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xveelooks like youtube comments are making their way back00:31
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nwefrinnst: ty :D08:13
frinnstwhere is it?08:13
nwefrinnst: uppsala08:19
nwewhen will they fix so internet wokring on the train..08:20
xveeparty at nwe's?08:34
nwexvee: exodus party from my old apartment ^^08:37
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xveeill bring the drinks08:44
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nwehehe goood :D08:52
xveegood night everyone09:00
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nwegood night!09:54
diverseI don't know why I am smiling but it's contagious10:05
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Romsterprobably because vee quit :D11:12
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roelofsomeone who can help me with this problem :
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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diverseRomster: you are probably right. :)14:24
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Guest19767hello everyone. I have a problem.15:47
Guest19767When my CRUX boot done, The machine is waiting me to login in.15:47
Guest19767But the hard disk LED is still light, it will last 2 or 3 minite.15:47
Guest19767Why is that ?15:47
Guest19767I check crond15:48
Guest19767None will run when the machine boot done.15:48
Guest19767I have no idea15:48
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diverseGuest19767: and you would hear the hard disk whine after the machine booted? I had that happened to me when I was experimenting with Crux, but I move to using and ssd to make it quiet. Anyway what kernel version are you using? Perhaps a kernel update could fix it?16:04
Guest19767I am using 3.6.1116:07
Guest19767I will try a new kernel16:08
Guest19767Thanks a lot16:08
diverseGuest19767: do you know how to migrate your .config over to a newer kernel?16:08
Guest19767make oldconfig?16:10
diverseyeah or make menuconfig and save it16:10
Guest19767Thank you very much.16:11
Guest19767I have another problem.16:11
diverseif your kernel update doesn't solve the problem, just hang around here until someone else who can address the issue.16:11
Guest19767I am trying framebuffer16:12
Guest19767I used vesa framebuffer driver(Call this is right?)16:12
Guest19767but when I boot, It shows "conflicting fb hw usage radeondrmfb vs vesa vga - removing generic driver"16:14
Guest19767Then the PC hang there.16:14
diverseoh, then you might want to remove the radeondrmfb module.16:14
Guest19767I do16:15
Guest19767It doesn't work16:15
Guest19767I just compile vesa in kernel.16:15
Guest19767May be that's not an error.16:16
diverseits a warning, but you can only have one framebuffer driver enabled for the ttyl16:16
Guest19767I will try it now16:17
Guest19767How can I do that16:17
Guest19767Just compile the kernel ?16:17
diverseJust run make all16:18
diversethen make modules_install16:18
Guest19767I know that.16:18
Guest19767I am reboot. My name will be "MerlinDou" when I back.16:19
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MerlinDouI am back16:34
MerlinDou@diverse It works16:34
MerlinDouThank you16:35
MerlinDouThanks for your help.16:35
MerlinDouMy english is poor. That is the only grateful words I can say.16:36
diverseI'm glad I could help16:47
diverseand your english seems fine. It's understandable.16:49
diverseMerlinDou: ^16:51
MerlinDouJust Make Some Food16:52
MerlinDouHoho.... My english is understandable16:52
MerlinDouI am Sosososo Happy16:52
diverseYou should use the past tense "made" instead of "make" but like I said, I can still comprehend it.16:54
MerlinDouThe time is wrong, so I said "my english is poor"16:54
MerlinDouWhich version of kernel are you using ?16:55
diverseI'm using 3.9.9 and haven't bother to update in a while.16:56
MerlinDouI don't like that "still using new"16:56
MerlinDouIt is ok16:56
MerlinDouI am from China. I want to use our input method to input our character.16:58
MerlinDouThe input method is called "Fcitx".16:59
MerlinDouI can input chinese in xterm, emacs16:59
