IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-11-16

Romsterit did but it used to be simple00:41
Romsterhmm could lok back though irc logs to see what someone did for removing ports not needed anymore.00:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.7.5 -> 1.7.601:24
diverseRomster: did you get that chance to find an irc client for your android phone?01:34
Romsterhas one but i haven't used it in awhile.01:35
diverseit would be cool if there was some functionality for prt-get to remove orphan cruft that won't break the system01:36
Romsteri thought about it, but that's as far as i got with it.01:38
Romsterbecause crux hasn't got strict dependencies it wont be easy without breaking other ports.01:38
diverselistorphan returns a list of packages that has zero dependent ports, but what about feature that lists ports that has zero quickdeps?01:51
joacimportage has something like that. used it a lot when i was testing and removing stuff often01:51
joacimit was nice and i was kinda missing it in crux01:51
joacimdont really need it as the list of packages i have installed is pretty short01:52
diverseRomster: ping01:56
diverseI take that as a "no go" for the list ports with zero depends?02:11
Romsterno the fact you pinged me on something so trivial02:13
Romsteri'd look in here when i was ready.02:13
diversegee, sorry02:14
Romsterdon't be it's fine02:14
Romsterjust a bit busy atm i'll look into it later when i'm back.02:15
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diverse"so trivial" pft, that kind of pisses me off. Why did I even bother sharing the idea in the first place.02:28
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joacimI dont like being pinged either. just say what you need to say, and i'll look when I'm ready.02:58
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jaegerI use andchat for android irc04:17
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Romsteryeash it wasn't really a thing i had to be pinged about.04:42
Romsternot like it concerned a port i maintain.04:43
Romsterwhen will people grow up04:43
Romsternewer than in opt currently.04:44
jaegerYou could just ignore it :P05:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.206:08
Romsterjaeger, yeah i could have i was a little annoyed at the time myself.06:08
SUNgh0sthmm i am having a hard time to setup crux 3 network06:09
SUNgh0stseems like the net script doesnt work i always get net[error]06:09
SUNgh0stthe network card is a rt8168/6906:10
Romsterthere simple cards to get going06:12
Romsterlook in make menuconfig06:12
Romsterwith / to search and look for R8168 and make sure it has a * or a m in it.06:13
Romsterlook in dmesg to be sure the card is there.06:13
Romsterzgrep R8169 /proc/config.gz06:13
Romsterwould be an easy way to see if you have that driver available.06:14
Romsterproviding you got /proc/config.gz enabled in your kernel06:14
RomsterSUNgh0st, ^06:14
Romsteralso are you setting up static or DHCP?06:15
Romsteri haven't done it with dhcp06:17
xveei have the r8169, and dhcp works just fine on it06:17
xveemost likely kernel related i guess06:18
Romsterscroll down to the dhcp bit06:18
SUNgh0styeah well i have r8169 already selected06:19
Romsteryour issue is probably in /etc/rc.d/net06:19
SUNgh0stcould be ... i am also using arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage06:19
SUNgh0stshould i use x86 ?06:20
Romsterno difference.06:20
Romsteras long as the module for network is also 64bit06:20
Romsterif it is a module.06:20
SUNgh0sti see06:20
Romstercheck dmesg06:20
Romstersee if it's not spitting any errors06:20
SUNgh0stmaybe i should redo this06:24
SUNgh0stanyways thanks for the help i will sort it out06:24
prologicanyone managed to get a working opencl on their crux + nvndia machine lately?06:26
Romsternever tired what could i do on my 2 gts250 cards?06:33
prologicyes you could06:42
prologicyou could proably mine some nice bitcoins on those two cards :)06:42
xveei thought mining bitcoins wasn't worthwhile anymore06:46
Romsteryeah i thought cost of power > cost of bit coins06:47
xveehaha that cat xD06:52
prologicat $480 per BTC06:56
