IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-11-21

xveetiny pic doesnt i thik00:00
diverseI'm asking if you recommend it?00:01
diverseso far it doesn't seem to need accounts00:01
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joacimdiverse: you can get the direct link from imageshack without one. have to look at the source code for the page.00:04
xveetinypage isnt terrible. have very limited use though00:06
xveei have very limited use with it00:07
diversejoacim: tell me what to enter in the search bar, so I can find the url00:13
joacimoh. they changed it. cant upload without an account either now00:14
joacimoh well00:14
joacimbut imgur works well without.
xveeteK_: i saw that earlier. its brilliant00:15
diversexvee: pm00:29
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nwegoood morning!07:33
nwehow are you diverse ?07:44
diversepretty occupied with testing stuff07:47
nweah :/07:49
diversewell I was, not so much anymore07:50
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diversenwe: what are you up to?07:55
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nwediverse: drinking coffee, and reading varnish manual..08:14
Romsterxvee, diverse i accept payal and bitcoin donations :P08:28
Romsteri have had a couple of donations after recovering a few lvm setups that got messed up though.08:29
xveehow bought i buy you some beers08:31
diversexvee: what are you going to do, send digital beer via ftp?08:31
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xveei plan on traveling. perhaps one day, i might go australia. i think thats where romster is08:33
xveethough im not quite sure if he'll be down to drink with me lol08:33
diversehe wouldn't be the happy to see you08:34
xveemeh. alcohol is enticing08:34
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diverseRomster: so what's going on?09:31
diversexvee is planning to visit you09:31
Romstercooked dinner ate09:32
Romsteri'd wanna try and drink him under the table i can drink lots.09:32
diverseSounds like you will win the drinking contest09:33
diverselearning to use valgrind was a bitch09:36
Romsterwhen i've drank a whole 700ml bottle of 40% whisky and a slab of beer :D09:43
Romsterbut that was excessive i had a major hang over the next day09:43
nwecome and buy :)
Romsterover head cupboards my head hurts already09:50
Romsterused to bang my head on the doors of those.09:50
diversesounds like you need to lie down for a bit10:22
Romsterme? i'm fine10:23
diversereally? Reading what you said made me feel like all of these combined,  :( + ;/ + o_o10:26
Romsterin the past10:26
Romsternot present10:26
diversebtw, when are you going to remove those old linux kernels out of your repo?10:41
diverseunless you are keeping them for nostalgic reasons?10:47
Romsterugh the mailinglist about systemd11:41
Romsteri feel sick now.11:41
Romsteri do not wanna see the word systemd ever again.11:41
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diverseRomster: is roelof taking about it?11:50
Romsterwas on the mailinglist11:51
Romsteri just looked at my emails.11:51
diverseI don't get why he is so insistent on using the ML for everything either11:52
Romsteryou'd think it's a bulletin board the way he uses the ML11:53
Romsterwell i guess it is that.11:53
Romsterguess i just prefer irc11:53
prologicI love Alan's suggestion11:53
prologicgo use Arch :)11:53
Romsterhah that's an idea11:54
Romsterit's already packaged there too.11:54
prologicI mean if writing a bash script11:54
prologicand figured out what the daemon is for a piece of software is too hard11:54
prologicwell then geez lious11:54
Romsterwrite a bash script for rc.d/ how fucking hard is that?11:54
prologicapparently it's even harder to find the "daemon" ro actually run11:54
diverseprologic: you mean that arch dev "Allan"?11:55
prologicif you want to use software xyz11:55
Romsteri'm no pro and i manage.11:55
prologicwouldn't you figure that stuff out?11:55
Romsterdiverse, no we have an alan but he rarely if ever joins irc.11:55
Romsteralan also maintains kde11:55
prologicwow that's a big task :)11:56
