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diverserex: I was doing a case mod00:20
rexdiverse: great. what kind of a case mod? something slim or ATX-sized? or maybe "out of this world"? :)00:21
diverseIt's not really "out of this world" but kind of leaning towards it.00:23
diverseits a simple mod, but hard to explain without showing you the original case and the goal00:26
diverserex: ^00:28
rexdiverse:once I wanted to put a small ITX motherboard with basic components inside a wooden box, but didn't have the tools, so I just used an old ATX case and stipped everything and cut some metal and made it lighter00:33
rexand now that same PC is used by an older friend of mine so she can contact her son who's abroad00:33
rexI miss that PC still :/00:34
diversewell here is your chance to make that wooden case again. Research the tools you need and buy them off Amazon if no one else has them.00:39
joacimjust tape it down or something00:39
diverseor use wood adhesive00:41
joacimi guess you can buy motherboard trays out there00:43
joacimand use a saw to cut a hole for it00:43
diverserex: you can see what this guy did:
vee_thought wooden pc's were bad because of heat and what not01:04
rexdiverse: this is, more or less, what I've intended, but I didn't have the tools necessary to cut the wood. I'll consider this design once I take the PC back.01:04
rexvee_: yeah, but the ITX board I use isn't really getting much hot, so there is a low risk of fire hazard or something01:04
vee_i saw this one setup where the desk was used as the frame01:05
vee_ricer led's and all. not going to lie, it was pretty cool01:05
joacimseen a few like that. with the board and stuff behind some kind of glass/plexi/lexan material01:06
rexvee_: maybe cool, but inflexible, I prefer my PC in a box than built into furniture01:07
rexjoacim: it's usually plexiglass or a transparent plastic rectangle01:08
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Romsterdiverse> doomicide: but since gtk3 api keeps changing with each release, that might make the firefox devs switch to qt. It would be interesting to see how things turn out. <- more like firefox will bundle it's own gtk07:50
Romsterfuck this shit trick or treating in australia can i get any peace.08:44
Romsterwe arn't usa why are kids doing this here argh.08:44
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rauzsame here, kids for 2 years ago  didn't care about trick or treating08:50
frinnstsame in sweden too08:52
frinnstretailers brought it over here so they could sell more crap08:52
frinnstwe are complaining over halloween08:53
Romstergreat now the dog is spooked as well...08:54
Romsteri got trick or treaters her ein australia...08:54
Romsteri'd be fine if this was usa.08:54
Rotwanghallooween is sooo not european08:54
frinnstdoh, remove the t=08:54
teK_my son wants to go out an scare children so "they stop following this stupid, commercialized thing" :P08:54
RotwangI can't understend why people are buing it over here08:54
Romsterusa event should stay in usa.. we don't see usa celebrating australia day do we now.08:54
Romstermoney Rotwang08:55
rauzi will give them an apple when the are comming for trick or treating08:55
Romstergreedy bastards wanting to milk more money out of everyone for costumes and confectionery.08:55
teK_Rotwang: Halloween IS european. Look it up. Seriously.08:56
rauzhaha i love firefly08:56
frinnstteK_: not in its current form08:57
teK_that's perfectly possible :)08:57
teK_no time to increase my socio-cultural competence right now, sorry :P08:58
RotwangteK_: the day to honour the dead comes probably from pagan times08:58
teK_we as bavarian catholics visit they grave of our ancestors on Nov 1st08:58
Rotwangbut the halloween in its american form is not european type of event08:58
teK_we = everybody except me :>08:58
teK_I will go visit a friend of mine, test driving his ne Audi RS3 :o08:59
Romsternever knew of nov 1sth08:59
Rotwangyeah, and it is a day off \o/09:00
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frinnstnot here :(09:02
teK_being pagans can suck, too =)09:02
frinnstsaturday is a red day, but what good does that do when you already have weekends off? :(09:03
RotwangI'm off to work, bye09:08
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teK_hello Jose09:10
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Romsterfinally cooked dinner09:50
Romsterat nearly 9pm...09:50
sepenfrinnst: still here is some sun here >;D10:02
sepenufff /here/d10:03
sepenjust I need a beer ;D10:03
rauzi want a beer but i'm working right now ...10:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: asterisk: Fixed rc script12:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: asterisk: Improved startup script12:27
rex_chanRomster: bon appetit :)12:52
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frinnstyeah lets see how they like it?13:05
frinnstoh, not very much?13:05
teK_will do in my next crypto related presentation13:06
teK_sadly the last one was yesterday :|13:06
teK_but I had a headline "there's a party at layer 2 and you are invited"13:07
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frinnstgot any slides?14:38
frinnstor videos? (but i guess these are in german :()14:38
frinnstDEF CON 20 - Bruce Schneier - Answers Your Questions14:45
teK_no, english14:46
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teK_you got mail14:52
frinnstSubject: Super offer: 70% OFF14:54
frinnstTHANKS TEK14:54
frinnstVM total disk latency"Datastore Highest Latency" (10956941 ms) is above a defined threshold (100 ms)14:58
frinnstnice, that looks accurate14:58
teK_that's 3hours =)14:58
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frinnstsomeone reported on a forum of a latency of 106 years :)15:02
frinnstsilly veeam15:02
teK_reported in ms?15:05
frinnstits a vmware issue15:08
frinnstveeamone reports it (monitoring software)15:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.2.615:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mod_svn: update to 1.8.417:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups: update to 1.7.017:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.4117:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libnl: update to 3.2.2317:44
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frinnsthow depressing, btrfs-scrubbing small files on my ssd is so slow19:42
frinnstcpu seems to be the bottleneck19:42
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teK_I was presented a samsung 840 pro today \i/19:48
teK_\i/ <- me having an idea while being happy19:49
joacimthought you just had a really long neck and a really small head19:55
tilmancan i get a 'lol'?19:56
rex_chantilman: lol! cool :D19:59
Rotwang"High Availability devnull Cluster"20:00
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frinnst09:08 <@frinnst>
tilmanfrinnst: sorry, couldnt be assed to check the backlog first20:15
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teK_while we're being funny in here..20:17
tilmanTO C#20:19
teK_actually im dressed like internet explorer :D20:19
tilmanhyper-link :D20:20
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rex_chanhahahahaha such good puns :D20:27
rex_chan["Dressage commentator: "This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother."] hahahahahaha omfg20:37
tilman# 820:39
frinnstnote to self, use "stay on filesystem" flags when doing "du" with lots of snapshots20:59
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vee__Good day everyone21:18
teK_good night21:18
vee__How are you sir21:19
teK_okayish I think, thanks for asking21:25
teK_are you well, Sire?21:25
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ du -hs21:29
teK_poser =)21:30
vee__Still trying to get this wifi going at school21:32
vee__So no xD21:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: elilo: 3.14 -> 3.1622:11
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