IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-11-02

Romsteractually i think an older version of clementine was broken on protobuf 2.5.000:00
diverseI checked on both arch and chakra packages for clementine patches and neither have any.00:03
Romsterfile google/protobuf/ (for module google.protobuf.descriptor_pb2) not found00:03
diverseRomster: which version of clementine are you using?00:05
Romsterone in contrib.00:06
diversealright, so its the latest...00:06
Romsteryep but now protobuf 2.5.0 is broken when i compile00:07
diverseI really need to install hexchat, weechat doesn't play nice with highlighting urls00:11
nrxtxRomster: tried installing clementine but tilman has to fix libmusicbrainz port first ;)00:12
Romsteryeah i wanna move to hexchat xchat is rotting away.00:12
nrxtxah no Romster you are the maintainer :D00:12
diverseyeah xchat is ancient by now00:13
Romsterlibmusicbrainz isn't broken afaik00:13
Romsterqca and krb5 got fixed recently too after i reported breakage and supplied patches.00:13
nrxtxRomster: 404 on source file00:13
nrxtxversion does not exist anymore:
Romsterdon't have time to poke at porotobuf right now.00:14
Romsterthe heck00:14
nrxtxRomster: i will check on protobuf00:14
nrxtxhistorical why are they moving stuff ...00:15
Romsterit's been old for ages.00:16
Romsterbut each new version has it's own API.00:17
Romsterand is not compatible.00:17
diverseah how exhausting00:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libmusicbrainz: fix source url00:17
Romstertell me about it.00:18
nrxtxyou were right a lot of dependencies :D00:19
Romsteryeah but it works well.00:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: testdisk: fix dependency renaming. ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs -> ntfs-3g00:21
Romsternot for everyone though if they hate bloat.00:21
Romsterpersonally i don't care as long as intended port works well.00:21
Romsterlet em know if anything else is broken00:22
nrxtxdon't like bloated software too, but if it allows me to replace some binary stuff i'll accept it00:23
Romsteri try to avoid it like i moved away from kde a long time ago00:24
Romsterand been on pekwm ever since00:24
nrxtxtiling :)00:25
diverseMy motto is, use something that makes you happy. And if using something lightweight that doesn't make you happy, then you are not being true to yourself.00:25
Romsternever tried00:25
Romsteri can live with a few quirks as long as it does what i expect of it00:25
Romsterone reason i have so many ports is because i keep looking for new things and end up having to go though dependency hell to even build it00:28
Romstersome cases i've had to make 5-6 ports just to try a new port out00:29
diverseyour repo has been very useful for building some of my crap00:29
Romsterso when others do the same they find i already have the dependencies already00:29
Romsteri tend to try and stick to the looks interesting and i could use ports.00:30
diverselike I said its contrib2 in disguise00:30
Romsterclose too it00:30
Romsterif i remove more craft it would be.00:30
diverseThose two old linux kernels come to mind for removing00:31
Romsteri really haven't done much crux until the past two weeks or so now.00:31
Romsteri'll problaby update aria2 and put that in contrib but i really try to only put stuff in contrib that i use the most.00:32
Romstertrying to get out of the if i don't use it, i shoudn't have it in contrib.00:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: password-store: initial release00:34
diverseRomster: btw, could you add hexchat to your repo?00:34
jaegerI feel the opposite way, I prefer to get *into* that habit :)00:35
Romsterwent nuts with xorg that even jue was impressed.00:35
nrxtxRomster: quite some dependencies of clementine: :)00:35
Romsterno worse than wine or xorg-ui00:35
nrxtxyes :)00:36
Romsterdid you rewrite finddeps?00:36
Romsternrxtx, it's no feat trying to keep anything from breaking with that many dependencies as well.00:37
Romsterconsidering i got less time for crux now jaeger i'm starting too see the madness i used todo.00:37
nrxtxRomster: not a rewrite, some own experiments00:38
Romsteri'd be keen on seeing anything python got a few projects of my own going.00:38
jaegerI just feel like my ports are higher quality if they're things I actually use. I'm more likely to want them to be good and to find bugs, patch problems, etc.00:38
Romsteri agree jaeger00:39
Romsteri tend to be finding other peoples ports bugs lately again.00:39
Romstermostly from sepen i think.00:39
Romsterthough i've had a few in mine lately that i've not been watching as closely.00:40
