IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-11-06

joacimjoacim's top tip. don't backup your windows c: partition to a partition that windows already knows about and have assigned a different drive letter01:08
joacimbooting from my backup and my backup c: somehow ended up as h:01:08
joacimcouldn't log in because of it. fixed it with regedit tho01:09
jaegergood times01:36
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vee__hey guys, what would you recommend for a battery monitor?02:59
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frinnsthey romster do you have to deal with a lot of SBS servers in your work?08:34
frinnstknow of a free antivirus for sbs 2003?08:34
frinnstmeh, clamwin will have to do08:57
vee_frinnst: why'd you decide with claimwin09:09
frinnstbecause its the only free version i can find09:10
vee_of a windows based av?09:11
vee_wait...are you looking for just a basic antivirus?09:11
frinnstyes that works with sbs200309:11
vee_take it the generic stuff like avast/avira/avg wont work, then?09:12
vee_i found someone who had setup the old version of eset09:13
vee_and had it functioning somehow....i think it was v2.709:13
vee_miss old nod32, but, that might work09:13
vee_have you tried comodo?09:14
frinnstnot free for bussinesses09:15
vee_take it you dont want to pirate...haha09:16
vee_i dont think fprot is any might be stuck with clam09:16
frinnstwont work on 200309:17
vee_clam wont work either?09:18
frinnstyes, i installed that09:18
Romsterfrinnst, got a few SBS servers but i let the other guy deal with them.09:19
frinnstnicely delegated09:19
frinnstyou've made the right choice :)09:19
Romster2003 though we are rolling out 2010 now afaik09:19
frinnstits 201109:19
frinnstand its HORRIBLE09:19
Romsterah 201109:19
Romsteryeah so i've been  told nothing is included has to be downloaded09:19
frinnstwe made the misstake installing that for a customer as an experiment09:19
Romstermakes ya wanna find a linux alternative don't it.09:20
Romsterseriously all the excahnge stuff just for outlook.09:20
frinnstim glad they scrapped sbs for 201209:20
frinnstyeah, insane09:21
Romstersurely there is a linux server and a linux/winodws email app.09:21
frinnstoffice 365 is quite nice as you dont have to mess about with that and just let microsoft handle it09:21
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gnutls-32: 3.2.5 -> 3.2.609:24
Romsterif you don't mind all ya crap in the cloud09:25
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Romsterwhy would they make a fountain like that09:27
diverseI'll just ignore that picture.09:29
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frinnstwhy was this scene deleted?
nwehas someone got this problem before, (after yum update and reboot) httpd has 9999 %CPU and when I using command "w" it sasy JCPU and PCPU 4169 days, and the time is correct..09:35
diverseRomster: I having a problem with pekwm. Whenever I do a full screen on mpv (mplayer) and try it get out of full screen, it won't let me.09:37
Romsteri haven't tried doing that in mpv i use xine-ui and i've not had any of them issues.09:45
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diverseRomster: could you update your nitrogen port? The latest version is 1.5.210:15
Romsteryeah yeah i'm on webkit atm10:20
diverseno pressure :)10:20
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diverseis webkit not compiling or something?10:24
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Romsterno jsut takes times and i didn't bother to fire up my distcc10:29
Romsteruntil now10:30
Romstermy 4 other pcs that is10:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.2.0 -> 2.2.111:16
diversehey you got it up there. :)11:17
Romsteryeah eventually11:21
Romster uploading11:21
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Romsterfor those that don't wanna spend hours compiling.11:22
Romsteri wonder why i'm not using nitrogen. maybe it was borked back then...11:33
diverseI can't build it, it fails.11:33
diverseat 1.3 I mean11:34
Romsterwell it's old yeah11:34
Romsteri'm doing 1.5.2 now11:34