prologicas bad as Gnome I guess11:56
prologicwhen I saw the emails about XFCE notw working11:56
diverseyou should see Cinnamon...11:56
prologicI kinda felt like repiny but didn't11:56
Romsternot really kde is less ports and not nearly as hard.11:56
Romsterlike kde games kde utilites not a million ports just get everything to work.11:57
prologicstill bigger job than XFCE :)11:57
Romsternot like 60 gnome libs11:57
Romsteryeah probably.11:57
Romsteri started on kde before moving to finally pekwm11:57
Romsteri wanted less bloat and yet here i am with wine clementine and xine11:58
Romsteramong others.11:58
Romsterwhich in itself is alot of deps.11:58
RomsterMhash/s 70.64111:59
Romsterpretty crappy isn't it.11:59
Romstermade 0.00003963 BTC so far12:00
Romsterbut i only ran it when i'm home.12:00
prologicthat's not bad :)12:00
Romstermakes me wanna build my next pc with serious 700 series gtx cards and water cooling.12:00
prologicso when BTC are worth $1M ea12:01
prologicyou'll have $38 :)12:01
prologicthey hit $1000 the other day12:01
prologicsure did12:01
diverseehh, don't go with 700 series, they just drain more power for little gain, go with 60012:01
Romsteri so wanna have my own pool here and do it that way12:01
Romsteri haven't looked at the specs on cpu power vs power consumed yet12:02
Romsterid of gone with ati but hell.... nothing but issues. i did try a card from work i took it back to work disapointed12:03
Romsterno driver supported it they always lag behind.12:03
Romsteras prologic also found out.12:03
diverseif you use FreeBSD you have no choice but to use nvidia12:04
Romsteri kninda want to fire up arch in virtualbox to see what the fuss is over Cinnamon12:05
Romsterbut then effort12:05
diverseeww... arch12:05
Romsterto see that desktop <<12:05
Romsteri'm not porting the sucker.12:06
diverseor why not try Linux Mint, and do it the lazy way12:06
Romsterbut i'll always use crux.12:07
diverseI mean in vbox!12:07
Romstersure it's effort but kiss12:07
nogagplzarch is still kiss...12:07
Romsterhehe i know what you meant.12:07
diversenogagplz: kiss, my ass.12:07
Romsteromg nogagplz talks you been quiet lately.12:07
Romsterkiss if oyu don't mind bloat.12:08
nogagplzyeah I've been run into the ground12:08
diversekiss if you don't mind systemd fucking you over12:08
Romsterwork? or grandma?12:08
Romstershe must be getting worse :/12:09
nogagplzyou're not forced to use systemd, use runit or sysvinit or w/e the pkgbuilds are available12:09
nogagplzyeah more bitchy, less energy, driving me mad12:09
Romsterput up with it she wont last much longer.12:10
Romsterall you can do is give her some quality of life.12:10
nogagplzit's a tricky thing to explain, but the short version is she's a poisonous monster12:11
Romsterturned into a bitch?12:11
nogagplzI'm here so she's not forced into one of those shitty palliative care hospitals12:11
Romsteryou can't care for her 24/7?12:11
nogagplznah always has been, and even now as she is she just milks it to be moreso :P12:11
Romsterso you get a nurse to help?12:14
nogagplzno I do it all myself12:14
diversethe mood here is sure pessimistic12:16
Romstersurely you'd be tired too much on your own.12:17
Romsterdoubt you don't bath her too.12:17
nogagplzdo you want to hear all the traumatising details12:17
diversealright time to /ignore nogagplz12:17
Romsterdiverse, why nogagplz is not a bad guy.12:18
Romsterquite miss nogagplz stuff in here it's not the same without.12:18
Romsteri don't mind if you need someone to talk to nogagplz12:19
diverseI'm only ignoring him, so he can go on with the traumatising details, without bothering me.12:19
nogagplzit's cool, just an incredibly demanding tiresome painful experience12:20
nogagplz24/7 on standby for her, she fell asleep early tonight so time to look at porn etc12:20
Romsterah time to procrastinate12:22
nogagplztoo bad gravity can't be turned off in those things12:23
Romsteryeah hehe12:24
diversealright removed ignore12:25
Romsteryou missed nothing.12:25
diversedidn't seem like it lasted12:26
Romstercan we add a roelof filter to ML12:27
