IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2013-11-23

diverseyeah unless you are going to use the floating feature of dwm, which I don't see you doing anyway00:02
xveeyea im not complaining :)00:09
xveethough i should get some icons for pcmanfm.00:10
diversexvee: use spacefm00:13
xveei guess that is the easy way out lol00:14
xveehardly use pcmanfm anyway. the only other thing im looking for is a nice conky theme00:15
diversetalk to nwe00:15
xveeeh. im in no rush yet...but i probably will00:16
teK_% grep xcomp ~/.xinitrc00:17
teK_xcompmgr -D 3 -f -O 100 &00:17
diversexvee: I don't think you will be able to see conky through fake trans00:18
xveethis is true...00:20
joacimcompton. i remember the name now. =)00:21
diversenever heard of that one00:22
joacimteK_: i'll try that one next time i decide to install xorg00:22
joacimlast time i had to install it was when my desktop died and i had to use my "server" as my desktop00:23
xveejoacim: how do you display video without xorg o.O00:24
diversexvee: he use Mac for desktop needs00:24
joacimos x and windows =)00:24
joacim-vo caca would be funnier i guess =)00:25
diverselet there be ascii art!00:25
diversethat would be funny if there was someone that make a wm out of libcaca00:26
joacimthere are applications that works more like a tiling window manager00:28
joacimsomething more like tmux and screen00:28
joacimyou can also use the framebuffer to output video.00:29
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diverseah right, I remember that. -vo fb right?00:31
joacimi think so00:31
joacimnot sure how you'd go about getting more than 8 colours from normal text output tho00:32
diversewhat about 256 colors?00:33
xveei thought osx used x11 too00:33
teK_yeah, set your term to xterm-256color NOW00:33
joacimyou can install x11 if you want it00:33
joacimit doesnt run on top of it00:33
joacimwell that didnt work.00:39
joacimi'm talking about the plain old linux console, not xterm or urxvt00:39
diversehmm, is there one for tty?00:40
diverseor use fbterm00:45
diverseteK_: we take terminal emulators for granted00:49
joacim8-16 colors is usually enough00:52
joacim256 is nice for some effects tho00:52
joacimthere is an xmms2 client that outputs the cover art more like ansi art00:52
joacimdont know if ansi art is the correct term for it, as it is more a dos thing.00:53
joacimi mean. i dont know if plain old ansi art can be displayed in xterm or urxvt =)00:53
diverseI think libcaca worked on terminal emulators, but not aa00:55
joacimthis is a cool little utility00:57
diversehahahahaha RMS bitmap00:57
xveethats actually reallly funny!00:59
diversethat should be seen more often01:01
diverseinstead of the cow01:01
xveenever really understood why they chose a cow01:02
diverselibcaca is still somewhat active01:09
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diversejoacim: are you chatting on your server or desktop?01:28
joacimboth, at the same time01:32
joacimweechat running in tmux on the server, ssh client on my desktop =)01:32
diversetg for tmux01:32
joacimdont really have a good reason for using it instead of screen01:33
joacimI think tmux's config file is nicer, but i'm not exactly rewriting my screen config that often, so it doesn't really matter which I use.01:34
diverseI recently picked up on using multiplexers and tmux seemed like the choice for me.01:36
joacimdtach is ok. it does what 99% of the things i do with screen and tmux01:38
diversefor me, detaching and paning are what I use most of the time01:40
diversesometimes when I have the urge to type something in the terminal, hit the combintion, bang its right there, type comand in, when done, close it, and resume session with weechat01:42
diversebasically tmux does all my tiling needs01:45
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: 2.4.48 -> 2.4.4907:03
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xproto: 7.0.24 -> 7.0.2507:14
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.48 -> 2.4.4907:15
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: enable --enable-texture-float for opengl 3 support07:51
Romstertilman, ^08:01
xveei found my old gameboy with pokemon...tonight is going to be a good night08:08
xveedamn it, my game boy doesn't work :(08:11
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Sleepy_Coderemulator teim :D08:42
nwegood morning08:43
xveegood morning08:45
tilmangood morning08:45
nwehow are you guys?08:51
xveealright and you?08:54
Rotwangnot bad, thanks08:55
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: enable --enable-texture-float for opengl 3 support09:16
Romsterwas watching tv myself.09:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] linux-pam: Updated to 1.1.810:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] pam_ldap: Moved configuration from /etc/openldap/ldap.conf to /etc/pam_ldap.conf10:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] nss_ldap: Moved configuration from /etc/openldap/ldap.conf to /etc/nss_ldap.conf10:04
