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xveediverse: omg yes00:22
xveei got so sick of fixing my friends computer that i forced him to use linux00:22
xveehaven't heard from him since00:23
xveeperhaps the friendship ended with linux, too heh00:23
diversewell now you can show this image to your future acquaintances which will get them to realize they will better off fixing their own problems (when the go back to windows)00:25
joacimI don't want friends who push gnu/linux on me either =)00:25
xveei didn't push it on him, one day i just installed it, taught him how to use it, and set him off00:25
xveehe hasn't had issues with it, and quite likes dwm now o.o00:26
xveei'd like to interject for a moment...00:28
diverseLinux: where friendships end00:28
diversewell they are not your real friends if they do00:30
xveenah, we're cool. but still, never having to deal with stupid problems is kinda great. got my own stuff to worry about :P00:35
diverseyeah especially when you have to reinstall all the time when you break something, harhar.00:47
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teK_Microsoft Office Installation: where sanity ends10:44
teK_I tried to versions (2007/2010) with two different installs  .. got the same error on all 4 combinations10:46
teK_screw that10:46
teK_also: windows update seems to be broken on both machines10:47
linXeathat could be the reason.10:47
linXeaI got a "real" version of 2010, but it is only x64 so I have to use a pirated one.10:47
teK_there's a hotfix (system prep something) but it wont help either10:47
teK_x64 all the way10:48
linXeayea, but I am only running winblows in VMs10:48
linXeano reason to keep x64 in VMs10:49
teK_I tried with a physical and a virtual installation of W710:49
teK_office requires a system restart  after anaborted installation10:49
teK_ooooh dude10:49
teK_how hard can  it be to copy some files and write something into a key value store10:50
linXeano idea.. but apparently HARD10:50
teK_its a microsoft-complete hard problem10:51
linXeaif you dont really need "all" of m$ office, check out Kingsoft Office, great .doc support10:51
teK_look it up in the books on theoretical computer science m(10:51
teK_my GF needsPPT and Word NAO10:51
linXeaah, same here..10:51
teK_I even unchecked Excel, Published etc. to reduce the area for errors =)10:53
teK_no it's missing a .cab file10:53
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diversefrinnst: :)12:33
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diversefrinnst: its like the tiger is saying "Just returning a frisbe, no need to panic"13:48
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eldariondhi !15:10
eldariondI come from arch and I'm trying crux in vbox but I do not know anything about compiling15:11
eldariondcan I use arch default kernel config to compil crux kernel ?15:11
diverseI don't see why not. Just copy the .config over and run make all. Just read the documentation guide.15:17
eldarionddiverse: thank you for answering, I'll try it out15:17
eldariondcurrently I've done zcat /proc/config.gz > /mnt/usr/src/linux/.config15:18
eldariondthen chroot && cd src, then compil15:18
eldariondthat is correct ?15:18
diversewell cd src/kernel-<version>/, but yeah15:19
eldariondyes thats it15:19
eldariondthank you15:19
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diverseI hope he comes back, I forget he that he should run make menuconfig or make oldconfig first15:23
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doomicidediverse: There could be a problem if the Arch Kernel uses an initramfs.15:49
joacimWarning: Device 0x0800: Inconsistent partition table, 2nd entry15:50
joacimredid my partitions on a new drive and moved my filesystems over15:50
joacimsame error now as 6 months ago with the old drive. I give up...15:50
joacimit works fine tho ;)15:51
joacimerror is from lilo btw15:51
diversedoomicide: I thought about that before answering, although I thought its just using the .config. But I'm probably wrong, should have mention he needs to install an initramfs.15:53
diverseor would be just easier to build the kernel config by itself15:54
diverseYeah, the latter would have been a better choice, so that way he could learn out the kernel building process.15:56
joacimit would. you dont need much to get a working kernel15:57
joacimjust have to remember to build support for your filesystem, scsi disk, and your sata controller into the kernel15:57
diversenote to self, encourage newbies to build the kernel themselves15:59
diverseI'm kind of tired, can you guys help him if he comes back?16:18
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eldariondHi !19:26
eldariondI'm trying to replace my current arch install (lvm on top of luks for / (exept /boot))19:27
eldariondbut cryptsetup is missing from crux-3.0.iso, even after modprobe dm-crypt19:27
eldariondcan someone helps me ? wpa_supplicant is missing too, so I can't connect to my wireless network and install cryptsetup from opt if its possible19:28
eldariondI want to use crux for it pure kiss and minimalistic way but there it's too much minimalistic isn't it ?19:29
frinnsti think teK_ uses a encrypted /19:30
frinnststick around and ask him how he did it19:30
Rotwangwhat can be too minimalistic?19:30
RotwangI think it might be oxymoron [;19:31
