IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2013-11-22

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xveehi everyone03:45
xveehow are you jaeger03:51
jaegerReasonable. You?03:51
xveenot too shabby. watching naruto, and its finally an episode with not too many fillers so im quite satisfied03:56
jaegerWorking on some ports here, watching a movie04:01
xveeoh? what movie?04:04
jaegerThe Hunger Games, currently... just picked a random one for something to be on in the background04:04
jaegerNope, I have it04:06
xveeoh thats cool. its a pretty nice movie04:07
jaegerI like it04:07
xveei enabled transparency on terminals and i feel like i entered a whole new world lol04:23
jaegerIs it fake transparency or real composite transparency? :)04:24
xveewell the only thing i changed in urxvt is transparent: true04:28
xveenot sure if thats true transparency04:28
jaegerIf you can read other windows through it, it's composited. If not, not04:30
xveedoesn't look like it is. gotta fix that04:31
xveewhat do you use as your composit manager if i may ask04:32
jaegerIt's built into the WM, marco04:33
xveeoh okay. not sure why its not working with xcompmgr04:34
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diversejaeger: still dealing with that troublesome user?05:47
jaegeryeah... I don't see that changing any time soon05:48
diverseif you could get him off skype that might help... actually why would he be using skype during work?05:54
jaegerThe answer to that question is mind my own business, heh05:57
nwegood morgning06:17
diversejaeger: I see. :)06:58
diversenwe: yo06:58
nwediverse: yo07:00
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nwehow are you diverse ?07:01
diversepretty good07:01
nwenice to hear :)07:02
diverseWhat's new?07:04
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nwenothing, sitting and doing some workstuff07:08
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Romsteri had one super busy after noon of constant phone call and customer interruptions while trying to get jobs done.08:23
Romsterwhile on my own most of the after noon08:23
Romsterbrrr cold out side09:08
Romsternwe, find /usr/include -name tolua++.h09:09
xveehow cold?09:13
Romsterwet and windy on top of that.09:14
xveeit was about 60 degrees here and raining too. i had to take my fancy car out, it stopped raining, and once i brought her back home, it started again. quite lucky i must say09:15
xveei had just washed the car too...double lucky09:17
Romsteri got a old vn commodore :/09:18
xveeas long as it gets you from point a to point b!09:19
xveeits a classy car for a classy gentleman. if you had your pick of a car, what would it be?09:19
Romsterit's not stock though but it needs some work09:19
Romsterlowered, tinted windows, dual fuel. sports stearing wheel.09:20
Romsterwider tyers and a inch larger than stock09:20
Romsterthough engine has some issues i need to deal with.09:20
xveeyou should seafoam that thing! i was surprising at all the crap that came out of my car, and i always fill 91 (highest shitty california gas)09:21
xveecleaned the fuel tank, injectors, and the engine. it had quite a bit of smoke, too!09:22
Romsterand now i got a hole in my exhaust some where near the cat converter.09:22
xveeo.o how did you manage that?09:22
xveescraped something?09:23
Romsterhasn't got extractors on it my next upgrade to it.09:23
Romstereh worn a hole on it's own i think09:23
Romsterit never scrapes under there.09:23
Romsterprobably rusted out09:23
Romstercar is too low to look under it and it's too wet to drive it up an embakment so i can fit under it without getting wet.09:24
Romsteri'll probably fit a 2 and a half inch system to it with extractors.09:24
Romsterand a high flow cat09:24
Romsteri'm not gonna do much to it. other than upgrade the exhaust09:25
xveeget it tuned. not sure if they have ecu's but man...ecu mapping is gods gift to mind kind09:25
Romsteri've adjusted the gear box cable so it changes gears more responsively now.09:25
xveei wanted to get my ecu flashed for not only the power, but better mpg. its quite pricey, so i'd rather mod  then tune09:25
Romstertoo early to have the ECU do the gear changes.09:25
xveewell, the ecu on my car controls boost, fuel ratios and what not -shrugs-09:26
