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vee__hello everyone00:54
vee__how are you joacim00:59
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Romsterdamn it's cold today01:25
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nogagplzRomster how's the mail looking01:38
Romstertoo busy Friday and Monday i'll be going to the post office this after noon to post it after lunch in 20 minutes or so. and pick a parcel up as well.01:42
RomsterI need another holiday it's far too busy -_-01:42
nogagplzah ok, no worries01:45
nogagplzstill got the right address?01:45
Romsteryep all good then01:47
jaegerAny of you guys play Diablo 3?01:52
Romsternot em01:53
nogagplzI did for about 2 days until my account was broken into01:58
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vee_first day back from 2 weeks off the gym04:12
vee_god i feel crappy but in a good way04:12
vee_also, what pdf viewer do you guys suggest?04:25
Romsterget my sms nogagplz ?07:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.7.4 -> 1.7.507:12
frinnstanybody running postgres clustered?07:46
vee_frinnst: would you believe me if i said i do?08:01
vee_good night everyone08:26
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Romsterthanks sepen, oh he arn't on irc.11:27
frinnsthow "cold" is it?12:29
joacim7 degrees12:51
joacimnot that cold12:51
frinnstexactly but I imagine romster complaining when it's ~15C :)12:51
joacimthis guy from hawaii complains when it is 2512:52
joacim15 is comfy. not so hot that i cant ride my bike12:52
frinnstwas about 13 when i were at lunch12:53
Romsteris 20C in my room which is fine.12:55
frinnstgeez, fucking aussie :)12:56
Romsterwhat it gets to 37C + in summer time12:56
Romsteryou lot seem be fine when it's -5C12:57
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joacimjust have to wear a sweater or something13:03
joacimhavent seen christian folks at my door in 15-20 years13:07
joacimlast time was some bearded guy in a red jacket who wanted to save everyone13:07
frinnsti had a coule of young girls that wanted to talk to me about god a few years ago, sadly i was on my way and no time :(13:08
frinnstalways fun to talk with religious nutters13:08
joacimi see mormons sometimes in bottlenecks in and out of my city. they'll try to recruit pedestrians13:08
joacimhow young? and were they cute?13:09
frinnstthere are mormons in norway?13:09
frinnstearly 20s - yes :)13:09
joacimoh my13:09
joacimThere should be some jehovah's witnesses too, but I haven't met one of those in almost a decade13:11
frinnstyes jehovas are fun13:12
joacimthose arent that bad. they'd just hand out a magazine.13:12
frinnstwe have a local cult too:
joacimthe mormons wants to tell you about the meaning of life, and if you say no they use rethoric that makes you into the bad guy13:12
frinnstjust outside the town i live in13:12
teK_there are mormon kids that go to germany to evangelize people so they have their univserity paid by the mormons when they return to MURICA13:13
teK_wtf! :)13:14
teK_and they speak heck of a good german, very impressive13:14
teK_but they are still nutters =)13:14
joacimi never see cute girls talk about jesus. I'd join anything with cute girls13:14
joacimthe ones recruiting for the mormons are mostly young men with funny accents. jehovah's witnesses had mostly old women in their 60s doing the recruiting13:15
joacimmaybe my guys with funny accents are like that too. americans who are here to get their university paid for13:16
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frinnsti can haz polygons?14:11
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frinnstSubject: Firefox 25 is now available14:52
frinnstX-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1503)14:52
frinnsthah, not using thunderbird :)14:52
teK_fucking hipsters =)14:53
joacimthats an old version14:57
frinnstyes, mac is for ruby hipsters!14:58
joacimi dont know. the hipster store in my town has nicer clothes than the normal people stores14:59
joacimtoo much fashion crap in the normal stores, while hipster stores have classic looking clothes15:00
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: exim: update to 4.8215:43
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loweright back at ya!17:16
pedjawhy are cuda samples looking for instead of *.so.1 and other afternoon mysteries17:21
pedja.footprint for cuda is :)17:23
pedjano wonder, jre and nsight are bundled with it17:26
pedjaion, huawei g300 phones with hynix flash are dying as flies.guess which one I got?17:28
tilmansamsrng galaxy?17:38
pedjatilman: g300 with hynix flash :)17:38
nwegood evning!17:43
nwehow are you guys?17:43
tilmantired after a long day17:43
nwetilman: then we are two..17:45
pedjafreerdp needs a patch to build with ffmpeg-2.x.the fun never ends...17:49
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joacimpedja: the .footprint for texlive is 8.5 MB =)18:06
pedjajoacim: damn :)18:07
pedjanow, that's a beast of the port18:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] firefox: updated to 25.018:16
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frinnstenjoy :)18:52
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vee__So the iwconfig method no longer works on the school network. God damn it.20:35
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AndChat150689I hate this school20:55
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vee__Can iwconfig be setup to usr a static ip?21:06
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teK_thats what ip(8) is for21:21
jaegeriwconfig isn't for addressing anyway, just config21:27
jaegerifconfig/ip/dhcpcd/dhclient do your addressing21:27
jaegerand if you use wpa_supplicant you probably don't even need iwconfig21:27
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teK_oh noez21:56
teK_PHP remote code execution21:56
teK_forget it :)21:58
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vee__I can't dhcp on the school wifi. is quite annoying. Want to try a static ip22:10
jaegerWhy can't you use dhcp there? Is something broken or do they not allow it?22:11
vee__I not sure. I used it last time, but today it won't work. They have a crappy set up22:12
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vee__It's an open wifi but won't assign an ip22:14
jaegerPerhaps their DHCP server is out of leases22:16
vee__I think it has more to do with there being multiple networks with the same name22:17
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jaegerIs that intentional?22:18
vee__What do yo mean?22:25
teK_name == ssid?22:27
teK_you were told already that this is no problem ;)22:27
vee__I know I was told that, still cant help but feel its that since there will be networks with the same name, but you wont be able to connect to them, even km windows22:30
jaegerI mean why are there networks with the same name? That's not ideal22:31
vee__I don't know. Its retarddd.22:32
teK_because you want to check 'always connect to this ssid' and roam your university?22:32
jaegerI have 7 APs scattered around my buildings and they all transparently mesh the same networks22:33
jaegerSo there are no duplicate names22:33
jaegerThe station (laptop or whatever) just connects to a new AP when needed22:33
jaegerPerhaps they're using some system that can't do that22:34
teK_I'm trying to sell SSH coolness tomorrow22:35
teK_% echo tmp public_html test src | xargs -P2 ssh archer "grep -IiR Passau"22:35
teK_complicated? :p22:35
teK_this is supposed to be a parallel, remote grep22:36
jaegermake it even better with ssh connection sharing :)22:39
teK_I have:22:39
teK_command restriction in auth_keys, ssh-agent, connection-muxing, forwarding of credentials, X11 forwarding, network forwarding, transparent ssh (git, rsync,..)22:40
teK_and only so much time for presenting :|22:40
teK_"a live demo would be cool"22:40
teK_I won't do a live demo of ICMP spoofing (as suggested)22:41
vee__I give up on the wifi23:01
vee__Yea looks like a wired connect23:20
vee__Connection wont work either23:21
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joacimcould the other one just be someone trying to harvest passwords and cookies from students who connected to the wrong wifi?23:54
vee__It doesnt ask.for it nor does it give you an ip to go on. Hm. Reaver attack?23:58
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