prologicI think it's worth it right now :)06:56
jaegerYou probably need a LOT more power than those cards to get anything out of it06:57
Romsterso how do i do it?06:57
Romsterthought it was $400 last i looked06:57
prologicget opencl working06:57
prologicand run up a gpu miner :)06:57
prologic$480 last night06:57
Romsterwhat do you suggest?06:57
prologicI have a few ports in my ports repo06:58
prologicbut I wasn't able to get opencl working06:58
prologicso they resort to cpu mining06:58
Romsterguess i'll have a look06:58
prologicinstall bfgminer from my ports06:58
Romsterisn't opencl in the nvidia bianry port already06:58
prologicand see if you can't get opencl working06:58
prologicif I make any money from BTC mining06:59
prologicI'll throw you some BTC for your trouble :)06:59
prologicmy 0.04 BTC I've mined so far was worth over $200 last night06:59
prologicwhich I used to buy a 5GHz ASIC miner06:59
prologicso I'll try to make it worth your while :)06:59
prologicat current prices my desktop should (if you can get opencl/gpu mining to work with bfgminer on crux)07:00
Romsteryour not on portsdb shame on you07:00
prologicabout $50/day07:00
prologicI was making $1/day using my iMac at work with bfgminer :)07:00
prologicI thought I was07:00
prologicI should be :)07:00
Romsterand i got 2 cards so i should be doing not bad even though there not that powerful07:01
prologichg clone
prologicyeah if you get it working at all07:01
prologicI recommend joining a pool07:01
prologicyou may make a few bucks a day :)07:01
Romsterwould be nice i'm on a low income.07:02
xveei saw some prebuilt machines designed to mine bitcoins...didn't think they'd be worth it but woah, the prices are going high quick07:04
prologicI've always thought it was worth it07:05
prologicif you had the money to spend that is07:05
prologicgotta spend money to make money :)07:05
Romsterthey can fall just as fast.07:05
prologicbut at $456/BTC07:05
prologicyou may as well put your idling desktop to use07:05
prologiceverything always does07:05
xveeim sure there is money to be made, but, quite a risk. plus, i dont think my laptop has enough juice07:06
Romsterremember though i'll be using nearly 400 watts on 2 GPUS to make them coins07:06
xveeim surprised we haven't heard of any cases of people using bitcoins to launder money07:07
Romsterconfigure: error: Could not find HASH_ITER - please install uthash-dev 1.9.2+07:07
Romsteryou don't even have that packaged07:08
prologicRomster, yeah like I said07:09
prologicif you have half decent card07:09
prologicyou'll probably do about 200MH/s07:09
prologicwhich should work out at current prices about $40-50/day07:09
prologicyou'll definately make a profit at these prices07:10
prologicthat's with a bitcoin mining pool07:10
prologicshould only cost about $3/day in electricity07:10
xveei take it 3 laptops wont generate enough oomph to make it worthwhile huh?07:13
prologicnot without GPU power no07:13
prologicbut if you have a decent enough GPU sure07:13
prologiclaptop GPU's aren't that great though07:14
prologicI'm basing this off personal experience07:14
prologicand some stats I've gathered07:14
Romsterjust packaged uthash07:14
Romsterwell if i mine enough i'll get me a decent GTX 700 series card07:15
Romsteror 207:15
Romster720 watt psu probably be too small for 2 though07:15
prologicnot happy with bfgminer?07:16
xveemaybe we can all mine for the front mount intercooler that i want on my car :D07:16
prologicstill need to get opencl working though07:16
Romsterbfgminer asked for it.07:16
Romsterheader files07:16
prologicGPU is key07:16
prologicgotcha :)07:16
Romster i mae one off that.07:16
prologicbeen a while since I isntaleld my own port07:16
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prologicthis is my new desktop remember07:16
prologicand it has a fairly beefy GPU in it07:17
Romsterok built what do i do now.07:17
Romsteri need to make an acvcount no doubt.07:17
prologicI think mine's a GTX 78007:17
Romsteror key07:17
xveehi nrxtx07:17
prologicno no account is needed07:18
prologicit will just run as is07:18
prologicbut now you need to get the opencl/gpu part working07:18
