IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-11-19

rmullxvee: sounds like a fun way to sit in traffic00:27
xveewell, its not my daily driver. i have a camry. i usually take it up to the mountains here which have a nice speed limit of 50, and, no traffic :D00:58
xveelet me rephrase, i have a camry for my daily driver00:58
jaegerseems slightly ironic to me that bitcoin rigs can also be used for hashcat type things01:19
Romsterwhat is that 50miles per an hour?01:44
rmullhashcat? que es01:44
jaegerpassword cracking stuff01:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: faac: picked up orphaned port01:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: faad2: picked up orphaned port01:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gdc: dropped01:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gdc-ccache-bindings: dropped01:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gdc-distcc-bindings: dropped01:55
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diverseis there a way to count the number of tokens in a string in C?02:45
rmulldiverse: strtok in a loop?02:47
rmulllook for the null pointer, count the iterations02:47
diversermull: what happens to the original string after using strtok?02:55
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diverseperhaps, I shouldn't counter tokens...03:07
diverseI guess I need to copy the string anyway...03:24
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tilmandiverse: _if_ you want strtok, make sure to read its manpage including the BUGS section. it's kinda crappy ;)05:45
diversetilman: is there a better equivilant function? I know the C lib is full of bad functions, so I try to use the better ones.05:47
tilmancan't think of anything right now05:50
xveetuxhat has a pretty nice desktop06:51
diverseI thought tuxhat got rid of his old name, in favor for sysghost06:53
diverseevery time I see the word "tuxhat" it reminds of redhat, which I despise06:55
xveei see a lot of nice desktops and it makes me feel kinda lazy. i dont even have a wallpaper. lol07:05
diverseactually, most of the WM porn effectiveness is from the wallpapers07:07
xveei have failed as a linux user then...lol07:08
diversewell its quite obvious that wallpapers make up for most of the unix porn, that and use real transparency terminals.07:10
xveedo you have a ricey desktop?07:11
diversenothing special, I'm testing e18 alpha 107:11
xveei really liked e17. the compositing would make the cpu use go crazy, but it was really nice07:12
diversee18 is a lot smoother and more cpu friendly07:13
diversetalk to pitillo for all about it07:13
xveehm. maybe when it comes out of alpha, ill give it a try, though i really do like dwm07:14
diversestick with what makes you happy07:14
xveejustlooked up some videos on it. it looks quite nice07:17
xveeapparently samsung is backing them too07:17
diversedude, stay with dwm07:17
xveei most likely am, but was just having a look see at it07:18
diverseI almost fully guarantee that will switch back to dwm. Do not get hooked just by looks.07:20
diverseyou probably need to look at more dwm porn07:22
xveedwm has quite a lot haha07:23
diversewhile you are at, find a good wallpaper07:29
diverse*at it07:32
xveei dont have a wifu...this will be hard lol07:58
diverseyou mean "waifu"? Learn to spell proper romaji!08:15
diverseI got to see if the log reads proper unicode08:25
xveewaifu. my bad.08:26
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roelofDoes Crux use systemd ?08:27
diverseroelof: hell no08:27
roelofoke, then I have to change a pkgfile08:27
roelofand how about PAM08:27
xveethe only person i know here that doesn't mind systemd is horrorStruck08:27
roelofNP, I can change my pkgfile so systemd is not used08:29
roelofCan I use PAM then on Pkgfile ??08:30
diverseif horrorStruck wants to use it, that's fine, but for it to be default, that's another issue.08:31
diverseDamn you #crux logs, how dare you skip my kana!08:32
xveeoh i dont think systemd should be the default at all. a lot of arch users hate it, though i cant say i've tried it08:32
xveeshouldn't say all. thats generalizing08:32
diversewell it shouldn't have to be shoved down every distro's throat, like its mandatory, a user or distro should be allowed to make their choice. F'ing lennartitis.08:36
diverseprologic: you created the log thing for crux right?08:40
roelofdiverse : Can I use PAM then ?08:40
xveewhat does lennartitis mean?08:40
diverseroelof: I'm not sure, ask jaeger or jue08:41
