IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-11-20

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xveethats so strange, iw as just listening to the song02:16
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xveeso, how is everyone?04:25
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nweIm fine and you?08:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libmatroska: 1.4.0 -> 1.4.109:23
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frinnsthow majestic:
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diversefrinnst: its like the laws of gravity didn't apply to that cat11:10
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roelofDoes Crux have the ca-cerificates installed and if so, where can I find them ?11:33
pitilloroelof: prt-get search cert; prt-get info ca-certificates.... cat /usr/ports/core/ca-certificates/.footprint11:34
roelofpitillo:  thanks11:37
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roelofRomster: ping12:29
roelofare you the maintainer of gtk-doc12:29
Romsteryeah and i see a bug in  the Maintainer line.12:32
Romsterhow did i miss that.12:32
roelofI do not know. I was just trying to send you a mail12:33
Romster1.19 is out.12:33
roelofI see this error message :
Romsterwas that all a version bump?12:33
roelofoke, I have still 1.1812:33
roelofI will do a ports -u and look if my problems are gone12:34
Romsteri havnet' pushed it yet...12:35
roelofoke, I will change 18 to 19 and look if that solve my problem12:36
roelof1.19 no problem here12:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: distribute: 0.6.45 -> 1.4 setuptools. Keeping same name until crux 3.112:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: elfutils: 0.155 -> 0.15712:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: prelink: 20111012 -> 2013050312:37
roelof1 package to go and I hope Cinnamon is running12:38
roelofthen I can work on making the Pkgfiles up to the level Crux wants it12:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] gtk-doc: 1.18 -> 1.19. New dependency itstool12:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: itstool: initial import12:55
Romsterroelof, &12:55
roelofoke, I also ported itstool for cinnamon. then I can delete it :)12:56
Romsternever knew that.12:56
roelofmuffin needed it12:58
Romsterthe muffin man12:58
Romsterthinks of shrek now.12:58
roelofbut I log out because I can try if Cinnamon starts13:12
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roelofRomster:  No cinnamon, when starting up I saw that there a two more depdencies consolekit and polkit-gnome13:22
roelofI hate this13:22
Romstercan't those be disabled at configure13:22
roelofif I know which package they depend on maybe. I think cinnamon-session is too blame because it looks for those packages13:24
roelofand I have to find out which package make the cinnamon-nm.applet13:28
roelofFirst a long break13:28
roelofRegarding the applet  I can find this : sed 's/^NotShowIn=.*/OnlyShowIn=GNOME/' /usr/share/applications/nm-applet.desktop \13:29
roelofBut it took a long time so I comment it out13:30
roelofI mean this part :
Romsteryeah makes not much sense that part.13:31
roelofon arch it seems to work.13:32
roelofThis evening I will look if consolekit and polkit-gnome can be disabled13:36
roelofotherwise I have to make a PkgFile for polkit-gnome :(13:37
Romsterguess so.13:39
Romstergnome is a world of hurt for packaging.13:39
roelofI know13:39
roelofThat's why I said I hate this. Dependencies which are not in the configure script13:40
Romsterthat too gets past configure bombs out later on some missing dep13:40
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Romsterthat it should of checked for at configure time.13:40
roelofI agree but im so far I want to make it work now13:42
frinnstoh god, the firefox 28 ui is completely broken13:54
frinnstwhat the FUCK are they thinking?13:54
frinnst"worse is better" ?13:54
roeloffrinnst:  what do you mean by broken ??13:56
frinnstatleast with my config13:58
frinnstdownload the nightly binary and try for yourselves, just remember to backup  ~/.mozilla first13:59
roelofthat is not good13:59
roelofsorry : not at this moment, Im very busy with a big porting job14:00
roelofand I do not want to loose 3 / 4 days of work14:00
diversethere probably good reason why nightly is alpha?14:02
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frinnstthe drop-down menus are gone14:05
frinnsthidden behind 2-3 extra icon-clicks14:06
Romsterther emaking it look like windows 8 no doubt14:06
frinnstlooks more like the windows version i guess14:06
frinnsti've used firefox in windows and its harder to use14:06
Romsterwin 8 obscure everything14:06
diverseOh no, don't tell them are going to copy ms office's ribbon, god no...14:06
Romsteri wouldn't put it pat them14:07