diverseI haven't heard about Fcitx, I will check it out16:59
rmariottisomeone of you have the orbit2 package installed? I'm having trubles installing it.16:59
MerlinDouBut in firefox, it doesn't work.17:00
MerlinDouonly show some strange char.17:00
diverseMerlinDou: you do have X font that is in Chinese right?17:00
MerlinDouI can input in uxterm17:00
diverseFirefox does have unicode support, I was able to get Japanese characters to show up.17:01
MerlinDouMy firefox can show chinese font.17:02
MerlinDoubut I can not input.17:02
diverseOh I think I get it, when you switch to using different apps, you have to manually set the input method to Chinese again for each window.17:02
diversebut wait, you tried typing in it, but the characters show up as blocks?17:03
MerlinDoushow up as17:04
MerlinDou"a" with 2 point on it17:04
MerlinDou"a" with 2 points on it17:04
diverseI gotcha17:04
MerlinDouor "e" with something on it.17:05
MerlinDoulike phonetic symbol17:06
MerlinDouI input chinese in xterm, then I copy them to firefox. It will show up correctly. So strange....17:07
diverseI'm researching it right now, but it seems that firefox has been having these issues. So you are not alone.17:08
MerlinDouwhat is the keyword that you are searching17:10
jaegerrmariotti: back when I maintained gnome, yes, not recently. What problems are you seeing?17:10
MerlinDouI don't know how to describe this problem in enlish. @diverse17:10
diverseMerlinDou: I'm trying many ways, stuff like "firefox can't type chinese" or "firefox chinese input as different character"17:11
MerlinDou@diverse, OK, thank you. I am  searching it.17:12
rmariottiwith the latest version i see errors like:
diverseMerlinDou: this guy looks like he had the same problem as you do, but the admin of the forum, just closes it, arrgh!17:13
rmariottijager: on the debian bugzilla there is a patch for the problem but i'm not able to create a Pkgfile including patch17:15
jaegerwhy not?17:15
rmariottionly because i don't know how :(17:16
jaegerAh. It's pretty easy and there are examples you can view in ports already. Just need to add the patch to the source array and apply it as part of the build() function17:16
MerlinDou@rmariotti you can refer to glibc ports17:17
jaegerglibc, net-tools, many others17:17
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MerlinDouBack again17:23
diversecheck that out17:23
diverseits on fcitx's faq17:23
MerlinDouI check it  out before, but not carefully.17:25
diversedid you try toggling off the preedit mode before?17:26
MerlinDouwhat is preedit mode?17:28
MerlinDouI am not sure about that.17:29
rmariottijaeger:i don't know whi but pkgmk stop at: patch -p1 $SRC/orbit2-NMU.patch17:30
diverseMerlinDou: I don't know what it is, but in the "Problem in Firefox and Google Docs" section it says "You might want to toggle preedit off temporarily, which is Ctrl+Alt+P" so it sounds like you need to press that shortcut for it to work.17:31
jaegerrmariotti: what's the error message?17:32
diverseMerlinDou: in firefox17:32
jaegerrmariotti: if that's the exact command line you used it's probably waiting for stdin. try adding the -i option17:32
MerlinDoudiverse: I try it17:33
MerlinDouNot work.17:33
rmariottijaeger: maybe the patch is not working17:34
jaegerrmariotti: have to go for now but try patch -p1 -i $SRC/patch17:37
diverseMerlinDou: quick question, do you use startx or a display manager to log into your X session?17:39
rmariottithe out is can't find the file to patch at input line 417:39
MerlinDouI am using startx17:40
MerlinDoudiverse: startx17:40
diverseMerlinDou: did you export the necessary environment variables for fcitx in your .xinitrc file?17:40
rmariottijaeger:the patch is for debian systems17:41
MerlinDouexport XMODIFIERS="@im=fcitx"17:41
MerlinDouexport XIM=fcitx17:41
MerlinDouexport XIM_PROGRAM=fcitx17:41
MerlinDouexport GTK_IM_MODULE=fcitx  #=xim17:41
MerlinDouthat is it.17:41
diverselooks good, I don't know what's wrong.17:42
MerlinDouI Thank you anyway17:42
MerlinDouThank you anyway17:42
MerlinDouI am still searching it. Thanks for your  help. :)17:43
diverseI can suggest you tried a different input method, like scim or uim, and see if you can type Chinese in firefox?17:43