prologicrun it up07:18
prologicyou'll see it should reseort to doing CPU mining07:18
Romsterah it needs a server url?07:18
Romsterso i need to be in a pool07:18
Romsterand it's looking for a usb stick.07:19
prologicI wonder if my port is out of date07:20
prologicyeah hang on07:21
prologicI'll get you the url to the pool I've used07:21
Romsterright i have to sign up first.07:22
prologicahh thanks07:22
nrxtxopencl is quite easy, just make sure you have the correct icd files07:24
prologicI'll bump my port's version07:25
prologiclooks like I used git07:25
prologicso it's always up-to-date when you install it :)07:25
Romsteryou did07:25
prologicyeah so let's get opencl on crux working07:25
prologicI also want to play around with opencl programming via pyopencl too07:25
prologicRomster, I recommend you signup for a wallet at blockchain.info07:26
prologicthat's where I primarily keep my bitcoins07:26
Romsteri can do that after i start mining?07:26
prologicand where I get to send my rewards to07:26
nrxtxprologic: opencl is working fine, are you on a mobile or desktop nvidia?07:26
prologicyou should have a wallet before you start mining :)07:27
prologicwell07:27 keeps it for you07:27
prologicso technically you have a wallet there too07:27
prologicbut it's not a feature-rich wallet07:27
prologicI think you can only send BTC to somewhere else07:27
prologicnrxtx, desktop07:27
prologicwith nvidia binary port07:27
Romsteri gign up and nwo it wont let me log in...07:28
nrxtxprologic: that will work, if you compile cgminer or bfgminer just make sure you install opencl-headers07:28
prologicweird :)07:29
prologicnrxtx, ahh07:29
prologicisntall them before hand?07:29
Romsteri'll just revcover the password ugh07:29
prologicno opencl-headers port07:29
prologicgot one around somewhere?07:29
Romsterno i haven't looked yet07:29
nrxtxprologic: search on i made one some time ago07:29
Romsterfixing this sign in07:29
Romsterno wi'm in07:31
nrxtxprologic: that's the correct one07:31
prologicI copied it to my ports :)07:32
prologicoh the duplicates07:32
Romsternow what do i do to setup
prologicI surely must have the largest ports collection07:32
prologicmost of which are out dated :(07:32
Romsteryou kidding.07:32
Romsteri got nearly 400 and there the ones i show. but most are out of date too.07:32
prologicRomster, setup a worker user/pass combo07:33
Romstergot one already07:33
nrxtxprologic: only shows 243 for you ;)07:33
prologicand setup bfgminer with thsoe credentials07:33
prologicnrxtx, is wrong :/07:33
prologicI think the httup sync isn't working properly07:33
prologicmust look into that07:33
nrxtxprologic: your repository shows last update as 2011 :D07:35
nrxtxmaybe you should rerun portspage07:36
Romsterrunning prologic but it seems to be maxing out my cpu atm07:38
Romsterguess i need the opencl stuff headers now07:39
prologicno workie workie07:39
prologicdoing CPU mining :(07:40
Romsteri haven't added the headers yet07:40
nrxtxprologic: with bfgminer?07:40
prologicI installed opencl-headers07:40
prologicanything else I need to do?07:40
nrxtxyes ./configure with --enable-opencl07:41
nrxtxdefault is disabled07:41
Romsterwith opencl-headders its' still doing cpu mining.07:41
Romster--enable-opencl on what port?07:41
prologictaht'd be it :)07:42
prologicmy port never eneblaed it07:42
prologicbecause I didn't know how to make it work :)07:42
Romsterdo you ever look at configure --help07:43
nrxtxprologic: i already did gpu mining on crux ;)07:43
prologici do :)07:43
prologicbut it's eben a while since I wrote this port07:43
prologicnrxtx, no wonder you know how :)07:43
prologicthanks dude :)07:43
prologicappreciate your help07:43
prologicalso appreciate it due to the fact I also want to do opencl programming07:44
nrxtxbut the output of bitcoins is still very low even on a nvidia 66007:44
prologicso pyopencl for me next07:44
prologicnot for me07:44
prologicI quite like the $1/day with bitcoin mining pool shares :)07:44
RomsterFailed to load OpenCL library, no GPUs usable07:44
nrxtxprologic: that's the point why i tried mining, but i tried opencl programming using c07:44
prologicthat was when BTC was <$100/BTC07:44