Romsterif i was going to drop another enging in this thing i'd fit up a VR engine with a lumpy cam. and a mod chip09:26
Romsterit's done 290,000km now09:26
xveejesus o.o09:26
Romsteri should get another 100,000km or so before that engine is crapped itself.09:27
Romsterhardly burns any oil.09:27
xveemy friend camry has 300,000 miles on it09:27
xveethose things run for ever, apparently09:27
Romstersome engines do09:28
Romsterthis lady gray tea is really nice.09:28
xveeyour car seems to be holding up really well. hope mine does too..09:28
Romstereh broken two door handles broken bonet cable i've had my moments09:28
Romsterand radiator cracked the shits09:28
Romsterjust got home. really hot.09:29
Romsterrepalced that and new water pump.09:29
Romsterall good there now.09:29
Romstercars always a pain09:29
Romsterupgraded the headlights to 55 watt HID lighting 6000K09:30
xveeoh sweet!09:30
Romstersuckers better not flash there high beam at me -_-09:30
Romsteri always dip mine early.09:30
Romstereven low beam is bright.09:30
Romsterthere H3 bulbs that hae a relay to lower it to low beam so there always on.09:31
xveeoh yea, i would think so...burn peoples eyes09:31
Romsterway better than yellow hallogens09:31
Romsterand a easy mod todo.09:31
xveeon my car, to take out the head lights, you need to disassemble the entire front bumper, then take out the case for the lights and what not09:32
xveesuch a drag09:32
Romsterwans't that much effort.09:34
Romsterthat sucks09:34
Romsteroh i do wanna replace tail lights with leds too at some point09:34
Romsterstill remember my bike light had 3000mcd red leds in it. what did i do?09:35
Romsteri went and replaced them with 30,000mcd leds :D09:35
Romsterit can be seen a few kilometers away09:36
xveei feel like you get super bright lights to annoy silly and or stupid drivers09:36
Romsterthat was for a push bike nah i just like being seen.09:36
Romsterno sucker than say i didn't see him09:36
Romstercan say*09:36
Romsterused to use a 20 watt hallogen on the front. :D09:37
xveeman, the drivers here are terrible! i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't see you09:37
Romsterof a push bike!09:37
Romsterand a heavy sealed lead acid battery09:37
Romsteri'll either do a hid setup or some broght leds next.09:38
Romsteri was gonna get driving lights for my car but no need to now.09:38
xveemake sure you upload some pictures09:38
Romsteri like modding stuff better.09:38
xveeyou should totally get an instagram. xD09:38
Romsterand having it look like it's stock normal.09:38
Romsteruntil used.09:39
Romsterman if i had a bit of spare cash i'd turn the vn comodre into a sleeper09:39
xveethats what i wanna do to my car! i dont anyone to know just what they're dealing with till i put my foot on the gas pedal09:40
Romstercameras don't do bright lights justice.09:40
Romsteryeah but i'm driving a 1.4 ton wagon around that barks as it is now.09:41
Romsterwith a 3.8 litre v6 in it.09:41
Romsterno speed rocket09:41
xveeim on a 2 liter 4 banger!09:41
Romsterbut it turns heads when i floor it.09:41
Romsterrevs out to 5000rpm09:41
Romsterthough i rarely do let it do that.09:42
Romsteronce in a blue moon when it's warmed up09:42
Romsterso it don't get a lip on the piston cylinders.09:42
Romsterdrive a car like a granny when you rev it it'll so asplode.09:43
Romsterdamage piston edges.09:43
xveei cant rev my car here unless im either up in the mountains, or, its really late at night. cops are everywhere!09:43
xveeit really does. and im a young kid in a really sporty car. i automatically become a drug dealer...09:44
xveetill i show them my cflags!09:44
Romsterso you got a little rev box and i got about 140 killowatt v6 that's not that flash really.09:44
xveeaside from being super white, nothing here will help with cops. ive been pulled over countless times for no reason09:45
xveei take that back. boobs help with cops09:46
Romstermy wagon  is a off creamy white09:47
Romsteri havne't been pulled over much09:47
xveemy car is black09:47
Romsterheat magnet in the summer09:47
xveeits really nice at night ^___^09:47
xveeits mostly parked in my garage. it only comes out at night, usually, when i take her for some spirited drives09:48