diverseand it seems nitrogen is the only app that supports dual screen -_-11:35
Romstereven with adsl2+ uploads suck 62% for webkit11:35
Romsterpretty lucky i got the whole gtkmm stack in contrib.11:37
Romsterthat's another dependency hell right there.11:37
diverseRomster: actually 1.3 is 5 years old... 1.5.2 was only released 2 and half years ago...11:38
Romsteryeah i was looking at that O_O11:38
Romsterit's been that long ago i was looking at that port...11:38
Romsteri seem to have good taste in what to look at but i don't end up using everything.11:39
Romster2 video cards 1 monitor i was gonna do a 3 head setup and perhaps use the 4th above the second one11:39
Romsterfor monitoring or movies or something...11:39
teK_+ make chrome chrome_sandbox BUILDTYPE=Release11:41
teK_here we go again :p11:41
diverseI wonder if you can do a dual SLI and use four monitors on both cards at the same time? hmm11:42
diverseeach card has two dvi ports11:42
Romsteri doubt it11:43
Romsterwhen you do SLI you only get access to 2 DVIs out of the 411:43
teK_sounds doable without SLI though11:43
Romsteryeah i wasn't gonna do any SLI11:44
Romsteronly crappy cards though gts250's11:44
teK_you probably dont do gaming on them any way?11:44
teK_although steam extends its collection of linux games :))11:44
Romsterbit of rune scape i got star craft 2 i wanna get into more of.11:44
teK_(thats why we needed tha -32dep I entered into flyspraysome time ago)11:45
Romsternot a big gammer11:45
teK_try don't starve, it's awesome11:45
Romsterthe libpcap-32 ?11:45
teK_yeah I think so11:45
Romsteryeah i added that. but ti wasn't in compat-32 to begin with.11:45
Romsteri'm loving clementine11:46
diverseI wish deadbeef had a qt frontend -_-11:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: streamtuner2: dropped in favor of clementine11:48
Romstervery rare occasion for me to drop a port11:48
Romsterstreamtuner2 is too buggy11:48
diverseyeah, suck it up streamtuner2, you are out of here!11:48
Romsterliked the idea though.11:48
Romsterit was really only jaeger and myself that got 32bit in crux teK_11:49
Romsterdid vee ever figure out he needed to enable compat-32 for zlib-32 for contirb/skype ?11:50
diverseI discourage him from using skype11:50
teK_we need more steam users! :11:50
Romsterand i saw the backlog later when i left and rejoined lol.11:51
Romstereh i was messign with steam in wine before... how hard is it to get native steam11:51
teK_new valgrind after more than one year \o/11:51
Romstersomeone got a port for it?11:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: valgrind: 3.8.1 -> 3.9.011:51
teK_back to 'real' work now :)11:52
teK_compiling reports on production scheduling -_-11:52
diversevalgrind: a developer's best friend11:52
Romstersweet jesus11:52
diversewhat's up?11:52
Romstervalgrind update11:53
Romsteri guess they didn't wanna push until it was well tested.11:53
Romsterskype is ok but pretty rubbish i just got friends on it is the only reason why i have that port.11:53
Romsterand some users need skype.11:54
Romsterfor work11:54
diverseSkype is too buggy and lags like hell sometimes.11:54
Romsterdiverse, i had to add LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -lX11" to get nitrogen to compile.11:57
Romsteryeah tell me about it.11:57
diverseI'll give nitrogen a shot, thanks.11:58
Romsterhang a sec11:58
diverselet me know when its uploaded11:59
Romsterdone and webkitis also done12:00
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.21 -> 0.9.2312:03
Romsterya know you can use feh12:06
diversedoes feh support multi monitor?12:06
Romsterfeh --bg-scale ~/.backgrounds/bg &12:06
Romsterin ~/.pekwm/start12:06
Romsterno idea try it in a terminal12:06
Romsteryou wanna panoramic or each to there own?12:07
diverseeach to their own12:08
Romster haha found that and it's about gnome...12:08
Romsternot adding features.12:08
Romsterfeh --bg-scale will do the former. looking for the later.12:09
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Romsterwhen you got more than one monitor is it still the same DISPLAY?12:14
diverseRomster: I tried to install feh, but I getting footprint mismatches with a lot of MISSING for some reason12:17