diverseyeah we need to drag his ass back here and tie him here12:27
Romsteri so could get images of that12:28
Romsterwas i anywhere this bad when i started with crux O_O12:28
diversememory lane?12:29
nogagplzdidn't you move from core linux to crux12:29
nogagplzI doubt you were that bad12:29
diverseI don't think you were as bad either12:30
diverseYou said you learned as you progress12:30
diversewhere as roelof need to hammer that information in at least 5 times12:30
diverseslow, but he eventually gets there12:31
Romsteri was bad but not that bad diverse12:32
Romsterprobably more so with my crazy ideas on how things should be.12:32
Romsteryeah i was messing with core linux12:33
diverseRomster: I didn't say you were that bad at all.12:33
Romsterand debian.12:33
Romsterno i was just thinking when i was new to crux.12:33
Romsteri got stuck on some stuff that prologic helped me on.12:33
Romsterafter that i just took off on my own.12:33
Romsterthis whole systemd bull crap that red hat is forcing down our throats though... this is bs12:34
diversethey are also pulling the same crap with gtk3 and gnome12:35
Romsterwhat is wrong with gtk3?12:35
Romsteri really have not been following.12:35
diverseever stable release its api keeps changing and either gets broken again12:36
diversethey do it on purpose to discourage third party theme developers for making themes for gtk312:37
Romsterisn't the whole idea of the alpha stage is to iron out the API calls. and then put a freeze on the existing calls and only possibly add new calls if need be12:37
Romsterare you certain of that?12:37
Romsterfor all i know you got your information from some other rumor.12:37
diverseRomster: read all of this:
Romsterand if they are how the hell are we meant to get more users into linux when stream is even giving linux a try for games.12:42
Romsterif i was rich i would make a stable gtk system with a ton of programmers.12:47
Romsterwhat sort of dickwads are we dealing with here.12:48
diverseso its not just theme developers that are complaining, other gtk users also hate gtk3 for what they are doing to it.12:50
diverseall for "brand presense" and to keep "consistent visual appearance"12:51
diverseno freedom in customizing what so ever, its the gnome way!12:51
Romstersomeone should jsut fork gtk and tell anyone else to fu.12:52
diverseI'm hoping that Linux Mint guys would do that12:52
diverseotherwise I am towarding forward with qt4 and 512:53
Romsteri'm sticking to my pekwm no bs just works.12:53
Romsterbut then all my gui apps are all mismatched etc.12:53
Romsterugly desktop but it works12:53
diverseyou are going to have to live with that, some are already migrating from gtk to qt such as wireshark and lxde12:54
Romsterqt is much a hog to compile12:54
diversejust the lib itself?12:55
Romsterit's as bad as cimpiling webkit12:55
Romsterfor time12:56
Romsterunlike gtk12:56
RomsterC++ for qt12:56
Romstermaybe there are C bindings for qt but i never looked.12:56
Romsterwhat we really need is a common abstraction api12:57
Romsterso any backend toolkit be it qt gtk or something else can translate to there calls.12:57
Romsterhell a modular graphical tool kit would be better.12:58
Romsterthe whole qt and gtk stuff is one huge bloated mess. much like xfree was before it became modular xorg.12:59
Romsterwhat ever backend system i t uses there should be one theme engine interface.13:00
Romsterthen with the theme engines they can do the heck they please on there own engine for themes.13:00
Romsterdon't like it use another theme engine.13:01
Romsterif you ask me linux goes 2 steps forwared 1 step back.13:01
diversewell in the meantime, there is nothing wrong with gtk2, its perfectly functional.13:02
Romsterso really i should drop all gtk3 stuff?13:03
diverseThat depends on you.13:03
diverseWell if the app only has a gtk3 interface, then keep it, otherwise migrate them back gtk2 if you can13:04
diverseand heck roelof still needs gtk3 (sadly) for Cinnamon13:07
Romsteri'm honestly sick of the direction of which projects go in.13:09
Romsterthey get good they say they are improving on it then later versions they screw everyone over.13:10
