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Romsterroelof pkgadd -u all of these. or just pkgadd if you havne't got them installed already.
Romsterroelof also needs to add Driver         "nvidia" under Device.02:22
Romsterfor nvidia to work.02:22
Romsteror run nvidia-xconfig02:23
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nwegood morning06:07
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xveeany rome total war fans in here?07:05
Romsterthat better keep roelof happy
Romsterin adition to what i said earlier need to also remove --disable-introspection off gtk and recompile and install. pretty obvious though then libwnck compiles.07:27
Romsterbut all the ports are built for him ^07:28
xveeRomster: you use the 8350 to compile, correct?07:31
Romsterthe cpu?07:31
Romsteramd phenom II 965 black edition07:32
Romsterthough i think i'll get a I7 later when DDR4 is out.07:32
diversehmm, I thought I got past his xfce problem by rebuilding quickdep of pango? I guess he was shy to admit it.07:32
Romsteri don't think he had pango installed dunno07:33
Romsterit's was pretty damn easy for me to get it to compile.07:33
diversethe other time roelof was here, he had an issue with trying to build pango, but it complained it didn't have cairo support, even though cairo installed, and he put the "--with-cairo" flag in the Pkgfile.07:35
Romsteri'd bet his cairo needed relinking07:36
Romster-fr cairo07:36
Romsteror wasn't even installed.07:36
Romsteri never go that error though.07:36
diversehe said he had it installed.07:37
Romsteronly that libwnck didn't fine a gir file for gtk until i rebuilt gtk without --disable-introspection07:37
Romsteri doubt it how was i able to compile it all.07:37
xveeso the nsa tried to backdoor linux....
diversexvee: hahaha07:42
xveei thought it was funny. how can you backdoor an open source system?07:42
diversewell he could, but that would cause a huge upset07:42
xveeoh im sure. but, if the code is available, wouldn't people see?07:43
xveeseems to defeat the purpose. god damn it murrica. stop trying to control everything07:43
Romstercould be obfuscated but someone will find it eventually.07:44
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xveeeh. seems kinda stupid. i use to think the tinfoil hat people were crazy, but, the more i read up on it, the more scared i get. almost everything is backdoored it seems07:46
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Romstereven swtiches with firmware are.07:47
diverseYeah I agree with the article, another point of open source is for people to audit the source and remove any kind of security issue. I bet this is Linus' response, "NSA, fuck you" (while giving them the finger)07:48
Romsteri would too07:48
frinnstthey managed to get vulns in openbsd ipsec iirc07:51
diverseno software is perfect, but openbsd does the absolute best they can do, to remove most of security issues.07:57
diverseand its better than having to write in a backdoor too. ;)07:58
diversef'ing NSA, the more I hear about them, the more I hate them.07:59
Amnesiadiverse: it's not only the NSA:)08:00
diverseyeah there is google too08:00
Amnesiaand other secret services/ISPs:)08:00
xveeim pretty sure most if not all isps not send their logs to the nsa08:01
Amnesiadon't be too sure about that08:01
Amnesiaimo the best practice is to be aware of the fact that almost everything can be (and most likely is) backdoored08:02
Amnesiawhat'd you think of the firmware on your NIC, microcode on your CPU08:02
Amnesiawhy wouldn't they backdoor that08:02
xveeyes, it is. i think one should also do their best to use software they know is somewhat safer08:02
xveeAmnesia: im sure thats backdoored too08:03
Amnesiaack, and be aware that there's no such thing as 100% "safe"08:03
Amnesiaxvee yeah, my anal probe's waiting for input08:03
xveeyea i know, but, it doesn't help to fortify what you can08:03
xveeanal probes....haha. reminds me of the game destroy all humans08:04
AmnesiaI fscking hate mondays..08:09
diverseAmnesia: what kind of information is it waiting for? Does the nsa need to know how hard or soft your bowel movements are? :P08:10
Amnesiano, using the socket remote parties are able to get my personal fingerprint08:11
Amnesiathe bacterias in your bowels are a biometric property:)08:11
diverseTechonology: it can be used for good or evil.08:20
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Romsterjesus fuck now that gut is on the ML again and why isnt' here in here.11:30
rauzhi guys11:31
teK_oh all these top postings on the ML11:41
RomsterThanks, but what does xfce4 and gtk-gobject to do with my cjs package which is a part of cinnamon11:41
Romsterseriously.... he couldn't get introspectionw orking to even get anywhere.11:41