diverseI didn't think the Mozilla people with MS whores14:08
frinnstno they are chrome/mac whores14:08
roelofAnother packaging question : If I want to use a custom .desktop file . Can I then put it into source and then use install .. to put them on the right place ?14:11
diversethey better have an option to bring back the menu bar14:11
frinnstroelof: check existing ports such as firefox14:12
roelofI see that Fedora solve my problem that way14:13
diverseRomster: btw, if I rebuild a library, does it necessary mean I have to rebuild everything that uses it?14:13
jaegernot always14:13
Romsterdiverse, no not always14:13
diversealright, thanks14:14
Romsteronly where the ABI changes. or the so name change.14:14
roeloftonight working on Cinnamon and I hope I can make it run14:20
Romstergood luck with that monster14:20
Romsteri can not concentrate now so i'm just relaxing before bed.14:21
roelofRomster : bed , it's here 15:21 way too early :)14:21
Romsternearly 1:30am here14:21
Romsterrule of thumb never mess with code when tired.14:22
roelofpffff, I go to bed at 22 - 23 hours . otherwise I can leave my bed for work14:22
Romstersped 10 times more effort finding the bugs the next day :D14:22
Romsteri don't usually goto beed until 01-0514:23
Romsterand i work a 0914:23
Romstersometimes i'm that tired i goto bed at 19:00 and wake up at 01:00 and eat and stay awake until 05:00 before work.14:25
roeloflucky you, I need some 8 - 10 hours sleep14:25
Romstereep that's alot of sleep14:26
roelofif I may know, where do you live ? I live in the Netherlands14:26
Romsterland of all the deadly creatures apparently.14:26
roelof?? I do not understand the last14:29
roeloffrinnst:  thanks14:34
roelofand have a good day.14:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ilmbase: adopted and updated to version 2.0.114:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: openexr: adopted and updated to version 2.0.114:42
Romstergive 2 ports away pick up 2 and add a 3rd :D14:47
Romsteri'll do mroe cleaning updateing pruning later14:48
diverseteK_: could you add gdb support for valgrind?14:55
teK_does it impose gdb as a dependency?15:44
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diverseteK_: no, I just want you to enable it at compile time15:56
diverseespecially when I want to be able to to use the --db-attach feature15:57
diverseso far it doesn't recognize gdb with it15:57
teK_yeah but does compilation still work if gdb is not installed?15:58
diverseoh, umm, I suppose it would.15:58
teK_mind testing? I'm in the middle of something16:00
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tilmanevening guys16:56
roelofI think I have a big problem16:56
tilmanwhat is it?16:57
roelofwhen starting cinnamon I see this error message : the name org.freedesktop.Consolekit was not provided  by any .services file16:57
tilmanfrinnst: i gotta admit i like chromium. feels snappier than firefox16:58
roelofand as far as I know .services files are a part of systemd :(16:58
tilmanthat is not correct16:58
tilmanif you read up on org.freedesktop.Consolekit you will find that it refers to a dbus service16:59
tilmanwhich comes with the ... consolekit package16:59
roelofI have installed both and enabled dbus in rc.conf17:00
tilmandiverse: did you try --db-attach=yes ?17:00
roelofor must I then enable  consolekit, polkit-gnome and colord also ?17:01
tilmansounds like you need to start the consolekit daemon17:02
tilmanthose dbus services dont register themselves ;)17:02
roelofoke, I will try that and hopefully Cinnamon wil start. Otherwise 3 days work down the drain :(17:03
tilmanpersonally i'd look into why the crap it thinks it cannot work without consolekit17:04
tilmanseems wonky17:04
roelofits more scary because it also need PAM so the user can hibernate and so on17:05
roelofbut maybe we can work together to find those things out when I can make it work17:05
tilmantbh it's probably quite some work to patch cinnamon to get rid of these dependencies17:06
roelofI sure ot will be quite some work17:07
roelofot = it17:07
roelofI take a long time to make it compile with a lot of problems17:07
roeloftilman:  if you want you can take a look at my repo :
roelofI know most packages needs work to make them on crux level. But i took the decison to make it first work and then make it complatible17:14
roelofI have 3 packages to commit . That will be done after dinner17:15
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roeloftilman  : still here ??17:56
roelofoke, I did not see any respons17:58
roelofbut I will commit the latest packages17:58
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roelofhow can I manually start up services. I have to figure out why some services are not started at runtime18:08
pitilloroelof: have you read the handbook?
