IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-11-13

diversejaeger: really? You had that intel ssd for over 2 and half years? I wonder how long mine will last...?00:16
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jaegerdiverse: yes, and I would expect to have it longer than that, honestly03:13
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xveegunna seafoam the car soon ^___^03:25
diversejaeger: how often did you write to it?03:27
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jaegernormal desktop usage, didn't really keep track03:52
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xveejesus christ, smoke EVERYWHERE05:31
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diversesup sepen07:33
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roelofHello, I installed xfce as described in the README. But when I do startxfce4 or startxfce I see a command not found error07:45
roelofHow to solve this ?07:45
diverseroelof: you are supposed to put that command in your ~/.xinitrc file with "exec startxfce4"07:47
diverseand run startx07:47
roelofthen tvm starts up07:47
diversedoesn't sound like its fully installed, do you installed xfce by using: prt-get depinst xfce4 ?07:49
diverseyou are probably missing some dependencies07:49
roelofnope, the README says to install it like this :  prt-get update `prt-get quickdep xfce4`07:50
diversetry it07:51
roelof??? try what ?07:51
diverserun: "prt-get depinst xfce4" in your terminal as stated above07:52
roelofoke, I will reboot my machine into Crux and try that07:53
roelofdiverse:  thanks for the help07:54
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frinnstprt-get update wont install any new packages08:11
diversedon't rub it in his face though, he proclaim himself to have autism.08:12
Amnesiajesus christ, texlive is huge...08:13
frinnstno shit :)08:13
Amnesiait's ridiculous..08:14
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xveeis vim still popular among programmers?08:17
diversenote to self, stupid teasing the stupid people, it's not worth it.08:19
diversexvee: why ask such a rhetorical question? What do you think?08:20
diverseAlso is emacs still popular among programmers? Possibly.08:23
xveediverse: i know it was at one point. everyone online talks about it, but, haven't seen much talk of it lately.08:23
diverseif you want to see vim talk, join #vim08:23
xveenot really seeking it out, but thanks08:24
diverseOh goodness of fuck, why did I waste my time answering your questions?08:25
diverseRomster was right all along.08:25
xveethanks. have a nice day08:26
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Amnesiapew pew, is there anyone over here who's familiar with cups?09:03
teK_dont ask to ask ;)09:04
AmnesiaI aren't:p09:05
Amnesiacups's unable to find this HP printer, so I've added it manually09:05
Amnesiabut now lpr is complaining that application/pdf isn't supported09:05
diverseWhat's your HP printer model?09:06
Amnesialaserjet 410009:06
AmnesiaI'm going to try hpcups naow09:07
teK_I only used cups with network printers09:07
Amnesiait is a network printer09:07
diverseyeah cups should find the printer in the network. Did you make sure you install the right drivers?09:08
Amnesialpinfo -v should list it09:09
Amnesiabut it doesn't09:09
jueAmnesia: network browsing doesn't work with newer cups versions, you must start /etc/rc.d/cups-browsed from cups-filters on server and client for that09:16
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Amnesiaah, that explains..09:19
Amnesiado you have any idea why it isn't working out of the box?09:20
juethey removed their own browse protocol in favour of Bonjour/Avahi09:25
diverseoh no!09:25
diverseI loved the browser protocol09:26
Amnesiajue: it should still be possible to manually define it right?09:27
jueyeah, thanks to the cups-filters people for preserving it ;)09:27
jueAmnesia: yes09:28
diversei can't believe cups got tainted by lennartitis09:30
Amnesiajue: do you have any idea what could be the cause of the error that "application/pdf' is unsupported?09:30
Amnesiadiverse: lulz09:30
teK_why lennartitis? They use a different _established_ protocol instead of making things up themselves09:31
jueteK_: avahi is another bloated piece of software from him09:32
diverseif you know systemd, you would *definitely* know lennartitis09:34
teK_I think I know enough of it ;)09:35
Amnesiaoh shiet, wrong channel:P09:37
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Amnesiajue: also, when I try to print a test page, I get the following messge:     No such file or directory09:45
Amnesiawhat's it looking for..?09:45
