IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2013-10-27

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vee_hey joacim do you have any preference?00:49
joacimftb is too deep for me00:52
joacimi always tend to prefer vanilla anyways00:53
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vee_my friend wants ftb...i dont know which to run lol01:24
vee_for some reasn ftb and dwm dont really play well together01:27
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vee_hey joacim what software do you use to communicate while playing? skype? team speak?03:43
joacimingame text chat03:44
joacimI don't have a microphone attached to my computers03:45
joacimI'd probably use skype I guess, since I already haev that installed on my mac and windows computers03:45
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vee_we decided to go with the ftb server :)03:57
vee_i think its up03:57
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vee_joacim: you should join!04:17
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Romsterused to use roger wilco05:26
Romsterwas good for more than 2 voice chatting at the same time.05:27
vee_oh cool thanks Romster05:33
jaegermumble/murmur is a nice free and modern combo05:35
jaegerdon't know if roger wilco is even around anymore05:35
jaegerventrilo servers aren't free past 8 users. not familiar with teamspeak's licensing05:35
Romsterold program but it's free05:37
Romsterdoes't use a server iirc.05:37
vee_well if anyone wants to join minecraft let mek now :)06:10
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: attr-32: initial import06:55
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libcap-32: initial import06:55
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tzdata: update to 2013h07:51
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: grep: update to 2.1507:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dnsmasq: update to 2.6708:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler: update to 0.24.308:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-glib: update to 0.24.308:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.24.308:02
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libxml2-python-32: fixes bug FS#92908:05
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Romsterif you thought firefox was bad on ram for compiling try doing it with PGO.12:37
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diverseRomster: how much ram does doing that eat up?15:43
Romsterdiverse, about 8GB ram and twice as long compiles15:55
Romsteroff to bed now nini15:56
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vee_hey joacim i take it you've had a change of heart?18:13
joacimabout what?18:14
joacimi dont know what you're on about :S18:14
vee_oh, you said you would join, but i told you to get on last time and you never did lol18:14
joacimbut i was never told to get on anything :S18:15
joacimare you talking about the ftb stuff?18:15
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joacimi dont really play with mods18:18
joacimtoo deep for me :p18:18
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vee_well, you can do the basics, then :P18:19
diversebig bummer18:19
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diversejoacim: he really wants you to play with him, doesn't he?18:20
joacimi'd love to play on a serve.r18:21
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joacimjust cant find a good one. everyone uses too many mods for my tastes18:21
diversevee_: honestly, why did you have to keep leaving?18:22
vee_diverse: wut o.o18:22
vee_i had to reboot18:22
joacimall i want is a plain whitelisted server without mods and with mobs18:22
joacimset to hard18:22
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joacimthe alignment stuff in parted is tricky. it'll complain when i try to make new partitions18:24
joacimfdisk was easier :p18:24
diversehave you tried parted?18:24
diversewasn't "obvious" to me, whatever works for you18:26
vee_its so strange, optirun works on dwm, but not in fluxbox18:27
vee_except minecraft doesn't work in dwm, so i have to use fluxbox lol18:27
joacimi specifically mentioned parted in my comment18:27
diversejoacim: skimmed that one :P18:27
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diverseparted is an acquired taste, but you can customize your partitions very well with it18:29
horrorStrucknp with minecraft+dwm here18:31
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diversevee_: horrorStruck got it working with dwm18:32
horrorStruckwithout doing anything special i might add :)18:32
vee_i'd really like to know what he did18:32
vee_what did you do!?18:33
horrorStruckany errors? it works ootb here18:33
vee_well, optirun works just fine on dwm, but minecraft opens a black screen18:34
horrorStruckah that's another issue, not dwm related normally18:34
vee_its weird, since it works fine with fluxbox18:35
horrorStrucktry using this
vee_i've already done that lol18:37
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vee_it wouldn't work on anything withotu it18:37
horrorStruckah ok18:37
vee_optirun worked ONCE on fluxbox. just once though lol18:38
horrorStrucki didnt do anything else. oh but i do not use this optirun thingy18:38
diversesounds like optirun is the cause here18:39
vee_what do you use, horrorStruck18:40
horrorStruckmy machine is intel only18:41
vee_well, if you try running ftb on dwm, it'll probably give you the same issue18:42
vee_the regular minecraft works just fine18:42
horrorStruckwhat's ftb?18:44
vee_feed the beast, a modded version of minecraft18:44
horrorStruckok i'll try18:45
vee_also, feel free to join the server :P18:46
horrorStruckblack screen is black :)18:47
vee_okay, as long as it isn't me!18:47
diverseso stick with fluxbox18:48
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vee_yea, but optirun doesn't work on fluxbox. so i get meh fps18:49
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diversevee_: tried it on pekwm?18:50
vee_i should probably compile it and try18:51
diversetry it18:51
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vee_nope :(18:53
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vee_looks like its not working on dwm now -____-18:57