Romsterthink i'm gonna give up11:41
rauzso roelof is very busy on the ML :)11:42
RomsterIs there someone who can help me to make the ignore file work... i told him the other day.11:42
Romsterwhy cna't he use irc.11:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.2-p411:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: vim: update to 7.4.9411:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: upate to 7.4.9411:44
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diverseLooks like we need him to install irssi or weechat and have him stay here while he fixes his problem(s)...11:49
diversethis "rebooting back" is killing him...11:50
rauzi'm about to write him an email to join the irc channel und discuss those things in here11:51
diverseits going to be much harder for to sit tight here without an irc client he can use on crux11:52
diverse*for him11:52
Romsteri honestly don't know his skill level11:52
Romsterone night he hs on about pango cairo and goobject so i make ports and he says how does that help him with cinnamon, when he said he needed goobject for xfce to then do cinnamon11:53
diverseThat's why I ask him yesterday if xfce was going to be his permanent DE, because if isn't, he just install xfce with introspection and move on to his repo project, but he thinks he might stay on xfce if cinnamon doesn't work out correctly, honestly he is making things too complicated.11:55
diverse*without introspection11:56
Romsterhe'll have to do lots more reading and figuring out.11:56
Romsteri think his level is at enough to cause problems but not enough to be able to fix them.11:58
Romsteri was at that level once but i quickly learned.11:58
diversewell, he is stuck in limbo for the time being11:58
RomsterI work now as root because of the point that only root can make packages.12:00
Romsterjesus fuck12:00
Romsterhe should use fakeroot setup permissions to compile.12:01
Romsteronly need root to install.12:01
Romsteror use my method chroot.12:01
Romsterto build in.12:01
diverseah right, your chroot testing areas.12:01
Romsterrunning as root all the time is bad.12:01
Romsterhe basically has noting stopping him nuke his entire system.12:02
rauzit can get very fast very bad  to use root :)12:02
Romstervery bad fast12:03
Romsteri have used root a few times for some tasks but with great care.12:03
Romsterbut not really a good idea all the time.12:03
Romsterspecially for building.12:03
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RomsterBuilding ports as an unprivileged user12:05
Romsterrunning as root all the time is bad.12:05
roelofI try to port cjs(cinnamon javascript file) to crux . But now I see this message :
roelofAnyone a idea how to solve this ?12:06
roelofI know one of the depedencies is mozjs and I used spidermonkey to provide this12:06
roelofRomster : thanks for the tips12:07
Romster look over that for ideas and convert it to Pkgfile format.12:08
Romsterjs185 as a dependency what version is your js?12:08
roelofoke, I will convert the last package to Crux and try to delete the spidermonkey12:10
roelofCan I do this with pkgrm spidermoneky ?12:10
Romsterthat'll uninstall it12:10
Romsterthought you were stuck on gobject stuff. that's why i went and built it all and uploaded it.12:11
roelofnope, XFCE is working well , except opening text files12:12
Romsterso looks like you need a legacy version of spidermoneky for cjs and later verisons of spidermonkey are not ABI compatible.12:12
Romsterwhich is why you got that error on too many parameters12:12
roelofoke, i try to make the arch pkgfile work on Crux12:12
Romsterjsut that version.12:13
Romstercould just edit your spidermoneky port to that version and the symlinks.12:13
Romsteri cold probably manage all that but i got no motivation for it. or stacks of time.12:14
Romster few patches for that too but your not up to that port yet.12:15
Romsteralso pays to look in for versions/patches12:16
Romsterthough you have to be pretty good to read a ebuild.12:16
Romsterarch is usually easier to read but some stuff needs changing for crux.12:17
roelofoke, last question : what is the name of the package() part in Crux ?12:17
Romsterbuild() is the only function12:18
Romsterit's all in the same function.12:18
Romstersee other ports for examples.12:18
Romsterin crux.12:18
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roelofsomething is not good:
roelofwith this package :
Romsteryou should be installing into $PKG/usr/bin/12:41
Romsterthis is the reason why fakeroot ishandly you installed stuff on your system now that's not tracked by pkgutils.12:42
Romster$pkgdir is arch we use $PKG'12:42
Romster$pkgdir is arch we use $PKG12:42
Romsterroelof, ^12:43