diverseprologic: the log generator skips anything that's non-ascii08:42
roelofoke, thanks08:42
prologicmust fux that,08:42
diversepretty please08:42
roelofjaeger:  Can I use PAM on a Pkgbuild. I now cinnamon-screensavers need it08:42
prologicyup will do08:43
prologiccan you write a ticket.08:43
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prologicirclogger on bb08:43
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libpixman: 0.32.2 -> 0.32.409:21
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libpixman-32: 0.32.2 -> 0.32.409:22
roelofjue : can you answer my question about PAM ?09:23
Romsterplays runescape while updating/building/testing stuff and chatting. :D09:26
Romsteroh and bitmingin too but only when i need to keep warm.09:26
Romsterprologic, i've made 0.00000958 BTC so far lol :/09:28
Romsteri know not much and not really wroth it.09:29
Romsteronly have the miner on when home and cold.09:29
Romsterand atm it's on the unused gpu only09:29
diversehey Romster does roelof need PAM for building his DE?09:31
Romsteri'd avoid it if possible.09:31
diverseroelof: don't enable PAM then09:31
Romsterprobably can disable it09:31
Romsterand keep using shadow like crux does now.09:32
roelofoops. then I hope somone can help me figure out how to disable it  at the time I will make that package09:41
teK_or you use Google and find out yourself09:42
Romster./configure --help09:42
Romsterand what teK_ said09:42
teK_first and foremost what I said09:42
Romstertry the gdk-pixbuf i pastebined teK_ ?09:43
roelofbut first find out how I can place xkl.gir on the right place09:43
teK_yes I did Romster, but  on the wrong machine. Give me a sec09:43
Romsteroh fun.09:44
Romsteri'm running them modified packages for gdk-pixbuf and gtk here on my main system09:44
Romsterchromium runs here with no missing icons.09:46
teK_nope, same mess09:46
roelofsorry : I cannot find what tek says09:46
Romsterodd why are my icons showing the. you did run the post-install?09:46
Romsterrejmerge post-install09:46
teK_I did run the post-install hoo09:47
Romsteri can't reproduce your red blocks.09:47
Romsternot librsvg related?09:47
Romsteri have had issues with that in the past.09:48
teK_I dont know to be honest09:48
Romsterlibrsvg revolves around not running the post-install09:48
Romsterwont hurt todo that09:48
teK_as part of solving or not solving the issue? ;)09:48
teK_going back to 2.28.2 for now..09:49
Romsterhmm that may be an old location too need to check up on that cache.09:49
teK_it warned  on pkgadd -u ..2.28.2.. that the cache file is already present09:50
teK_so my guess is that the location did not change between version09:50
Romsterthe fact i'm on the later version and no chromium issue.09:50
teK_I have to check my laptop I think it's working there, too09:50
teK_so usually I take the pixbuf pkg from there :o09:50
teK_cant bother right now. Have to do work for university09:51
teK_brb, and thanks for caring09:51
Romsterk i'll double check the cache file locations.09:51
Romstermore curious as to why you get that.09:51
roelofCan I use the directory /usr/share/gir-1.010:54
Romstercan't see why not /share is allowed10:57
roelofoke, I know that share/locale is not allowed10:58
Romsterit's ok for your own ports if need be but not offical repos10:59
diverseI think he's planning for them to be official...11:00
roelofOke, and im rying to build for official repos but I think cinnamon will never hit the offical repo11:00
roelofbecause of --enabble-introspection11:00
Romsterit can be up for discussion11:00
Romsterdepending how good/bad it is.11:01
roelofCinnamon needs it to build. It depends heavelly on .pc and .gir files11:01
Romsterand a obsolete version of spidermonkey11:02
roelofso a lot of packages needs to be rebuild for that11:02
Romsteralot nah only a few.11:02
Romsterbut you can add in gtk pango cairo stuff in your Cinnamon repo for now.11:02
Romsterand add the Cinnamon prtdir above opt in prt-get.conf11:03
roelofyep,  I have made a package for the absolute spidermonkey11:03
diverseyou mean obsolete11:03
Romsterobsolete :D11:03
roelofI have now 8 packages that need to rebuild with introspection11:03
roelofyes, I mean that11:03
Romsteryou really need to have gtk as it's got that disabled. everything else works as is with new files11:04
roelofoke, I changed a lot of files with --enable-introspection to make compiling work11:05
Romsterdoubt you need to force it  on most of them have it auto meaning if it finds gobject-introspection it'll add support for that.11:06
