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joacimtime for me to ditch all of google it seems. gmail + imap is nothing but a big hassle to me00:02
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diverseHow do you take valgrind dumps of an application?02:28
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xveei miss the old snes games07:25
diversewhy do you miss them?08:24
diverseremember to add the point of focus xvee08:27
xveejust watched some old videos. nastolgia08:28
diverseThat will do it08:30
xveemy dad and i use to play this old racing game... oh how time flies08:30
xveetop gear08:32
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roelof_Do I need a swap parition when I have 4G of memory ?09:31
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roelof_Do I need a swap parition when I have 4G of memory ?09:41
nrxtxroelof_: its best to have one, if you compile heavy ports09:43
roelof_oke, and how big schould I make it. 2/4/8G ?09:44
roelof_nrxtx: ping09:58
xveei think 2gb should be enough with 4 gigs of ram10:05
roelof_oke, I made 4G swap and 72G for Crux. Hopefully soon back with a running Crux 3.010:05
roelof_oke, then I will change the layout10:06
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Romsterdoubt it firefox needs about 10GB to compile including source in tmpfs now.12:27
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: 2.4.47 -> 2.4.4812:48
joacimi use swapd and no permanent swap12:50
joacimswapd creates swap files as i need them12:50
Romsterwasn't aware of that.12:51
Romstercan it be smart and do swap extents over multiple filesystems on different disks?12:52
joacimi dont think it can12:52
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Romsterprobably far fetched.13:03
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roelofIs jan Smydge here ??14:33
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roelofanyone who can help me with the 2 problems I mentioned on the ML16:05
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Romsterroelof, because you never created a REPO file. with httpup-repgen16:22
Romsterand you can do a html page with portspage . > index.html16:23
joacimbut he did16:23
Romsterif you like too but not required for httpup just the REPO file is needed.16:23
roelofRomster : I did make a REPO file16:23
Romsterif he did he didn't add it to the commits?16:23
roelofyou can see the REPO file on the repo page16:24
Romsterthen your /etc/ports/roelof .httpup file is not setup right.16:24
RomsterO_O you got all the sources in the REPO file16:24
roelofthat the next problem I have to solve. Make a good ignore file16:25
Romsterwhy not set16:26
Romsteror some path so it's not gonna be with the ports Pkgfile md5sum footprint type files16:27
Romsterthen you only need to ignore .hg and httpup and REPO files16:27
roelofoke, I never know I can do that16:28
roelofwhere can I set these and how can I best ignore the .hg files then16:28
Romsterno because you never looked at  the configuration files enough.16:28
Romsterman httpup-repgen16:29
Romsterit's in there on how to add an ignore file16:29
roelofand because nobody has telling me that. Im still learning to become a good packager and maintainer16:30
Romsterthe documentation has details and there are wiki pages on the crux site too.16:30
Romsteroverall read though stuff.16:30
joacimneed to create a good ignore file for hg too16:31
joacimso you dont end up with junk files in your repo16:31
Romsterthat would also help. but putting the sourcefiles else were reduces that issue joacim16:31
RomsterPKGMK_* stuff16:31
roelofoke, first I hope someone can help  me to make xfce work. Then I can make my repo again16:32
Romsteralso your url has no https16:33
Romsteri'm pretty sure bitbucket wont work without ssl.16:33
roelofoke, but what I said . first make xfce work and then I can change everything16:36
Romsteri compiled all of xfce the other day16:36
diverseroelof: I think its best you forget about xfce and move on to using different WMs such as pekwm, openbox, fluxbox, etc. so you can have a gui up and running, so you can start your repo project16:37
Romsterbut xfce works diverse16:37
Romsteri compiled it all in a chroot16:37
Romsterhell i can upload the packages for you16:39
roelofand they all work with introspection enabled ??16:39
roelofhere they do not work on a fresh install16:39
Romsterall compiled... i didn't try with intrspection16:40
Romsterguess i'll retry with16:40
diverseroelof: I have a question, would xfce be your permanent DE or would cinnamon be your permanent?16:44
roelofdiverse:  if I got Cinnamon working it will be my permanent DE16:44
