IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-10-26

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vee_what joacim said00:19
vee_i have v33, but no one likes that lol00:19
diversehow about vEE?00:21
diverseor is irc case sensitive?00:22
joacimirc isn't case sensitive =)00:25
diversethere you go then00:25
joacimI don't really care tho. just don't get one of those insanely long nicks :p00:30
joacimI used to talk to this guy whose nick would fill up half a line in my terminal00:31
joacimnow i have it cap nicks at a certain number =)00:31
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v-evEE is taken lol00:39
joacimvEE is the same as vee and VEE and Vee =)00:39
vee__well, we need to find vee, and tell him to fuck off00:39
vee__unless we can think of another clever nick name00:39
diversejoacim: in that case, its case sensitive00:39
vee__inb4 insults00:39
joacimas i said00:40
joacimit isn't case sensitive00:40
diversereread what you said earlier00:40
vee__joacim: you made it seem like it wasn't case sensitive00:41
joacimsomething case sensitive makes a difference between Vee and vee. Something that isn't case sensitive will treat both Vee and vEE as one and the same00:41
vee__misinterpreted perhaps00:41
vee__anyway, what are you up to??00:41
joacimlooking at pretty pictures00:41
joacimand downloading stuff00:42
joacimbut i feel bad about it because that means i'll have to make a new backup tomorrow before i reinstall my os x00:42
joacimi already made one, but when i download stuff, i just make more work for myself :p00:42
diverseinb4 vee__ asking to join minecraft00:45
joacimits ok00:46
joacimi like meinkraft00:46
frinnstmm, backups..00:47
frinnstonly ~100gig remaining \o/00:47
joacimI should get my 1TB drive and use that to backup my os x.00:48
vee__i never have anything important to back up :/00:48
frinnsthow could you? you reinstall every day :)00:49
joacimI don't mind losing my 3TB data drive. I'll just download my backups from the torrent sites again00:49
joacimbut the stuff on my OS drives are somewhat important00:49
joacimpasswords and bookmarks00:49
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vee__i actually do reinstall quite often...but still lol00:54
frinnstI cant remember when i started from scratch00:55
diverseyou mean when you started using linux?00:57
frinnstno, when i started with a complete vanilla system without some sort of backup00:59
frinnstGuess when i bought my first pc back in -9800:59
joacimsame here i think. I always transferred configs and stuff from one system to another01:05
joacimnow it is like i dont even want to use someone elses computer01:05
joacimtheirs doesnt have my configs and data on them01:06
joacimdon't think I share your view on using the same pc since forever. I've been upgrading like that too, but I feel I've had at least 4-5 different computers. =)01:10
frinnsti've only bought one complete pc01:12
frinnstwell, a laptop or two too01:12
joacimi tend to pick up used old computers01:13
joacimbut I've only bought two complete new computers01:13
joacimone desktop, one laptop01:13
diverseI used to buy computers until I took an arrow to the knee.01:15
joacimnot even sure if that desktop counts, as it was more an upgrade for a used P2 computer01:15
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Romstervee__, i noticed dhcpcd being down as well.01:51
Romsterdiverse, i just get frustrated at repeating myself or not knowing wtfvee did to his setup.01:53
diverseI see...01:55
diverseyour terrible vee__01:55
diverseOr I should say were terrible01:55
diversethanks joacim01:56
vee__quick, everyone, pick on vee__ because why the hell not01:58
vee__i feel so seperated from this group01:58
joacimi think it is just diverse01:59
diverseyeah its just me dude01:59
diverseah fine02:00
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diversevee__ you are part of the group just like anyone here, so don't isolate yourself.02:04
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diversevee__: soon you will have people bugging you and then you will know the ways of the Romster.02:06
joacimI've been pretty angry at people in other channels02:07
joacimoh no02:07
joacimsmaller channels02:07
joacimi feel those big ones like #ubuntu and #gentoo just moves too fast for you to get a word in02:08
diverseso what are these notorious channel?02:09
joacimit is hard trying to explain stuff to people. now i just get angry with my brother.02:09
joacimhe reads stuff on linkbait websites, and he actually believes what he reads02:09
joacimso i'm stuck having to deal with that bullshit :p02:09
diverseoh, thats no fun at all!02:09