Romsteryeah like that12:45
Romstermay not have done much harm with that find command but you could have really messed your system up if you ran as root and did something really bad outside of $PKG12:46
diverseroelof: you are almost there12:52
roelofI have changed it and try again12:53
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diverseroelof: if you need to append /src/js to the cd $name-$version, go for it12:54
diversehey doomicide what's new?12:59
roelofdiverse:  last error message : pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)13:00
doomicidediverse: 'sup13:00
diverseroelof: use the -f flag after pkgmk13:01
Romsterroelof, yeah -f13:02
Romsterbecause you installed it outside of $PKG before.13:02
Romsterpkgadd -f /var/ports/packages/js185#1.0.0-1.pkg.tar.gz13:03
diversedoomicide: been checking for updates with mpv or spacefm13:07
roelofthanks, that part worked I now see this message :   CXXLD /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmozjs18513:11
doomicidediverse: yes, but no new releases from either of them.13:12
roelofon the cjs pkgfile13:12
diversedoomicide: yeah, unfortunately. :)13:12
Romsterls /usr/lib/libmozjs185.so13:12
Romsterthat should link.13:13
diverseyeah I am a bit surprise by that13:13
Romsterpastebin the build log some where along with your Pkgfile13:14
diverseand you clearly symlink it from
roelofhe, I see something wierd when I do ls -al :13:14
roelofrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 56 Nov 18 14:57 /usr/lib/ -> /root/cinnamon/mozjs/work/pkg/usr/lib/
Romstereww yeah the symlinks are wrong13:14
Romster# Bad symlinks (absolute, including DESTDIR!)13:15
Romster  cd "$pkgdir/usr/lib"13:15
Romster  ln -sf
Romster  ln -sf libmozjs185.so13:15
roelofright. why is that not happening :(13:15
Romsterbut do cd $PKG/usr/lib13:15
Romsterthere build system is adding in DESTSDIR to symlinks it's a bug in there Makefile13:16
roelofI did and $PKG is empty now13:16
Romsteredit the Pkgfile13:17
roelofyou can find my pkgfiles here :
Romsterthen pkgmk ; pkgmk -uf ; pkgmk -u13:17
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Romsteradd in under the last line on cjs Pkgfile13:18
Romstercd $PKG/usr/lib13:18
Romsterln -sf
Romsterln -sf libmozjs185.so13:18
Romsterand pkgmk13:19
Romsterpkgmk -uf13:19
Romsterpkgmk -u13:19
Romsteroops i mean on spidermoneky13:19
roelofthanks for the help but I have to leave13:21
roelofI will work on it tonight13:21
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Romsterjust look over arch and modify it for crux.13:21
diverseI think he gets the picture by now13:21
Romsteri hope13:23
Romsteri think i confuse myself with these users too.13:24
Romsterdo this do that and then i muddle stuff up.13:24
Romsteri work better with no distractions.13:24
diverseI screw up sometimes in my explanations, which is why I try to fix them, once I spot them.13:27
diversebtw thanks for the advice about fakeroot13:28
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.47 -> 2.4.4813:30
diverseI guess working without distractions, brings you peace too. :)13:31
Romsteryeah considering i get distracted at work far too much but at home not so much13:32
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Romsterbut right now not really concentrating on anything.13:37
diversehave a look at codeacademy13:41
diverseto distract yourself with13:42
Romsterstarting to get tired13:46
Romsteri did stay up really late last night.13:46
Romsterlike ot 5am13:46
Romsterand i work at 9am13:46
Romsternearly 1am now13:47
diversehave a good one13:47
Romsternoticed everything is more responsive with newer xorg-server13:47
Romsterdon't wanna do noob stuff i wanna learn the tough stuff.13:49
diversebe tough stuff you mean C?13:49
RomsterC stuff for arrays strcuts making my own library of functions and calling them13:50
diversestick with C because if you go to C++, its a whole new world.13:51
diverseand by that I mean the OOP part of it, because its a different way of thinking.13:53
Romster stuff is in Python want it in C later.13:53
Romsterbut i'm still working on it.13:53
Romsteri'll end up with a tool that can go over Pkgfiles and tell me what needs version bumping.13:56
Romsteri know there is ck4up but i got different ideas.13:56
Romsterjust haven't worked on it much lately.13:56
diverseYou can do it Romster13:56
Romsterthe sorting part needs work it works on basic stuff so far.13:58
Romsterit can even sort over a gentoo mirror!13:58
Romsteryou know how big they are.13:58
Romster$ ./ --common-ext | ./ --print-sorted |wgetpaste14:01
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterit even sorts per a tarball from best to worst compression.14:01
Romsterliekpick xz over bz2 and bz2 over gz14:02