Romsterman page isn't really clear on it but it has xinerama support12:17
diverseI'll just go ahead and update the footprint12:18
diverseoh nevermind12:19
Romsterhmm that's alot of missing files teK_ you need to look at feh12:20
Romsterfeh.h:37:37: fatal error: X11/extensions/Xinerama.h: No such file or directory12:20
Romstermissing dependency have a guess what one.12:20
diverseI was lazy and didn't do a depinst, so I get a lot of NEW, so false alarm.12:21
diverseokay doing what you showed me, allowed both screens with the same image12:22
Romsterxorg-libxinerama xorg-libxt12:22
Romsterfor feh12:22
diverseI don't use xinerama, I use twinview12:23
RomsterteK_, ^12:23
Romsteryeah but feh failed with out those.12:23
Romsteryou probably need nitrogen for different images on different monitors though. unless feh has that option hidden in it's complex commands.12:24
diverseI was just going to ask about that12:24
Romstermaybe there is a way of selecting more than one image and grafting them for the number of pixels of each monitor then setting that as the BG12:24
diversewould be cool if I can select different images for different screens with feh.12:25
Romsteri don't think you can but maybe imange maick can.12:26
Romsterman display12:27
diverseteK_: that rythmes with 'feh' you know12:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: feh: add missing dependencies12:28
teK_thanks for the hints12:28
Romsterno teK_12:29
teK_some day I will set up a clean build env.. :)12:29
Romsteri'm half way there already on that one.12:29
teK_40 minutes for chromium..12:29
Romsteri think i got pretty good at bug fixing simple stuff.12:29
teK_I had to patch PHP 5.2.17 yesterday12:30
teK_to make it work with a recent libxml and libpcre12:31
teK_it used a symbol/function that has been deprecated for twelve years12:31
Romstermontage a.jpg b.jpg c.jpg -geometry +0+0 -tile x1 -resize x1080 out.jpg12:31
Romsterwill compose the files a.jpg, b.jpg and c.jpg into a single image (out.jpg) after resizing each input to be 1080px high.12:31
teK_from the bug report && patch on
Romstermight be what you wanna do diverse12:31
Romsterbut they suggest nitrogen.12:32
RomsterteK_, jesus12:32
Romsterdiverse, montage is part of imagemagick12:33
teK_that's what working at RedHat/SuSE must feel12:33
Romsterbut really that's a pain to generate then use that to background it.12:33
teK_patching a little crap out of old software all day :)12:33
diverse...I think I will keep it simple (see? not using the word 'KISS') and just use nitrogen. Use the best tool for the job, as Linus would say.12:33
Romsterman php is one big patch12:34
Romsterno effing wonder everyone targets it for venerability's12:34
rmulluse graphicsmagick, not imagemagick12:34
diversermull: enlighten us please.12:35
Romstergraphicsmagick, faster than imagemagick12:35
Romsterapparantly a drop in replacement12:36
Romsterthough i've never tried graphicsmagick12:36
rmullI only use it for simple stuff, but on paper, since it's supposedly better in every way, I use it instead of IM12:37
teK_frinnst: I did _not_ have a choice12:37
teK_even theold php version is forced upon me by the php app using it12:37
frinnstnot sure I pasted this before, but it's worth another view:
Romsterfrinnst, what is this #ac_add_options --enable-gstreamer when you got at the bottom ac_add_options --disable-gstreamer in mozconfig12:38
frinnstRomster: extra redundancy12:38
Romsterit's on by default now that "#ac_add_options --enable-gstreamer" is wasting space :D12:38
Romsteralso have you considered usign the new memoery allocator?12:39
frinnstmust be a leftover from my experimentations12:39
Romsterexport MOZ_JEMALLOC=112:39
Romsterac_add_options --enable-jemalloc12:39
Romsterac_add_options --enable-replace-malloc12:39
frinnstBlackHat USA 2012 - Exploiting The Jemalloc Memory Allocator ...12:39
diversermull: can graphicsmagick do two different background images for two screens with ease?12:40
frinnsti think i played around with it way back, but honestly i've forgotten about it12:40
Romsterfrinnst, i tried it out seems to be a bit smoother but i didn't do it for long enough i need to try it again.12:41
