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vee_any movie suggestions?01:02
joacim"I got 99 problems and an Xbox One"01:17
joacimvee_: I like to make people watch movies that I've been watching.01:18
joacimI recommend beyond the black rainbow =)01:18
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Romsterecho ${version:0:-2}01:30
Romsteryou were saying jturner ? it's a royal pain think it's best if i used something else to manually correct it. as i've already got the source from atk01:31
Romsterthat should do it.01:33
Romstercruxbot missing?01:34
Romsteratk-32 fixed source url01:34
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Romsterbest way would be $(echo $version |sed 's/\(^[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\)\..*/\1/') but perhaps awk can do that alot cleaner.01:44
jaegerthat's what happens when we try to satisfy those crazy zsh people :P02:27
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diversejaeger: sorry for being crazy...04:12
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Romsterarn't we all crazy?07:05
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Romsterlou reed passed away :/07:21
frinnstyeah :(07:31
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pitilloummmm libreoffice has in its postinstall update-desktop-database command, but it isn't listed in the depends line. Is this right?13:07
jaegerI would call that an oversight13:10
pitilloummm I'll fill a bug to see if Rotwang can put hands on it13:13
frinnstbut it runs fine without desktop-file-utils ?13:26
pitillofrinnst: the problem relays in the post install script, IMHO if it's used there... it should be listed in dependencies, if it isn't listed, post-install script hasn't much sense13:28
frinnstyeah, just thought it would be a shame to add another dep :)13:30
frinnstupdate-desktop-database just adds shortcuts and crap for DE's ?13:31
pitilloI think so13:32
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Romstershould just ifdef that part. if desktop utils is installed generate if not skip it13:48
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usernamehi there, any info about next release date?15:05
teK_there was zero discussion on that topic15:19
teK_rest assured that there is progress15:19
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diverseRomster: well, I don't see what's so crazy about using zsh. As a shell, its far superiour interactively compared to bash. But as a scripting language, I have no idea how "bad" it is, since I don't script.18:06
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nwegood evning18:43
jaegerIt was a joke anyway18:56
jaegersimply because using that notation was specifically done to appease zsh users18:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rakudo: simplified Pkgfile19:06
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