Romsterbut i have that...07:44
nrxtxRomster: have the icd file?07:44
Romsteroh where do i get that from?07:45
nrxtxhave a look in /etc/OpenCL/vendors/07:45
nrxtxwhat's in there?07:45
prologicI get the same error07:45
Romsterah it's from nvidia port07:46
prologicwhat do I do? :)07:46
nrxtxyou have it on your filesystem?07:46
Romsteri do07:46
nrxtxwhich path?07:46
prologicI have no .icd file in there07:47
Romsterbut it's a symlink too
prologic# locate
Romsterrejmerge prologic it's part of nvidia binary07:47
nrxtxRomster: yeah i asked to include it some time ago (the icd file)07:47
Romstermaybe i shoud use the full path07:47
Romsterit's in there jsut the lib name though07:47
Romsterand i got a 64 and a 32 bit lib of it.07:48
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nrxtxnormally that should be enough, but you can try the full path07:48
*** pidsley2 has quit IRC07:48
RomsterFailed to load OpenCL library, no GPUs usable07:48
Romsterhmm opencl library am i missing another lib07:49
nrxtxRomster: do you have a ?07:50
nrxtxit should be included with nvidia binary too07:50
prologicstill nothing in /etc/OpenCL/vencdors07:51
prologicafter rejmerge07:51
Romstermake a file07:51
Romsterand put in it07:51
prologicahh k07:51
Romstermaybe i need to tell the bitminer what gpus to use?07:52
prologicget the same error as you still07:52
nrxtxtry this one07:52
prologic# locate
nrxtxgcc test.c -lOpenCL -o test && ./test07:53
nrxtxit should print out hardware details on opencl compatible device07:53
Romstercannot find -lOpenCL07:53
Romsteroh i have issues07:53
Romsterbut i have that lib oh maybe i need a .so07:54
Romstermissing  libOpenCL.so07:54
nrxtxit's not in nvidia binary port?07:54
Romsterhow else is bfgminer gonna link to ibOpenCL07:54
Romsteryes it is07:54
prologic# gcc test.c -lOpenCL -o test && ./test07:54
prologic/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lOpenCL07:54
prologiccollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status07:54
Romsterno not the .so file07:54
Romsterbut so.1 is07:54
Romstersudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/libOpenCL.so07:55
Romsterrecompile bfgminer perhaps?07:55
prologicwho didn't symlink it07:56
prologicbah :)07:56
prologicsomeone fix the nvidia port :)07:56
Romsteryeah i just thought hang a sec why no .so07:56
prologicrecompile not necessary07:56
prologicsomehow it found the library to link again07:56
prologicbfgminer's configure is smarted :)07:57
prologichow many MH/s am i doing07:57
Romsteroh sweet jesus i think that did it.07:57
RomsterOCL0 and OCL107:58
Romsteryep gpu fans spinning up07:58
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Romstercan i see stats anywhere in real time of what i mine?07:59
*** nogagplz has joined #crux07:59
Romstergpu fans are noisy07:59
Romster75C on gpu08:00
prologicmine are too08:00
prologicthe realtime stats are diplayed on screen08:00
xveei would love to hear the 290's fans at 100%. jet engines everywhere08:00
prologicI'd run it under a screen session08:00
prologicthe also gives you stats08:00
prologic0.00000415 estimated rewards so far08:01
prologicI'll run it for a few hours08:01
prologicand see how it goes08:01
Romsteryou use main pool or stratum ?08:02
nrxtxso it was just a missing symlink?08:04
prologicso far so good08:04
Romsterman it slows my pc down08:05
prologicat this rate08:05
Romsterwhere is my stats ugh08:05
prologicthe difficulty has risen to 5PH/s08:06
nrxtxprologic: that's why i stopped doing it :D08:06
Romsterah there08:06
prologicnrxtx, meh08:06
prologicI bought a 5GH/s miner08:06
nrxtxthe power you'll need for that amount of money costs more than the income of bitcoins08:06
prologicwhen that arrives we'll see :)08:06
Romster Mhash/s* 2.18108:06
prologicand I may buy a few mining contracts in a data center08:06
Romsteri hope my gpu don't die it's at 83C08:08
nrxtxRomster: if you keep everything this way you can earn up to $0.10 for every 24hours running this way :D08:09
RomsterEstimated reward for current round 0.00000488 BTC08:09
Romsterseriously the amount of power i use would be higher.08:10