Romster./ --common-ext | ./ --print-sorted |wgetpaste14:04
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterjust need ot make it aware of the more advanced version strings stuff that stuff is simple.14:04
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jaegerRomster: still think I was wrong about him? :)14:05
diverseRomster: What you probably want to do is read the $version from the Pkgfile, so that way finding the latest version can take fewer cpu cycles.14:06
Romsteri dunno he was on a different issue last night then he seems to have fixed all that.14:06
Romstergot another tool to read urls out of Pkgfiles pkg-url14:07
Romsterbut yeah i'll probably use the Pkgfile version= and then only show newer than that.14:07
diverseJust to help cut off the previous version and make the sorting faster14:08
Romsteri do have --head 114:08
Romsterbuildbot it all in my chroot too.14:10
diverseok, so the tool already lists the newest first14:10
Romsteryep newest to oldest14:12
Romsterurl name version14:13
Romsterhandy for many uses.14:13
diversebtw Romster, wouldn't going to bed be a good idea right now?14:13
Romsterprobably -_-14:13
diverseI don't want to keep you up14:13
Romsterbut soon14:13
Romsterusually only go for 5-7 hours sleep14:14
Romsterany more and i feel crap when i wake up14:14
Romsterthough i could of had a bit more sleep last night.14:14
diverseperhaps that body may want an extra hour?14:16
Romstermaybe going to bed shortly.14:22
Romster$ ./ --common-ext | ./ --show-ranking --print-sorted --show-stats --show-times --show-failed --synchronous-debug |wgetpaste14:23
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterthat is a real test.14:23
Romsterwant to view full file and see the stats at the bottom14:25
RomsterSuccess rate: 64.90%14:25
Romsterneeds more work14:25
Romstercan see my ideas now diverse ?14:29
diverseyeah of course14:29
Romsterpretty insane file of filters for that.14:30
diversewhich is why you need to have separate functions for filtering14:31
diversewhen you write this in C14:31
Romsterit's in regex14:31
Romsterrules.append( MatchingRule('/([-a-zA-Z]+[0-9]+)-(([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+))\.tar\.xz', '.tar.xz') )14:32
diverseah thats the python right?14:32
Romsteri have a bash one that's more ugly.14:33
Romsterbut the Python one is more usable.14:33
Romsterthe bash one would fork bomb my pc on a genntoo mirror for a good 30 minutes14:33
Romsterthat Python one did it n about 8 minutes or less14:34
Romsterall i do currently is split and sort.14:34
Romsterbut i need to make it an array later for all the major minor patch level revision rc beta alpha version stuff.14:35
Romsterso i can do proper sorting.14:35
diversea string array14:35
Romsterso i can say 1.2.3 is lower than
Romsterpatch level 414:36
Romsteri can flakely make 1.2.3 be internally.14:37
Romsterbut fun begins on -rc and other stuff.14:37
diversealright, this is where recursion can help you.14:37
Romsterso i really want to make a C library for just sorting for starters.14:38
Romsterand a small program that can read file or stdin. and spit out the sorted list.14:38
Romsteranyways i'd like to get the python one usable first. with less errors.14:40
RomsterC rewrite can come after.14:40
Romsterwith python bindings.14:40
diversedoing a comparision with 1.2.3 and sounds like a fun exercise14:41
Romsterthat's the basic one see for example wine14:41
diversewhere in wine does it show that?14:43
Romsterrc1 rc2 rc3 rc4 etc on that one but others can have pre1 pre214:47
diverseoh I see14:47
Romsterlook around for all sorts of naming conventions.14:47
Romsterit's mike i need a array of different fields to throw in what it's expected to be.14:48
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Romsterso an array sort can be performed.14:48
diverseseems possible, just needs another check for '-'14:48
Romsteror something or in a struct or hash table.14:48
Romstergets worse xorg files have multiple - in there name/version14:49
diverseI'll play with the dots just for now14:56
Romsterhave fun it's taken awhile to get output like that.14:57
diversewhat I am writting is app version compare14:58
diversea basic building block14:58
diverseso you will be able to do this: latest_version("1.2.3", ""); and have it return
Romsteryeah but it has to work on more than just that.15:17
Romsteri'm heading to bed now g'night.15:18