Amnesiaand lpr -P "HP" doc.pdf results in: lpr: Unsupported document-format "application/pdf".09:46
Amnesiathe same happens with application/text09:47
jueAmnesia: I'd suggest to use the web interface to setup the printers09:50
Amnesiathat's what I did09:50
frinnstor burn all the printers down09:50
Amnesiait's been 10 years ago since my last print...:P09:50
jueAmnesia: you have installed hpcups and use the right driver for your printer?09:53
juecups-filters is installed as well?09:54
Amnesia(because I added the printer manually)09:54
Amnesia(I tried compiling cups-filters, but it's complaining about a missing dependency called "ijs:)09:55
jueyou need it anyway, except for postscript printers09:55
jueghostscript installed?09:55
Amnesiabut it's a postscript printer09:55
juehmm, ijs is part of ghostscript10:00
Romsteri got my printer working with cups after jue helped me.10:01
Romstermy issue was i needed localhost $HOSTNAME10:02
Amnesiais ghostscript actually required to print to a postscript printer?10:03
Romster$EDITOR /usr/ports/opt/cups/README10:04
Romsterpretty sure it's required.10:04
jueI guess yes because nowadays every application uses pdf to print and we need something to convert it to ps10:04
Romstermost printers understand post script. so i'd also think anything is converted to ps for the printer to understand.  not just pdf to ps10:05
Amnesiaok, so gs converts it to ps?10:06
jueno, nowadays cups-filters provides all the pdf support for cups10:08
Romsteri'm not actauly certaion i think it's only used on pdf font rendering. to ps10:08
Romsteractually certain*10:08
Amnesiajue: so plain old cups + hcups isn't enough to print stuff using lpr10:10
jueAmnesia: have to go now, but I'll try a minimal setup for network-printer the next days10:10
Amnesia(e.g. by setting up the printer manually)10:10
jueno, you need cups-filters10:10
Amnesiahm ok10:10
juecups-filters was part of cups until cups 1.5 and splitted out of it for later versions10:11
AmnesiaI'm compiling it as we speak10:12
Amnesiaty for your help so far10:12
Romsteri got cups working over lan/ip for my printer.10:12
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juenp, bbl10:13
Romsterso i wont be much help for Amnesia10:13
AmnesiaRomster: :P10:13
Romsteri tend to find though firefox is bad at printing multiple pages correctly.10:13
Amnesiaprinting's lame10:13
Romsteri have a huge CISS setup10:13
Romstercosts me less than a new set of cartridges to have 10 times the ink10:14
Romsterand no landfill other than paper.10:14
Romsterbut i do print a bit out at times.10:14
Romsterbut i try to keep it to a minimum.10:15
Romstergood for photo's to hang up though10:15
Amnesiawhat's CISS?10:15
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Amnesiaah neat, it's working with cups-filters10:23
Amnesiaghostscript should be added as dependency for cups-filters though10:27
Amnesiaand cups-filters should be a dependency for cups:P10:27
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roelofCan anyone tell me which package takes care of 'Gtk-2.0.gir' . prt-get fsearch gives no output and I need it to install xfce ?11:02
Amnesiaroelof: gtk?11:04
Amnesia-> prt-get info gtk11:04
roelofis installed according to prt-get isinst gtk11:04
roelofAmnesia:  but thanks for the tip11:05
Amnesiaare you getting an error message during compilation?11:06
RomsterAmnesia, this is a CISS
Amnesiaroelof: what's the exact message?11:34
Amnesiaroelof: I see11:35
AmnesiaRomster: *11:35
roelofError : Could not find 'Gtk-2.0.gir'11:35
Romsterhmm that sounds like gconf stuff that is probably stripped out and requires a port in my romster repo.11:36
Romsterare you sure it needs that?11:36
roelofyep, xfce-session needs wnck which needs that file11:37
Romsterroelof, what port is asking for that pastebin the build log.11:37
Romsteroh xfce11:37
roelofWierd that the file is not included into the xfce repo then11:37
Romsterpart of gtk11:38
Romsterbut i'm gonna test this right now in my chroot.11:38
roelofRomster: oke, I wait11:38
diverseroelof: still didn't get xfce working?11:39
roelofdiverse:  nope, I found out why xfce-session would not install11:40
diverseso the xfce repo is missing a necessary lib11:41
roelofIt looks like it11:42
roelofdiverse:  Romster is now trying to reproduce my error in a chroot env so I wait what he/she finds11:46
Romsterhe :)11:46
Romsteri think Clare was the only female cruxer and i haven't seen here in here for years.11:46
diverseroelof: yeah Romster is good at figuring out what you need. You are in good hands.11:47
frinnstalso he has an awesome beard11:48
roelofIm not11:49
roelofI have to shave myself every day because of work :(11:50
roelofRomster  : Did yoyu reproduce my error ??11:51