roelofbut im not sure it will be a success16:45
diverseI see now.16:46
roelofand Cinnamon is just like XFCE a gnome-based DE so the problem I find will also be a problem in the other16:47
roelofBRB dinner16:49
diverseactually Xfce isn't based off gnome, it was its own separate project that used a different toolkit, it was only until version 4.0 they decided moved to using gtk. Just because they are using gtk2 doesn't mean they are Gnome desktop, gtk2 was designed for independent use. However I can't say the same for gtk3...16:50
roelofoke, then I have to wrong information16:51
roelofBut what I mean is that Cinnamon and XFCE uses a lot of Gnome parts16:51
diverseXfce was originally supposed to be a CDE clone, but however the user interface has changed to look like gnome.16:51
Romsterroelof, small flood16:53
Romsterprt-get depinst gobject-introspection16:53
Romsterprt-get depinst atk16:53
Romsterprt-get update -fr atk16:53
Romsterprt-get depinst pango16:53
Romsterprt-get update -fr pango16:53
Romsterprt-get depinst gdk-pixbuf16:53
Romsterprt-get update -fr gdk-pixbuf16:53
Romsterprt-get depinst gtk16:53
Romsterprt-get update -fr gtk16:53
Romsterdo all that it should work16:53
RomsterIt fails on that it cannot find the pango,gir file. < that is obvious you never recompiled pango after installing gobject-introspection17:00
jaegerwe've tried to explain it several times, he isn't listening17:02
Romsterwell if he runs those commands it'll work17:03
Romstereven a lazy person could do that17:03
roelofI will try it and hopefully everything works well17:11
roelofthanks for the help17:11
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nwegood evning!17:12
nwehow are you guys?17:15
jaegerheyo, ok here. you?17:16
jaegerRomster: I bet he comes back with more gobject-introspection problems17:16
Romsterthen he is a lost cause17:18
diverseDon't give up on him yet.17:19
jaegerI don't think he has the basic troubleshooting skills necessary to run something like cruyx17:29
diversepart of the problem could be that he isn't too familiar what he is doing, he is jumping into new areas where it would take him a large amount of time to figure it out himself. But you are right, crux is meant for the competent.17:32
diversebut it doesn't necessarily mean he can't become competent himself.17:34
Romsteri had help to begin with then i learned more as i went along17:34
tilmannot sure if crux attracts incompetent people17:35
tilmanor if it just shows more because there arent that many users17:35
jaegerHe won't become competent unless he tries to exercise a bit of logic/critical thinking on his own17:35
Romsterwell if he cn't figure it out now with them commands and some thinking.... then i guess he should use another distro17:36
Romsterthat's made for him17:36
Romstereven then i fear it may be too hard17:37
jaegerI asked a lot of questions when I was new to linux, everyone does. The difference is that I took what I was told and applied it, then learned more.17:37
Romsterthen i went crazy with packaging -_-17:40
Romsteri better get /some/ sleep before work g'night17:41
Romster4:40am and work at 9am17:41
diversehave a good one Romster!17:42
Romster< later17:43
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diverseBtw I asked this earlier but how do you use valgrind to take application dumps?18:11
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diversehow did it go roelof?18:14
roelofnot good, when I rebuild gtk I see a message that pango must be compiled with cairo support18:14
roelofSi I add --enable-introspection --with-cairo but the message stays18:15
roelofIm talking now about pango with the configure flags18:15
diversesounds like cairo is not installed18:16
roelofI checked with prt-get isinst cairo and I see that cairo is installed18:17
diverseroelof: was the flag supposed to be "--enable-cairo" not "--with-cairo"?18:19
diverseI assume you haven't checked the ./configure --help18:21
roelofI did18:22
roelofI always do that when I have to enable or disable something18:22
diverseroelof: is there other ports that failed because of missing cairo support?18:25
roelofnot that I can find now18:26
roelofoke, I did a little bit of googleling and it's look like the installler looks for the pangocairo.pc file18:28
diverseroelof: maybe try prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep pango) and see if that fixes the cairo problem.18:28
nwehas someone get xbmc to shutdown the computer via polkit?, if so can you explain for me what I have miss..18:28
roelofdiverse:  I will try that . Thanks18:29