roelofCan be, but on my system it needs it11:06
Romsteronly had to edit gtk and got xfce working with it.11:07
roelofbut xfce is another beast then cinnamon11:07
Romstermkvtoolnix takes ages to compile.11:07
roelofcinnamon is heavilyd depends on gnome-libraries11:08
Romsteri noticed that.11:08
Romstergnome just feels too heavy for crux.11:08
diversegnome is just too heavy in general11:08
Romstereven more dependency hell than the stuff i maintain now.11:08
diverseroelof: why do you need introspection again?11:09
roelofbecause compling looks a lot to .pc and ,git files and introspection makes them11:10
diverseso its a cinnamon requirement11:10
roeloffor building yes, for running I do not think so11:10
diversewell in crux, building is everything11:11
Romstereh git files are not the same deal as pc files11:11
roelofoke, but something it needs gir files for compiling and at the compiling state it needs a lot of .pc files11:12
Romsteri did add it for some reason but then found it messed alot of stuff up with gir files so i ended up not using it.11:12
Romstergit are bindings. for wrapping there modules up.11:12
roelofsorry, i mean at the configure state  It needs a lot of .pc files11:12
Romsterpc files are pkg-config they are always about.11:14
Romsteron most projects.11:14
Romsterit's either pkg-config or libtool for linking libraries.11:14
Romsteranyways get it all working and we can review it.11:15
Romsterit can stand alone like xfce4 and e17 is now anyways.11:15
roelofyou can find what I have finisched at my repo :
roelofyep, as far as I know I can stand alone11:16
Romsterstill not sure how many things use gir files.11:16
diverseI'm starting to think that distributing them as packages would be a better idea...11:17
Romsterbasicly git files are meta data to resolve symbols to various language libraries.11:17
Romsterat run time11:18
Romstergir* damn it so used to typing git.11:18
roelofI work on the package cinnamon-settings-daemon11:18
Romstergir isn't bad but it's disabled on gtk because we haev nothing that depends on gir files currently.11:19
roelofoke, im now puzzeling why libcanberre do not make the libcanberra-gtk.pc and it does make the file libcanberra.pc file11:25
Romsterlook in the libcanberra.pc file11:26
Romstermaybe it says about library as well?11:26
roelofaccording to the arch page it must be three seperate packages11:26
roelofI think I found a clue in the configure --help.11:28
roelofFound it, in the configure was --disable-gtk311:29
Romstermost gtk3 stuff isn't required can be disabled.11:32
Romsterfor now11:32
roeloffor Cinnamon not11:33
diverseCinnamon -- its my way or the highway!11:34
Romsteri used to be like that and i forked crux.11:35
Romsterknew that would get a laugh.11:37
diverseit sure did!11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mkvtoolnix: 6.3.0 -> 6.5.011:38
roelofRomster:  can i only get a review when im ready or can someone look at my packages which are ready11:41
diverseCinnamon just seems to be a very demanding DE, although maybe gnome is more so11:41
Romsteranytime roelof but it's better to get a few done first.11:42
Romsteri'll have a poke around later.11:42
roelofI have now 2 or 3 of the 7 ready11:42
Romsteris that all <<11:42
Romsterlooks like some way to go11:42
Romster#Description: <- those have a # <space> name11:43
Romsterreally long lines like11:44
Romster./ --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --libexecdir=/usr/lib/$name --disable-static -disable-nls11:44
Romsterbest to shorten them by \ newline11:44
Romsterglib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas < is probabvly best in a post-install file.11:44
Romsterlooking in cinnamon-desktop11:45
Romster# Maintainer : <- spaces before : no. and yu need to update the maintainer on gnome-common11:46
Romsterand make matt the # Packager: ...11:46
Romsterfind "$pkgdir"/usr/{lib/pkgconfig,include} -type f -exec chmod -x {} +11:47
Romster$pkgfir should be $PKG in js18511:47
Romsterthat find line would do nasty stuff to a system if that port wasn't ran in fakeroot. see where fakeroot saves your system diverse11:48
roelofRomster : could you make a issue on the things you find.11:49
roelofThen I take a look later11:49
Romsterthsi log is on irc11:49
diverseouch, the pain11:50
roelofoke, I have bookmarked it and will change things as I got this package work11:51
Romsterother than that write outside of $PKG prefix one i see nothing too major.11:51
Romsteralso note that i'm pretty picky on packages.11:52