nrxtxthen calculate the costs of power consumption needed for this amount of btc will stop you also from mining with gpu/cpu :D08:10
RomsterMhash/s* 5.48608:11
Romsterstill probably lower than prologic's08:11
Romsterow long to find a block on average?08:12
nrxtxdepends on the current difficulty08:12
prologicmy performance is about the same08:12
prologicand I'm earning about the same08:12
prologicat currently difficulty08:13
prologicwith our GPU hashing power08:13
prologicyears :)08:13
prologicprobably hundreds of years08:13
prologicthat's why you join a pool :)08:13
Romstermaybe i should go check the power meter :D08:14
prologicit's taking this pool08:15
prologicanywhere from 1m08:15
prologicto several hours08:15
prologicto generate a new BTC08:15
prologicyeah :)08:15
prologictell me how much power your PC is using ? :)08:15
Romsteris it worth it08:15
prologicI don't have a power meter08:15
Romsterhard to say08:15
prologicis it worth it?08:15
prologicat this rate08:15
prologicno :)08:15
Romsteronly meter is the one outside on the wall08:15
prologicI didn't factor in difficulty level08:15
prologicit's risen many orders of magnititude08:15
nrxtxRomster: a round may take up to 3 hours currently08:16
Romsterhow does anyone generate any they have to have cheap power.08:16
Romsterwell this be ok for winter i guess08:16
nrxtxthen you'll get you 0.000005 btc :D08:16
Romstermy first partial bit coin :D08:16
nrxtxRomster: a modern gpu has around 60W to 120W08:17
RomsterMhash/s* 8.1408:17
Romsterand the rest08:17
nrxtxjust have a look at your models power consumption08:17
Romstersome use over 200 watts08:17
prologicso at 5GH/s (when my miner arrives)08:18
prologicI'll probably make $3/day08:18
nrxtxthat are the extreme ones, which model do you have Romster?08:18
nrxtxprologic: with what power consumption?08:18
Romster2 of08:18
Romster167 watts off tomshardware08:19
prologicthe 5GH ASSI miners are the most eenergy efficient08:19
prologicI've done that math08:19
prologicI plan on buying a few08:19
prologicalso once all the bitcoins are mined08:19
Romsterworth it?08:19
prologicyou then make transaction fees08:19
prologicworth it?08:19
Romsterso why do it?08:20
prologicbut maybe if you did solo mining with a few08:20
prologicand got lucky08:20
prologic$450/BTC * 25 BTC(s) (reward for finding a new block)08:20
nrxtxRomster: 167W then you'll definitly loose money while mining :D08:20
prologicis a lot of money :)08:20
Romsternrxtx, per a card08:20
nrxtxprologic: if you get lucky, just another way of playing lottery :D08:21
prologic$12k if you get lucky and find a block yourself08:21
Romsteri was just thinking that08:21
prologicis some nice profit :)08:21
prologicnrxtx, of ourse :)08:21
prologicof course*08:21
Romsterwhile in this pool?08:21
prologicI buy a lottery ticket every Sat08:21
nrxtxRomster: when mining alone08:21
prologicRomster, if you mine in a pool08:21
prologicyou'll never get the full 25BTC reward08:22
prologicyou only get a share08:22
prologiceepdngind on your hashing power you've contirbuted to the pool08:22
nrxtxRomster: but it may take years of runtime to find one08:22
prologicso the more you contribute to the pool08:22
prologicthe grater your share08:22
prologicI was thinking of starting a bitcoin mining pool here in AU08:22
prologicbut hmm08:22
Romsterfeels like youhave to be lucky to win anything decent08:23
prologicI have solar anyway08:23
prologicso I'm not so worried about power consumoption08:23
nrxtxprologic: using that power makes it interesting08:23
prologicpower is almost free for me08:24
prologic75% free that is08:24
prologicI need to buy another 8 panels in a few years08:24
prologicand start considering storing it08:24
Romsterbatteries are the biggest expanse08:24
nrxtxprologic: power your car ;)08:24
Romsteri have experience with solar systems08:25
Romsterget some decent nickel iron batteries they can last longer than you08:25
prologicI'm hoping in a few years08:26
prologicbattery storage will be a lot better08:26
prologicthe US govn has just poured $120M into R&D for better batter storage08:26
prologicaccording to the article08:26
Romsteri'd hate to have lipo big bank go poof in flames.08:26