diverseyou know what would be interesting? Starting 2 X display servers, one with dwm, one besides dwm, then run optirun on dwm, and run ftb or minecraft on the other18:57
joacimheh. you could run your irssi in screen, dtach, or tmux so you wouldn't have to close your client every time you have to kill your terminal/x11 =)18:57
diversevee_: seriously vee_, use screen/tmux on your terminal irc client18:58
diversemakes life so much better on the cli18:59
vee_well, looks like i broke everything haha19:00
diversejoacim: the detach feature is the best, isn't it?19:01
vee_i removed bumblebee to reinstall it, and i tried restarting the service. now it says bumblebeed not found19:01
vee_nvm, i got it :P19:01
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diverseyou accidently use the /etc/rc.d way?19:02
joacimdiverse: thats what i started using screen for, but i'm using more features now19:02
joacimi'm also using tmux19:03
horrorStruckit seems ftb works fine with openbox19:03
joacimtook a long time for an old guy like me to get used to typing tmux instead of screen on the terminal19:03
vee_it works fine with fluxbox and pekwm19:04
vee_however, optirun seems to be the issue here19:04
diversejoacim: just tmux here, and yeah the other features are good too, I just like how you can encapsulate your apps inside it19:04
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vee_meh, i guess ill just use bbswitch to handle it19:06
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diverseall in favor in teaching vee screen/tmux say "aye"19:12
diversei guess no gives a crap19:20
diverse*no one19:20
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diversevee_: got it up and running?20:01
vee_just running it through the intel card using fluxbox20:03
vee_optirun seems to be mucked up20:03
nrxtxvee_: the complete optimus support is unstable, as long as nvidia does not provide real support for it...20:13
nrxtxthere is a well known talk of linux about it ;)20:13
nrxtxdamn it :D20:13
vee_h yea i posted it some time ago20:23
vee_F YOU NVIDIA haha20:23
joacimi suppose the driver situation should improve now that we got steam20:24
nrxtxthey have same basic support for xrandr gpu switching in their latest drivers but it is very limited20:26
nrxtxhaven't tested that yet20:26
vee_nrxtx: you wouldn't happen to play minecraft, would you? xD20:27
nrxtxvee_: sometimes, but haven't played for some months20:29
vee_well, you're free to join on my server if you wish20:30
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nrxtxvee_: thx, maybe another day20:35
nrxtxvee_: i also thought about testing the primus backend instead of virtualgl20:53
nrxtxdon't know which will be faster/more stable20:53
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vee_i read in multiple places primus was better21:03
vee_was going to ask you to check it out, but didn't wanna be greedy and annoying21:04
diversenever hurts to ask21:07
diversevee_: although if you ask Romster too many times, he will think you are lazy, and tell you to do it yourself :P21:18
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vee_lol usually when he gives up he says i dont know... or just doesn't say anything at all21:39
nrxtxhm don't see any difference for now when using primus21:43
vee_hey say it gets better fps21:44
nrxtxin minecraft virtualgl goes up to 80fps, primus is fixed at max 60fps21:47
nrxtxhey at least steam runs better21:49
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vee_primus is limited to 60 fps21:53
vee_there is something you gotta run to allow it to go up to its max21:53
vee_forgot what it was21:54
nrxtxthat makes it interesting21:55
nrxtxnow i only have to create working port for primus21:55
vee_let me know when its ready! im itching to try it out21:56
diverseare you running on a laptop?21:57
vee_thats what optimus is for21:58
diversealso explains why you are having low frame rates22:00
vee_well its not a bad card22:01
vee_but yea22:02
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nrxtxvee_: you can give it a try on your own risc22:43
nrxtxthx, it's already late :D22:45
diverseits cool22:46
vee_did you have any issues with it?22:48
diverseI think he is too tired to try it out22:50
vee_lol ill give it a shot in a bit22:51
nrxtxvee_: i gave it some short testing22:57
nrxtxframerate in glxspheres is 40fps slower with around 215fps, but hardware acceleration works in steam and some games where virtualgl made problems22:58
vee_looks like ftb is also crashing with primus23:00
vee_minecraft lol23:00
nrxtxminecraft runs fine here with primus and virtualgl23:01
vee_well, the feed the beast pack seems to make it all buggy23:02
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vee_without primus, it works just fine23:06
nrxtxwhen the mod is using hooks into some opengl code then the additional hooks by virtualgl/primus will kill it off completely23:08
vee_well that sucks23:09
nrxtxthen you also have to wait for nvidia finishing "native" gpu switching support23:10
vee_god damn it nvidia23:10
nrxtxif you have some free time, tell me about the results :D23:10
nrxtx( )23:11
nrxtxgood luck ;)23:11
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vee_i would try to mess around, but i finally have a stable crux install23:12
frinnstyes please dont touch anything! :)23:12
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diversefrinnst: hahahaha23:14
diversethat was perfect23:14
nrxtxhm i have to update my ck4up configuration, it's getting outdated with the number of packages :D23:16
diversenrxtx: you might want to rest23:21
diversesigh, vee's problems just seem to be endless23:21
nrxtxdiverse: were my problems too, primus fixed my last problems i wanted to solve today23:22
nrxtxthe bigger one was RPATH23:23
nrxtxdiverse: i also have a laptop with optimus technology which makes problems ;)23:24
nrxtxgn8 everyone23:28
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jturneratk-32 needs it's source= changed to (${version:0:4}/atk-$version.tar.xz)23:35
jturnerit's currently broken23:35
jturnerbetter yet, use ${version:0:-2} then it won't need to be changed again23:37
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