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diverseMerlinDou: even English speaking people, make mistakes.17:44
MerlinDouSo geek17:44
diversethat's how we correct ourselves most of the time.17:45
diverseor use an asterisk followed by the word17:45
diversefor example:17:45
MerlinDouyou are like a philosopher17:46
MerlinDouwhat did you type when you laugh.17:47
MerlinDouwhat do  you type when you laugh.17:47
MerlinDouThe tense is wrong again.17:48
diverseI express laughter by either "hahahaha" or "rofl" most of the time17:49
diverseand because the "lol" is so overused, a lot times when people use it, its more of a "heh"17:49
MerlinDouhahahaha, I have learn them.17:50
MerlinDouIt is time to sleep17:51
diversealrighty, have a good one17:51
MerlinDouIt is already 2:00 am in china.17:51
MerlinDouThank you17:51
diversenp, good night.17:51
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xveehi everyone18:07
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nwegood evning!18:19
nwehow are you guys?18:21
Rotwangnot bad, thank you18:23
nwenice to hear :)18:44
nweso what are you doing Rotwang ?18:44
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xveea client of mine just tried to convince me the laptop i sold him is slower than the p4 he has. the lappy is an i7 with 8 gigs of ram and a fresh hard drive. some people just want to watch the world burn18:55
Rotwangmaybe he is using it wrong?18:55
xveehe just browses the interwebs and wanted something fast...figured those specs would mroe than do18:56
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nweask him if he sufing on flash sites :P19:08
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rmariottican someone help me to build orbit2, i'm getting this error:
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Rotwangrmariotti: is it whole output?20:44
Rotwangit doesn't look like it20:46
rmariottii used: sudo prt-get depinst orbit2 >> orbit2.log20:47
Rotwangrmariotti: there is no stderr20:47
Rotwangsudo prt-get depinst orbit2 > orbit2.log 2>&120:47
Rotwangrmariotti: remove -Werror-something or try newer version of orbit220:51
rmariottii'm tryng the latest version20:51
rmariottii've also seen -Werror-implicit-function-declaration but i don't know how to remove it20:53
Rotwangyou need to patch orbit2 buildsystem, there is no trivial way to do it20:53
jaegeror override with cflags20:53
Rotwangjaeger: but cflags appear before -Werror20:54
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rmariottijeager: how i can override cflags20:56
nrxtxeven if you get rid of the implicit declaration you still have some undeclared defines20:56
nrxtxwhich you won't get around with simple flags20:56
nrxtxrmariotti, Rotwang: seems like orbit2 uses depreciated api functions, they may heve been removed with latest glib2 release20:58
rmariottinrxtx: so i have to downgrade glib2 ?20:59
Rotwangbetter not to do that20:59
nrxtxrmariotti, Rotwang:
Rotwangjust don't install orbit2, here I fixed it21:04
nrxtxis there still something depending on it?21:10
rmariottinetworkmanager-applet on the rho repo seem to depend on it, but tomorrow i'll try to package it myself21:13
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nrxtxthat port is nearly 5 years old21:17
rmariottii didn't controlled before install21:18
nrxtxisn't the applet provided with "networkmanager" from contrib?21:19
rmariotti$ nm-applet --> bash: nm-applet: command not found, $ nm-connection-editor --> bash: nm-connection-editor: command not found21:23
nrxtxrmariotti: just take some up to date sources:
nrxtxthey removed orbit2 a long time ago21:25
rmariottiok, i'll do. I have to go. Anyway  thx nrxtx, Rotwang, jaeger.21:28
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diverseman, I can't believe the ps4 is coming out on Friday.22:28
diverseso quick22:28
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diverseWait, it doesn't come out in Japan until Feb 2014? That's very odd.22:32
diverseI would have thought Japan had gotten way earlier.22:33
diverseJapan is the last country to get the ps4...22:36
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