Romsterand force us to fork it.13:10
Romstersome days i wish computers did not exist.13:11
Romsterwhat is the go with that anyways13:12
Romstersuposed to be better13:12
Romsterfor layering the rendering to the GPU13:12
Romsterfeels these big corporations are commercializing Linux. Lnux is meant as a hobby OS13:13
diverseyeah the compositor is much better and gets rid of the ancient crap from xlib that nobody uses, but there is a problem.13:13
joacimI've been thinking about picking up new hobbies actually13:16
joacimdraw cute girls and read books13:17
Romsterwinamp going to die O_O13:21
Romsterwhat is the world coming too.13:22
diverseno Romster, don't look at anymore bad news!13:22
nogagplzbad news? winamp was a pile of shit13:22
nogagplzgood riddance13:22
Romstergesus fuck i feel like poutng ranting badly.13:22
Romsterused to be good years ago13:22
joacimI remember using 2.x13:22
joacimthat must've been ten years ago13:22
Romsterbefore AOL screwed i tover13:22
nogagplzyeah but not any time recently13:22
Romsterabout then13:22
joacimI guess everyone on windows uses foobar now13:24
diverseif I had to use windows, I definitely pick foobar200013:25
diverseand the reason why I like deadbeef13:25
joacimnever quite liked foobar, but i dont know what i'd use on windows tho13:25
joacimitunes is ok on os x, but it is too big. built like a multiplatform application and it has too many features13:26
diversewell there is itunes for windows, since I am pretty sure you use that on your mac13:26
joacimall i want is a plain and simple library style music player13:27
joacimhaving to run it as a service is silly to me13:27
joacimtho i have used it for years13:27
Romsterbut i'm using clemantine now.13:27
diverseremember that article xvee pasted about nsa asking Linus to put backdoors into Linux, very hilarious right?13:39
diversethe idea itself is totally stupid, how can they even ask that?13:41
joacimcant they just download some script from the internet like every other kid on the block13:42
diverseThis is romsters beard, the guy on the left:
diverseRomster: it's time you trim that thing, dang.13:53
Romster that is /me/13:55
Romsterthat was out of a paper scan13:56
Romsterso everyone in this town would of seen it.13:56
AmnesiaRomster: just a matter of time and you're also a greybeard ^.^13:56
diverseRomster: that's a real picture of you?13:57
Romsteryes a real picture of me diverse13:57
RomsterAmnesia, i already have a few gray hairs now.13:58
AmnesiaRomster: a UNIX greybeard ofc:)13:58
diversewell frinnst, look at the Romster beard!13:58
Romsterhe's seen it it's his site. he stuck my pic on.13:59
Romsterafter i pasted the url here off my server.13:59
Romsterball is blurry because i put /that/ much spin on it.14:00
Romsteri'm finally nuking some ports in my romster tree.14:05
diverseplease be the kernels, please be the kernels!!14:05
Romsterwhy does it worry you <<14:09
diverseit shouldn't14:12
diversethey look like the easiest things to remove and you keep them for some unknown reason.14:15
diverseSigh, don't mind me.14:16
Romsteryeah i removed one.14:18
Romsterbut i'm also going over other stuff14:18
diverseWould anyone like to see my desktop screenshot?14:19
Romstersure why not.14:19
joacimi'll look at yours if you look at mine14:19
diversejoacim: is that a threat? :)14:19
diverseI use dual monitors, so the image will be big, although I guess because its big, imgur reduced the quality of it14:20
joacimis it because of the pixels? if it is just the filesize, optipng or pngcrush can help14:22
diversenothing special14:22
jaegerI've been running mint 13 on an extra machine here at work as a test... Not sure if it's the machine's fault or something mint-related but it's painfully slow to wake up when the display has turned off14:24
jaegerThe hardware is nothing spectacular but still, seems a bit ridiculous14:24
diversejoacim: i think pixel14:24
joacimwhat is that panel?14:25
diverseEnlightenment (e18) shelf14:25
diversenot a standalone panel14:26
joacimis that game any good? been wanting to play the Ys series from the same developer14:26
