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diversexvee: if you think that's harsh, you should probably interact with teK_ more, he is by defintion of what you call "harsh" but being harsh is not the point.00:02
diverseAnyway if you going to throw that kind of comment around, no is going to take you seriously.00:03
diverse*no one00:03
xveegood to know00:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lxc: update source url00:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: test commit, sorry00:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: getmail: test commit2, sorry01:00
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MerlinDouI have a problems. I want to add a keymap called "programmer dvorak" to kbd package01:08
MerlinDouI modified the Pkgfile, I add a statement at build()01:09
MerlinDouinstall -m 644 -D $SRC/ $PKG/usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/dvorak/
MerlinDoubut I was told "No such file"01:10
jaegerdid you add to the source=() array in the Pkgfile?01:11 and Pkgfile are in the same directory01:11
MerlinDouIt can not work, why ?01:12
MerlinDouLet me try01:12
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MerlinDouThank you @jaeger01:17
MerlinDouI works01:17
MerlinDouIt works01:17
Romsteryouforgot to add it to source= didn't you.01:23
MerlinDouYes, I forgot01:23
MerlinDouThank you, @ Romster01:24
Romsterno need to thank me i didn't help you already solved it.01:24
Romsterwhere did that file come from anyways?01:24
MerlinDouwait a minute01:24
Romstersurprised it's not part of kdb tarball.01:25
MerlinDouhere it is01:25
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Romsteryou had to extract it and i imagine.01:28
Romsteryou'll have todo something for xorg too.01:28
MerlinDouBut this keymap is awesome01:29
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xveeanyone here read the Bhagavad Gita01:58
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jaegerblender has quite the dep tree, going to take some work02:38
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diversejaeger: sounds like dependency hell04:39
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rmull_xvee: I read it back in school04:47
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jaegerdiverse: It's not as bad as some things I've built in the past... gnome 2 or 3, for example04:55
jaegerfewer than I expected, certainly. Still working on it, though04:56
diversethat's good to hear04:58
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jaegerI hate it when build systems ignore mandir options05:06
jaegeranyway, done for tonight, good night05:06
xveermull: what did you think?05:17
diversethanks jaeger07:17
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xveetewi looks like a nice font09:12
xveeim using terminus now, but its not all too bad09:18
diverseit kind of looks like a terminus variant09:18
xveefrinnst: do you use terminus on your browser as well?09:18
frinnstno, use ttf fonts there09:18
frinnstadobe source09:19
diverseconst char hello[] =09:19
xveebeen looking for a decent font for ff myself09:20
diversevoid test_compress09:21
diverseYeah, terminus has more clearity09:21
diversealthough the only downside to terminus is that the "l" look like a 109:23
xveeyes it does, but, when you open up a terminal with green font and a black background.... lol09:24
diversewell I think the l character looks better in tewi09:25
xveei think so too09:28
xveeokay, well good night everyone09:36
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Amnesiahm, has anyone over here ever played with uefi?10:10
AmnesiaI'm about to try and boot up crux with uefi ^^10:10
diversethere are things you have to take into account, like choosing a boot loader that supports uefi (grub2, syslinux, elilo) and make sure your partition table is converted gpt10:18
diverseI would read this first:
diverseI tried a couple years ago, but couldn't get it to work, however it looks a lot easier and more accomplishable now.10:22
diversefrinnst: even better10:22
diversefrinnst: have you tried?10:27
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diversebtw, by "adobe source" did you mean "Source Code Pro"?10:36
diversesup Rotwang10:36
Rotwangnot much10:42
Amnesiafrinnst: it is missing secure boot stuff though:P10:42
diverseRotwang: no pong?10:45
diverseRomster: sakura needs an update10:50
diverseoh it depends on gtk3, sh*t10:53
Romsterthere is a reason why i never bumped it yet10:53
diverseI doubt you ever will10:54
Romsterwhy i just been lazy10:54
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diverseSigh, it looks I will need to find another terminal that doesn't kiss gtk3's ass and be lightweight...10:56
Romsterhey the current one is fine as it is10:57
Romsterand that's one  use every single day10:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: python: update to 2.7.610:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] samba: update to 4.1.110:58
diverseRomster: I know its fine as it is. It sounded like you didn't care if you update it.11:03
Romsteri always care.11:04
Romsteri prefer stable over bleeding edge just haven't had much look other than i'd need to make a newer vte and stuff for sakura 311:04
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diversestability is important, but what is more important to me is what dependencies they use.11:23
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diverseholy crap11:50
diversehow can anyone touch type, let only find and peck efficiently, on this kanji keyboard?