nweRomster: I found the problem, the Pkgfile, installed the stuff in /include, so I fixed my own Pkgfile, with right path.09:48
xveebut if left outside in the summer yea, heat magnet it is. black interior with black half leather seats09:48
Romsteri really don't get black cars10:01
Romsternwe, k10:01
xveethey just look nice. its personal preference10:01
Amnesiaugh, I've definitly got to get used to latex10:03
Amnesiabut it's not too bad:)10:03
Romsterfor what it can do10:04
AmnesiaRomster: afaik it can do anything you want10:05
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nweI fixed it10:33
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Amnesianwe: teh eyecandy:P10:44
xveeare 2 64 gb ssd drives for 70 dollars worth it?10:53
xveeits an ADATA Premier Pro SP60010:56
xveeafter reading some reviews, they dont seem to be all too powerful, but they are dirt cheap11:01
xveeprobably why they're not too great lol11:01
frinnstI wouldnt bother11:15
xveeyea. they have the 840 samsung ssd thats a 120 for 60 dollars. i feel like thats a far better deal11:16
frinnstintel dc370011:19
frinnsteh, s370011:20
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xvee800 gb ssd's11:22
xveewhy o.o11:22
Amnesianwe: doesn't transparancy affect your abillity to code:P?11:26
nwenope, my terminal int transparent..
Amnesiaah sorry confused you with xvee:)12:01
AmnesiaRomster: could you update the footprint for the netpbm package12:39
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frinnstnwe: post config + icons then :)13:20
frinnstlooks nice13:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.3-p48415:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p48415:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samba: update to 4.1.215:00
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diversejoacim: found a psp yet?16:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: spctrwm: update to 2.4.016:19
tilmanjue: what key do you use for MOD in spectrwm? alt is kinda annoying since it collides with irssi e.g. :/16:27
tilmannwe: you should get yourself a fancy irssi theme! :p16:27
juetilman: the windows key, modkey = Mod416:28
tilmanjue: hehe, i anticipated that answer :))16:28
tilmanit's a little hard to reach for it, though16:29
tilmanthe left one, anyway. the right one might work better16:29
juehmm, on my keyboard the key is between ctrl and alt (left side), so it's perfect for me16:31
tilmani am reaching for it with my left thumb, which might be stupid16:32
tilmanleft pinky instead, maybe..?16:32
tilmanactually i don't even know if thumb-for-alt is "correct"16:33
jueyeah, that's better, I'd say :)16:33
tilmanthanks :D16:35
juegerne :)16:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: librsvg: updated to 2.39.0 and fixed deps17:57
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joacimdiverse: i'm not looking21:00
nrxtxteK_: you might have a look at the logs from syncing the repos for the portdb :D 403 errors in different repos :D21:05
nwetilman: hehe :)21:19
nwefrinnst: sure, I was only two fonts I have missed, I will give you tarball with everything :)21:20
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nwefrinnst: you need conky-lua.21:27
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diversesup xvee23:38
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xveehi diverse23:44
diversegot your desktop all purple-ish?23:46
xveeyep. got fake trasparency to work too. real doesn't work too well, as xcompmgr doesn't want to play nice23:48
diverseyeah you are at a disadvantage with compositing23:51
joacimthink there is an alternative to xcompmgr somewhere23:52
joacimforgot what it is called tho23:53
joacimi've never been able to get xcompmgr to work right, but the one built into xfwm4 worked well enough for me23:53
joacimbut that was a long time ago, and there were still some issues23:53
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diversexvee: you tile most of the time right?23:57
xveeyep. im on dwm right now23:57
diversethen the need for real transparency is not needed, especially for terminals23:57
xveeyea, i make do with fake. the only thing i wanted transparency on irssi, and fake does that just fine23:59

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