rmulldiverse: Dunno. I have a port in the rmull repo if you want to give it a shot.12:41
rmullMy computer has no X at the moment so I can't try it12:41
Romsteri also added mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS="#MAKEFLAGS#" to mine as half the firefox build ssytem ignored MAKEFLAGS12:42
frinnstI will be redoing the whole firefox-thingy for next release12:42
Romsterstill testing other stuff of firefox.12:42
frinnstits been pretty much default since i took over maintainership a loooong time ago12:42
Romsterwhole build system needs a overhaul12:42
diversermull: its alright. I was just curious if you knew.12:42
diverseyay time to rebuild firefox again!12:43
Romsterdiverse, i'm still testing stuff.12:43
frinnstRomster: if you find time to play with firefox feel free to email me suggestions (i will probably forget over irc)12:46
diverseRomster: I could compile it in around 10 to 15 minutes, but yeah still quite a bit of time.12:47
diversehmm, maybe I should overclock the ram when I get around to it.12:49
Romsterfrinnst, yeah i got a package i'm messing with of it.12:52
Romsteri'll send oyu a diff when i'm happy with it12:52
diverseWhere is vee when you need him.12:52
Romsterwhat do you wanna pester him with now12:53
diversegetting him to try the new firefox, use him as a shield *ahem* I mean beta tester ;)12:55
Romstergod no he breaks everything in sight12:55
Romsteri break stuff but then i fix it12:56
Romsterhe breaks and asks how to fix it12:56
diverseI see...12:56
Romsterwont work reinstall the entire system again12:56
Romsterhell i broke my tool chain once.12:57
Romsteron my live system and another time libarchive broke pkgadd that was fun.12:57
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frinnstbreaking glibc is fun12:58
Romsteri didn't reinstall i manually untared the one off the iso onto the system.12:58
diverseI just broke my install a couple of days and fix it with my existing crux live-usb. Good thing it had the libs I needed to copy over, phew -_-12:58
Romsterand i had a chroot build of the tool chain that was clean of errors i pkgadded  onto my system12:58
Romsterfrinnst, i did once break nearly every package due to bad glibc compile.12:59
frinnstyeah everything linked breaks12:59
Romsteroh and lets not forget bloody libtool12:59
Romsterwhen bumping libjpeg libpng etc.13:00
Romstera good user will know how to repair there system. vee is one to break and not know how to repair. sadly.13:00
diversemy system was so broken, I couldn't even chroot into it.13:01
Romsterno disrespect but damn... he should be able to do some stuff himself by now.13:02
Romsterlol nice13:02
Romsteri once had a too old crux cd to vhroot in because i made my glibc with too higher a kernel verison headers.13:02
Romsterhad to get another live cd to use.13:02
Romsterif i had more time i'd be poking around more in source code.13:04
diverselive-CD/USBs, can't live without them13:04
Romsteralways have a few on hand13:07
diversebtw I was playing around with the first generate script you give me and when I tried to use -e option the 3rd time, it complained again and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the script.13:15
diverseabout the 3rd expression13:16
Romsteryou probably got the regex wrong13:16
Romsterwhat did you put?13:17
diverseI did this: -e "s/#URL#/$url/g"13:17
diverseI guess g is not valid for global substitution?13:18
Romsterit is13:18
diverseit worked in vim at least -_-13:18
Romsterbut only needed if you need to change more than 1 occurrence of #URL#13:19
diverseright, which is why I need it13:19
Romsteryou probably don't have $url set?13:19
Romsteroh url has //13:21
diverseah, dammit C formatting!13:22
Romsterin those cases i use | instead of / in the subsitution but some prefer , or :13:22
diverseyeah and it looks more readable, I need to get in that habit.13:23
Romsteri ony do that on ones that has or can have /13:23
Romsterbetter than doing \/\/13:23
Romsteri'm no regex expert but i've done some13:24
diversesame here13:24
diversebut I think at least for me, using | or : would be better in general13:25