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nrxtxhi Romster16:33
Romsterwhats new?16:33
nrxtxstill messing around with pkgfiles :D16:34
Romster03:34:02 up 6 days,  2:55,  1 user,  load average: 9.27, 8.67, 7.0016:35
joacimis that load from all of your ports?16:39
joacimcaused by*16:40
Romsteri'm over mt 4 core level so i got a backlog i'm doing j20 over distcc16:40
nogagplzgood lord your room must be an oven16:40
Romsterbitmining on one of my gpus and playing runescape in 32bit firefox browser.16:41
Romsterquite a nice 22C16:41
Romsteri only have my main pc in here the other 4 are in the dining room.16:41
Romsteri know bit mining isnt'w orth t but it puts out heat as a heater would. so i only mine when i need extra heat.16:42
Romstermake money while heating room why not :D16:43
jaegerI doubt it outpaces your power bill :)16:43
Romsterprobably not but.16:43
joacimI had a noticable increase in under-desk temperatures after I installed this GTX 260 in my PC16:47
joacimIt is quite comfy actually16:48
Romsterbit mine it ti'll be like a heater16:48
nrxtxRomster: i'm not heating my room, parsing pkgfiles is quite fun :D16:48
Romsterit will16:48
nrxtxinteretsing version number schemes:
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Romsterhmm not come across that are you doing something along the lines of my version sort now?16:49
nrxtx? just wondered on the date command as version number :D16:51
nrxtxwas tired of comparing port versions manually when search on the official portdb16:52
Romster$(date +%Y%m%d)16:52
Romsterpersonally i'd probably use the date of the created tarball off curl -sI http://.../foo.tar.bz216:53
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Romsterthen later compare that too see if it's changed for version less files.16:54
nrxtxRomster: not the version of the pkgfile, but the one of the program itself16:55
Romsterthat's what i mean.... curl -sI16:55
nrxtxRomster: it does not tell you the version like i3-4.6 or i3-4.516:56
nrxtx <- one package 4 different version numbers16:57
nrxtx*5 different16:57
Romsterno not unless oyu unpack it and grep it out of version.h or whatever file it's got the version number stored in it.16:57
Romsteris that your generated list?16:58
Romsterso what is your goal?16:59
nrxtxlike i said was tired of comparing and grepping version from pkgfiles when searching a port16:59
nrxtxno big goal behind16:59
Romster$ ./ --common-ext | ./ --print-sorted17:01
Romster audacity-minsrc 2.0.517:01
Romsterworking on a tool that will return version numbers from highest to lowest17:02
Romsterversion numbers are one thing but each personal repo can have other configure differences.17:02
Romsterck4up uses regex to match a version string on a page. my tool actually parses all the file string formats. then sorts them.17:03
nrxtxare you going to check your pkgfiles automatically with that?17:04
Romsterat some point it'll auto download and attempt to compile in a chroot automatically and scrap the sites once every few hours.17:05
nrxtxargh "depends on" with , and spaces mixed ...17:06
nrxtxRomster: nice try :)17:06
Romsteri prefer to nuke the comas17:07
nrxtxand i hit several 404s and 403s when parsing all repos with their pkgfiles17:08
Romsterwhat are you parsing with?17:09
Romsterah cool17:09
Romsteri haven't released any code yet but plan too later on.17:10
nrxtx -> python -> sync everything -> parse -> sqlite db17:10
Romster that was me parsing a gentoo mirror with my too.17:11
Romsteroh that was a earlier diff one hmm17:11
nrxtxah and one more thing i missed on the official portdb: searching for files :)17:16
Romster xorg libs url17:16
Romsterhmm so your making it all searchable that is intersting.17:17
nrxtxRomster: can you notice me if you release something of your tool?17:17
Romsterone ting crux is lacking is arch's ports page.17:17
Romsteri can if i don't forget.17:17
Romster there is the gentoo mirror sorted list.17:18
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Romsterif oyu look at the raw paste and at the end there is stats17:18
nrxtxRomster: at least i try to make it searchable, the sqlitedb is already around 400mbyte holding all the information :D17:19
nrxtxdidn't think that it grews that fast but there are a lots of ports in the portdb of crux :D17:20
Romstermine alone would make it shit bricks.17:20
nrxtx237Mbytes of Pkgfiles, Footprints and Md5sums if you sync every single repo from port list :)17:23
Romsteri know you could do a diff -pruN between different repo Pkgfiles.17:23
Romstersee the differences between any 2 Pkgfiles of the same name.17:23
nrxtx4829 ports available :)17:24
nrxtxhehe that also might be interesting17:24