Romsterthat's not mine frinnst -__ but i do have a beard.11:51
diverseroelof: he will tell you, patience is key.11:51
Romsterbuilding i don't have any xfce built.11:52
Romsteri got make -j20 going over 5 machines.11:52
diversethats awesome!11:52
Romsterso prt-get depinst libwnck11:53
Romsterjaeger, has a more impressive server.11:53
Romsterthis is just my home distcc setup11:53
diversewait, do each have i7s?11:53
Romsternah 3 core 2 duros and 2 quad core phenoms II's11:53
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diversewait so, that would be 14 cores total, so wouldn't it be -j15?11:57
Romsteroverhead of tcp sockets11:57
Romster14 cores11:57
Romsterdistcc -j returns 2011:58
diverseso that tool shows you how many jobs you can run through the network without overdriving your machines?12:00
Romsterpretty much i tried other numbers12:00
roelofpff, and I only have a Intel Dualcore 3000 :(12:07
Romsterhmm something is broken running revdep12:08
Romsterprobably last sysup12:08
roelofKDE or Gnome will cost me more then 10 hours , so I look for a nice DE so I can work on Cinnamon12:09
Romstermy gtk is broekn roelof is probably too run this12:10
Romsterprt-get update -fr gtk12:10
roelofoke, Do i have to wait till you have tried it12:10
Romsterit would be xorg-libxdamage got bumped.12:11
Romsterprt-get depinst pkg-utils12:11
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(revdep)12:11
Romsterrun that it'll fix any broken package links12:12
Romsteryou'll need to check those regardless some sysups break stuff that need relinking.12:12
roelofoke,so I have to do the two prt-get commands12:12
roelofand then my problems should be gone ?12:13
Romsteri'm checking for anything else broken with it.12:13
roelofoke then I wait with rebooting into crux12:14
Romsterroelof, libwnck works after rebuilding gtk12:17
Romsterprt-get update -fr gtk12:18
Romstershould be enough but it don't hurt to check with revdep after a sysup12:18
Romsteron major library changes.12:18
roelofNow hoping xfce can  be installed so I can work on my own project12:18
roelofRomster:  many thanks for you help and patience with me12:19
Romsterno problem.12:20
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roelofRomster:  Still have the same error12:48
roelofprt-get depinst pkg-utils gives a not found error12:48
roelofprt-get update $(revdep) gives a error that updates needs at least one argument12:49
roelofprt-get update -fr gtk works find but after that no gtk-2.0.git file12:50
Romsterno file but i built libwnck just fine after12:52
roelofoke, so prt-get depinst prt-utils and then the $(revdep)  ??12:53
Romsterbut if you did rebuild gtk libwnck should build.12:53
Romsterunless your stuck on another port?12:53
roelofI did not do that because the two commands did not work. The only thing what is working was the prt-update -ft gtk12:54
roelofand that one was succesfull but no gtk.git file was made12:55
Romsteri'm building all of xfce4 now.12:56
roelofI will try if the depinstall prt-utils and the revdep will make the difference12:57
roelofand report back12:57
Romsterk i'll see ow this build goes.12:58
Romsterprt-utils gives revdep and a bunch of other handy small programs for package makers and installing12:58
roelofone question : do I also do prt-get update -fr libwnck ? or is only prt-get update -fr gtk enough12:59
Romsteryou need update -fr as gtk is already installed.12:59
Romsteri'd assume libwnck is not installed yet or built successfully so a prt-get depinst xfce4 should do.12:59
Romsterand depinst xfce4 will pull in libwnck and the rest.13:00
roelofoke, I did prt-get depinstall xfce4-session and that one failed13:00
diverseroelof: prt-get depinst xfce413:01
Romsternow that you fixed gtk just do as diverse said.13:01
roelofoke, I will do all the steps again13:01
diverseassuming you force rebuild gtk first13:01
roelofand again thanks both for the help and patience13:02
roelofbe back hopefully in xfce13:02
Romsterhe had with -fr gtk diverse13:02
Romsterthat would be good, if oyu get stuck on something else let us know.13:03
roeloffine BRB13:03
Romstercrux can be fun at times that's the cost of being simplistic13:03
*** roelof has quit IRC13:03
Romsterbut often easy to fix13:03
Romsterugh he left <<13:03
Romsterwill have to show him the irc log page too.13:03
Romsterthat is always handy13:04
diversewe should get roelof how to use tmux + cli irc client of his choice, so that way he doesn't have to keep rebooting into his crux partition and back13:04
diverse*learn how13:04
diversewell thats probably too much, maybe just install one of the *box WMs, so he can have a gui13:05
