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xveei've noticed firefox always opens in the 9th window of dwm. its so strange haha00:04
joacim <- this is what i made for gnome-mplayer earlier this year. I didn't make anything for gecko-mediaplayer because I didn't feel the need for it00:06
xveealso, firefox seems a lot faster since the last time i used it00:06
joacimI remember using the 1.x versions. every time i viewed a picture, the memory usage would go up00:08
joacimso I always had to restart my browser once every couple of hours to free up more memory00:09
xveeuh oh, mplayer-plugin doesn't work with v24 of firefox lol00:14
diversesince it hasn't been updated, yeah.00:15
diversexvee: maybe try it with v25? :)00:15
joacimxvee: where did you get it?00:16
xveeused the .xpi, which might be why00:19
xveei'd use 25, but, it wasn't in romsters precompiled stuff00:19
diverseI was joking, it wouldn't matter.00:20
xveei figured... 24 isn't too old haha00:23
diverseWell the api hasn't really changed all that much since version 500:23
joacimthat xpi sounds like a whole different thing00:25
xveeill look into building it from source, then00:29
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diversehmm, thats weird, mpv can't play youtube vids...00:35
diversedid they change the file format?00:35
joacimyoutube sometimes changes things around00:35
joacimthey're still mp4+h26400:35
joacimanything that tries to stream, download, and play these files directoy breaks once in a while00:36
diverseif its still mp4 or vlc, then it should still be able to play them00:38
joacimdoesn't help when the address changes00:40
joacimor the structure of the scripts on youtube changes, braking the applications that looks through those scripts to find files to download.00:41
Romsterthey do that on pourpose.00:46
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diversehah, fixed it!02:16
diversetake that youtube!02:16
diverseWell, its not really youtube's fault, it was just a missing lib. :)02:22
diversewow, it lags like hell on 720p vids02:34
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diversenow youtube is getting bugging again05:32
diverseGuest27395: what happened to Amnesia?06:23
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diversehey nrxtx, what's new?07:10
nrxtxhi diverse not a lot tried vmkit but somehow i got problems with antlr07:11
nrxtxdid you try dunst?07:11
diverseI haven't tried it yet, atm looking for other WMs, because I'm not happy with the one I am using.07:13
rauzdiverse: did you try i307:16
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diverserauz: I haven't tried it, but I am leaning toward something that floats by default and can have tiling with key controls.07:50
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diversethis WM looks interesting to me but I don't know how stable it is:
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nrxtxdiverse: afaik you can configure default mode for i3 that it is floating08:19
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vee_god damn it, i forgot to install mumble again08:31
vee_also, whos ports are cruxab?08:45
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-dri3proto: initial release10:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xcb-proto: update to 1.910:26
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libxcb: update to 1.9.310:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: freerdp: Added patch for ffmpeg > 0.10.811:44
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roelofI have some left-overs of zfs on my machine so lilo will not install. Is there a easy way to repair this ?12:28
roelofSee this topic :
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nmap: make the install target less racy14:18
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roelofanyone who can tell me how to repair my boot. I only see the grub prompt and ls gives as output the contents of the Windows disk14:57
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jaegergrub understands a lot of filesystems. if it isn't showing any besides your windows install you might have some partition table corruption or a broken grub install or something15:08
jaegerpastebin your partition layout if you can15:16
diverseroelof: ^15:16
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roelofJeager : I have sda1 which is a swap , sda2 btrfs with crux, sdb is windows15:20
jaegerwell, if you get as far as the grub prompt, then grub is installed. That points to a missing grub.cfg file15:23
jaegerwith that said you should still be able to boot using the prompt if it can see filesystems. I've no idea how good its btrfs support is15:24
roelofAnd im sure I made one with grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg15:24
roelofor must I made one after every kernel change ?15:25
jaegerIn your email you say that you ran "grub-mkconfig /boot/grub/grub.cfg" without ">" - if that's the case it would be written to stdout, not to the file15:25
jaegerNo, grub doesn't need that15:25
roelofI think I will boot again with the install disk and look if there is a grub.cfg15:26