prologicwe can hope to see 5x more storage in 5 years08:26
prologicso fingers crossed08:27
prologicthanks for helping guys08:27
prologicRomster, I'll throw you a few BTC for your efforts :)08:27
Romsterhmm i doubti should keep mining i dunno08:27
prologicin fact08:27
prologicwhat's your wallet address?08:27
prologicI'll send you some now :)08:27
Romsteri haven't made one yet08:27
prologicoh well create a wallet :)08:27
prologicI find BTC useful08:27
prologicand interesting08:28
prologicas a form of currency that is08:28
prologicmining *meh*08:28
prologicI might get lucky08:28
prologicI might not :)08:28
nrxtxthe ones who invented it, mined the first bitcoins, now have enough money08:29
nrxtxthat's the most interesting part08:29
nrxtxjust by peoples interest in btc08:30
nrxtxRomster: you can go on mining, but it will not very efficient with gpus08:32
prologicRomster, got a wallet yet?08:33
Romstermy bitcoin address08:33
prologicRomster, there ya go :)08:34
Romsterok soa  fraction of a bitcoin i have now  thank oyu08:35
Romsterif you find some decent boxes i might consider some.08:36
Romsterdoubt full making my own is worth it i'm best to just buy bit coins.08:36
*** pips has quit IRC08:36
*** pips has joined #crux08:37
nrxtxRomster: now only jaeger has to fix nvidia port08:38
prologicbuying bitcoins is an option too08:38
prologicobviously now is not a good time to buy :)08:39
Romsterman my pc is pumping out heat08:39
prologicbut buying them at $80/BTC08:39
prologicand selling them at $450/BTC08:39
prologicis very well worth it :)08:39
Romsterbad time to but now though08:39
Romsterseriously my pc i pumping out heat08:40
RomsterMhash/s* 14.37808:40
nrxtxRomster: it will only cost you around 1kWh to get your 0.000005 BTC :D08:42
prologicour house uses >10MWh/year08:42
prologiccan't remember exactly what the figure it08:42
prologicbut it's in the MWh08:42
nrxtxprologic: don't think so08:43
nrxtxfor a personal home08:43
nrxtxare there currently other webinterface for the crux repositories except the one?08:48
Romsterthat smart meter is useless for saying current consumption08:53
Romsterthought it's meant to say what i'm using right now.08:54
xveeif anything, your computer can now double up as a heater09:25
Romsteryeah it is and it's cold so i haven't stopped it09:25
xveemelt some marshmellows09:26
Romsterload average: 4.29, 4.22, 4.3509:26
Romsteralso from it...09:26
Romsterso really i'm doing 140 watts off my cpu and 2 lots of 167 watts off each video card at once.09:27
xveethat doesn't sound too bad09:27
Romster474watts not counting ram and hdd and stuff.09:27
xveedidn't you say you were going to get some solar panels09:28
Romsteryeah but i never bothered to yet09:28
xveeso wierd. a sysup failed on building libpixman, butdoing a force update went through -shrugs-09:29
Romstermight of been a race09:30
prologicI guess my one card does what your two do :)09:32
RomsterMhash/s* 25.00909:33
prologic 19:33:24 up 2 days, 47 min,  0 users,  load average: 2.70, 2.53, 2.2409:33
Romsterthis is still generating lots of cpu load09:33
prologicyeah mine not so much09:34
Romster0 users really?09:34
prologicand I have a Core i7 8core09:34
Romster4 core with HT09:34
Romsterso it's 8 virtual cores09:34
prologicI have no wtmp/utmp files09:34
Romsterwell 4 virtual 4 real cores09:34
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*** Pingax has joined #crux09:43
*** diverse has joined #crux09:56
prologicRomster, how do I monitor/gather temp measurements of various parts of my PC?10:18
prologicCPU, GPU, etc?10:18
Romsteri'm using gkrellm10:19
Romsterbut there is that other one that works on the Xorg desktop i forget the name of it10:19
prologicany CLI tools?10:21
Romsterhddtemp but that's not for the rest hmm10:22
Romstermy pc is too slow with this running10:22
Romsterscreen refreshing takes too much10:22
prologicthere's this10:22
prologicmight try it10:22
prologicit would with both gpus going10:23
prologicdisable your primary gpu10:23
prologicin bfgminer10:23
Romsteryeah i could..10:23
Romsterbut it'll mine slower too10:23
prologicI think I have to recompile my kernel10:25
