IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-10-25

Romsterbusy day for me as well01:42
Romsteryou can get a decent ssd for jsut over 100 bucks now.01:46
Romsteri'm happy with this intel 33001:46
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joacimare those really cheap ones worth it? thinking about getting one just for crux. only need less than 10GB for /02:21
joacim <- something like this02:23
jaegervery much depends on the controller. that one is definitely not worth the money02:33
jaegerpersonally I'd say there's no point in buying anything less than 120GB, that's the lowest size where performance doesn't degrade really badly due to lack of flash02:34
jaeger240/250/256 is a sweet spot but at either size a sandforce-2281 controller drive is a good bet02:34
jaegerdon't buy anything OCZ02:34
joacimmight as well get something in the 120GB range then.02:41
joacimfeels like a waste only using 5GB of it tho =)02:41
jaegersome of those 30/32/60/64GB SSDs perform worse than platter drives, even :) depends on the controller02:42
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joacimdo sd cards degrade like that?02:46
rmullflash cells all have limited lives02:52
rmullbetter controllers might have better wear levelling algorithms02:53
joacimsounds like i might as well just use an old 2.5" hdd02:55
joacimi dont really need the performance02:55
joacimjust quiet and reasonably fast02:56
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vee_dads offically a fan of thinkpads. dont know how i feel about this06:55
tilmanisnt everyone?06:57
vee_typically not apple fans, no06:58
tilmanhe's an apple fan, _and_ a thinkpad fan?06:59
vee_well you asked if everyone was, i was pointing out that some are not07:00
vee_my dad is a bigger anti apple person than i am07:00
tilmanoh, right07:00
tilmanmy point is that thinkpad still seem to be vely popular ;)07:01
vee_i love their keyboards07:01
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vee_so uh, looks like i found me a minecraft server....08:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.2.508:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libsdl2: updated to 2.0.108:50
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vee__how is everyone21:22
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diversedid you get your crux set up?21:26
vee__i had it setup that same day o.o21:30
diverseI guess that means no more bugging us then :P21:37
vee__i had wifi issues, but we got that resolved21:39
diverseI'm kidding of course. You will sometimes run into problems.21:40
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vee__i hope not!21:44
vee__though..i do wanna setup a minecraft server, so now is the time you learn to play, diverse21:44
vee__joacim, you can join too21:46
diversevee__: updates might break stuff, so don't hesitate to bug the maintainers.21:46
vee__oh i will21:47
vee__which reminds me, the link to dhcpcd seems broken21:47
vee__it was down yesterday and today21:47
diverseand Romster is a good person despite how he might treat you, he is the person that has your back.21:48
vee__oh i now21:48
vee__god damn it21:48
joacimminecraft is strange21:49
diversenot interested in minecraft either21:49
joacimget 40 FPS on my old hardware, upgrade and get 120+, MC 1.7 comes out and i'm down to 40 FPS again21:49
vee__joacim: java....haha21:49
vee__i get weird errors too21:50
vee__well not errors but21:50
diversehey blame the garbage collector, it doesn't a shitty job managing memory21:50
vee__when i try to run it, i either get really good fps, or a random dip21:50
joacimi used to play on a server with a guy whose client would crash every ten minutes or so21:50
joacimno matter which computer he ran it on21:51
joacim40 FPS is kinda ok tho. I have enough ram now to fit all of minecraft in memory, so i dont get as much lag anymore21:51
joacimthe cpu is faster too, so logic don't cause my client to lag as much21:52
diverseso it sounds like with each update, the algorithms keep getting worst21:52
joacimvee__: i can join you on a server later. right now i'm watching a movie tho21:54
vee__its not even up yet, i haven't created a server :P21:55
vee__hopefully a quad core amd with 5 gigs of ram wont crash it. side note, are you a vanilla player of ftb21:56
diversei had 32gb of ram running at 1600Mhz and java problems still ran like shit21:57
vee__seet jesus21:57
frinnstbut how much ram did java allocate?21:58
frinnstiirc it limits itself21:58
frinnstand then runs like shit21:58
diverseyes, its limited by vm and the vm restricts features which other system languages can do, for safety reasons.21:59
diversenot to say that java is a bad language syntactically, but the vm and garbage collector give all this abstract which hurts performance either way.22:01
joacimi think minecraft have other problems than java and jre22:04
joacimit doesn't exactly feel well22:05
joacimit kinda feels like the whole game is made by modders now22:05
diverseso that's probably why its even slower, since modders don't pay close attention to optimizing the amount of allocation and the source.22:07
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diversesame here frinnst22:08
vee__its hard to explain minecraft22:10
vee__the best i can do is build your own world by findingyour own resources22:10
vee__its one of those either you like it or hate it games22:10
frinnstsounds like doing yard work for fun22:10
frinnstnot really my cup of tea22:10
frinnstid rather shoot someone in the face for fun :)22:11
joacimi dont know which game, but there was this one where someone made some earrings or something. it had a stupid high poly count and huge textures22:11
vee__i like that too22:11
diverseto me, it seemed like a sandbox kind of game22:11
vee__but its just allowing for creativity i guess22:11
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diversevee_: why not remove all the underscores?23:35
joacimvee is taken23:45

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