diverseThe whole Legend of Heroes series is awesome.14:27
diverseStart playing from Sora no Kiseki FC (Trails in the Sky)14:28
joacim <- i miss my old 2D dock.14:28
diverseXseed is going to release Trails in the Sky SC (Second Chapter) in English in steam and psp14:30
diverseI think earlier next year14:30
joacimphysical copy for psp?14:30
diverseno, only digital release for psp, because the game is very niche in US and Xseed can't afford to lose money on production costs.14:31
joacimmight as well just get it on steam then14:32
diversewhich is why I mentioned steam to you14:32
joacimi like to collect games, and downloadable games are collectable to me.14:32
Romster down to 388 ports i'll do more cleaning later14:33
joacimi feel i might as well pirate it. easier to backup and replay pirated games too ;)14:33
jaegerThey all bow before Xenoblade Chronicles! :)14:33
diversehey be sure to support Xseed!14:33
joacimI will. by buying their physical copies ;)14:34
diverseI'm serious, they are a small company14:36
joacimthey are. but i'm still only interested in physical copies.14:37
joacimi only buy from steam when stuff there is on sale14:37
joacimor i stumble upon one of those shitty pc games that install through steam14:38
diverseThey fact that they went out their way to translate 3.5 million Japanese characters into English for SC is worth noting.14:38
joacimit is worth something to those who don't mind buying downloadable copies14:40
syncni just fell for that post on HN about high frequency dating. tisk tisk14:41
diverseWell you can buy the physical copy of FC for psp to get you started14:41
diverse(its not out in steam yet)14:42
joacimthat'll be for when i have a psp. looking around for a cheap one.14:42
diversethat shouldn't be hard to find, since vita is Sony's currently beloved handheld system, and psp is dying anyway.14:44
joacimgamestop bloats their prices a little, and the ones people sell themselves are kinda too expensive too14:46
joacimpeople bundle all kinds of crap with them and increases the price14:46
joacimlots of umd movies14:46
diversejoacim: btw, just to keep in mind, you don't mind games that are heavily story driven?14:50
joacimi dont mind them14:51
joacimused to play some of these japanese console rpgs in the past.14:55
joacimGrandia was quite fun14:55
joacimnow i mostly play strategy games and creative types tho. some arcade games.14:57
diverseThen will like the Legend of Heroes Kiseki series. The battle AT system is designed for strategic play.14:59
joacimgrand strategy?15:00
diverseI haven't played Grandia, so I don't know.15:01
joacimcurrently playing crusader kings 2. marrying off my kids just to gain some more counties and duchies is quite fun15:01
diverseI was trying to take some screenshots of SC, but e18 crashed, sigh.15:02
diverseRomster: how is the port cleaning coming?15:04
Romsterdone a bit leaving todo more another night.15:05
diverseWhat's the port count?15:05
Romsteri said earlier 38815:06
diverseWell that's impressive. You had about 403 iirc, so a difference of 15 ports or so?15:07
Romsterits' a start15:07
diverseit's a great start15:08
diverseI'll do a ports -u eventually and do a sysup, since I need upgrade to alpha2.15:13
diversejoacim: can you order from
joacimdepends on the seller really15:19
joacimbut in general, i can15:19
joacimnot everyone wants to ship outside of their country, or outside of the eu in europe15:20
diverseI was going to suggest to take advantage of amazon's black friday deals to find a good deal on a psp...15:21
joacimwill the charger work on the european power grids?15:22
diverseI can't answer that unfortunately.15:23
diversejoacim: were you able to order directly from amazon or does it have to be third party sellers?15:24
joacimsometimes directly, sometimes third party sellers15:25
joacimit depends on what i'm buying15:25
joacimsometimes i havent been able to get it from anyone selling through, so i've had to use .fr15:26
joacimyou cant really tell if they will post to norway until after you've put the item in your basket15:26