Romsterthese days 'd use irc on my android phone.13:05
Amnesiadiverse: freenode has a webinterface:_13:06
Romsteri'd suggest pekwm but he seems set on xfce413:06
Romsterxfce4-session built for me.13:07
Romsterhe should be ok13:07
Romstersoemtimes you can get bogus missing files when other stuff fails.13:07
Romsterthat's not necessary needed13:08
diverseAmnesia: what would be a light web browser that he can build with? I imagine firefox won't be fun for him13:11
diverseRomster: actually I think weechat has an android interface, that might be of interest.13:11
diverselet me check the play store13:11
Amnesiadiverse: sucks13:11
Amnesiaeh, surf*13:12
diverseAmnesia: that sounds good, so maybe we should suggest that13:13
Amnesiaor just get him to download the precompiled firefox package?13:14
diverseRomster: found it, its called "Weechat Android - Development"13:14
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diverseAmnesia: yeah he could from Romster13:15
diversewow there is so many other irc clients in the play store...13:16
diverseyou can even make an irc server off your phone!13:16
diverseI guess I shouldn't be surprised though.13:18
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diverseAmnesia: I can't help but anticipate roelof's return, definitely need to get him on that web browser!13:22
Romsternet died13:22
Amnesiaor you should refer him to tldp :)13:23
RomsterAmnesia> diverse: freenode has a webinterface:_13:23
Romster<Romster> i'd suggest pekwm but he seems set on xfce413:23
Romster<Romster> xfce4-session built for me.13:23
Romster<Romster> he should be ok13:23
Romster<Romster> soemtimes you can get bogus missing files when other stuff fails.13:23
Romster<Romster> that's not necessary needed13:23
Romsterxfce4 builds fine.13:23
diverseRomster: yeah, you miss a bit of dialogue, but its not that important.13:24
Romstereh irc log <<13:24
diversecheck it out13:24
Romsteryeah didn't miss much13:25
diverseAmnesia: how updated is the tldp?13:27
Amnesiadiverse: dunno13:28
rmariottihi, i'm tring to package gedit(it's my frist time in packaging with crux), but i'm getting the following error during the build process of libpeas:
rmariottihere is the Pkgfile:
diversedid you install those dependencies?13:35
diverseits complaining that its missing 'Gtk-3.0.gir' so it sounds like gtk3 is not installed.13:36
rmariotti$ sudo prt-get depinst gtk3 --> package gtk3 is installed13:37
Romstergtk3 needs another dep for gir files.13:44
Romsteryou can't turn off the goobject wrapper in gedit?13:44
diverseRomster: you are right about the introspection13:45
Romsteri messed with that awhile ago.13:45
diversermariotti: I recommend what Romster suggested and see if you can disable it13:46
Romstergobject-introspection is needed if you want it and rebuild gk313:46
Romsteror try and disable it13:47
Romsterbetter option13:47
diverseyeah why not get rid of unwanted cruft13:47
rmariottiso i have to rebuild libpeas with ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-nls --disable-introspection13:49
diverseyeah, looks good13:49
rmariottibut is not good: configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-introspection13:49
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diversedo: pkgmk -kw in the build directory and go into the work/src folder and run ./configure --help to see what your choices are13:51
rmariottithere are no options about introspection13:55
Romsteror gobject?13:55
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diversecan you pastebin us your ./configure --help output?13:58
rmariottilibpeas is a gobject-based plugins engine, i think it require gobject-introspection13:58
Romsterthen you'll need to rebuild gtk3 after installing gobject-introspection13:59
rmariotti./configure --help:
rmariottithere is a command to rebuild packages in crux, i'm sorry but i'm a newbie in crux :)14:03
Romsterprt-get help14:03
Romsterprt-get update -fr gtk314:03
Romsterbut you need to get gobject-introspection installed first14:03
Romstergobject-introspection in contrib14:04
diversermariotti: I think you are doing pretty well for a newcomer, imho14:05
Romsterprt-get depinst gobject-introspection ; prt-get update -fr gtk314:05
Romsterthen you should have 'Gtk-3.0.gir' as a new file in gtk314:06
diverseI'm getting tired, I'm heading to bed. ttyl all.14:09
Romsterlater diverse14:10
rmariottibye and thx diverse14:10
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roelofRomster : I tried several times but still this message : could not find include 'Gtk-2.0.gir'14:19
roelofAlso I noticed that every time I do the revdep syslinux get rebuild and no other packages14:20
Romsterok i'm looking for it.14:22