Romsteri better get ready for work and need to boot up windows for a bit.00:41
*** Romster has quit IRC00:41
vee_skype is complaining about zlib library headers not being found...00:42
vee_is this because the 32bit reps are't enabled?00:43
joacimproprietary software is still 32-bit exclusive. why?00:43
vee_well, when i try to install skype, it complains about zlib headers not being found00:44
vee_i recall some time ago skype being 32bit, and the 32 bit contrib isn't enabled00:44
diversejoacim: flash is proprietary and it has 64 bit support00:44
joacimso is winrar. a lot of stuff released even as recently as 2013 is still 32-bit00:44
joacimdont think we have a 64-bit steam for example.00:45
vee_well, justthought that might be the case00:45
vee_skype isn't compiling because of zlib headers missing00:45
diverseits complaining because you don't have zlib-32 header00:46
vee_lol thats what i was asking00:46
vee_if it was complaining about the 32 bit version. god im terrible at exmplaining myself00:46
vee_i really dont want to install skype though00:47
diversethen why bother?00:48
joacimpeer pressure?00:49
vee_mostly haha00:49
vee_wanna talk to friends while playing games00:49
joacimthats what I thought =)00:49
diverseskype is not the best for that, its buggy and sometimes it just lags terribly00:50
vee_i wanted to grab team speak, but i know im not going to be able to compile it without breaking everything :P00:51
joacimi doubt it needs to be the best. just suitable for the task00:53
nrxtxvee_: teamspeak is downloading the binary and starting, it's completely closed00:53
vee_i tried installing it through the binary too, but it wont execute00:53
vee_tried sh filename, but says it cant execute the binary file00:53
joacimi'd like to try mumble. the positional stuff sounds really cool00:54
nrxtxit'll only unpack, then there is a runscript shell script00:54
joacimthink the immersion with that could be awesome00:54
vee_i extracted it i tink, gotta find that script i guess lol00:54
vee_was also looking into mumble. uses qmake to install00:54
diverseRomster would be so glad not to see this right now00:55
vee_why o.o00:57
vee_he'll probably read the logs later and hate me as usual00:57
diverseI was kind of impressed by timing when he left00:58
nrxtxjoacim: i have a mumble port around if you're interested00:59
diversevee_: so what if it uses qmake, just try it.01:00
joacimnrxtx: dont havea microphone ;)01:00
joacimi just like the idea of it01:00
vee_nrxtx: can i have a look see? <301:00
diversevee_: and really, I wouldn't mind going with mostly Qt apps these days, because there is no way I am touching gtk3.01:03
vee_diverse: yea everyone seems to not enjoy gtk301:03
vee_and after beng on the interwebs for a while, the whole nsa thing is really starting to scare me01:03
vee_almost got rid of flash.....almost01:04
diversevee_: dude, I wouldn't be surprised if they are watching you sleep through your laptop's webcam or smartphone01:05
*** Romster has joined #crux01:05
nrxtxwb Romster01:06
vee_oh boy here we go01:06
vee_diverse: i would be surprised either01:06
diverseRomster: caution, there is a wild vee out there, be careful01:06
diverseRun while you can!01:06
Romsterthat's ok i'm heading out now see you alll later sunday my time01:07
nrxtxRomster: that's where the script comes from:
nrxtxsome experiements i made with /var/lib/pkg/db01:09
diverselooks like I need to work on that port then01:15
nrxtxdiverse: ?01:16
nrxtxgn8 everyone01:18
*** nrxtx has quit IRC01:18
diverseit uses perl and python to build, that's a bit of a turn off01:21
diverseAlright, anyone got any recommendations for an irc client that is not weechat or irssi01:23
diverseor alternatively is there a way to disable the mouse feature on weechat, so it doesn't change to the next buffer everytime I click and drag left or right on the weechat screen. That's really annoying.01:37
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diverseon wait, there is a qt frontend for weechat? Sweet!01:45
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vee_so whats everyone up to03:48
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prologicworking on my new programming language05:07
vee_what language?06:46
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nwehow are you tilman  ?11:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: parrot: 5.5.0 -> 5.9.023:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nqp: 2013.08 -> 2013.1023:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rakudo: 2013.08 -> 2013.1023:35
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