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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spacefm: 0.9.0 -> 0.9.100:15
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rmulljaeger: Did you get a chance to look into opt/nvidia on 3.12?01:41
jaegerNot yet, I haven't been home long01:41
rmullokay, I'm going to start looking at it then01:44
rmullBut I've never looked at it before, so don't expect anything spectacular01:44
jaegerNo worries. I'll look into it soon, just haven't had time yet01:46
rmullnouveau doesn't do vdpau yet, right?01:49
jaegerno idea there, I haven't followed nouveau at all01:50
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rmulljaeger: Hm, I guess I fixed it - I removed the check of a return value from one of the kernel drm functions that was changed to return void at some point - but I don't know if it's safe to not check at all, which is what I'm doing t02:11
jaegerheh... I'd guess that's not too safe, yeah02:13
rmulljaeger: Here's what I did:
rmullI am using the kernel module now, but shrug02:14
rmulllet me see why the drm function was changed02:14
rmullDoesn't seem like they check the return value on other uses of it in the kernel02:17
rmullSee commit 89c8233f82d9c8af5b20e72e4a185a38a7d3c50b02:18
rmullpatch seems safe to me.02:19
jaegercommit of what?02:32
rmulllinux kernel, sorry02:39
rmullthe function was always returning 0 anyway02:40
rmullso ignoring it on all other kernel versions shouldn't be a big deal02:41
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jaegerperhaps the new nvidia driver that was released today already has a fix03:16
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jaegerit builds without trouble, seems to run ok so far. I'll test it with 3.11 as well03:29
rmullcool, if there is a new one, it's just as well03:30
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jaegeryeah, 331.2003:31
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jaegerseems to work fine with 3.11.7 as well03:43
rmullgreat, thanks for testing03:49
jaegereven works with 3.9.11, yay03:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 331.2004:09
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 331.2004:09
nwegood morning!06:39
nwehow are you guys?06:39
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Romsterdamn it how many times does nvidia update now06:54
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diverseNow the fun begins.07:00
diversevee: you finally managed to get rid of that underscore?07:00
veelol no07:00
veewho ever has vee isn't on i suppose07:01
diversevee: would you like to test the new firefox? :)07:02
veei wouldn't mind07:03
veehold on one sec07:04
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diversepft, hahahahahaha07:04
diversegood times await for you!07:04
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xveethink i got this registered07:06
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diversexvee: alright, just remember, as a penalty, you cannot ask Romster for help *at all* while testing.07:09
diverseah dammit he left07:11
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xveei dont mind, as long as i can report problems07:11
diversejust remember, as a penalty, you cannot ask Romster for help *at all* while testing.07:12
xveei read that part on the logs. :P07:12
xveei i dont mind, if i can report problems and not get yelled at for doing so07:12
diverseRomster: unleash the fox! :D07:14
xveecant believe a "what does the fox say" reference hasn't been made yet07:15
xveeside note, just started ricing crux. i feel kinda guilty07:15
diversexvee: don't feel guilty, just step it up a notch and use -O507:18
xveei dont even know what that is xD07:20
diversexvee: it was a joke07:24
diversexvee: what are your CFLAGS?07:26
diverseRomster: I agree with you about the nvidia updates, having to update it is a bit of a pain.07:33
Romsterwhy so many highlights07:34
diverseI was playing with vee07:34
Romsteri don't mind bug reports.07:35
Romsterwhat i do mind is repeating myself.07:35
diversebtw did you get a chance to test mpv and see if you get the same problem I have?07:38
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diversewhat are you doing at the moment Romster?08:21
diversehmm, when I prt-get remove lvm2, it says "pkgrm: could not remove /etc/lvm/: Directory not empty"09:05
frinnstthere are user/auto-created files in /etc/lvm that were not part of the installation09:05
diverseI know I can manually remove the whole directory myself, but why is pkgrm incapable of doing that?09:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cmake: updated to
Romsterdiverse, so it does not nuke your configuration settings.10:06
Romsteri'm glad i don't need a cmake-3210:07
diversewhats wrong with cmake-32?10:11
Romsteroh boy10:35
Romsterand i thought i was bad at jokes.10:36
Romstercmake-32 doesn't exist as cmake like make is architecture independent10:36
Romstertakes awhile to compile cmake10:37
diversethats unfortunate...10:42
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deus_exdamn you, ck-list-sessions17:57
deus_exactive=false, is local=false.wth17:58
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frinnstanybody seen this error in qemu before? (/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64:15339): Spice-ERROR **: reds.c:3936:do_spice_init: statistics shm_open failed, Invalid argument18:57
Rotwang/dev/shm is mounted?18:59
frinnsthehe yes18:59
frinnstand permissions are ok18:59
frinnstsame error as root even18:59
frinnstim sure it has something to do with me running glibc from git master .)19:00
frinnstthought it might somehow be related to 3.12 but probably not19:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: thunderbird: 24.0.1 -> 24.1.021:27
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diverse :)22:01
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teK_I dont know shit about TCP - sorry -22:05
teK_or ICMP that is22:05
diverseI wasn't refering to the 3-way handshake...22:06
teK_that's why I corrected myself to ICMP which comes most close to what you wanted22:07
diverseI wanted do an online fist bump, is all. Rotwang got to me first though.22:09
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diverseI bet you also do "Zz-fucking-zzz" in your sleep22:23
diversegeez, yawning is contagious, thank you frinnst22:27
RotwangI think I'll go to sleep22:28
diverseRotwang: have a good one22:29
RotwangI'm still waiting for kdelibs to compile22:30
Rotwangit takes ages on my calculator22:32
diverselet it compile while you sleep. I recompiled my whole system while sleeping22:32
teK_frinnst: tv series recommendation except brba?22:32
Rotwangdiverse: my computer is too loud22:32
RotwangteK_: louie, peep show22:32
diverseRotwang: how many fans do you have and which size?22:32
teK_hey, no computer hardware voyeurism in #crux22:33
Rotwangdiverse: don't know the details, one inside PSU, one for cpu22:33
diverseRotwang: if you could replace them, go with Noctua22:34
diversemuch quieter22:34
teK_Rotwang: anything wiht drama? Dunno if comedy will work on me tonight :p22:34
Rotwanglouie is a kind of drama I guess22:35
Rotwangdamn, it compiles for hours22:35
teK_thanks for the recommendation22:35
diverseRotwang: got 3 140mm and 2 120mm fans while running with -j9, sleep right thru it.22:37
Rotwangit compiled22:47
Rotwanggood night22:47
diverseactually wait, I got 2 more for the cpu, so make that 4 120mm22:48
diversewithout noctua, I think my machine would sound like a vacuum cleaner -_-22:50
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