Romsteryeah that means there is no issues14:22
Romsterif it rebuilds it's either a binary or got libs in odd places.14:22
Romsteror broken.14:23
roelofI do not know . but it's no problem because Im using lilo14:23
roelofRomster : Also after the rebuild of gtk when I do find / -iname 'Gtk-2.0.gir" nothing shows up14:26
jaegerRomster, roelof: note that gtk-2.0.gir needs gobject-introspection and gtk2, not gtk314:27
jaegerrebuilding gtk 2 with introspection requires a rebuild of atk, pango, and gdk-pixbuf as well14:27
jaegersee the mate repo for reference if you're bored14:27
roelofjaeger:  gtk is according to what I see 2.24 and not 3.x so I do not understand you fully14:29
*** rmariotti has quit IRC14:29
Romsterjaeger, oh...14:29
frinnstphew, reinstalling zenoss, adding devices, custom maps/transforms are a pain14:29
Romsterwell that would mean removing that --disable-introspection on gtk2 port.14:30
jaegerRomster: gtk2 and gtk3 can and do coexist. You said earlier that Gtk-2.0.gir was missing; that is a gtk2 file14:30
Romsteryou also need to rebuild pango and gdk-pixbuf as well14:30
jaegerRomster: 08:27 <@jaeger> rebuilding gtk 2 with introspection requires a rebuild of atk, pango, and gdk-pixbuf as well14:30
Romsteri'm obviously too tired.14:30
roelofCan I do something to help ?14:31
jaegerroelof: If you need gtk and its deps with introspection support you have to override the ones from opt because the opt versions specifically disable it14:32
*** rmariotti has joined #crux14:32
frinnst"gtk" is gtk2, "gtk3" is... gtk3 :)14:32
jaegerThe MATE packages do this, for example14:32
frinnstsetting up a DE seems to require a shitload of work. Why not just use a window manager?14:33
jaegerWhy do some people like asparagus? It's subjective.14:33
jaegerThe DEs with gnome bits in them do seem to be kinda ridiculous to build, though14:34
jaegerAnd KDE to a lesser extent14:34
frinnstyeah. I remember when slackware dropped gnome because it became impossible to maintain14:34
roelofoke, so I have to change gtk in opt to enable gobject-introspection and  rebuild  atk, pango and gdk-pixbuf after that14:34
roelofoops, and I want to try to make Cinnamon work :(14:35
rmariottiRomster: after rebuilding gdk-pixbuf, pango, atk and gtk libpeas worked. thx14:35
Romsterto think i tried to install gnome before trying kde many years ago14:35
Romsteryeah that's a doozie you may wanna add a README to gedit to say how to build it.14:36
roelofRomster : Do I have the right order of working ??14:37
rmariottiyes i'll write a readme14:37
joacimjaeger: who wouldn't like asparagus.14:37
Romsterprt-get deptree gtk214:37
Romsterrebuild in reverse order them mentioned ports14:37
Romsterwhy is there rmariotti and roelof14:38
Romstersame person?14:38
jaegerjoacim: me. that shit is foul :P14:38
Romsterno i'm really confused tonight.14:38
jaegerAmnesia: cups+avahi did solve a problem at work for me. I made a print server that iOS devices can use14:38
roelofIm here under the name roelof and nothing else14:38
Amnesiajaeger: installing cups-filters did the job over here14:39
Romsterrmariotti wants gedit and roelof getting xfce4 working right?14:39
jaegerAmnesia: yeah, just commenting :)14:39
roeloffor me right14:40
Amnesiajaeger: do you actually work as a unix sysadmin:)?14:40
jaegerxfce didn't require gobject-introspection last time I used it14:40
Romsteri've been doing that much at work and no secetery and answering phones customers and computer repairs that needed to be done yesterday. for a business.14:40
jaegerAmnesia: yes, specifically linux sysadmin14:40
Romsterthink i need a holliday14:40
jaegerI also do networking and virtualization but my title is sr. linux systems administrator14:41
Romsteror just sleep. heading to bed. g'night.14:41
Amnesiajaeger: interesting14:41
Amnesiathough I bet you are definitely less motivated to fuzz around with os's and crap now it's your job:)14:42
frinnstI have given myself the title of office monkey14:42
jaegerI separate job and hobby... I definitely have less time now for hobbies than I used to but I still enjoy the hobby side, like crux and blender14:42
jaeger <-- this is the print server the management bought. we couldn't make it work so I built the cups and avahi VM instead. :) This thing is technically an ARM linux box with cups on it14:43
roelofDo someone have a better DE which is easier to work with. I need one as base so I can start on making Cinnamon work14:43
Amnesiahm, I do tend to slack more since I work :)14:43
jaegerroelof: no DE is technically needed to build another DE14:43
roelofOr I have to look for another distro but I like the way Crux is working14:43
