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vee_woot. fully functional crux with no flash issues!01:41
vee_i have a question for you jaeger...what addons do you have on your openelec01:42
jaegerIt's stock01:44
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vee_so if i want to use runit, i have to tell grub to use runit, right?02:16
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diversejoacim: heh02:48
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diversevee_: got your runit configured?02:50
vee_diverse: i think so03:01
vee_added the custom command thingie in grub and added runit to it03:01
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vee_how do i get the fn keys work on crux o.O05:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spacefm: initial commit05:40
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frinnstvee_: depends, there might be a special kernel module/driver for it, or maybe you need to bind the keys?06:57
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Romsteri'm a evil shit stain O_O07:06
vee_frinnst: last time i installed crux, it worked, so i just assumed i was missing a progrma or something this time around07:06
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vee_yes you are, Romster07:06
Romsteri resent that remark07:07
vee_you and nogagplz are like the meanest people to me on here07:08
Romsterme fix that me fix this, me how do you do that, me how do you do this. and no satisfaction of it being fixed. after awhile i get sick of it -_-07:08
vee_well i haven't really asked you to fix much...cmon now07:09
vee_but its okay, i still love you07:09
Romsterwell maybe not just you i get it from everyone07:10
Romsterand when i want help i usually have to figure it out myself07:10
vee_you're the go-to guy. you're suppose to have it the hardest07:10
Romsterguess so07:12
vee_how are you btw07:13
Romsteri'm good07:15
Romstervery busy though, lots going on07:15
vee_like what?07:18
Romsterjust finished packing the last of the 12 photocopiers up that some weighed more than the new ones at 110KG07:18
Romstera ton of laptops/computers with broken lcd screens, viruses.07:19
Romsterand services a copier today too was in a few parts07:20
vee_i forgot, do you own your own shop, or, work for a company07:20
Romstercovered in toner -_-07:20
Romsteri work for a comptuer shop that does many things.07:21
vee_do all the computers there run crux?07:21
Romsterpart of the leading edge group07:21
Romsteri wish07:21
Romsternope all windoze07:21
Romsteronly in my workshop area i do run a live linux distro off a cd for using ddrescue and other tools07:22
vee_thats not too bad07:25
Romsteri'm the only real linux guy there the other IT guy has dabbled with it. but me i can compile from scratch. as you lot are aware.07:25
Romsterdon't get much call for it other than i use it for some recovery stuff07:26
vee_at this phone place they called me in had a machine running win 9807:26
vee_they wanted me to put windows 7 on it ^___^07:26
Romsteryou kidding the box is probably far too old to even have drivers for win707:26
vee_i told them the best i can do is a wallpaper07:26
Romstercould move it to xp07:27
frinnstwin 98 is probably a safer bet :)07:27
frinnstshit will hit the fan once xp support ends07:27
vee_too much effort. they paid me more tobuild them a comp07:27
Romsterbut even that will be unmaintanied as of this year.07:27
Romstertell me about it we have seen tons of xp machines still in use07:27
frinnstthey say everyone are saving their 0-day vuln to after microsoft stops supporting it07:28
Romstersome of them have special software that will not run on vista or 7 or 807:28
Romsteronly not long ago got rid of our last win 2000 OS07:28
frinnstwith win98 you are probably secure from modern day viruses since they are probably incompatible :)07:28
vee_the worst i've had is an old lady tell me that i fucked up her computer because she had no way of connecting (no dial up, dsl, cable NOTHING), and stated that she had aol. she told me i was an idiot because america ONLINE meant she can connect wthout any form of internet07:28
frinnstoo, win2000! last microsoft OS i used as my primary os07:29
nogagplzRomster you evil shit stain... what's the word on the mail07:30
Romsterwhat mail?07:31
Romsteryour one too nogagplz07:31
vee_no need to get all upset now07:33
nogagplzthat laptop07:34
nogagplzand no I have the right to get upset07:34
Romsteroh must post that too.... my todo list is too big.07:35
Romsteri'll mail it tomorrow.07:35
vee_if it bothers you guys that much, i apologize07:35
Romsternah it doesn't bother me that much, i've been called worse.07:36
nogagplzthat just makes me even madder because it's so insincere07:36
vee_cyber hugs for everyone07:37
nogagplzyou hug like a vegetarian07:38
vee_you punch like one07:40
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nogagplzyou smell like one07:41
vee_as long as i dont eat like one07:44
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: [notify] util-linux-32: removed deps ncurses-32 zlib-32, fixed source08:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpd: 0.16.8 -> 0.17.610:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ncmpc: 0.20 -> 0.2110:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libmpdclient: 2.7 -> 2.810:10
Romsterhmm half the problems with me testing for breakage is that not al ports list say ffmpeg so i'm not certain if anything else are soft dependencies.10:17
