vee_rmull does it have xbmc? i was hoping crux would so i can use that since it'll be quite a bit faster, but didn't see it in the ports19:38
rmullno idea19:38
rmullI think jaeger is the one with the raspberry pi? I could be wrong19:39
vee_yea, i dont think xbmc is there. otherwise i would be on that19:40
vee_they recently shut off our cable and want to charge us 50 bucks a month for it, so iwas like eff it, ill get a pi and use that instead19:40
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jaegerI have a couple raspberry pis, yeah. one of them is an openelec install currently20:22
jaegerI also have xbmc ports but for x86, they are untested on ARM20:22
diversevee_: don't say I didn't warn you :P20:24
teK_I recommend raspbmc20:24
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diversedoomicide: been meaning to ask, could you put your spacefm port in contrib?20:28
doomicidediverse: I think so, yeah. I'll check it tomorrow and then put it up.20:29
diverseThanks, I appreciate it :)20:29
doomicidediverse: np :)20:29
doomicideteK_: mpd fails to build with the new ffmpeg release. Need to sed commands to make it work, look at Arch's Pkgbuild. Oh and it needs updating.20:31
doomicidebtw.: Would you guys rather have a bugreport or is irc fine?20:31
jaegerIf all you want is xbmc, openelec is great. even supports CEC20:32
jaegerif you want a bit more, raspbmc or something else may be preferable20:32
jaegerAt least it's easy to swap between them at any time, just use multiple SD cards20:32
diversedoomicide: I have been reporting issues here to the maintainers directly, so its cool.20:33
teK_doomicide: will look into it tomorrow20:33
vee_jaeger: i want to use it for xbmc, but also want an ssh server. i want to be able to use it as a ssh proxy when im at school and want to use my own internet20:35
vee_i think openelec has openssh by default so it shouldn't be an issue20:35
doomicideteK_: I can give you my Pkgfile if you want.20:36
diverseteK_: mpd 0.17.6 is out, and version 0.17.4 says it fixes problems with ffmpeg/libav20:36
jaegeryeah, I believe openelec does20:37
doomicidediverse: The build fails here without two lines of sed, even with 0.17.620:38
diverseah thats a shame, I guess ffmpeg rapidly changes its api too much for many applications (although it works perfectly with mpv)20:39
teK_doomicide: sure: tek@crux.nu20:40
doomicideteK_: Looking through, ncmpc and libmpdclient need updating ,too.20:41
doomicideteK_: mail sent20:42
vee_for those of you who are using chromium, does flash work for you20:42
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diversevee_: in crux you mean?20:49
diversevee_: this should give you a clear answer, run this: pkginfo --list flash-player-plugin20:50
teK_vee_: yes.20:51
teK_But I wish this stupid bar with the missing api keys would just go fuck it self :)20:51
diverseteK_: so chromium links to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ for flash?20:53
vee_well im not on crux anymore, but i wanna come back. however, the last time i used it which was a few weeks ago, flash wasn't functioning properly20:55
teK_it did not stop working for me20:56
teK_Flash plugin11.2 r202 /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so20:56
teK_taken from: chrome://flash/20:56
vee_new mission: install crux and use runit and have everything working20:56
teK_I _always_ read runit as ruinit. What a name.20:57
jaegerjust do it one thing at a time, don't mix projects. easy way to frustration20:57
diverseteK_: sometimes I read it as "runinit"20:57
vee_well installing crux is pretty easy. i've mucked up so much i've pretty much memorized how to do it20:57
vee_i have a kernel config thanks to horrorStruck, so the only thing left is compling stuff20:58
diversevee_: and I agree with jaegar, allow time for your system to grow as you go.20:59
diverseits not like ubuntu where Rome gets built in one day21:01
vee_well, going to download the iso and go from there21:02
vee_ill be back with kernel errors, i promise! haha21:02
diverseso getting past the last boss is the kernel it seems?21:03
jaegerJust need a Yes Man Kablaam21:04
jaegeryou'll be all set21:04
vee_the last boss was bumblebee, but someone has sorted that out. i have a kernel config that works without a hitch. i wanna get runit to work, that will be the final boss :P21:05
teK_as a start I just would make sure that the hdd-controller's and the file system's drivers a compiled in statically..21:05
vee_oh i always double check those21:05
vee_alright, well hopefully ill talk to you guys soon!21:06
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teK_have fun21:06
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vee__i have failed on my promise. no kernel panics :(21:35
diverseyou just love to endless bug us, don't you?21:39
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diversevee__: too bad you were so successful, buwahahahahaha!21:48
vee__lol not bug you, i just want crux to get along with me and not...break and stuff22:00
diverseI was playing around, since you looked utterly disappointed in what you accomplished. :P22:05
vee__a little bit. i was hoping for some banter when i told everyone the kernel fucked up :P22:08
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diversevee__: well you got it either way.22:29
diverseRomster would probably give you worst22:31
vee__Romster and nogagplz22:32
vee__those two...shit stains on my life but i love em' lmao22:32
diverseoh yeah, nogagplz is really good with that22:32
diversehe knows how to throw a good punch were it really hurts :)22:34
vee__evil little troll he is haha22:35
vee__so what are you up to diverse22:44
diversewell, listening to my favorite soundtracks, watching videos, watching out for certain projects, etc.22:46
vee__sounds like you play mine craft by any chance?22:47
diverseI wanted to install an input method, but I have been too lazy to get around to it.22:50
diversevee__: keep in mind, when you want to start services at boot with runit, you have to symlink the services directories in /etc/sv to /service22:58
diversebut worry about that later22:59
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