joacimand you can't tell which item is the problem when amazon says it cant calculate shipping costs15:27
joacimso i have to add stuff one by one, and check each time i add something15:27
joacimit is easier to buy from ebay really. i can see it right there on the page how much shipping will cost me15:28
joacimand who will ship to norway15:28
joacimit is a bit more laid back on ebay too. i can just ask the seller if they're willing to ship to norway15:29
diverselooks like my suggestion won't work.15:29
joacimit is a bit of a pain. psps are easy enough to find here in norway. i just have to look around some more15:32
joacimthe tricky part is finding neogeo pocket colours and dreamcasts15:32
joacimi'll have to import those15:32
diverseyou must be an avid console collector?15:33
joacimi dont know15:35
joacimi dont have that many. i just buy what i can find15:35
diversefor those you can't find, you always have emulators ;)15:38
diverseRomster: I think that's one thing you like most about computers, right?15:42
joacimi'm not really interested in emulators anymore15:42
joacimi'd play NES and SNES games in an emulator, but mostly due to how overpriced those systems are here15:42
Romsteri used to be big diverse15:43
Romsterwe have a remulator repo15:43
joacimthe PAL ports for those systems are the shittiest ones too15:43
joacimwould have to import them from america, and that could be even more expensive due to shipping and taxes15:44
Romstergo back to nestickle then.15:44
Romsterremember that nes emulator15:45
joacimI used that in the past =)15:45
Romsterme too15:45
diversebrings back good memories doesn't?15:46
diverse*doesn't it15:46
Romstersure does.15:47
diverseI know, English is weird.15:47
Romsteri like to spell phonetically15:48
diverselike "thru" instead of "through"?15:48
Romsteri know english is a crazy too dumb rules language but it's the only one i know.15:48
diverseand "nuff" for "enough"15:49
Romster02:49:41 up 4 days,  2:11,  1 user,  load average: 20.08, 16.12, 12.1415:49
joacimi just say what my dictionary says is ok for me to say15:50
Romsterthat does not include grammar though joacim15:50
Romstercould use the wrong word in the wrong context.15:50
joacimi know15:50
diversejoacim: Don't worry, English is stupid in every way.15:50
joacimi can just say it is american english or something15:51
Romsteri bet i make many many mistakes.15:51
joacimand that'll make it ok for some reason15:51
Romsterif i get the point across that's good enough.15:51
joacimnorwegian is pretty stupid too. the written language is based on danish, so what you write is somewhat different from what you would say15:52
diversethat's how it usually is, you can have the crappiest grammer but your point will still come across15:52
Romsterbut i do try to use the correct words.15:53
Romsterbed time g'night15:58
diversehave a good one15:58
joacimpeople used to correct me for saying spelt instead of spelled16:00
joacimback when it was cool to correct poor grammar.16:00
diversejoacim: actually that's very logical guess. Actually, I think a lot of words in English should have "t" for past tense for consistency. For example, how would you know the difference between present tense "read" and past tense "read"? Like have it be "reat" instead. Or instead of "sounded" which sounds retarded, I think "sount" would be better.16:05
diversereplace the Ds with Ts16:07
diverseand for the words that don't end in D, yeah, suffix with "ed"16:11
diversebut that's being revolutionary16:12
joacimyou get a lot of exceptions and shit like that when you're speaking a language that evolved over thousands of years =)16:13
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: readline: update to 6.2.516:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.2.816:16
diverseEnglish evolved over a 1000 years as a Germanic language, since I think it was the "west germanics" who went and invaded what was England and then invaded other European countries, such as the Dutch, Greek, French, etc, and allowed those country's words to mix in with English, which pretty much made it a bastardized language over the period of time.16:19