Romsteraka optional10:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: spice-protocol: moved to opt10:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-protocol: moved to opt10:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-qxlL: add missing dependency spice-protocol10:54
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-qxl: fix white space10:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: at-spi2-atk: updated to 2.10.012:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: atk: updated to 2.10.012:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.10.112:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] libtiff: patches for CVE-2013-1960, CVE-2013-424312:33
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: [notify] libtiff-32: Patches for gif2tiff-buffer-overflow lzw-oob-write tiff2pdf_use-after-free CVE-2013-1960 CVE-2013-424312:58
Romsterdamn it sepen needs to fix qca13:31
Romstercoffee time13:31
Romsteris everything broken around here -_-13:32
teK_not it's not.13:34
Romsterbotantools/botan/botan/secmem.h:217:41: error: 'set' was not declared in this scope, and no declarations were found by argument-dependent lookup at the point of instantiation [-fpermissive]13:37
Romsteri found a patch for gcc 4.7 fix13:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice-gtk: remove some cruft13:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpc: 0.21 -> 0.2313:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: synergy: 1.4.12 -> 1.4.1414:03
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doomicideteK_: libmpdclient fails to build; appending --disable-documentation to configure fixes the problem. The footprint stays the same.14:36
teK_fails? How?14:38
teK_I did not receive your mail btw which does not matter anymore :)14:38
doomicideMhm strange, but I sent it.14:39
doomicidelibmpdclient build log:
doomicideyay firefox needs a rebuild14:48
teK_I indeed do have doxygen installed14:48
teK_must have been a dep somehwere :)14:48
doomicideI think we can leave it out, files stay the same as we delete the documentation anyway at the end of the Pkgfile14:49
teK_thanks for the hint14:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libmpdclient: disable building doxygen documentation14:50
doomicidenp :)14:51
doomicideoh noes, I accidently rejmerge some network config file. Now nothing, except for irc for some reason, works. What was supposed to go in /etc/resolv.conf again?15:00
frinnstnameserver <ip>15:00
frinnstis the most critical15:00
frinnstman resolv.conf (i think)15:00
frinnstif you use dhcp you can probably just restart it and it will repopulate it15:01
frinnstno. resolv.conf contain your dns servers15:01
frinnst127.0.0.1 localhost is /etc/hosts15:02
doomicideok dhcpcd restart fixed, ty for the quick help. I'm clueless when it comes to network stuff.15:02
doomicideoh it was, that was embarassing15:04
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torisoi almost install crux and i forgot to run lilo at the end :(16:29
frinnstno biggie, just boot the install media again, mount the filesystem and chroot into it16:30
torisoah, i deleted it, i have to redo it16:31
torisoi thought it was empty, cause i did a cfdisk after the reboot16:32
torisothe partitions were gone16:32
jaegerhow odd16:43
diversedoomicide: thank you for adding spacefm in contrib :)17:18
doomicidediverse: no problem17:21
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vee_will there be conflict with wpa_supplicant if there are multiple networks of the same name around?17:53
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frinnstRotwang: haha, the reverse seems true for the gnome project18:12
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AndChat150689I don't get it. I'm trying to use wpa supp to connect to my school network. It has no password but still won't dhcp20:35
teK_vee__: I have this problem at university, too20:35
teK_my son had this on his android phone, too20:36
teK_let me know if you figured that out ;)20:36
teK_are you using wicd20:36
vee__No I'm using wicd20:37
vee__I mean wpa supplicant20:37
nrxtxvee__: is it encrypted or open?20:38
nrxtxdoes it work when connecting manually?20:38
vee__Well I'm using wpa_supplicant to connect and when I try to dhcp it won't go through. Not sur e how manual would work20:39
nrxtxvee__: kill wpa_supplicant, then use iwconfig to configure wlan interface, then call dhcpcd manually20:40
vee__Class is about to end. God up20:41
teK_nrxtx: will test tomorrow @university :)20:41
teK_I assumed that wicd knew what it was doing20:41
nrxtxteK_: it should20:41
nrxtxbut if manually works then something is going wrong ;)20:42
teK_android does not use wicd for sure20:43
teK_I'll see tomorrow20:44
nrxtxteK_: but it uses wpa_supplicant20:46
nrxtxat least they did in earlier version20:46
teK_funny :)20:47
vee__So uh...iwcinfig...20:48
nrxtxteK_: ;)20:48
teK_there's a list of which foss-license which mercedes 'uses':
vee__Im worried that there are multiple networks with the same name20:49
vee__And that will cause issues20:49
nrxtxvee__: that is no problem every network has its own channel20:51
vee__Can you link a how to?20:51
joacimssip or something? i think each wifi haev some kind of unique identifier20:52
teK_joacim: SSID's do not have to be unique20:53
vee__Well I did iwconfig wlan0 and the network name but still eomy dhcp20:53
nrxtxjoacim: combination of ssid + channel + mac address should be unique20:53