jaegerIf you type in the grub prompt "ls (hd0," and hit tab, does it even show the partitions on that disk?15:26
jaegershould be like (hd0,msdos1) or (hd0,gpt1) if you used gpt15:26
roelofI never tried that15:26
jaegerthough I guess it can't be gpt in this case since grub installed15:26
roelofI wil reboot and report back what grub says15:27
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diversedoomicide: could you add libquvi as part of "Nice to have:" in the Pkgfile, for supporting youtube urls?15:30
diverse*in the mpv Pkgfile15:31
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roelofjaeger: I see the problem. Grub2 cannot mount btrfs I see a message unknown partition, type=83 when I do ls (hd1,  and then tab15:35
doomicidediverse, It already is.15:35
roelofSo I think a reinstall with another filesystem will be better, which one can I use the best with lilo except ext2 ?15:35
diversenote to self, check the Pkgfile before asking :P15:37
diversedoomicide: glad you are always on it before I am :)15:37
doomicidediverse, hehe, thank you. I replaced my youtube-dl script with mpv a while ago.15:39
roelofCan I better use ext4 and lilo ??15:40
diversedoomicide: there was this discussion yesterday about using gnome-mplayer along with gecko-player in firefox, which is really old, to use mplayer to play youtube vids. So I tried it with mpv and it didn't work, so I found the solution on their github issue page, and there you have it.15:42
diversewithout ever knowing what you added15:43
roelofjaeger:  ping15:46
diverseroelof: I would think that grub2 would support btrfs, other than that, your other option is try extlinux (part of the syslinux package) which supports btrfs.15:48
roelofoke, and what about xfs or ext4 , can this work with lilo ??15:49
diversenot sure about lilo, don't have experience with it.15:52
jaegerroelof: was AFK for a bit, you can use btrfs fine for / if you add a /boot partition that uses something else like ext2 or ext415:52
jaegerif you don't want to make a separate /boot partition just use ext4 for /15:53
roelofoke, how big must boot be . I have 80G space where I use 4G as swap15:53
joacimmine is about 134MB15:54
joacimI only use 11MB of that15:54
joacimthat contains my current kernel, my previous kernel, and memtest15:54
jaegerI usually use 128MB but like joacim says it doesn't need that much15:55
jaegerI usually keep my current and my previous kernel just in case I do something wrong or there's a bug15:55
roelofjoacim:  thanks, I will start a reinstall15:55
doomicidediverse: I'm currently using vimperator and added this to vimperatorrc: command -nargs=0 watch :execute "!st -g 640x160 -e mpv " + content.location.hre15:56
roelofalso jaeger thanks15:56
doomicidenmap <A-w> :watch15:56
joacimdon't need to reinstall if you just need to change the filesystem of /boot15:56
roelofyep,I have now one big partition which contains boot and /15:56
joacimdo you have space left on your drive to create a partition for /boot?15:57
diversedoomicide: nice15:57
doomicidediverse: Do you know a better way to integrate it in firefox? This way I have to press Enter after pressing Alt-w and esc when the videos finished...15:57
roelofat this moment no15:57
roelofagain thanks and hopefully I can greet all of you in Crux15:58
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diversedoomicide: unfortunately, I don't, sorry. :(15:59
doomicidediverse: No problem :) Just asking. I wish firefox was as easily scriptable as surf. Unfortunately I don't use surf, because webkitgtk always hangs 1-2 seconds on every page load and it has a severe case of dependency hell.16:02
diversedoomicide: actually, just by searching around, there is thing thing called mozplugger, which might be worth looking at since it says it embeds apps to handle various types of media on the internet:
doomicidediverse: Will have a look at it, thank you!16:07
diverseno problem. It looks active, so it might work out.16:10
doomicideI'll try it and maybe make a port to upload to my repo.16:13
diverselet me know how it goes16:25
diverseI think vee might take interest in it16:25
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roelofanyone here a idea how to solve :
roelofsecond question : is it correct that I cannot install gnome3 on crux ?17:55
diverseto answer your 2nd question, you could, but you have to put it together the ports yourself.17:57
roelofdiverse:  oke, but I do not think I will . I was planning to work on Cinnamon 2.x17:59
roelofI have to rethink which DE will be the base of it. Maybe I choose for xfce18:00
tilmanroelof: delete superblock18:00
tilmanroelof: man wipefs18:01
roeloftilman : I do not understand you remarks ??18:02
diverseroelof: if you want the gnome2 experience, go with MATE.18:02
roelofdiverse:  thanks, I can use that one maybe, but I like cinnamon more18:04
roeloftilman:  oke, to get rid of the left-overs of ZFS ?18:05
roelofCan the left-overs be the cause of my problems with booting18:06
diversejaeger: ^18:07
tilmanroelof: bingo18:07