joacimblame it on the french?16:20
diverseThere is no one to blame. Languages have a powerful influence on other languages.16:24
diverseEven now English still borrows words, for example it even borrowed the Japanese word tsunami for "tidal wave" and that became the norm16:25
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joacimshould borrow shitnami from canadian16:27
diversereally? They say that?16:28
diverseI can't open that in a browser atm, I'm in tty land16:30
joacimit is from a canadian tv show16:31
diverseoh, maybe its pun from that show, just to be funny :P16:31
diverse*it's a16:32
joacimit is.16:32
diverseit must be shitja vu!16:34
diversejoacim: get it?16:35
joacimyeah i get it =)16:42
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jaegergah... I've got a user whose machine runs like crap because said user not only runs everything at once (eclipse, matlab, afni, libreoffice, chromium, skype, gtalk plugin, etc.) but also messes with EVERYTHING16:50
jaegerI can't tell said user to stop doing all that, instead I have to keep trying to "fix" it16:50
diversewhat's preventing you from have a verbal discussion with the user about his operating habits?16:53
joacimi just get some more ram, so i dont have to  quit stuff, ever.16:54
jaegerpolitics. I cannot tell these users what to do because they and their boss are more important than I am16:55
diverseoh is these the guys that refuse to use the super badass computers that have linux on them, and resort to using their laptops for work?16:55
jaegerI've already had several conversations with said user about them but I have to be very careful NEVER to word my comments like they are in the wrong16:55
jaegerThis user does use the badass workstation but even it can't handle the shit thrown at it16:56
diversehow much ram does it have?16:56
jaegerchromium + gtalk plugin + skype = insane memory leak and shitty compositing performance16:56
jaegerthis particular one 'only' has 9GB16:56
jaegerWhich is odd since most of them have 12 or more. I don't set up the desktop hardware, though, our windows guy pretty much views that as "his thing" and gets mad when others do it17:00
jaegerheh, firefox, thunderbird, and all that other stuff I mentioned are all running on the machine right now17:02
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teK_as a vlc maintainer, I have to say..
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elderKGuys, how come my (pre|post)-install scripts aren't running when I prt-get?19:24
elderKDo I always have to specify --install-scripts ?19:24
elderKAlso, when I prt-get remove ....19:24
elderKthe (pre|post)-remove scripts aren't running.19:25
elderKAny ideas?19:25
jaegercheck your /etc/prt-get.conf19:26
pitilloelderK: check prt-get.conf and look for runscripts... only for build time19:26
elderKWill that run the removal scripts?19:32
elderKalso, prt-get --install-scripts depinst ....19:33
elderKexecuted via sudo doesn't work :P19:33
elderKthe scripts are run in the context of root?19:33
elderKThat seems sane.19:33
pitilloelderK: I think there aren't removal scripts, only pre/post install19:36
elderKI create a user for the database engine to run as.19:36
pitilloprobably you can do something with alternative commands, when using pkgrm19:36
elderKin my post-install19:36
elderKon removal, I want to remove that user and the associated group.19:37
elderK(firebird, firebird)19:37
elderKbut now that I think about it,19:37
elderKIt's possible files will be created by that user...19:37
elderKthat weren't there on install.19:37
elderKso it doesn't make sense to remove it anyway :)19:37
elderKPeople removing the package will just have to prune, I guess.19:37
pitilloat least no automagically19:37
elderKI'll just make a note in teh Pkgfile.19:38
pitilloa README file in a port can give info about it :)19:38
elderK:) Cool19:44
elderKThanks pitillo19:44
pitilloyou are welcome :)19:45
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rmullReally? What happens to python?22:09
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