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frinnstwhat a monumental fuckup08:17
frinnstI remember at school we had a plastic container for some components that smelled exactly as vomit when you opened it up08:18
frinnstit was horrible08:18
frinnstI think the fine Dell engineers have struck on a fantastic idea that could revolutionize the industry ... scented computers. The current model would be the "Catitude," which doubles as a computer and kitty scratching post. Or, "Attitude," which comes in edgy colors and smells of Montale Oud Cuir D'Arabie. And what about "Platitude," which smells of expensive cigars? Then, you could have ("Gratitude"?) other flavors such as "brownie," or "macaroni and ch08:23
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RomsterPanasonic DMR-ES35V DVR recorder, any idea what the disc format would be it does not appear to be UDF10:09
Romstertestdisk is no help here.10:12
frinnstdvd-ram ?10:26
frinnstor was that udf too?10:26
frinnst"recording format": VR, dvd-video, +VR,10:27
Romsterthis disc is dvd-rw but the rest here are dvd-r10:27
Romsteryeah so did i but i didn't see anythng useful10:28
Romsteri usually mount udf10:28
Romsterbut this isn't udf apparently10:28
frinnstThe file system used on the media is UDF Revision 2.0. DVD-VR uses the realtime file extensions for UDF. For DVD-R media the VAT flavor is used, for DVD-RAM the plain flavor is used, and the spared flavor is used for DVD-RW media10:29
frinnstyou sure the media isnt fucked?10:31
Romster/sbin/fdisk -l image.iso |wgetpaste10:32
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterabout all i've found so far.10:32
Romsteri'm gonna have to find otu the exact recorder used.... thought the new one would be a similer format to the old one.10:33
frinnstyeah but it does sound like udf should be the correct fs10:33
Romsterdon't all the DVR's use the same formats?10:34
frinnsti guess you could burn whatever fs you want on it10:34
frinnstincluding iso9660 (i assume you have tried that)10:34
Romsteri only tried udf10:35
Romstertrying to mount a dvd-r instead of that dvd-rw10:35
frinnstcan you test the disc in a regular dvd-player ?10:40
RomsterLG DVR RC689D10:41
Romsterwas what this was created with.10:41
frinnsthah awesome. a major hospital in sweden had their charting-system wide open to the internet for 8 months10:49
frinnsttotally unsecured10:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-python: updated to 1.8.411:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.8.411:05
Romstergiven up i think he needs to go and finalize the discs in the original recorder.11:05
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Romsterlol frinnst11:19
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diversefrinnst: really? Who would want to look at the hospital charts. Would some hacker go "Oh, this guy got aids from having sex with ferrets. Lets expose this guy on twitter!" ...actually that might happen.11:30
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diversesup doomicide11:37
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diversedoomicide: loving spacefm, makes it a lot easier to manage files.12:10
doomicideI use it for images only, but yeah it's really flexible. I'm currently using dualpane layout with thumbnails left and list right.12:12
doomicideI only wish you could configure keybinds.12:12
diverseThat's a good idea12:14
diverseMy wish is that IG makes a qt frontend also, because I really don't like gtk3 and the way redhat is taking control of it. When Wayland becomes the norm, his only option would be to maintain the gtk3 interface, since there is no wayland port for gtk2, sadly.12:17
doomicideI see, that really sucks. Luckily I was able to avoid gtk3 for now.12:19
diverseHowever, there is an app called xwayland, where you can run X applications in Wayland, so that would have to be a dependency for using the gtk2 gui.12:24
doomicideThat Option doesn't look really attractive either. I guess I could ditch spacefm, but what about firefox...12:27
doomicideThose are my only two gtk applications.12:28
diversegood question, imo, qt would fit perfectly with firefox because they both use C++, however there is reluctance on Mozilla to make one, so they are likely to use gtk3.12:30
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diversedoomicide: but since gtk3 api keeps changing with each release, that might make the firefox devs switch to qt. It would be interesting to see how things turn out.12:37
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diversedoomicide: this is just me guessing whats going to happen in 2 years or so12:40
doomicideThankfully there's still some time until we'll be forced to install gtk3. And maybe, just maybe suckless jumps in and makes surf independent of gtk.12:43
diverseI think there is still a lot of time. Even if Wayland becomes the norm, I don't think anything would stop you from using X for probably another 5 years or more.12:57
diverseor using X inside wayland13:02
diversedoomicide: anyway, mpv is also great. I like how they show chapters in the time bar so you know where you can skip to them.13:10
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doomicideyes, I'm a big fan of mpv, too. I like the OSC, not that I use it but I just think it's a neat feature. Also it's less than a tenth of the size of mplayer.13:14
diverseYeah, I imagine from stripping all the old ugly code for older technology definitely make the binary size a lot smaller.13:17
diversea lot of old code.13:18
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diverseI give that a "heh"14:56
diversefrinnst: you need to try a lot harder if you want to amuse me >:)'14:59
diverseI'm planning on doing a computer case mod, what tools do you guys recommend for cutting metal?15:41
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c0x`nice tool
c0x`(for cutting metal)15:48
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diversegood one c0x15:49
diversethat would be a good tool for cutting open your house and modding it ;)15:53
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rexhello everyone :)19:46
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diverseAh man, cutting metal with a dremel rotor was fucking lot of work...23:26
diverseso tired...23:27
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rexdiverse: what were you constructing?23:47

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