diverseWell, you can adapt my source to fit your needs, keep in mind. Night Romster.15:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apr: update to 1.5.0, apr-utils: update to 1.5.315:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apache: update to 2.2.2615:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: postgresql: update md5 sum15:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.0.12 -> 5.0.1316:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: boehm-gc: 7.2d -> 7.2e16:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rdesktop: 1.8.0 -> 1.8.116:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vlc: 2.1.0 -> 2.1.116:40
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roelofcan anyone help me with this issue:
roelofIm having dinner now so be back in about 20 minutes17:30
pitillowhat happens to your system to hit all those strange errors?17:39
jaegerIt's still gobject-introspection17:44
roelofoke, so I have to enable gobject-introspection on the gtk Pkgfile, jaeger ?17:47
jaegeryou need to make sure that gobject-introspection is installed first, THEN you need to add --enable-introspection (and/or make sure --disable-introspection is NOT present) and rebuild gtk3 and its deps that support introspection (such as atk, pango, etc.)17:50
jaegerYou will need to do that for each of those that doesn't have introspection support.17:50
jaegerIf the missing file is Gtk-3.0.gir, then gtk3 needs introspection support. If the missing file is Atk-1.0.gir, then atk needs introspection support. etc.17:52
roelofoke, I thought I rebuild everything but I think I mixed up gtk and gtk317:58
roelofjaeger:  thanks for the help17:58
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roelofHow can I the best delete all the files cinnamon-desktop puts into /usr/share/locales19:24
roelofI tried disable-nls and rm -rf /usr/share/locale/ but the files stays on the system19:24
pitillohave you used $PKG/usr/share/locale ?19:25
roelofnope, I have used only what I said19:26
roelofso I have to try rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/locale ???19:26
pitilloprobably what you want is to remove all those file from the package... not your system19:27
roelofthat could work if I know how ?19:27
roelofThanks, the $PKG did the trick19:30
roeloflearned another thing19:30
pitillobut do you understand what are you doing?19:30
roelofyep, I think so19:33
roelofbut I have to learn a lot how things work the Crux way19:34
pitillore-read the handbook, or put it always near :)19:35
roelofoke, thanks for the tip19:35
pitillocheck others ports while porting custom ports19:35
roelofoke, thanks for the tip19:36
roelofhave a nice evening19:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bridge-utils: port taken20:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: update md5 sum20:50
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xveeso america is having a meeting on bitcoins21:50
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:58
diversexvee: who in particular? Government?22:01
rmullgit md5sums are still screwed?22:01
teK_hm, gentoo mirror :\22:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: update md5 sum again22:04
rmullworks :)22:05
rmullthanks cruxbot22:05
rmulland you too, teK_22:07
rmullI once had a bitcoin and I lost it because I wasn't careful with my hard disk22:10
teK_expensive loss22:11
teK_I had three of them22:12
teK_traded them in quite some time ago22:12
teK_370EUR total instead of 1500 or so =)22:12
teK_it's okay :)22:13
rmullBetter than my scenario22:13
rmullI hope the government can't figure out a way to make it suck22:14
teK_50BTC was hacked a month ago22:14
teK_it says my balance is 52.75 BTC22:14
teK_oh it was hacked in August22:15
teK_they are hiring a PR/Marketing Specialist22:15
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xveediverse: yes the government22:53
diverseSo the US government is planning to migrate their currency to bitcoins?23:21
diversewell not migrate, but merge it23:22
diversermull: bitcoins is something stored on your hard drive? So does that mean you can counterfeit them?23:24
rmulldiverse: If you can break the crypto built into the BTC, sure23:25
rmullbut that would be hard23:25
rmullyou should check out the whitepaper23:26
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diversermull: I have a feeling some wise cracker is going to be able to break the encryption.23:27
diversemoney is a powerful thing23:28
xveei wouldn't be surprised if they did..23:36
diversexvee: on 2nd thought, if they are using openbsd-like encryption, thats will take a very very very long time.23:38
diversebut if they can get their hands on a quantum computer, then they would be able to crack in a matter of seconds23:44
diverse*crack it23:44
diverseand then free bitcoins for everybody!23:47
xveeas long as they give me enough to buy my car parts, they can do what ever they want. haha23:51
xveei need 1k so i can get around 400+ hp on my car23:51
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