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jturnerthe recent gdk-pixbuf and gtk3 updates are both broke, they require glib >= 2.37.500:00
jturneryet glib wasn't updated and is still at 2.36.400:00
jaegerok, need to put my crux disk back into the main box tonight01:58
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frinnstjturner: thanks, I'll fix it07:32
frinnsti run a newer glib here07:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glib: update to 2.38.107:51
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xveemy shins are bruised as hell08:04
xveemy friend left his keys in his pocket while we were sparring, and the entire time, i've been kicking keys08:04
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frinnstwhy are you kicking your friend?08:14
frinnstI thought the keys were your friend08:17
xveei should have recorded it, probably would've heard a lot of clinking. i had my headphones on loud, so, i couldn't hear it and i thought he had strong ass tighs xD08:21
frinnstnice selfie romster09:51
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nwehmm can someon explain this for me.. I have two public ips one on eth0 and another on eth1, If I want to port forward port 2230 on the ip on eth1, I must set the ule to do it on interface eth0 too.. otherwise I got connection refused.10:53
nweHow should I do so I only need to do it on eth1.. I hope you guys understand what I mean..10:54
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Romsterhah frinnst14:27
Romsternew hasn't heard of the FORWARD chain?14:28
diverseRomster: hah, I loved how they made fun of pokemon, that franchise never changes!14:43
diverseAlso the unlocking secrets part and the DLC part were good too.14:47
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joacimwell. you can be a girl now14:47
diverseSo instead of working to unlock game features, you have to pay for them14:48
joacimit is old14:50
joacimbut relevant14:50
diversespeaking of DLC, is it possible to use cheats to unlock the content and get away without purchasing features that are already built into the game?15:03
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joacimsome games allow you to unlock the dlc by simply editing a config file15:04
joacimi did that with madness returns15:04
joacimyou get all the cute costumes15:04
joacimyou dont get the original game tho15:05
joacimmust buy that one15:05
joacimor install origin or some shit like that15:05
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joacimbut i find it is easier to just play old games that didnt come with any kind of dlc15:06
joacimvote with your wallet =)15:06
joacimbut the publishers wont see it like that. they'll just see it as more piracy, so more dlc and stricter drm15:07
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rmariottihi, it's my first time in crux and i having the following problem: on boot there are 2 warnings, depmod: WARNING: could not open /lib/modules/3.6.11/modules.order15:20
rmariottiand  /lib/modules/3.6.11/modules.builtin, how i can solve that?15:20
joacimdid you run make modules_install from the kernel source directory?15:21
joacimit is just a wild guess. don't really know what is wrong15:21
Romsterrmariotti, most likely forgot to cd to the linux kernel and make modules_install as joacim mentioned.15:25
Romsteri have done this myself in the past.15:25
Romsterload up the crux cd mount root, setup chroot over cd to kernel source make modules_install exit15:26
Romsterumount /mnt15:26
rmariottiyes, i forgot it :)15:26
Romsterstill it should of booted without those modules15:26
Romsteras you need built in drivers for root15:27
Romsterjust may lack sound network stuff15:27
diversejoacim: the config file where?15:52
diverseoh I see what you mean15:56
joacimyou get the dlc unlocked in some games now that gfwl is being killed15:56
joacimsome games patched it out, and as a result, everyone who bought the basic version of the game now gets all the dlc. or rather, get what was already on the disk unlocked =)15:57
joacimmakes me wonder why developers and publishers falls for the crap that ms makes16:05
joacimthey never stick by their products. instead of fixing it, they kill it and make a replacement16:06
diverseThey probably think thats a better business model, since ms has done this for many years. Current example: windows 8.1 comes out, put pressure on everyone to update to it, and kill support for older versions, like with XP in 2014.16:14
joacim"like with XP in 2014"16:15
joacimXP came out in 200116:15
joacim8.1 sounds more like a service pack to me tho16:15
diverseI know, and they actually extended its support, it was supposed to die in 200816:15