roelofyes, I did read it18:10
roelofbut on install I see [error] on some errors18:10
roelofand I have to figure out why18:10
roelofbut I found a clue at the messages log all the failed services has no entry in /etc/rc.d/18:12
roelofnow figure out where it is installed18:14
roelofchips, on compiling only the systemd startup is made18:30
nwegood evening18:30
roelofgood evening18:31
nwehow are you roelof ?18:32
roeloffine , cinnamon is ready. trying to find how to make consolekit, polkit-gnome and colord start18:33
roelofon compiling nothing is placed in  /etc/rc.d18:34
roelofbut in etc/systemd there are files18:34
roelofchips, configure flags do not help :(18:36
nweroelof: what are you compiling?18:37
roelofCinnamon desktop18:38
nweusch :P18:39
roelofand it needs Consolekit but that one is not started  because there is no file in /etc/rc.d18:41
roelofbut I have this file : etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.freedesktop.ColorManage$18:41
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roelofand  the only thing I find on google are the systemd startup scripts new18:45
nweroelof: consolekit already exist in /usr/ports/opt/18:46
roelofi know, I have used that version18:47
roelofbut still this stupid problem18:48
nweokey, so you cant build cinamon dekstop  because consolekit isnt started or..?18:49
roelofCinnanon is build but cannot start18:50
roelofmaybe I found a patch if I could open a xz file :(18:53
tilmanbsdtar xf foo.tar.xz18:55
tilmanjust works18:55
roelofbsdtar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format18:55
roelofit has only a .xz18:55
tilmanhave you tried "man xz"18:56
tilmanand why not?18:56
nweroelof: tar -xJf file.xz18:57
tilmannwe: it's not a tarball... otherwise bsdtar would have worked18:57
tilmanthere's 0 reason to use tar over bsdtar btw. afaik18:57
roelofI triied xz -d but no error mesage and no new file18:58
roelofhe it worked, i did not looked well18:58
roelofand it has the file im lookking for :)18:59
roelofnow I can try to look if the patch can be applied19:00
roelofbut first my daugther to bed19:00
Rotwangquery sepen19:03
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frinnsttilman: i know one good reason: less to type :)19:19
tilmanfrinnst: bsdtar automatically figures out how to decompress, so no j, z etc. bnt maybe gnu tar can do that these days, too19:20
tilmananyway, alias? :p19:20
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frinnstyeah "tar xf"20:01
frinnstfor a few years now atleast :)20:01
tilmanare you saying there's 0 reason to prefer bsdtar over gnu tar?20:08
tilmandamn ;)20:08
frinnst-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 538K nov  2 18:51 /usr/bin/bsdtar20:09
frinnst-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 328K nov 19 17:10 /bin/tar20:09
frinnstno :)20:09
tilmanthat not fair20:10
tilmansince bsdtar dynamically links zlib/libbz2/libxz instead of forking and executing the respective binaries20:11
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xveehi fellas20:57
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roelofCould anyone take a look at my question at the ML about sysvinit start scripts21:11
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diverseteK_: yes it would need it as a dependency, or else it doesn't enable it.22:54
diversetilman: that's how I got the issue when I used it22:55
diversexvee: did you get a wallpaper?22:56
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xveei looked around, but then school work happened lol23:00
xveepurple abstract wallpapers to make me look like i know what im doing haha23:01
diversexvee: you purple abstract, here is your f'ing purple abstract, eat it:
diverse*you want23:05
teK_diverse: what did you do to enable gdb support in valgrind23:06