Romsterbut i try to overlook style and see functionality.11:52
roelofoke, but so I can learn to pack the good way11:53
Romsterplenty of examples in core opt contrib xorg11:53
Romsterlook around or use grep to find stuff.11:54
roelofoke, I have to quit working . I cannot download bash-completion11:55
roelofI see a connection refused message11:55
Romsteri keep a mirror of distfiles11:57
roelofthanks a lot11:58
Romsteri'm full of surprises11:58
Romsterhave a few projects revolving around mirror managements and file versions.11:59
roelofIm now very happy with that12:05
roeloftime for dinner12:10
roelofone package costs me the whol morning :(12:10
Romsterheh wait for one port to cost days of debugging.12:14
Romsternice one diverse12:15
diverseLook how fall roelof came from, with your help jaeger wouldn't believe it. And you are doing all this good stuff.12:16
diverse*Look how far12:17
diversewhat's happening?12:30
Romsterpitstop refreshments12:31
Romsteralso mining bitcoins to keep room warm <<12:34
roelofthere are lot worth, I hear that a lot worth12:38
Romsterprologic, is right, it's best to bitcoin min in your own ppl12:39
Romsterthan get fractions of a bit coin constantly hit lotto jackopt and get like $480 for 1 entire coin12:40
Romsterbut it could days or weeks to hit one.12:40
diverseoh thats how bitcoins works? You have to generate them from somewhere?12:46
Romsteror buy them12:46
roelofchips : another priblem. why does nspr not provide this file : prtypes.h12:47
Romster$ prt-get fsearch prtypes.h12:48
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/opt/nspr:12:48
Romster  /usr/include/nspr/prtypes.h12:48
Romsteryou have to point the includes to /usr/include/nspr/12:48
roelofI see this error : /usr/include/nss/seccomon.h:19:21: fatal error: prtypes.h: No such file or directory12:48
diverseperhaps you don't have it installed12:49
roelofI have it installed in the same place where Romster said it must be12:49
roelofthis is the whole error :
RomsterexportCFLAGS="$CFLAGS -I/usr/include/nspr"12:51
Romsterexport CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -I/usr/include/nspr"12:51
Romstertry that12:51
Romsteror look in ./configure for a nspr includes path.12:51
roelofwhere must I put this ??12:51
Romsterabove configure12:52
roelofoke, I will try that12:52
roelofoops, the package uses Still paste the cfflags above that ?12:52
roelofthen i see this error :
Romsterexport LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -llibplc4"12:59
Romstertry that12:59
Romsterhow broken is there build system12:59
roelofmy system ??13:01
Romsterno the source your compiling13:03
roelofchecking for gcc... gcc checking whether the C compiler works... no configure: error: in `/usr/ports/work/src/cinnamon-settings-daemon-2.0.7': configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables See `config.log' for more details13:03
roelofit looks pretty broken to me13:04
teK_that's usually a problem with your environment13:04
Romsterdid you mess up CFLAGS or LDFLAGS13:06
roelofNot that I know, I wil pastebin my pkgfile13:06
teK_maybe read config.log..13:07
roelofhere the Pkgbuild /:
Romster-I /usr/include/nspr <- no spaces13:08
Romsteralso wont work we don't use $pkgname we use $name13:09
Romsteryou didn't fix that from arch13:10
Romsterline 22 and 23 needs to also go in a post-install file.13:10
roeloffixed all and stll the last error message :(13:14
Romsterpastebin config.log13:14
Romsteryou'll have todo pkgmk -kw13:14
roelofRomster : after fixing the space between I and /usr and comment out the ldflags it looks like it worke13:17
*** Pingax has quit IRC13:17
Romsterthought it might.13:17
roelofI did not : still the /usr/bin/ld: csd_test_smartcard-csd-smartcard.o: undefined reference to symbol 'PL_strdup'13:17
Romstergcc is picky13:18
Romstergrep -r PL_strdup /usr/lib/13:18
roelofand the ldflags seems to be the culprit of the other problem13:18
roelofoutcome : is part of nspr13:20
roelofI only see a libplc4.a file not a .so file13:20
Romster-lplc4 not -llibplc413:21
Romsterremove export LDFLAGS... line and use this13:22
Romsterexport LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS $(pkg-config --libs nspr)"13:22
*** dkoby has joined #crux13:24
roelofis running now13:24
roelofwe get past the error and run into another one :
Romsterprt-get depinst docbook-xsl13:28
Romsteralso that CFLAGS line can be made better13:28
Romsterexport CFLAGS="$CFLAGS $(pkg-config --cflags nspr)"13:29
Romsterand list docbook-xsl on # Depends on:13:30
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:32