joacimi wouldn't expect microsoft to "support" xp sp2 when xp sp3 just came out16:16
joacimit should have died in 200816:16
joacimthat system stuck around for too long16:16
diverseand funny how people still use it16:17
joacimI'm still using Win7 for my video games16:18
joacimcant be bothered with upgrading yet16:18
diverseif you going to use windows, stay with 7, 8 is just an abomination for desktops.16:18
joacimi remember how people cried about vista, but praised 7 when that one first came out. there isnt much different really. if MS skipped vista completely and just shipped 7, people would've cried about that instead16:18
joacimi've tried 8. it might not be too bad, but i dont want to spend time on setting it up16:20
joacimthey should have made two systems. one for tablets, one for desktops16:20
joacimi dont think a system that does both at the same time will work well16:21
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joacimit is too confusing when i launch shit from explorer and it launches the metro ui, or when i launch shit from the metro ui and it throws me back to explorer16:21
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jaegerBlender is pretty sweet. Could take ages to learn it really well, though, I think16:54
diversewell Blender is for pros in 3d animation, so I imagine its a complex application.16:55
jaegerIt is, yeah. I've just barely started to play with it16:56
diverseperhaps make a 3d animation with the Crux penguin, that would be nice16:58
diverseit doesn't have to be complicated17:00
diverseor make a 3d model17:03
diversehow did you make that?17:05
jaegerJust messing around in blender17:06
jaegercreated some text, messed with the materials, added some lighting17:06
jaegerI like it, especially considering it's a first effort17:07
diverseyou just did this?17:07
jaegerIt took a little while but yes17:09
jaegerI need to see if I can get blender to build with cuda support17:09
diverseit does look nice. Could you make a modified version and have the Crux penguin lean on the "X" and add more lighting to the right?17:11
diverselike leaning casually, like its saying "What's up, use it already!"17:12
jaegerWith my current level of skill? Probably not, heh17:12
jaegerThe penguin would need to be 3d-modeled to look reasonable17:12
diverseThats a whole lot of work there, just making the penguin17:13
jaegerMaybe I'll do something like that in the future but not yet17:14
diversethanks for the consideration17:15
diverseThought I throw an idea out there.17:16
jaegernp. once the ports are more polished I'll publish them, anyway, and you could do some as well17:16
diversethe ports or the 3d model?17:27
jaegerthe modeling17:28
jaegerwow, 810MB for the cuda installer17:28
joacimdoes it work with opencl?17:29
jaegerseems to17:31
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jaegergrr.... think my old intel SSD is dying19:31
jaegerkeep getting lockups and scsi errors in the syslogs from the device19:32
syncnjaeger: can you use hdparm or smartctl to check health?19:32
syncnwill tell you power-on hours, number of startups, and errors found19:32
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jaegersyncn: yeah, I'm running smart tests on it now, just had to do it booted from another drive since it kept locking20:15
syncnsux.. how long did it last you?20:16
jaegerI don't remember when I bought it exactly but it was the second one I ever bought so I've had it a while.... newegg order history will tell me exactly20:18
syncnthe other day i learned best buy matches newegg prices.. was in a time jam and needed two new internal sata drives.20:20
syncnsounds like an ssd20:21
jaegerCould also be a bad cable or something else, it's been solid until last night and today20:21
jaegerOlder generation controller and flash, though, so who knows20:21
jaegerAmazingly I have 2 old OCZ SSDs that are still working properly20:24
jaegerI expected both of those to fail long before any of my others20:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.10.220:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: at-spi2-atk: updated to 2.10.220:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glib: updated to 2.38.220:30
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vee_hello al20:34
tilmanhi al20:35
vee_al is based god20:36
tilmanno comprendo20:36
frinnst old yet awesome20:40
tilmankinda sucks that 'tilted' is in the title?20:41
vee_the connections are so shotty at school, its pretty sad :/20:42
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xveeanyway, whats everyone up to20:47
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syncnroelof solved.21:06
tilman!? =)21:11
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