diversehere is what I am doing with vim. :'<,'> s:/:|:g13:27
diverseon the one line13:27
diversewhat a coincidence :P13:28
diverseand now, we have lift off!13:30
diversethanks Romster13:30
diverseyeah, I use my regex to manipulate my regex. How funny.13:33
diverseRomster: think of it this way, its like being lazy on top of your lazy.13:38
Romstergit ls-remote $(echo $url)13:45
Romsterthe heck is that13:45
Romstergit ls-remote $url13:45
Romstershould suffice13:45
Romsteractually "$url"13:45
diverseI had it as git ls-remote $url, but I thought leaving it as $url gave me the problem, so, like frinnst, I forgot to undo my tests.13:47
diverse"$url" done13:48
Romsteryou only need echo if your gonna pipe it.13:49
Romsteralso personal prefferenc i like to \ and have each -e on a new line.13:50
diverseThat actually would look nicer.13:50
Romsteri try to keep stuff to 70 or less chars13:51
Romstersoft limit of 70 hard limit of 8013:51
Romsterso some lines sometimes go to 73 or 75 but never on 8013:51
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Romsterhi doomicide13:52
diversenice to see ya doomicide13:52
diversedoomicide: quick question, when you use mpv and done a fullscreen, were you able to undo the fullscreen after hitting 'f' or double clicking on it, because for me, it refuses to go back to normal13:56
diversewant to know if this is a mpv bug13:57
Romster01:04:16 up 4 days, 13:00,  1 user,  load average: 9.00, 10.70, 6.9314:04
doomicideHey folks.14:06
doomicidediverse: Yep, that works for me.14:06
diversemust be pekwm's fault... thanks for verifying14:07
Romsterguess i'll try it later14:07
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diversemy irc client has been detecting lag very frequently on my side, I wonder what is going on?14:12
Romstercheck it with mtr14:13
Romsterto the server and see what hop is the culprit14:13
Romsterprt-get depinst mtr14:14
Romstermtr url14:14
Romsterping and traceroute combined14:14
Romstersmall app14:14
diversewould the url be ""?14:16
Romsterthat would be the round robbin dns14:16
Romsterbe something like roddenberry.freenode.net14:16
Romsterlook at /motd14:16
Romsteror server tab scroll up see what server your on.14:17
Romsteri think i know too much -_-14:17
Romsterand yet i suck at programming14:17
diverseRomster: IT knowledge and programming are mutually exclusive14:18
Romsterto a degree14:19
diverseI met programmers who suck at using Linux14:19
jaegerThey're not mutually exclusive in the least, it's just unusual to see them overlap14:19
Romsterusually programmers know more commands i guess but a person that knows commands may not know how to program14:20
diverseand the same works opposite14:21
diversesure a programmer may know something about Linux and using the command prompt, but that doesn't apply to all programmers.14:24
jaegeryay, I finally got to rebuild that computer that one of my users hosed by doing 3 ubuntu upgrades and messing with EVERY. SETTING. EVERYWHERE.14:25
diverseOH CRAP I FORGOT!14:26
diversehey Romster I discovered this site called code academy, it might be worth while to play around and get some programming insight:
jaegerI've looked through their python section before, it's concise and easy to follow14:31
jaegerI'd guess the rest are that way as well14:31
Romsterfinding time and my brain is dumb with that stuff14:32
Romstertakes me longer to learn14:32
diverseThis site is made for people like you14:32
diverseand they teach python14:33
Romstermaybe so but i need time14:35
diverseI have seen the project founder of this site appear on the Corbert Report, and he is trying to reach out to all kinds of people, despite being a Columbia University drop out.14:37
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:39
diverseif they had a C and C++ section, I would definitely like to take up on that.14:41
diversealthough I don't care for object orieted stuff, so hopefully C.14:43
Romsteri'll look at the site later right now i'm heading to bed g'ngiht all14:48
diversegood night14:49
diverseI guess I won't be too picky14:49
diverseand thanks for the help!14:50