diverseblows my mind11:57
diverseRotwang: and you see that other keyboard on the left, that's just "slighty" bigger than your average keyboard layout. You would need to have excellent finger gymnastics...12:04
diverse*on the right12:04
diversehey Romster, take a look^12:13
Romsterjesus fuck12:17
Romsterit'd be like playing god damn Chinese checkers on that fucking thing12:18
diversegood point12:19
Romsteri guess they are used to it.12:19
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diverseWell its stupid for one thing, they can just use input methods and have the software translate by the syllablary to chinese text, easily.12:21
Rotwangdiverse: that's how they do it by default12:26
diverseI know, I'm just making a point for why such an abomination should exist.12:26
Rotwangimagine how enormous would a laptop be with this kind of keyboard [;12:27
diverseYeah, imagine, if its going to be a Chinese keyboard they probably need at least 10,000 of those keys. If it's Japanese, just about 2200 keys for the standard kanji they would use.12:29
diverseplus 100 for their kana12:30
diverseI love the Chinese checkers metaphor Romster used.12:34
Romsterfriend said that i only copy pasted it12:34
Romsterafter showing the picture.12:35
Romsterthat actually is English but has been studding Japanese12:35
RomsterUtada Hikaru is big in japan.12:36
diverseAh, she is known for doing the kingdom hearts soundtrack12:38
Romsterand final fantasy12:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: python: explicit set permission mode of pyconfig.h to prevent footprint errors with unusual umask13:58
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: pciutils: update to 3.2.114:25
teK_sweeet ---------------614:28
diverseI view it as a count down14:29
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diverse3... 2... 114:31
diverseteK_: btw did you check out that keyboard picture I pasted?14:32
teK_I did. And I wanted to have pizza afterwards for some reason14:33
diversethat was a good one14:34
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diverseits a pizza pan with keys as toppings.14:35
diversevery nice14:36
diversehmmmm, yum, plastic, my favorite!14:39
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diverseRomster: you there15:27
frinnstprobably not15:34
frinnstand if he is: GO TO BED! YOU HAVE WORK IN THE MORNING15:34
diverseactually he should be pretty much knocked out by now15:35
diverseand pinging him was pretty useless to15:40
diverseI guess jaeger is at work15:41
diversexorg-libxp needs a dep update15:45
diversebecause the build failed at finding no printproto package15:46
diverseI don't know if you have access to the xorg repo to make this update15:47
frinnstPackage 'xorg-libxp' not found15:47
diverseoh g... let me double check the name again15:48
frinnstah, libxpm?15:51
diverseactually no, I double checked on my side and it just had xp, no "m"15:52
diverselet me do a ports -u15:52
frinnstah, so its romsters port? it lists printproto as a dep15:52
frinnstnothing I need to pay attention to then :)15:53
diversefrinnst: actually you are good, its pitillo I need to talk to, sorry for the trouble.15:53
diverseI'm trying to build e18 alpha 1, and xorg-libxp is in his private repo15:54
diversewell by private i mean not listed in crux.nu15:57
diversefrinnst: btw, did you see the keyboard I was talking about earlier?16:01
diverseout of this world, right?16:01
frinnstyeah, ive seen it16:02
frinnstgood luck touchtyping on that thing16:02
diverseyeah, I agree16:02
diversehah, Romster lists printproto in his libxp port16:08
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diversefrinnst: when you said "adobe source" as a font, did you mean the adobe source code pro font? It looks nice.16:37
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Rotwangactually it makes a difference if you call foo ("a", "b") and foo("a", "b")16:57
Rotwangin perl6, what a crazy language16:57
diversethats why you use languages that don't care about whitespace ;)16:58
Rotwangall languages care about whitespace, one way or another16:58
diverseNot C16:58
Rotwangc does not but preprocessor does16:59
diversepicky, picky16:59
Rotwangfloat a = .0;16:59
RotwangI thing the latter wont work16:59
diverseyeah it wont work when it comes to variable declaration17:00
diversebut as far as indenting, you can go crazy17:01
diverseWhat I meant was, you can do: float             a             =              .0; and the C compiler wont care.17:02
diverseI guess I should have reworded what I said. *use languages that don't care about excessive whitespace17:04
Rotwangusually languages dont care about excessive whitespace17:04
Rotwangin fact I do not know any that does17:04
diversetry it with C17:04
Rotwangmaybe except python [;17:04
diversewell python is sensitive the indenting, because indents mark the scope.17:05
diverse*to the indenting17:05
diverseso when programming in python, use a good text editor like vim so it can autoindent for you17:10
diverseor emacs if you like lisp/scheme etc17:11
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frinnstdiverse: yes19:00
diversemight even look good as a terminal font19:01
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frinnsti've never been able to get ttf/otf fonts to play nice in a terminal20:22
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libpixman: updated to 0.32.020:23
diverseoh I thought it was monospaced since I found it here:
diversefrinnst: or that doesn't matter?20:25
diverseI guess ttf/oft work for gui text editors...20:26
diverseYeah the fonts look like they would work for gvim20:29
jaegersource code pro is monospaced, yes20:34
jaegersource sans pro is not20:34
diversesince source code pro is monospaced, does that it could be used as a terminal font?20:36
diverseor is there a filetype issue here?20:36
diversealso, sorry for buggying you earlier, jaeger :)20:37
jaegerIt should be usable as a terminal font but I'm not 100% sure20:38
jaegerno worries20:38
jaegerIt's in opt, install it and see if it works :)20:38
jaegerI've probably already got it on my laptop, will check20:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: updated to 3.15.320:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nspr: updated to 4.10.220:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk3: updated to 3.10.320:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.30.120:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pango: updated to 1.36.120:40
jaegeryeah, looks fine20:41
diversealright, time to install it20:42
frinnstyes it works in a terminal, but im unable to get ttf to look readable in urxvt20:43
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frinnstunless i increase the size20:43
diversefrinnst: could that be a fontconfig issue?20:43
diverseyeah it looks better when you make it bigger, at 12pt20:46
frinnstI use 8pt, im not that old yet!20:46
diverseWell I am just saying that at 10pt, it doesn't really look as nice20:47
frinnstThe Effect of Age and Font20:47
frinnstSize on Reading Text on20:47
frinnstHandheld Computers20:47
diverseI will give 8pt a try20:47
frinnstterminus works great at 8pt20:47
diverseyeah terminus beats source code pro by many levels20:49
diverseat 8pt20:49
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diversefrinnst: you like to use terminal font at 8pt or less right?21:05
diversehave you checked out Proggy?21:05
frinnst8, always 8 :)21:06
frinnstyes but there was something that i didnt like about it, cant remember what21:06
diversetime for me to snooze, ttyl everyone.21:15
joacimI quite like monaco and similar fonts (monte carlo, profont)21:28
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xveehey jaeger, you have some experience with virtualbox, no?23:52
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