eldariondfrinnst: I read his wiki page about but is not realy helpfull19:32
eldariondRotwang: the fact there is no simple way to configure wifi and cryptsetup19:32
frinnstluks might be useful to include on the iso :)19:32
eldariondI think this is part of minimal thing we need, but I may have wrong19:33
eldariondfrinnst: Yes, very useful19:33
eldariondso I don't know how, from the iso, install missing package for my personal needs19:34
teK_frinnst: *cough*19:35
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xveeany movie suggestions?20:31
teK_The Place Beyond the Pines20:32
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frinnstthe worlds end20:51
xveei've actually seen the worlds end20:53
frinnstSimon Pegg (written by)20:53
teK_misnamed file apparantly :20:53
xveei've seen this is the end as well lol20:54
frinnstthis is the end was also kinda funny i guess, if you're high enough20:54
teK_if i want to laugh I read the news :}20:55
teK_movies are my more serious form of entertainment20:55
frinnst(or our mailinglist)20:55
frinnsthehe, now i feel bad20:56
teK_you better help than mock20:56
teK_(not really)20:56
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roelofit it correct that gnome 3 is not avaible for crux 3.021:11
teK_sounds about right21:12
teK_wrt your DHCP problem.. have you tried setting an IP address manually21:12
jaegerOnly because nobody has built ports for it yet. If you want to give that a try, feel free21:12
teK_heyho jaeger :}21:12
roelofoke, then I have to find another base to work on Cinnamon. Maybe xfce or mate is then the best choice21:13
jaegerWhy do you need gnome to work on cinnamon?21:13
roelofbecause Cinnamon needs some parts of Gnome. It's now a Gnome based DE like xfce21:14
teK_parts? Try for finding them..21:14
roelofteK_:  I will but I need a DE so I can browse some urls and do the normal things like browsing the net and so on21:15
jaegerI thought cinnamon was its own project but I've never built it myself. xfce didn't use gnome, though21:15
jaegerwell, you could do those things with a lightweight WM, even21:16
teK_you don't need a DE for that. Just use {open,black,flux}box for starting your Browser21:17
roelofcorrect , so I have to choose one for the time being.21:17
teK_arg :)21:17
roelofDoes these have something like nano ?21:18
jaegernano is a terminal/console app, it doesn't need any WM or DE, just a terminal21:18
teK_and nano is in opt21:18
roelofoke, thanks for the help21:20
roelofand hopefully I succeed in building Cinnamon so people can use it21:20
jaegerGood luck :)21:21
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diverselooks like roelof came back22:03
diverseI see that helping him wasn't as straight forward, heh22:07
teK_we'll see22:17
diverseteK_: oh is this the tip of the iceberg?22:28
teK_I don't bother looking22:29
teK_trying to roll a port for maven..22:30
teK_why is building build tools soo insane22:30
teK_4 minutes with an i722:31
xveei tried compiling something on an atom for shits and giggles. never again! 4 mins is a blessing lol22:31
teK_I did a full installation of CRUX with FF etc. on an Atom with 1,6GHz22:32
teK_so I feel you there :P22:32
diversehow many cores?22:32
jaegerThat's what my HTPC has and it runs crux :)22:32
jaegerbuilding firefox or xbmc takes a while22:33
teK_I don't remember, it was some Acer Netbook of a friend22:33
xveeby a while i take it you mean a day or two22:33
xveethe kernel alne took about 5 + mins22:33
xveebut it was teh first gen atoms so...22:33
diverseI'm so glad I didn't bother with under powered machines to run crux22:37
diverseand build it22:37
xveei wanted to crux on that machine since it was so weak, but it was too underpwoered to compile22:42
diverseso basically you took an arrow to the knee, right there.22:43
xveemore or less22:45
jaegerhrmm... seems we have no blender in the portdb22:46
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diversexvee: so by more, it blew your whole leg off and by less, it only shot your foot?22:49
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xveepretty much22:59
diverseactually if you follow unix methodology, less is more, so you might as well say "more or more"23:00
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diversedammit cr0n!23:03
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xveelol rekt23:05
diverseeh, not really.23:07
diversejaeger: are you going to upload blender in contrib?23:15
jaegerperhaps. I've got to make a port first, which I plan to look into23:16
diverseprobably just take the pkgbuild from arch and fork it to our pkgfile23:17
xveeis it really that easy to copy arch's pkgbuild ?23:18
jaegerI generally don't copy them, prefer to work from scratch most of the time23:19
xveeso whats something easy that i can learn this whole package build/compiling stuff on.23:33
diversexvee: have you programmed before?23:35
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diversewell the point is, learn to look at examples from other Pkgfiles and over time, you will begin to understand how they are made. Once you get the point, try making your own ports.23:40
diverseThere is no wave the magic wand easy to making your own ports, you have to put in the effort to learn.23:41
diverseand yes, read the f'ing documentation too.23:42
xveeso harsh lol23:53
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