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jaegernwe: I've been meaning to investigate that, haven't done it yet18:35
nwejaeger: looks lite i need to grant permission to xbmc so the user can turn of the computer, but polkit-auth doesn't exist18:36
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frinnstah, the joy of KMS19:41
frinnstvdpau crashed? better take down X, your console and everything else19:42
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tar: updated to 1.27.119:47
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xveehello everyone20:10
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roelofI installed the binary nvidia driver , used gl-select nvidia  and when I log in as root I see no screens found error message20:35
roelofhow to solve this one ?20:35
rmullroelof: Is the module loaded?20:37
roelofyep. when I do lspci -k I see that the nvidia driver is being used20:40
roelofrmull: ^^^^^^20:42
rmullDo you have an xorg.conf20:45
roelofnope. find / -iname "xorg.conf" gives no output20:45
roelofand Xorg --configure gives a long list of all the parameters I can use20:45
rmullYou've already run prt-get depinst xorg, right?20:47
roelofI did install Xorg from the install disk when I installed it20:49
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roelofrmull : any idea left20:55
roelofjoacim:  do you maybe work with the nvidia binary driver ??20:57
roelofI did try to do gl-select xorg and then startx but still the same error message21:06
rmullroelof: Are you using startx to start X?21:10
rmullFWIW I use the binary nvidia driver. I have an xorg.conf which I generated with X -configure or something along those lines.21:11
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roelofim back.21:16
roelofDid I miss something21:16
pitilloroelof: probably Xorg.log could show some info about the problem21:18
roelofOke, I will look at this.  I have to reboot into Crux to look21:18
pitilloroelof: can't you mount the partition to check it?21:20
roelofAs far as I can know no. Im currently working in Windows21:21
roelofIm going to sleep. Tommorrow another working day :(21:25
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tilmanhe still doesnt have irc on his crux system?21:45
nwetime to sleep21:48
frinnstwell dont you know irssi is dependent on X? :)21:48
tilman<    roelof> I installed the binary nvidia driver , used gl-select  nvidia  and when I log in as root I see no screens found  error message21:51
tilmani dont even21:52
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jaegerhe's probably running into the fun issue where if any of the xorg-* drivers are installed it creates a device for each of them21:56
jaegerso you either have to remove them all or create an xorg.conf or at least a device section21:56
jaegerI usually just create a device section and put it into a file on its own in xorg.conf.d21:57
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SUNgh0stis there any way to get crux3 to work in virtualbox 4.3 ?22:15
teK_why does it not work?22:23
teK_switch hdd controllers22:23
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jaegerJust make sure you have the right kernel support, it works fine22:34
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SUNgh0sti get kernel panic22:52
SUNgh0sthow would i go by switching hdd controllers22:53
jaegervfs error, unknown block, that sort of thing?22:53
SUNgh0sti check in he storage section22:53
jaegerYeah, it's in storage. With that said, all the vbox controllers work in linux, you just need to build your kernel to support them22:53
SUNgh0sti will just reload the iso and mount the hdd and chroot back into it and redo the kernel22:55
jaeger'lspci -k" will tell you which kernel modules are in use once the ISO is booted22:56
jaegerfind those in the kernel config and enable them22:56
jaegerspecifically you need the sata/ide/scsi controller and whatever filesystem you use to be builtin rather than modules22:56
jaegersome other stuff like your NIC can be modules if you like but the disk controller and FS need to be builtin (unless you want to build an initramfs/initrd, which is more complicated)22:57
SUNgh0sti guess i have to just keep messing with it until i have it :P23:08
SUNgh0stdoes it matter arch/x86 or arch/x86_64 ?23:14
SUNgh0stgonna try it now see if it boots or something23:18
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SUNgh0stok i have a idea .. i am gonna reinstall this i think i done the controller proper as i done a new disk made it ide23:22
SUNgh0sti got the crux setup memorize23:25
SUNgh0stno its not working23:45
SUNgh0stgah :(23:45
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