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diverseRomster: what's up?01:58
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diverseThe fun begins02:50
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joacimthe fun began two days ago03:13
diversebut has it ended?03:14
joacimminecon was quite funny, but it left me feeling all dirty and used inside03:14
diverseman sed is quite fussy...03:16
vee_wait. minecon was the minecraft stream thingie right?03:23
joacimthat guy is adorable :D03:25
joacimhe makes let's plays with his mom on youtube =)03:26
joacim <- and here is a guy fondling a horses behind03:28
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diverseRomster: nitrogen breaks04:03
c0x3.12 is out04:43
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diversec0x: for what?05:04
nogagplzwhat about that punk kid on youtube who gets his mum to use linux05:18
diversejoacim: ^05:23
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frinnstAdvisory: ProLiant Servers with Certain Intel Xeon Processors - CRITICAL SYSTEM ROM UPGRADE REQUIRED to Prevent a Rare Possibility of System Crashes or Unpredictable System Behavior in Virtualized Environments that Utilize Intel VT FlexPriority (c03898077)08:05
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frinnstThis issue affects Intel Xeon Processor 3400/5500/5600/7500 Series and Intel Xeon Processor E3/E5/E7 Families.08:12
frinnstso, everything then..08:12
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nwefrinnst: look pm.11:45
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diversehey doomicide, mpv 2.2 came out, it needs updating.11:50
doomicidediverse: Ok, thanks for the hint.12:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.2.1 -> 0.2.212:11
doomicideand done12:12
diversedoomicide: thanks a bunch12:12
doomicidediverse: np, I want my ports up-to-date, too :)12:13
frinnstoh god, wireshark download @ 30k/s12:42
frinnst7 minutes remaining12:42
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diversefrinnst: which one? The gtk or qt one?13:55
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wilyhi guys, im running a 2.6 kernel and reaLLy need to get cifs mounting subdirectories without messing with the kernel. i think i need cifs-utils. is this possible/19:21
jaegernot sure, honestly. tried it already, I assume?19:33
wilyjaeger: no. im not sure what i would try.19:34
jaegerAlso has to be supported server-side, for what that's worth19:34
wilyserver will be a windows machine19:34
jaegerAh. Well, if your share is //server/share you should be able to mount //server/share/subdir19:34
jaegerassuming everything works properly :)19:35
wilyfrom what iv read its understood that somehwere in time the mounting of subdirectories was broken. of course my machine is stuck in that time19:35
jaegerWhat versions of cifs-utils/smbmount are you running?19:36
frinnstwhat crux version are you running with such an old kernel?19:36
wilyi can 'mount -t cifs // /mnt'. that words great. but as soon as i try 'mount -t cifs // /mnt' i get 'not block device' i have an Arch system that uses cifs-utils and mounts the same directories no sweat19:36
wilyold. like 2.3 or something19:37
wilywe sell an embedded system and this is one of the older ones19:37
wilynew stuff is on 3.0. but i cant ship this guy a new box, and would really not like to have to ship a kernel in a patch19:37
jaegerfrom a bit of cursory searching via google it seems that upgrading smbmount fixes it, though I've no idea how exactly smbmount and cifs-utils interoperate, myself19:38
wilymount from util-linux-ng 2.1819:38
jaegercan you connect to the subdir using smbclient?19:39
wilyi dont have a cifs-utils installed or mount.cifs so not sure how to get you the version on that19:39
wilysmbclient Version 3.0.2219:40
jaegerwhich probably matches the samba version19:41
jaegerI'm guessing the arch machine has newer versions installed19:42
wilyright. it uses mount.cifs19:42
jaegeror if not, uses cifs-utils exclusively19:42
jaegeris smbclient able to connect to subdirs on shares?19:43
wilyi dont have cifs-utils installed on the arch machine. just checked19:43
jaegerWhat's its samba version?19:43
wilyyea iv been trying to answer that for you but im getting "session setup failed: SUCCESS - 019:44
wilywhich is not the most helpful message lol19:44
jaegerAh, heh19:44
wilynot smb* utils on Arch.19:44
jaegerWell, if you can't fix it by updating the samba version or the kernel (which you mentioned you'd rather not do) you could maybe use a ghetto workaround with bind mounts19:44
jaegermount -t cifs //server/share /tmp/whatever19:45
jaegermount -o bind /tmp/whatever/subdir /real/path/to/mount19:45
wilyjaeger: im not sure what you mean by 'updating the samba version'. i compiled samba 4.1 over night then realized smbmount was deprecated. so thats how i came up with needing cifs-utils, which im assuming will give me mount.cifs.19:46
wilyim so sorry, i gotta book. please dont mind if i hit up mailing list with same problem..19:47
jaegeryes, it should... but you did say that smbclient is version 3.0.22, are there multiple versions of samba installed? or leftover files, perhaps?19:47
jaegeralright, good luck19:47
nwegood evning19:57
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vee_hello gentlemen20:47
teK_wily: did my suggestion fully fix your problem?20:48
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vee_seems about right, tilman21:38
teK_so true ._.21:43
vee_man, bollywood movies are hilarious21:49
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Rotwangvee_: lmao22:05
frinnstRotwang: did you get my patch?22:06
frinnstfor thunderbird22:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libquvi-scripts: 0.4.19 -> 0.4.2022:07
Rotwangyes I did22:07
RotwangI'll push it tomorrow22:08
frinnstno worries22:08
Rotwangmy mail reading skills are not very well developed yet, [;22:09
tilman^ click cause very funny22:25
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rmullI use mplayer currently and I have no complaints - is there some reasono I should switch to mpv?22:30
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doomicidermull, Read about the differences: Then you can decide for yoursel22:37
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joacimrmull: i find that plain old mplayer had issues with 10-bit files. tho that was a few years ago back when mplayer2 was all the rage22:57
joacimthat might have changed now22:57
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rmullso mplayer2 forked from mplayer because they were hard to work with... now mpv forked from mplayer2...23:04
rmullcrazy stuff23:04
rmullI guess I'll install it just to see what it's like, but to me, mplayer ain't broke23:05
vee_yea, same here. i've used mplayer just because it werks. never had issues with it23:16
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