frinnstyou dont need kde/gnome/whatever to use X14:44
frinnstYou can install just a window manager like fluxbox, openbox etc14:44
roelofjaeger:  I know but I also need something to do the normal things like browsing etc14:44
jaegerroelof: if you just want to have a web browser or whatever available while building cinnamon packages, any window manager will do14:44
jaegerlike frinnst says14:44
frinnstugh, I need more ram in this box14:45
roelofoke, I tried Mate and XFCE and both are not working and  I lost two / three days work :(14:45
jaegerWell, if you want some help getting them working, focus on one thing at a time and provide exact error messages14:46
jaegerI run MATE, it definitely works14:46
frinnsttry this: prt-get depinst fluxbox && echo "exec /usr/bin/fluxbox" > ~/.xinitrc && startx :)14:46
jaegeras far as XFCE I'm pretty sure at least sepen uses that14:46
joacimopenbox is fine too =)14:47
frinnstif you speak xml, yes :)14:47
joacimthe config files sucks tho14:47
roelofjaeger:  I give the exact error message : could not find include 'Gtk-2.0.gir'on wnck14:47
roelofthat one was one xfce14:47
frinnstroelof: when we say "exact" we usually mean atleast more than one line14:47
jaegerAlso we've already talked about how to fix that14:48
frinnstits impossible to say what is wrong with just the error message without any context, generally14:48
jaegerrebuild gtk (and pango, atk, gdk-pixbuf) with introspection support14:48
roelofoke, in that order ??14:48
roelofthat was not clear to me14:48
jaegerThat means install gobject-introspection first, then rebuild atk, gdk-pixbuf, pango, and gtk14:49
jaegereven if you don't build them in order it will become obvious which to build next14:49
jaegerfor example, if you try to rebuild gtk first, it'll say it can't find atk-2.0.gir, or pango-2.0.gir, or something else14:50
jaegerso you know then you need to rebuild that package with introspection support14:50
jaegerMATE does this by using its own versions of gtk and friends instead of the ones in opt14:50
roelofoke, I will work on that14:50
jaegerBecause if you change the opt ports and recompile, they will be changed back next time you run ports -u14:50
roelofthanks everyone14:50
roelofSo I have to copy them to my own still to make repo14:51
jaegerIf you use MATE, use the ones in the mate repo (/usr/ports/mate)14:51
jaegerif you use XFCE or something else, make your own14:51
roelofoke, I will also google how to make my own repo14:51
roelofagain thanks14:51
jaegergood luck14:52
*** roelof has quit IRC14:52
jaegerAmnesia: regarding the "now it's your job" big, I've been doing it for about 16 years. :)14:53
AmnesiaI wish I still had the motivation/time I had when I was a student:)14:53
jaegerMy motivation back then was more towards programming and gaming, changed over time14:54
*** adelie has joined #crux14:54
jaegerI see he's visited the mate issues page as well:
*** doomicide has joined #crux15:07
*** natsuka has joined #crux15:20
*** doomicide has quit IRC15:34
rmariottii'm having trubles installing gsettings-desktop-schemas:
Amnesiafrinnst: have you ever seen: ^^?15:47
*** dkoby has quit IRC15:51
frinnstyeah, the whole country has15:57
rmariottino ideas for gsettings-desktop-schemas?15:58
frinnststill, handles it like a champ15:59
Amnesiafrinnst: yeah15:59
Amnesiadoes she give an explanation or not?15:59
frinnstmenstrual cramps15:59
Amnesiadafuq, since when can that make a woman barf15:59
frinnstand "everything can happen on live tv"16:00
frinnstshe says she gets real nauseous from it16:00
Amnesianever heard of it before16:01
Amnesiaugh, hormones..16:01
*** natsuka has joined #crux16:01
Amnesiawomen and hormones to be precise:P16:01
*** natsuka has quit IRC16:04
*** natsuka has joined #crux16:04
*** roelof has joined #crux16:37
roelofone more problem ; I have a mercurial repo here :
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libpixman: update to 0.32.216:39
roelofso I make a httpup file with this url :
roelofbut still I see a 404 error16:40
roelofsomeone who can help me to make this work ?16:43
juesee prologic's httpup file how to do it right16:47
*** rmariotti has quit IRC16:49
*** Pingax has joined #crux16:50
roelofjue: I have done it like that but still it do not work16:52
jueno, you have URL= but should obviouly URL= or something like that16:55
roelofThis are my files16:56
jueyou forgot to specify /tip or any other tag at the end of your URL16:58
roelofjue ; the tipo tag gives a 404 error16:58
juehmm, that works for me ->{REPO,cinnamon.httpup}17:05
*** joe9 has joined #crux17:15
jaegerif rmariotti comes back I name=gtksourceview was in his gsettings-desktop-schemas Pkgfile17:20