vee__Wait nvm. I had to put it quotes20:57
vee__Sweet it works20:59
teK_hm. :]20:59
nrxtxsome of wpa_supplicants misterys ;)21:00
vee__Thanks so much21:02
vee__Yea teK_ try it out21:02
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vee_so, i got everything i needed to work in crux, including bumblebee with very little trouble21:04
vee_something is off with the universe21:04
teK_just wait for things to fall apart :>21:06
teK_kernel update seems to be a good starting point for that21:06
vee__i wont update for quite a while21:07
vee__i enjoy not having to google :)21:07
vee__i mean even flash works fine21:07
vee__forget all that, im waiting on bumblebee breaking everthing21:09
nrxtxis there an update? :D21:11
vee__no, but before you were here, me and bumbeblee were mortal enemies21:12
nrxtxthe 32-bit version is still my enemy, at least at runtime...21:13
vee__thank jesus im on 6421:13
nrxtxvee__: me to but, some binary stuff needs the 32-libs21:14
vee__i've noticed crux runs a lot cooler this install21:15
vee__last time it would idle at 55-60, where as now, it'll drop to 48 ish21:15
vee__note to self, after install, immediately do a system update before anything21:15
diversereally? You didn't sysup after installing the last time?21:16
vee__after i finished the install i went and installed the basics so no :(21:17
vee__im terrible21:17
vee__i did it after but that didn't seem to help haha21:17
diverseI mean, that is the basics. Its Linux 101. You always update after a sys install.21:18
vee__im a rebel then21:19
diverseno wonder Romster was so mean to you21:21
vee__i usually do, except for the last install21:22
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vee__that time i tried to rush lesson learned21:22
vee__someone was offered computer parts at our school. he had some intel ssd that he was selling for 50 bucks... it was a 128 gb one. seemed to sketchy but he's back again, and im kinda tempted21:27
diverseSigh, find out what the model of what he is selling and compare it to other ssds for the same amount of storage. Also take into account how long he has used the ssd, because usage not only lowers the lifespan, but the performance might have degraded.21:28
diverseThere is a lot you have to consider when buying an ssd21:29
vee__he says its new. intel ssd's usually tend to be really good. but an intel ssd fr 50 bucks seems to sketchy21:30
nrxtxprice sounds like a used one21:31
jaegerThere's even some disparity between intel models, they use multiple controllers21:31
jaegerIs it a 330, 335, G2, etc.?21:31
nrxtxevo or pro?21:31
jaegerthat's samsung21:31
nrxtxah right :D21:31
jaegerif you're asking which to buy, evo :)21:31
diverseThe controller is definitely important to take into account, listen to jaeger21:31
vee__oh i know. when he said 50 for a new one, it was either going to be used, or stolen. either way, hard drives and batteries are the few things i stay away from if they've been used21:32
diversevee__: dude, if he is going to give you a shitty intel model with a lame controller, you wasted your money.21:33
diversedoesn't matter if its new21:33
joacimwhy? lots of cool stuff on used harddrives21:33
joacimporn you didn't even know existed21:34
jaegerOn the other side of things perhaps he's just giving you a good deal as a friend or just wants to unload it quickly21:34
joacimI bought an old 80GB IDE drive a few months ago, but I haven't looked at it yet21:34
vee__diverse: i really dont think it would be the older models, but ill check it out before i do anything21:34
vee__jaeger: i hardly know the guy...which is why its sketchy21:35
vee__side note, the worst thing i've ever found on a computer was animal prn21:35
vee__not sure if it gets worse than that21:35
joacimwas it yours?21:35
vee__lmao dont you wish ;)21:35
vee__it was a clients computer21:36
vee__animal and granny porn21:36
jaegerIf you're not sure you could probably check it with smart tools or crystaldiskinfo or something... or just buy a new drive and not worry about it21:36
vee__i'd rather just a get a new one :)21:36
diversethat fact you don't know this person and he wants to sell you something at that low price, very likely means he is giving you crap.21:38
jaegeryou'd get better performance with a 250GB one anyway21:38
diversethe bigger the storage in an ssd, the faster it is.21:39
diversefor the same model21:39
jaegerin general, yes, though not in a linear fashion21:39
vee__512 read and write...yum21:40
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vee__nrxt greatest product from china, ever21:40
diversechina, the place where people beat up their police:
vee__holy crap21:52
vee__if you tried that here in the states21:53
vee__you'd get shot21:53
vee__then shot again21:53
vee__then got back up called on you with the entier swat team to be shot again21:53
frinnstgeez, i have to flush the disk cache every minute or so when i run a backup with 3.1221:54
frinnstwhen ~12gb ram is used for cache the backup just stops while either the backup process or kswapd0 using 100% on one core21:55
diverseThus bringing the machine to its knees21:55
frinnstno, but the backup process halts21:57
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diversefrinnst: working hard or hardly working?22:25
diverseso much for trying to start a conversation22:56
jaegerperhaps he's working :)22:58
diverseI guess that answers my question22:59

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