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roeloftilman : bingo ???18:16
roelofsorry: English is not my mother language and I have autism18:16
diversetilman: calm down, he my not understand idiomatic phrases18:17
diverseroelof: he means18:18
roelofbut if I read the man pages I schould do wipefs -t zfs ?18:18
diverse"that's right"18:18
roelofand can I do this from the install disk ?18:18
roelofor do I need to specify the disk ?18:23
diverseYes use the live-cd/usb, I'm sure you can't do that on a mounted device18:27
diverseat this point just do wipefs -a /dev/sda and reinstall grub2 again18:28
diverseroelof: ^18:29
diverseoh wait, you would have to repartition it again...18:30
diverseforget what I said....18:31
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diverseroelof: when you use the live cd, does the crux disk appear as /dev/sda or sdb?18:35
diversethat's probably what confused your grub-config18:36
roelofdiverse:  /dev/sda18:38
tilmanwipefs was just a guess18:38
tilmannot sure 100% if it will help18:38
roelofdiverse : how can I make grub work with the confusing. Before crux I had slackware and no problems with grub18:43
diversemy guess is remove all the storage disks except for the crux disk, and try grub-mkconfig again18:44
diversehonestly, you shouldn't be having this kind of trouble out all, since grub2 figures out everything for you18:46
roelofCorrect, I have this problem only with Crux and no other distro I tried18:48
diverseSo, lets make it simple, and remove all drives except the crux one, load live cd, chroot, grub-mkconfig, reboot18:50
roelofI will try thay18:51
roelofthanks everybody for the help18:51
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diverseman, I hope that helps.18:57
diversejaeger where are you?18:58
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diversexvee: boo19:36
diversexvee: you might be in luck with having an mplayer replace youtube flash videos19:38
xveeoh? how so?19:38
diversewell doomicide is currently working on embedding mpv to replace the flash player on firefox using mozplugger19:40
doomicidediverse, ehem well about that. I realized html5 works fine for me most of the time19:41
diversexvee: alrighty, just stick with html519:42
doomicidexvee: Or try it yourself :)19:43
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doomicidenrxtx: n'abend19:48
xveethe one thing i wanna try and actually get down, setting up a successful port/Pkgfile19:57
doomicidexvee: It's not hard, the handbook has excellent documentation.20:01
xveethe one thing i still dont understand is if the package requires a dependency, and, its not in the ports, what do you do?20:03
diversexvee: you would have to create that port too20:03
diversevery simple20:04
nrxtxxvee: already compiled software from their sources?20:04
xveei've tried, but i was only successful once. haha20:05
xveebelieve it or not, it was primus too20:05
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syncnxvee: why21:58
diversewhat did vee do this time?22:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bind: 9.9.4 -> 9.9.4-P122:48
jaegerbeen gone for a while, looks like roelof hasn't gotten sorted out still22:48
diversejaeger: I think he gave up...22:49
diverseit was hard to even know what the problem was...22:51
diverseI hope he comes back23:00
diversewhat? I felt sorry for him!23:01
diverseReally, grub2 should just work (TM)23:02
teK_so should LILO23:04
teK_'create a ext2 /boot partition'23:04
teK_result: he uses ext423:04
teK_good riddance.23:04
xveesyncn: why wut? the link, or my question?23:13
diversexvee: everything23:13
xveesyncn: i thought it was hilarious23:13
syncnfair enough23:14
xveeits really bad here in murrica. everyone needs an excuse for not fixing shit23:14
xveewe talked about it in our social science class, and some fat lady gave a speech on how it was wrong, and not all fat people are unhealthy. she ran out of breath while speaking and i couldn't help but laugh ._.23:16
syncnif not unhealthy, then what?23:18
diversebecause it isn't over until the fat lady sings23:18
diversemust of been rough, xvee23:19
xveei'm not sure. she said that not everyone has time to work out, and i told her that you dont need to lift a finger at the gym to lose weight, just watch what you eat, and she flipped shit23:20
syncnbecause you were spot on23:21
teK_OF COURSE these people do not believe in darwin's theory either :P (better for them)23:21
xveeits not rocket science. if you take in more than you expend, you'll have excess and you gain weight. count your faking calories, its not hard23:22
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teK_america, where being homosexual is a choice and obesity genetics :)23:25
xvee^nailed it23:26
diverseDon't forgot the weed, its getting very popular too.23:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: do not require a working login shell anymore23:27
xveethere is this old movie they made about weed, and its unrealistically funny23:27
syncnteK_: keepin that23:27
diverseinternet meme imminent23:28
teK_I was quoting,too :)23:29

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