roelofRomster : package complies and at the end I see this =======> Build result: bsdtar: *: Cannot stat: No such file or directory pkginfo: empty package13:34
Romsteryou have that so it should go into $PKG make DESTDIR=$PKG13:35
roeloffound it13:35
roelofforgot the install part13:36
Romsterah yeah13:36
Romsterthat'll do it13:36
roelofstupid package : it cost me 6 hours to make it work13:37
Romsterone big learning curve13:37
Romsterlike i said i've spent days weeks on a program.13:37
Romsteronce you learn though you can find bugs far easier.13:37
Romstermost times13:38
roelofand about the last two rules  I can put them on post-install files but I know if Cinnamon cannot find the schemas it will not start13:38
Romsterit'll find the schemas from the post-install file off docbook-xsl13:39
Romsterprovifing that is ran after docbook-xsl in installed --install-scripts13:39
roelofoke, and what if the user forgot to install-scripts ??13:39
Romsterwell they'll get missing schemas13:40
roelofand a non working DE13:41
Romsterwell it wont even compile without the schemas13:41
Romsteryou can add a README file in that port and mention be sure to run the post-install scripts13:42
roelofbut if you wish I can put them into a post-install file. Can I just call them post-instal13:42
Romsteroh because of that.13:42
Romsteryour talking about yours well user has to have post-install for docbook-xsl so logic would say they would run that one on cinnamon-settings-daemon13:43
roelofthank you. Package succeed13:44
Romsterftw = for the win13:48
diverseBoth you went through a lot of trouble, so you both deserve a win!13:57
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diverseI think Romster should get op status13:59
Romstereh this channel rarely gets any issues14:01
Romsterand picture of the day14:07
*** doomicide has joined #crux14:08
diversethey do know how to throw an insult while making it funny14:11
Romsterstill makes little sense other fivery fire14:12
diverseits because they google translate it14:12
diverseespecially when translating Japanese, its total shit14:13
diverse+ hiragana + katakana14:14
diverseI had to spell out the proper way for "waifu" in katakana to xvee14:15
diverseand he even misspelled the romaji spelling ;/14:16
diversexvee wa aho da yo!14:19
roelofchips another problem. I have this Pkgfile and when I do pkgmk -d -i I see this :
roelofpkgfile can be found here:
jaegerdon't use forward slashes in source=()14:26
diverseheh :)14:27
roelofI quit, now time for my family14:28
diverseroelof: take a good long' break14:28
*** roelof has quit IRC14:31
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*** roelof has joined #crux18:03
roelofI have a wierd problem. I try to make kerberos avaible. when I download it it's a signed.tar. So when it opens you will find two other tars18:04
roelofSo I changed my pkgfile to that but now a patch cannot be found18:04
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:05
roelofThe pkgfile you can find here:
roelofcan someone help me figure out how to make this work18:06
roelofthe only place where I can find the patch is at the place where also the Pkgfile is18:08
roelofwierd, without the patch the package compiles without any problems18:18
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:19
*** SysGhost has joined #crux18:31
nweroelof: take a look on
SysGhostwhy do i always get kernel panic trying to install crux3 on virtualbox 4.3.218:31
roelofnwe: thanks18:36
teK_did you try a different HDD controller?18:38
roelofwhat is the best way to install something from a package ?18:43
SysGhostwhat controller does it need18:45
SysGhosti am using sata ?18:45
roeloffound it. just pkgadd18:46
jaegerSysGhost: the only one that doesn't work properly is buslogic18:53
*** xvee has joined #crux19:06
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*** roelof has quit IRC19:16
SysGhostis there like a quide for the kernel part ... as i add all the partition ext2 ext3 and 4 and i add network driver modules for my card and i build the kernel.... my / is on sda1 and swap is on sda2 i set it up proper in fstab... i compile the kernel cp the bzImage to /boot/vmlinuz-3.6.1119:20
*** Romster has joined #crux19:20
SysGhosti also put the /boot and grub-install && grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg19:20
SysGhosti poweroff it off and and boot the hdd and it starts to boot up goes to the grub i press enter and i get vfs root error kernel ends up with a panic19:21
SysGhostquide = guide19:21