xveei was already looking at google search results of purple wallpapers, but, school work got in the way23:06
diverseteK_: just have gdb installed first and then it detects it23:08
diverseno flags needed23:08
teK_I just don't get what I can do for you23:09
teK_I spent 5 minutes looking for gdb options while building valgrind...23:09
diverseteK_: all I'm asking is to add gdb as part of "Depends on:" in valgrind, if not, that's fine.23:10
teK_It's a nice to have at best23:12
teK_because valgrind works fine without it23:12
diversesounds good23:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: valgrind: add gdb as nice to have. thx diverse23:14
diverseI appreciate it23:14
diversexvee: btw, why purple?23:16
diversesomehow it reminds of the pidgin app... probably because its mascot is purple and its lib is libpurple23:17
xveedont know, i've used green, blue, orange, red, white and black. feel like purple is a good choice lol23:26
xveei actually remember using pidgin when i first used ubuntu like 9 years ago.23:27
xveethe old school programs sure do bring nastolgia. i read today that winamp is pretty much dead too23:28
diverseubuntu didn't exist 9 years ago...23:28
diverseoh wait, it did.23:29
diverseThat must of been a pretty primitive ubuntu23:29
diverseYou used the first version?23:30
diverseI mean, ubuntu never got that popular until around 200623:30
xveei think so. it was quite old at the time. i installed it once, couldnt figure it out, and went back to windows.23:31
xveei also remember using wubi when it first came out...that was quite fun too.23:32
rmullI started with gentoo because I am a masochist23:34
rmullbut it taught me pretty quickly23:34
xveethats pretty tough.23:35
xveei remember when i switched to crux, it was quite the learning curve23:36
xveei cant imagine starting with it...23:36
diversexvee: don't bring old wounds23:36
diverse*bring up23:36
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diverseI think I played around with gentoo for the first time in 2007, although I had fun trying to get past the kernel panic the first couple times, but it also did taught me stuff.23:39
diverseand then when I discovered Arch in 2008, its been sweet sailing until it got a lot of changes and the systemd epidemic.23:41
xveeit really isn't a wound. just one of those things i reflect on and realize how much i've learned :)23:42
diversexvee: you should thank Romster to the tenth exponential power then.23:42
xveeoh i have. he knows im greateful23:43
xveei'd like to see a screan sho tof your desktop, diverse23:44
xveeif you odnt mind, of course23:44
diverselike I said, it didn't set it up to be WM porn worthy23:45
xveeoh, alright23:45
diversealthough pitillo asked me to upload a screenshot a while back23:49
xveeanyways, how is your day going?23:49
jaeger <-- here you go :P23:49
diverseI don't know where to upload my shot though23:50
xveei3 huh? looks nice, thanks jaeger23:50
jaegerkinda a joke, no WM porn there23:52
jaeger for a bit of something different23:52
xveemate looks quite nice. i was looking at the other pictures you had up...are you interested in getting a wrx?23:54
jaegerI have one.23:54
xveeoh. i remember the last time we spoke up cars, you said you had a jetta. but that was quite a while ago. when did you get it?23:54
jaegerbought the rex in may of 201223:55
diversewhich image uploading site do you guys recommend?23:56 is nice and simple23:56
xveeimgur or imageshack23:57
xveewell, congrats on your wrx! if you everfind yourself in california, we should take our cars to a track or up the many mountains here23:57
jaegerthanks, I really like it :)23:58
diversewow, both imgur and imageshack require creating an account now23:58
xveethats pretty lame23:58
diversehow about tinypic?23:59

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