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diversegot to love unix sigkill, it works everytime02:44
diversexvee: this is you:
joacimman. music and movie applications all suck.03:02
joacimsometimes nice and cool ones show up, but end up unmaintained and full of bugs03:02
joacimor just have a very odd way of working with it03:02
diversefor linux or mac?03:04
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diversewhat apps have you tried so far?03:04
joacimmacs can for the most part run the same shit as crux can. so that isnt an issue03:04
joacimyou do have a nice terminal emulator, and you can run x11 if you need such software03:05
joacimmpd, xmms2, a lot of the xmms spinoffs, mocp, cmus03:05
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joacimi'm not looking for suggestions or help. was just complaining03:06
diversealright, thought I can help. Continue where you were.03:07
joacimI doubt there are anything better than the software that I have tried ;)03:07
diversematter of taste03:07
joacimit is like finding a good email client. they all suck.03:07
diverseI'm sure they all do03:08
diversewhat about finding a good web browser? ;)03:08
joacimjust install something. they're all kinda fine03:09
diverseso basically every media player and email client sucks so far, just only those?03:11
joacimbrowser and platform wars are getting kinda old =)03:11
joacimthese days i just want to chill out with a beer03:11
joacimmy tastes have changed a lot over the years, and i don't think i've ever been able to find one that works for me03:12
joacimat first i was looking for something winamp-like. not necessarily something that has skins, but something that was just a player with a huge playlist that played random songs03:14
joacimnow i prefer the library style where i pick one album to play03:14
joacimnever been able to find anything really03:14
joacimitunes is fine i think. but i think it tries to do too much with the store and how it also manages ios-devices03:15
joacimor how you also use it to manage so much more than just music03:15
xveediverse: i think only the last one applies to me :P03:15
diversexvee: I thought the same thing actually03:16
joacimI've seen some nice alternatives, but they're mostly just a frontend to itunes instead of a standalone player03:16
joacimxvee: not like me then. i tend to stick with one distro for a very long time03:16
xveediverse: the thing is, i always liked crux but never had bumblebee working on it, so i always would rage and go to something else. now that someone is working on it, i have no reason to leave03:17
joacimand i dont really dive into new ones that often03:17
xveei've tried gentoo, arch (though that was quite some time ago), crux, and ubuntu03:17
xveenot too bad i think03:18
joacimtried slackware and redhat at first, but never stuck with them. installed fedora core 3 and ended up replacing windows with that. I later moved to gentoo. used centos for a bit too.03:19
xveeim not too bad, then...haha03:22
xveei just have a bad tendency to break things and have to reinstall03:23
joacimI only used centos and fc3 for 6 months each. used gentoo for years before moving to crux03:24
diverseSigh, vee, someday you got learn to fix what you broke and not have to reinstall everytime.03:24
xveewell, i try to fix em'. like last time, nothing would install right out of the blue. bumblebee wouldn't install normally either. reformatted the system, and everything worked from the get go :/03:27
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diverseI love this one:
joacimarent you buying enterprise support?03:34
joacimtheir distro name do end with EL03:34
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diversejoacim: well they are like the microsoft of linux in many ways03:36
joacimforgot the part where you scrap the included distro install lfs03:45
joacim*and install lfs03:46
xveeinstall gentoo!04:01
diverseoh wow:
diversewho would like to taste some linux?04:10
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joacimtap water is fine too =)04:24
joacimexcept mine sucks. it tastes like chemicals04:25
joacimthis building installed some chlorination system for their hot water supply04:25
joacimi dont know if they also do this for teh cold water, or if it just gets contaminated04:26
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joacimthe water in this area is really good tho.04:26
diversejoacim: you might find this interesting:
joacimi rather not get into that kind of stuff =)04:39
joacimmore interested in building my own furniture.04:39
joacimbeen watching a few of those wood turning videos on youtube04:39
joacimwant something like that at home04:39
joacimbut i guess none of my neighbours would like that04:40
diverseyou might want something like CAD to help prototype your design04:42
joacimthat sounds expensive04:43
diverseI think there is open source ones too?04:44
joacimI'm content with using my imagination and drawings04:44
xveethe water in the US especially tap is filled with chlorine and fluoride05:00
xveeyummy stuff05:00
joacimthe city does that here too, but at least it still tastes ok05:01
diversexvee: pft, in some places the tap water is contaminated with natural gas due to poor construction, you can light the water from your faucet and have it stream with flames05:03
joacimthe water just south of here smells like methane when you tap it05:05
joacimbut the smell goes away quickly05:05
xveei only use tap water for washing stuff...filter my drinking water05:16
diversexvee: yeah I am sure natural gas is yummy stuff :)05:23