prologicI seem to have no i2c10:25
Romstersudo gl-select use xorg ; sudo gl-select use nvidia10:37
Romsterusually fixes that10:38
Romstersometimes need to rmod nvida and depmod -a10:38
Romsterif you just updated your driver10:38
prologicyeah I did10:39
Romstersometimes it just wont work without a reboot though10:40
prologicreboot was fine10:42
prologicbut still says the same thing10:42
Romster-fr nvidia10:43
Romsterprobably needs to recompile to kernel10:43
Romsteryes it's binary but there is source code glue to kernel that may need to be recompiled.10:44
prologicI'll recompile again later10:47
prologicI did update the kernel10:47
prologicso maybe another rebuild is requied10:47
prologicso I have 5 temp sensors now10:47
prologicCore 0-310:47
prologicand Physical ID 010:47
prologicwhatever that is10:47
*** diverse has quit IRC10:48
RomsterPhysical ID 011:00
Romsteris cpu0 i think11:00
Romsterif you have many cpus it would be 0 1 for a dual cpu motherboard most likely.11:00
*** diverse has joined #crux11:03
Romsterguess i'll run on the gpu i'm not using.11:17
Romsterso i don't slow my desktop down.11:17
prologicdo you only get CPU temps on yours?11:18
Romsterand gpu11:19
Romsterrun that for console stats11:21
Romsternot nearly as loud on one gpu11:24
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:29
*** sudobaal has quit IRC11:29
*** Kruppt has joined #crux11:33
nrxtxRomster: still heating up your room?12:12
nrxtxif no i reworked the python script working out the port dependencies you were interested in, if you want to see it12:24
prologicRomster, how do I get gpu stats?12:40
prologicat least it doesn't show up in the xfce4-sensors=plugins12:40
*** c0x has joined #crux12:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] firefox: updated to 25.0.112:59
*** nrxtx has quit IRC13:17
nwedoes someone known a good photo gallery?13:24
joacimprologic: i remember i used nvclock for that.13:25
prologichmm okie dokie13:26
prologicnwe, mythtv :)13:27
prologicto name a few solutions :)13:27
prologicof course they don't just do photo gallery :)13:27
nweprologic: I just need photo gallery :) I mean so visitors can  browse to my site and watch the photos..13:31
nweI think gallery3 is overkill...13:31
prologicif that's all you want13:32
prologicjust whip up a quick webapp13:32
prologicwith a jquery and a gallery plugin13:33
prologicI could recommend a web framework to amek your life easier13:41
pitillonwe: smoothgallery (jscript + mootools)13:43
*** Kruppt has quit IRC13:46
nwepitillo: ty I will take look on it.. prologic hehe :D13:46
nweor I skip it :)13:52
prologicwhatever :)14:11
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*** pidsley4 has joined #crux15:16
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*** tuxhat has joined #crux16:29
tuxhathmm its weird how the networks on the installation disk , but when i boot it up native on my HDD the network seems to be connected , but umm its working though no ping or anything16:30
*** jdolan has joined #crux16:31
tuxhatnot working16:31
jaegerhow odd16:32
jaegerany errors in dmesg about it?16:32
jaegeror rx/tx errors in ifconfig output?16:32
tuxhatbut i had to use dhcpcd eth016:32
tuxhatto get this network going16:32
tuxhathmm i had it working before when i use crux 3 in the pass i suppose i will figure it out somehow16:34
*** tuxhat has quit IRC16:34
*** tuxhat has joined #crux17:19
tuxhatok ok i sort it out ye17:19
tuxhati use the dhcpcd setup net rc runlevel script17:20
tuxhatworks good now :)17:20
tuxhatnet network for these systems.. without it .. its kind of pointless17:20
tuxhathave a good day folks17:20
jaegerhe has some very angry video titles on his youtube channel, heh17:47
*** twyf has joined #crux18:48
*** lasso has joined #crux19:23
*** Rotwang has quit IRC19:40
*** Rotwang has joined #crux19:57
frinnsturl jaeger? :)20:30
*** joacim has quit IRC20:33
*** joacim has joined #crux20:33
rmullI've gotta say - you guys who packaged mpv did a good thing. I thought I didn't hate mplayer but now I realized I do.20:37
rmullSo thanks20:37
frinnstmplayer ftw :D20:38