jaegerdid you make sure that AHCI was also builtin <*> rather than module?19:22
SysGhostnot sure19:22
jaegerThe filesystem and the controller should both be builtin19:23
jaeger <-- here's one you could reference19:24
jaegerbit old now but might be helpful19:25
tilmandid xephyr get removed from the xorg-server port? :o19:31
SysGhosti have SATA ACHI support <*>19:34
jaegerand your filesystem?19:35
jaegerIf so, can you paste your grub config somewhere?19:35
nwetime for football Sweden vs Portugal19:39
nwebye bye19:39
SysGhosti set it up this one with ext219:41
jaegerok, so CONFIG_EXT2_FS should also be builtin (set to <*>)19:42
SysGhostset root='hd0,msdos1'19:42
SysGhostlinux= /boot/vmlinuz-3.6.11 root=/dev/sda1 ro19:43
SysGhostin fstab /dev/sda1 / ext2 blah 0 119:44
tilmannwe: let me know the result so i can tease frinnst later19:44
jaegerI'm guessing that's a bit abbreviated, don't think grub would work with that syntax19:47
jaeger <-- something like this?19:47
jaegerPerhaps something else is missing from the kernel config, like SCSI disk support19:47
nwetilman: hehe okey :)19:49
tilmanfrinnst: uuuuuh, 0:1. den blicka inte bra, brah :D19:56
SysGhostsaying something about the cpu20:06
SysGhostkernel panic its not syncing panic20:06
SysGhostjaeger did u got crux3 working on virtualbox 4.3.2 it seem like vm not working good with crux3 system... i check all the opitions... i set it up great on my host on my asus pc20:10
SysGhosti don't get why its not working on Virtual Box20:10
jaegerI use crux in virtualbox and vmware quite frequently20:11
SysGhostif u dont mind me asking what did u set up in the kernel20:11
SysGhostlike a good example would probably help me20:11
jaegerSysGhost: can you pastebin or send your .config file? also, are you using piix3 or ich9 as the chipset in virtualbox?20:12
jaegerok, that's good20:12
SysGhostyeah i probably will pastebin .config file20:13
jaegerI can make an example one but it'll take a few minutes, I'm at work and fixing problems20:13
SysGhostoh take ur time.. if u can do a example for me that would really help me alot... and thank you... i am sure i can learn it .. its just been like 3 days i been messing about and i just can't seem to find the problem is20:16
SysGhosti wish i know a good way to send this to a pastebin in console20:20
frinnsttilman: wat? :)20:20
tilmanfrinnst: soccer...20:21
frinnstI dont have any channels so no football for me :(20:21
jaegerwgetpaste is an easy way if you have it and network access20:21
tilmanfrinnst: phew. thought you didnt understand my swedish20:21
frinnstmy nexus4 just became unuseable :(20:21
frinnstwell that didnt make sense either :)20:22
tilmancorrect it?20:22
tilman"it doesnt look good"20:22
frinnstit doesnt look good?20:22
frinnstdet ser inte bra ut20:22
tilmanah, ser ut20:22
frinnstblick is only used for the word "glance"20:22
tilmaninstead of blickar20:22
frinnstpretty much20:22
frinnstblicker is not a word20:22
frinnstfucking smartphones20:23
tilmanblickar is listed here o_O
frinnstah, yes it is a word20:24
frinnstbut only for "glances"20:24
tilmank, thanks20:24
frinnstif you found that funny, you understood it :)20:25
*** lasso has joined #crux20:29
*** sudobaal has joined #crux20:29
tilmanfrinnst: aw, kanske du inte observera blickarn =)20:57
*** tj_ has quit IRC21:06
*** SysGhost has joined #crux21:33
SysGhostthanks jaeger21:33
SysGhosti am testing the .config file now compiling .. i just wget the link u gave and mv to .config21:34
*** sudobaal has quit IRC21:34
SysGhoststill getting kernel panic21:45
SysGhosti think vbox 4.3.2 is buggy21:45
SysGhostother linux 64 bit or linux 2.6/3x 64 bit ?21:47
SysGhostthey both give me kernel panic21:47
*** nthwyatt has joined #crux21:47
*** darfo has quit IRC21:50
frinnsttilman: :D21:57
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:57
SysGhostwell thanks anyways21:58
tilmanfrinnst: i bought the fucking book in spring 2011. foer helvete :[21:58
frinnstyoure doing good21:59
frinnsti "studied" german for 3 years and i cant even say hello :)21:59
tilmannp, "hi" works22:00
*** lasso has quit IRC22:06
*** doomicide has quit IRC22:37
*** joacim has quit IRC22:55
*** joacim has joined #crux22:55
*** xvee has joined #crux22:56
xveehello gentlemen22:58
joacimhey brah22:58
xveebrah? look at this rebel lol22:58
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:09
*** xvee has quit IRC23:12
*** Pingax has quit IRC23:13
*** Pingax has joined #crux23:18

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