joacimrandom small channels on private networks and efnet02:10
joacimi learned that i shouldn't be a teacher02:10
joacimi have no talent for it :p02:10
diversewell there will be times where you have to explain something in Layman's terms to people who are less bright than yourself.02:12
joacimi dont people are less bright than me02:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 319.6002:13
joacimi'll ask my brother when i need some car stuff02:13
joacimbut i just ride a bike, so i never erally have to ask him anything02:13
joacimexcept for audio stuff02:13
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 319.6002:13
Romsteri don't translate to dumb too well either.02:15
Romsteryeah some channels made my head numb when they move that fast02:16
Romsterafter a few hours to a day of that.02:16
joacimpeople may ask me "what is a harddrive?", and I'll have trouble since I feel the name explains itself.02:16
diversejust say "a storage drive" and they will be like "ahhhhhh"02:17
Romstersome think if you change ram or add more it'l wipe there data -_-02:17
Romsteror i want a new hard disk... ok awkwardness then finally realising they meant the entire computer box.02:17
joacimis it "my computer" and C: that makes them think the whole computer is an hdd?02:18
diverseYou know what bugs me? People who refer to computers as CPUs. Its like to them that cpu is what you call the machine, not the small chip processor.02:19
joacimI have a pile of hdds handy here, so I can just give them one if someone says they want a new one02:19
vee__at least they dont try to download more ram, eh?02:19
Romstermy computer should tell them it's a computer02:19
joacimvee__: but you can download ram compression software =)02:19
joacimwell. kinda02:20
diverseor buy a 16gb ram set, assuming your motherboard supports that much.02:20
joacimOS X does it now, when you're about to run out of ram.02:20
joacimI think you could do this with MS DOS02:20
joacimonly ddr2? I need ddr302:21
Romsterworst of them all this one guy thinks he knows what i'm talking about. he even had a go at me for expalining something to him which he suposidly already knew... he got a tv tuner card couldn't get ti working.... i was after one myself so i took it home and no issues getting it working.02:21
Romstertry explainging matching ram in there banks for dual triple and quad channel ram controllers -_-02:22
Romsterlol jaeger02:22
diversedownload ram = does not compute02:23
joacimtold my brother to reinstall windows using the backup disk he made. told him specifically that he needs to press a key when it prompts you too.02:23
vee__i once had someone sit there and lecture me on why spy bot search and destroy was the best program evera and how it was used at air port security02:23
Romsteri think it's either a scam or a joke02:23
joacimbut no. he just told me the screen was black and that it just booted straight into his old OS02:23
jaegerIt's definitely a joke, don't spend too much time on it :)02:23
joacimwhat if i made a ramdisk and put my swap on it02:24
Romsterim not that gullible jaeger02:24
Romstersad fact is there are lots out there that think that will work.02:24
Romsterthat's the sad truth02:25
diversevee__: here is an idea, buy the ssd card from that person you were talking about, and format the whole drive as swap. Not as fast as ram, but better than hdd.02:25
joacimsome video game consoles uses ram compression02:25
joacimsome of them had specialized chips for it02:25
joacimor at least thats what someone on the internet told me02:26
Romsterram compression can be effective look at lzo compression02:26
Romsterit's fast02:27
vee__diverse: i have 8 gigsof ram and have never gone over 2... why would i do that? lol02:27
Romstercan even do that on linux02:27
vee__plus theres no room for it in the lappy02:27
joacimvee__: you'll need lots for building firefox :302:27
Romstergot 8 gb ram i hit swap once in awhile.02:27
joacimsame her. not going to get 16GB yet tho. next year maybe.02:28
Romster maybe or i keep the bigger ports build to save others time.02:28
vee__hm. i've never hit swap...02:28
Romsteri'll wait for my next mobo to either goto 16 or 32gb ram02:28
vee__even when compiling chromium02:28
Romsterthat's what she said02:29
diversevee__: if you watch 20 flash videos at the same time, you might be surprised.02:29
jaegerNah, she said, "I'd hit that like swap on an SSD."02:29
vee__diverse: who does that though xD02:29
jaegerAnd that was seriously dumb, forget I said it :D02:29
Romsteruses swap on ssd for good measure.02:29
Romsteri ws using swap with prio=0 over multiple hdd's that's the second best speed up.02:30
Romsteron low ram systems it really made a difference.02:30