diversejaeger: did you rebuild the computer with Crux? ;)14:57
frinnstwhat a hero15:08
frinnsthe only remembered swimming for "a really long time," the report states.15:08
diversereading the url is just lmao15:08
diversehe must of been so drunk he past out during his swim15:11
joacimlol. sounds like me when I'm drunk15:13
joacimI sometimes go out in the woods15:13
diversePlus he doesn't know how he got into the water, but at the same time remembers swimming for what he said "a really long time" ... irony15:14
diversesigh, I am going to try a different freenode server, brb15:21
*** diverse has quit IRC15:21
jaegerhah, these users with crux is a terrifying thought15:23
*** diverse has joined #crux15:23
diversealright lets hope the lag stops15:23
jaegerdiverse: no way would I give these users crux, they need something way more friendly15:24
jaegermany of them haven't even used linux before this job but their boss forces them to15:25
diversewhat are they currently using?15:26
diversesame ubuntu?15:27
jaegerThe ones that don't know or haven't used linux are on ubuntu 12.04. There are a very small number that do and they're kinda spread out between ubuntu and fedora15:27
*** dkoby has quit IRC15:31
diversejaeger: for the ubuntu users, perhap consider having them use Linux Mint Debian Edition instead, since its rolling release, and because of what you said earlier, they like to update their systems.15:32
diverseand Linux Mint is usually more user friendly then Ubuntu15:33
jaegerI've considered it, got a mint workstation in my office currently15:35
diverseis it debian edition?15:36
jaegerNo, but fortunately there's only one user who likes to install every upgrade possible and that user already sees why it's a bad idea :)15:36
jaegerAt least said user had the grace to apologize after doing so against my explicit recommendation15:37
joacimmy brother doesn't apologize after going back to windows...15:37
joacimhe just installs some GNU+Linux distribution and asks me to help him configure stuff like wifi.15:38
joacimI'm not going to spend my evenings learning how to configure his computers...15:38
jaegerI feel sorry for most of these users because they don't all want linux15:38
jaeger2 of them use their own laptops most of the time and ignore the expensive 16-core workstations on their desks :P15:39
jaegerTheir boss mandated linux before they were hired but apparently doesn't actually check that they use it15:40
jaegergood times15:40
joacimI did that. brought my own laptop just so i didnt have to work with unmaintained locked down winxp systems15:40
jaegerOn the other side of things, I manage my own laptop and workstation (both ubuntu) with puppet as well as that of my boss15:41
jaegerwe're both happy with that setup, works great15:41
jaegerauths to AD properly, etc.15:41
joacimthe company hired to administrate the computers for that company didn't really care about fixing stuff at all15:41
diversejaeger: if they don't want that workstation, give one to me, please :)15:42
jaegerI'm sure their boss would love that, since his lab budget did pay for those :D15:42
jaegeramusingly one of the most competent (and nice) linux users I have is on an ancient fedora install that receives no more updates15:44
jaegersaid user is more than willing to let me update or build a new workstation but doesn't have time to give it up currently, heh15:44
jaegerI'm considering just buillding another one and saying "give me the old one when you're done with it"15:44
joacimis it fedora core? :D15:45
jaegerNot quite THAT old, it's 1415:46
diversepft, I would have to say, he would be using ancient software15:46
diversehaa, that was a good laugh, the poor users can't touch their awesome 16 core workstation because of the interface that confronts them.15:49
jaegerIt's cool, a 13" macbook pro running windows 7 is just as good, right? :)15:49
jaeger(I say that as a joke but considering the dude who runs that way is productive on that setup but not on linux, I suppose it's true.)15:50
diversebetter than nothing I suppose15:50
jaegerNot my money and besides, workstations that don't get used are easier to support.15:50