roelof jue : change this in httpup or in hgup ?17:25
jaegers/I/I see/17:25
roelofjue:  I got it working17:27
*** roelof has quit IRC17:32
jaegerhrmm... a user has slowdown problems running chrome, matlab, and eclipse at the same time :P BIG SURPRISE17:53
*** Rotwang has joined #crux18:08
*** roelof has joined #crux18:13
jaegersaid user's solution for this was to install gnome 3... I don't even know what18:13
roelofAnother probkem; when I do httpup-repgen the REPO file is still zero bytes18:13
roelofAnd as yu can see here:
roelofI have files into the repo. I don't have a ignore file18:14
roelofAnyone who can help me figure out what I do wrong here ?18:14
jaegerDoes httpup-repgen produce any errors?18:14
roelofnope output:  Generating repository for directory .18:15
jaegerroelof: I downloaded the repo and ran httpup-repgen, it works fine here.18:18
roelofvery wiierd, here the REPO file stays empty18:18
jaegerwhat if you remove it and try httpup-repgen again?18:18
roelofstill zero. I have to do httpup-repgen in the same dirrectory as the files18:20
tilmanSYNOPSIS httpup-repgen [target]18:20
tilman-> you can run it from wherever you want18:20
tilman(it you give it the argument)18:20
roeloftilman : sorry what do you mean with the argument18:21
tilmanhttpup-repgen [target]18:21
tilmanhttpup-repgen /path/to/your/ports18:22
*** leetspete1 has joined #crux18:22
tilmanfor example18:22
tilmanbut i think i'm just confusing you18:22
tilmanignore me18:22
roelofWhen I do httpup-repgen /root/cinnamon/cinnamon-2.x it 's still empty18:24
tilmancan you type    pwd18:24
tilmanwhat does it print?18:24
roelofthe same as I used as argument18:25
tilmanyou can copy paste text18:25
tilmanyou eond need to type it from the screen :-p18:25
roelofAt this monent I have to type it18:25
roelofI cannot paste into xterm18:26
tilmantry shift + mouse button 2 (in the middle)18:26
tilmanor try shift + INSERT (the one next to backspace) ;)18:27
roelofoke, what do I need to paste ?18:31
tilmancan you type the following:18:32
tilmanfind . -type d18:32
tilmandoes it print anything?18:32
roelofyep, everything which in the current directory18:33
roelofI see the output which should be in the REPO file except the .hg directory and some .tar.gz files18:35
tilmancp /usr/bin/httpup-repgen copy118:36
tilmanvim copy118:36
tilman# add debug output18:37
tilmanbash copy118:37
*** sepen has quit IRC18:38
*** sepen has joined #crux18:40
roeloftilman I have now copy1 open, Which debug info do you want ?18:40
roeloftilman : ping18:42
roeloftilman : and does it has affect that I committed the files into a mercurial repo18:45
roelofand then do the repgen ?18:46
roelofor can it be that the current dir only exist of dirs ?18:48
joacimyou commit the REPO file together with everything else in your mercurial repo. you repgen before you commit.18:49
roelofoke, so first repgen and then hg add , commit and push ??18:51
roelofchips, then I did everything in the wrong order18:51
roelofSo I have to delete everything and start over again :(18:52
joacimjust httpup-repgen ., add the files, commit, and push18:52
joacimdon't have to delete anything18:52
roelofoke, how can I repair this mess18:52
roelofoke, but I already commit and push all the files18:53
joacimshouldn't be a mess to repair.18:53
joacimthats how it works. it'll only push the changes, not the whole repo18:53
roelofbut because I start it is the whole repo18:54
roelofjoacim:  or do we misunderstood each other now18:55
roelofI my opinion I have to revert all commits18:55
joacimyou don't18:58
joacimjust just commit the stuff you have now18:58
joacimassuming your repo was always in a non-working state18:58
roelofI did and I pushed it into bitbucket18:58
roelofjoacim:  what I aleady did was  hg add , hg commit and after that a hg push19:01
joacimfrom looking at your repo, you only need to add, commit, and push a new working REPO file19:01
roelofcorrect, but the REPO files stays at zero when I do httpup-repgen19:01
roelofthat is the problem I try to solve and tilman was helping me19:02
roelofbut if you have a idea how to sove this , help me please19:03
joacimi dont know why the REPO file is empty. :/19:03
roelofoke  I also not19:03
joacimshouldn't be a reason to start over tho.19:04
roelofand I do not know if this will be a problem or if I can work on my project19:04
roeloffound it , a wrong ignore file at my home dir. I thougt I deleted it19:07
roelofnow I have to make a good one. I don; want the hg directory and no .tar.xz or tar,gz and no build directorys19:08
roelofbut first walking with my dog19:10
*** rmariotti has joined #crux19:15
tilman<@   jaeger> if rmariotti comes back I name=gtksourceview was in his  gsettings-desktop-schemas Pkgfile19:17