Romsteri'm heading out bbl02:30
diversevee__: well if you keep hold of those videos in each tab, yeah it can suck up a lot of memory over time.02:30
diversenot that you have to watch all of the them02:31
vee__ill make sure not to lol02:31
joacimI remember using early versions of firefox02:31
joacimhad to restart it once in a while because it just kept using more and more memory02:31
jaegerfirefox can eat all of your RAM even without flash02:31
jaegerIt just takes a lot longer02:31
joacimit was really bad when i was browsing imageboards02:31
diversevee__: also if you want to see something hit your swap, install mplayer2 from Romster's repo, play a video in an infinite loop (mplayer -loop=0 <videofile>) and press right arrow key, and watch ride as it sucks up all of your memory. :)02:36
diverse*watch it ride02:38
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diverseRomster: that is also why I want you to dump that port. The project is unmaintained.03:16
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vee__anyone here have a ps3 with gta 5 or cod?03:34
nogagplzgta yes03:35
vee__with...with a ps3?03:36
vee__feel like playing later on?03:36
nogagplzbeen meaning to try the multiplayer for a while now03:37
vee__friends coming over hopefully soon03:37
nogagplzbut it's a mix of ultra laziness and not feeling like bending over to plug the network cable in03:37
vee__just when i thought i could get revenge03:37
nogagplzyeah unlucky03:38
jaegerI'm waiting for the PC version of GTA504:44
Romsterdiverse[away], yeah i'll drop that port.05:00
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: atk-32: 2.8.0 -> 2.10.005:31
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gnutls-32: 3.2.1 -> 3.2.505:31
Romsterheads up new new player i'm messing around with romster/clementine it's great for network radio stations, also has an android remote control app.05:33
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vee__if you change your mind on gta, let me know!06:54
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tilmanRomster, frinnst: mesa should bee built with --enable-texture-float for opengl 3 support. some games require it, too08:11
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-xcb-util-32: fix source url, Fixes FS#96008:12
Romstercan you name one that needs it? although i can't test it as i'm using nvidia binary blob.08:13
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Romstertilman, disabled by default since its protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere. Is that still the case?08:21
Romster"The source code to implement ARB_texture_float extension is included and can be toggled on at compile time only by those who purchased a license from SGI, or are in a country where the patent does not apply."08:24
Romsterso i dunno where crux stands on this.08:28
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Romsterhmm this whole qt4 thing failing when gstreamer is installed but not gst-plugins-base is annoying.08:43
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frinnsttilman: ack10:34
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diverseRomster: given that the crux server is in Niue (what .nu stands for) I don't think US laws apply.11:38
tilmanyeah, no12:09
frinnstwho cares about the tld? means nothing. is hosted in sweden12:22
frinnstno sw patents here, but many mirrors are in the us etc12:23
diversewell actually now that I think about, I think the sw patent is only applicable only if you distribute the binary. The Pkgfile enabling the patented code doesn't mean anything.12:25
diverseThere was a reason why arch linux had the aur12:25
frinnstyes, we could build mesa without it to include on the iso, but the port supports it12:27
frinnstnot a very elegant solution though12:27
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diverseWell if Romster wants to distribute the mesa3d pkg like he does with his other big apps, he has to keep it disabled. However when the user builds their own binary, its not a problem.12:31
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vee_good day, everyone21:22
joacimhello vee little lad21:26
vee_little lad21:53
vee_you dont know how old i am...21:53
joacimI think frinnst is in his 30s. Don't really know how old anyone else is22:14
joacimnot that it matters much =)22:14
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joacimvee_: are you running a mc server tonight?22:22
vee_im much younger than 30 lol22:34
vee_yes i probably will be running a server tonight22:34
vee_just dont know if i should go vanilla or ftb22:35
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