xveeits good for the liver05:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: console-font-terminus: initial import, version 4.3806:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xorg-font-terminus: initial import, version 4.3806:08
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diversethanks for importing those jaeger :)06:41
diverseand for taking the time from your busy schedule too.06:44
frinnstdiverse: what timezone are you in? you never seem to sleep07:29
xveeseriously. you're almost always on o.O07:37
Romsterlike me people say i never sleep07:49
Romsterlinux biscuits O_O07:51
Romsterpizza and whisky i'm all set.08:16
Romsterxvee now with more x08:17
xveeeither you get x's or __08:18
Romsterfoo= vee ; [ x$foo = xvee ] || xvee does not exist08:23
Romsteror wait vee exists in that one...08:23
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nrxtxhi Romster, still interested in that python script i had last week?08:57
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diversedoomicide: mpv 0.2.3 is out15:58
diversefrinnst: that's because I never say when I go to sleep. Just woke up now.16:00
doomicideha, do a ports -u16:00
diverseah :P16:01
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rauzhi guys16:14
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diverserauz: hey17:26
rauzi cooked me a big fat steak :) (and a nice salad)17:27
joacimI'm making myself some pita pizzas17:28
diverserauz: enjoy your meal17:30
diversejoacim: with which toppings?17:30
joacimpizza sauce17:30
joacimsoem pizza spice mix17:30
joacimsome random meat i found in the fridge17:31
diversesounds good17:32
joacimI'd like to put some veggies on top too. but i couldn't find anything17:33
joacimjust carrots and potatos17:34
diverseyou could probably add it with slice potatoes17:34
joacimi'd use chillies if i had any17:35
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xveethe new youtube is really annoying21:44
joacimi logged on last night and they had switched me over to google+21:59
joacimdisconnected my youtube and google+ accounts and deleted the google+ account22:00
joacimit works now, but i cant comment22:00
joacimwhich is ok i guess22:00
xveethe entire video scheme is weird. it loads, then stops, and everythign it buffered is gone.22:03
xveegod forbid you try to skip something lol22:03
joacimi'm using this html5 replacement player22:04
joacimcan play everything the official html5 player isnt allowed to play22:04
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diverseyoutube works fine for me, even when skipping.22:33
joacimseen a lot of people complain about youtube recently22:35
joacimmostly about the new google+ shit, but also about buffering and playback22:35
joacimi've had such problems too, but not recently22:35
diverseI sometimes get issues with youtube, but they happen momentarily, so they go away after an hour or so.23:05
diverseI guess google is merging the youtube accounts with google+, just like what microsoft is doing with their msn accounts and skype23:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sslscan: initial import23:27
xveejoacim: whats this html5 player you speak of23:35
joacimi dont know how far they are on the chrome stuff23:36
joacimand i dont know why it contains support for vimeo that already works pretty well without flash23:37
diverseI see, so this is for webkit browsers.23:37
joacimno it was originally for safari23:38
joacimwith chrome stuff they recently started working on23:39
diverseI noticed that, but how else would you benefit with this on Linux?23:39
joacimwhere do you get that from?23:40
joacimnobody said anything about that23:40
joacimxvee asked a question. i answered23:40
diversefair enough23:40
xveesometimes i feel like im the root of all problems here lol23:44
joacimI dont find you problematic at all23:44
joacimseen some other html5 video stuff for chrome, but theyre gone now23:45
diverseits not a problem, its just my misunderstanding. I thought joacim was providing you with an alternative html5 player, compared to the existing html5 player that exists on youtube.23:46
joacimyou can use gecko-mediaplayer or mplayerplug-in if you use firefox23:46
xveebeen wanting to try that out, but, seems like quite a bit of work23:47
joacimeither should be fine, but gecko-mediaplayer shares some stuff with gnome mplayer which is a decent frontend for mplayer (in my opinion)23:47
joacimnot really23:47
joacimjust install, and it'll work =)23:47
xveeis the plugin a firefox addon, or, a program?23:48
diversefirefox plugin23:48
joacimi have some ports for gnome-mplayer and its dependency (gmtk)23:48
joacimthey're old tho23:48
diverseI used to use it a long time ago23:48
joacimnever made anything for gecko-mediaplayer, but that should be simple enough23:48
xveehm. ill look into it then...23:49
xveeif i use that, there wont be any need for flash, right??23:49
joacimi see frinnst has a port, but it is old. really old.23:51
xveeyea, it looks like most people are suggesting gecko-mediaplayer for chromium23:54
joacimhmm. i tried building it once, but it wanted gecko/firefox to be installed23:54
joacimbut i guess it can work with chromium once you have it built23:54
joacimbut I think you can play youtube videos from the command line too23:55
joacimwith that player that diverse talks too much about =)23:56
diverseI love my mpv23:56
xveei might compile firefox if mplayerplugin works with it23:58
xveebeen looking for a way to get rid of flash. muh freedums!23:58
joacimI guess you could grab the precompiled one if you dont want to spend hours on compiling =)23:58
xveei actually might do that. xD23:59

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