tilmanrmariotti: ^19:17
*** joacim has quit IRC19:18
*** joacim has joined #crux19:18
rmariottiyes i saw it after posting, now gedit works fine i'll create a port repo soon if someone need gedit.19:19
rmariottianyway thx tilman19:19
*** xvee has joined #crux19:24
xveesome dude has been going around my apartment complex selling a p3 for 250 bucks. i think some sucker bought it19:27
*** Pingax has quit IRC19:27
roelof how can I best ignore this directory .hg19:28
joacimxvee: oh. i thought that sounded kinda reasonable, until i noticed it was in "bucks"19:31
joacimI'd pay 250 NOK for a P3 computer. I'd pay that for just the CPU even.19:31
*** Rotwang has quit IRC19:32
joacimthis isnt the first time you've talked about shady people selling shady items. do you live in a bad neighbourhood or something?19:32
xveei live in a better part of LA19:33
xveepeople are always trying to make a quick buck here though19:33
*** Pingax has joined #crux19:34
xveeusually what people do here is buy items when they're either committing fraud, or, when they're going bankrupt and sell it for cash or so i hear19:35
joacimI live in a bad neighbourhood. I have drunks sleeping on my local bus stop.19:35
joacimand sometimes at night, some drunk is shouting outside19:35
xveeoh that sucks dude. sorry to hear19:38
joacimit is alright19:39
joacimit only sucks when one of them recognises me :p19:39
xveemay i ask where you live?19:40
roelofanyone who can help me with a good httpup-repgen-ignore file19:40
joacimit is a pretty normal neighbourhood really. there are just a lot of student flats, and the city have this whole house they collect drunks and druggies in19:40
roelofI need to ignore the mercurial directory19:40
joacimTrondheim, Norway19:40
xveenorway...still jealous lol19:40
*** lasso has joined #crux19:42
xveeill be sure to come vist...ha19:44
joacimthinking about moving tho =)19:45
xveedang lol19:45
roelofwhen I do .hg or /.hg$ the repo file will be zero19:45
roelofanyone who can help me please19:46
xveewell, im saving up to travel for a i might come to norway. at least thats the plan19:47
joacimI think you should post your repgen-ignore file (i don't remember the filename)19:47
*** Rotwang has joined #crux19:48
roelofat this moment it only contains ./hg$19:48
roelofjoacim:  ^19:48
*** rmariotti has quit IRC19:49
roelofjoacim: schould I paste the contents of my REPO file also19:50
roelofas soon as I enter something into the ignore file the REPO will be zero19:57
*** rmariotti has joined #crux19:58
joacimI dont remember what I put in my ignore file20:03
roelofpity  I think I will do it manually20:04
joacimwhat if you put \.hg in it?20:04
roelofREPO is zero length20:06
roelofI quit. It's late here20:09
roelofThanks for the help20:09
jaegerdid you paste the .httpup-repgen-ignore file somewhere?20:11
jaegeras an example, seems to work20:12
roelofnope, but I will look at the example tommorow20:14
*** roelof has quit IRC20:14
syncndo ya'll know this roelof?20:18
jaegernot personally, just from his many questions20:19
syncnim so curious as to why he is set on crux20:20
*** rmariotti has quit IRC20:26
frinnstIm glad hes taking to irc atleast, easier to help here. instead of sending 5-10 emails to the ML20:29
*** natsuka_ has joined #crux20:40
syncnyes agreed. and i know you have to fight through this stuff but there are levels of stepping stones if you catch my drift. you guys are a good group though. other irc would have told him to beat it a while ago20:41
*** natsuka has quit IRC20:42
*** Pingax has quit IRC20:45
*** Pingax has joined #crux20:46
xveethey're usually pretty nice around here, and they occasionally post funny cat pictures so its a nice bunch21:05
tilmanand we only trash talk vee when he's not around21:12
xveei believe this i really do lol21:13
xveebut its okay my protein shake came in, so, all is well21:16
tilmanis that code for booze?21:17
syncni only know two kinds of protein shakes21:17
syncntheres the one for gaining muscle, and there is the one for making babies21:18
tilmanxvee: so which one is it?21:18
xveewhy not both?21:18
joacimmost people spill their protein shake on a rag21:18
*** DaViruz has quit IRC21:21
*** natsuka_ has quit IRC21:31
*** DaViruz has joined #crux21:34
*** xvee has quit IRC21:36
*** doomicide has joined #crux21:43
*** lasso has quit IRC21:47
*** Pingax has quit IRC22:28
*** doomicide has quit IRC22:48
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*** darfo has joined #crux23:02
*** darfo has quit IRC23:12
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*** joacim has quit IRC23:35
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