rmullI use quvi to pull youtube links and mplayer would always stutter and halt unless I rewound the stream20:40
rmullthat had just become part of the workflow but now mpv works fine every time20:41
joacimthats because the guy who watched it before you forgot to rewind20:42
rmullLol :D20:45
jaegerbe kind, rewind!20:48
*** xvee has joined #crux21:07
*** lasso has quit IRC21:17
xveehi everyone21:18
*** twyf has quit IRC21:33
xveewhat are you guys up to21:35
nrxtxwatching youtube videos21:38
rmullWhat's the best drawing tool if I want to specify curve radii, lengths of lines, etc? I'm trying to draw something that I can trace onto paper and cut out21:39
rmullgimp, inkscape, blender?21:39
nrxtxrmull: inkscape should do this21:39
rmullnrxtx: Thanks :)21:39
xveewoot woot. found someone who can get me a box of quest bars for 10 bucks22:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libvdpau-va-gl: 0.2.0 -> 0.2.122:52
*** SUNgh0st has joined #crux22:52
jaegergot your networking working properly?22:53
SUNgh0styes :)22:54
SUNgh0sti use the dhcpcd script22:54
SUNgh0stworks nicely22:54
jaegerAh, so it wasn't configured in /etc/rc.d/net before?22:54
jaeger(it isn't by default)22:55
SUNgh0stit was using the ip6 config the default or whatever it is... i just edit using the example on the crux3 handbook for network configuration i just edit it to be like dhcpcd and rebooted and it work22:55
SUNgh0styeah i manually type the script last time and i must of made a mistake so this time i just kept the layout the way it is and just delete the parts i didnt need and just replace it with the dhcpcd example22:56
diversejaeger: I made a copy of /etc/rc.d/net and edited it for dhcpcd and named it net-dhcp22:56
jaegerboth perfectly valid approache22:56
SUNgh0sti should also just put the net script in my pastebin for future installation22:56
SUNgh0stso i can use like geany or something and just copied and paste it22:57
SUNgh0stand yes i like crux3 for my old dualcore asus desktip22:57
SUNgh0stit is actually the kind of os i was looking for22:58
SUNgh0stdoes crux have an update like a developer snapshot i can try perhaps22:59
frinnstI usually keep one script for each interface, lo, eth0, eth1 etc and if I use dhcp i name it... "dhcp" :)22:59
frinnstjaeger usually rolls new isos every once in a while22:59
jaegernot really, no. we will start to use a new branch in git when we work on a new release but otherwise there are just updated ISOs periodically22:59
SUNgh0stcool sounds good23:00
jaegerhrmm, I should build a new one, been a couple months23:00
diversejaeger: it would be nice23:00
SUNgh0stwell the 3 version is actually good though :)23:01
jaegerThe idea behind the updated ISOs is just to save some build time23:01
SUNgh0stnice work23:01
jaegerThanks, glad you like it23:01
SUNgh0styeah takes awhile to build the iso snapshot23:02
SUNgh0styeah i used crux 3 a few months ago i had alot of fun on it... reminds me alot like a bsd userland23:02
SUNgh0sti like sysvinit and editing ur runlevels with rc.conf23:03
SUNgh0stor i should say ur configuration file23:03
SUNgh0sti miss that about arch linux when it was much like crux  setup and the sysvinit userland.. now its all systemd nothign to wrong with systemd its just i really like sysvinit and its done right compared what debian does with it23:04
diverseI'm with you there23:05
SUNgh0stcrux is basicly "keep it simple"23:05
teK_we need a counter for people switching to CRUX to avoid systemd23:05
SUNgh0stsystemd is much like how SUNOS works on opensolaris systems23:05
SUNgh0sti remember i had a runlevel script where it does animation with sysvinit23:06
SUNgh0stnot sure if it will work on crux23:06
SUNgh0stit work great on arch linux when it had sysvinit23:07
SUNgh0stblinking eye half moon and a frog that eats a fly and say some weird fortune lulz23:07
SUNgh0stit was kind of neat23:07
diverseteK_: that that into account the number of people who don't want to catch a case of lennartitis :)23:08
diverse*take that23:08
SUNgh0stkeep up the good work.. i will probably stop by in the future.. have a good night cheers23:09
diversexvee: pm23:14

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