joacimI'm thinking software is more important than the brutish power of the hardware15:51
jaegerAnd knowing how to use it is paramount15:51
diversejoacim: not so much the software, its more of how competent they are at using the tools know.15:51
diverse*the tools they know15:51
diversetheir knowledge is their limit15:53
jaegerIt aggravates me that they aren't given a choice15:53
jaegerSo they find workarounds15:53
joacimmost sysops i talked to wants everyone to use the same system. they dont want to administrate more than one platform15:54
diversediversity would be nice, I should know. *wink*15:55
jaegerIt's definitely easier and preferable to minimize the different types of systems you administer. The problem here is that their boss has far more control than IT15:55
diverseand less cost15:56
jaegerI do my best to support them, it's just frustrating at times. I'm going to shut up about it now, been complaining too much. :P15:56
joacimyour complaining is better than diverses15:57
joacimit doesnt piss me off for some reason :p15:57
joacimstandardize on departments maybe16:00
diverseI wouldn't say you are complaining, its more that you are just letting out the frustration, which is pretty much normal16:00
jaegerIt's definitely venting, no doubt... often venting is complaining. :) I do believe it's useful to do at times.16:01
diversejoacim: which of my complaints in particular? The one about the lag?16:02
joacimnaw you sometimes just say you dont like something that i like16:02
diverseWell, I can't please everybody.16:02
jaegerStory of my life16:03
joacimand vice versa16:03
joacimit doesnt matter16:03
joacimthis lag pisses me off more than people who dont like what i like16:04
joacimwish i had a choice in cable isps around here16:04
diverseyou can't let the people who don't like what you like get to you, just ignore me.16:05
joacimit isnt that bad dude16:06
joacimI guess it is more important to people who are into the amiga community16:11
joacima lot of those people are still hating on atari ;)16:11
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vee_hi guys20:02
*** joe9 has quit IRC20:11
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vee_how are you doomicide20:25
vee_i take it the urxvt isn't the 256 color one20:37
vee_the one in the contrib ports20:37
joacimthere is no urxvt in contrib. but the one in opt has it enabled21:21
*** joe9 has joined #crux21:39
vee_i mean opt...lol21:46
vee_hm. strange, colors wont work. eh21:46
joacimit has --enable-256-color in the Pkgfile21:47
vee_that it does. strange, colors still dont work as they should21:55
joacimyou might be missing something in your config21:56
joacimi could check mine, but i'm running windows atm21:57
vee_i almost made my friend switch from windows yesterday21:57
vee_too bad emulators are still playing catchup on linux21:58
joacimfrom my experience with the os x terminal. you wont get 256 colours if the terminfo is wrong21:58
joacimor just the $TERM21:58
joacimit might not show in tmux or screen either.21:59
vee_hm. its probably that, since i just copy pasted multiple codes from people and none seem tow ork22:01
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*** vee has joined #crux22:08
veewoah, vee was finally available22:08
joacimis it registered? =)22:10
veeyup lol22:10
joacimto you?22:10
veeoh no haha22:10
joacimoh my22:10
veethink the only one i have registered is v33, and no one seems to like that. :P22:14
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teK_PHP has a bug  bounty program \o/22:40
teK_quoting Stefan Esser:22:41
teK_23:40 < i0n1c> <> has not fixed Arbitrary Code Execution vulnerabilities from 2007. And that bounty program pays you only after fixed.22:41
teK_23:40 < i0n1c> Have fun waiting for your 1500 USD for 10 years :P22:41
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jaegerI just heard a fantastic IT term: "icon bukkake"23:17
jaegerdescribing how most users "organize" the stuff they use on their desktops23:17
joacimI just had games on mine. now I have them in a folder that is pinned to my task bar23:31
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