joacimthere are some really big footprints around too. like the one for texlive17:24
Romsteryeah that is a killer17:24
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Romsteri nearly thought about trunicating that footprint file shorter and leaving pkgmk ignore new take care of it.17:25
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nrxtx20 biggest footprints in portdb: :D17:28
Romsterthat about sums that up17:31
deus_exWhile building wine-1.7.7, this message from configure caught my eye17:34
deus_exyup.I have a patch, if you want17:35
Romsternah just a version bump17:35
RomsterlibOSMesa hmm17:35
Romsteryou on the most recent mesa3d and mesa3d-32?17:35
Romsteryou sure i bumped them earlier today17:36
Romsterwas that during the 32 or 64 bit configure?17:37
deus_ex9.2.3-3 and 9.2.3-2, right?17:37
deus_exsame message with 64-bit configure17:37
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Romstergrep osmesa /usr/ports/xorg/mesa3d/.footprint17:39
Romsterbut no lib hmm17:39
deus_exosmesa build is disabled by default in Mesa17:40
Romstermust be new last time i looked mesa3d was fine17:41
Romstersomeone is likely to flame me for bumping mesa3d this many times...17:46
deus_exRomster: Roelof, most likely ;)17:49
deus_ex'why no systemd?' 'because it sucks/is spawn of santa?'17:51
deus_exI enjoyed that particular discussion on ml17:52
nrxtxas long as it does not go on forever17:53
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: [notify] mesa3d: enable libosmesa required for wine17:53
deus_exnrxtx: longest flamefest on ml was few years back, iirc,17:55
deus_ex'why Crux isn't called GNU/LInux', or something similar17:55
deus_exit was fun17:56
Romsteroh gawd i remember that.17:57
jaegerperhaps you can introduce Roelof and Ronny Kornexl17:57
jaegeror however that was spelled17:57
Romsteroh jaeger you need to add a symlink to nvidia too. regarding a earlier discission on getitng bit mining working.17:57
deus_exjaeger: the clash of the titans17:57
deus_ex'when idiots collide'17:58
deus_exI'd watch that movie17:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: [notify] mesa3d-32: enable libosmesa required for wine18:01
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Romsterthat should solve that deus_ex18:04
Romsteri'm building new wine now.18:04
pedjaRomster: I'll wait for you to push wine update to opt, then rebuild.18:11
Romsterjaeger, ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/libOpenCL.so18:12
Romsterin nvidia18:13
Romsterelse bfgminer cna't find the GPU's18:13
pedjacuda-sdk needs that symlink too, iirc18:14
Romsternot sure about cuda but wouldn't hurt to have a symlink if it's missing as well.18:14 symlink should point to, which points to nvidia$version, right?18:23
nrxtxg2g cu later18:23
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pedjagl-select status says that I'm using xorg glx.I fucked smth up.18:24
*** joacim has quit IRC18:25
Romsterpedja, correct18:25
jaegerI don't think that was a question18:25
*** joacim has joined #crux18:25
Romsterpedja, try doing gl-select use xorg ; gl-select use nvidia18:25
pedjai points to mesa, to nvidia.nice mess18:27
jaegeryou can pretty much always fix it by reinstalling xorg-server and mesa3d18:28
Romsteryou should'thave ot touch any of that stuff.18:28
Romsteri was talking about another symlik for cuda18:28
jaegertechnically none of them should need symlinks, I would think... just lazy devs causing it18:29
pedjafixed, I probably made manually, and forgot about it18:36
Romsteryeah don't do that...18:37
Romstergl-select does it for you18:37
pedjacuda examples would not build without it, I think18:37
pedjanvidia port does not provide it.18:38
pedjaor cuda compiler expects it, or something18:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.7.6 -> 1.7.718:53
pedjaspeaking of wine, it whines about dbus-32, too, no dynamic device support because it can't find it.18:55
Romsteryeah extra port18:55
Romsterprt-get depinst dbus-32 before wine if you want that.18:56
Romsternot eveyone wants hard deps on dbus?18:56
pedjaanother round of gl-select in my future after mesa update18:59
pedjaswitch to xorg, rebuild mesa, switch to nvidia, sip some coffee19:02
nwegood evning19:04
Romsteri'm jsst making coffee.19:04
pedjaRomster: it is raining here, what better way to pass the time then to rebuild mesa again and again and again and again...:)19:05
Romsterit's crux they have to be aware it requires hours of compiling.19:15
Romsteror days if they run an old machine19:16
Romsteri remember building a tool chain in 2 days19:16
Romster  .... time to get into the christmas spirit NSFW19:39
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xveehello everyone20:23
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xveediverse: ?22:37
diversecould you see the characters?22:38
xveei just see a bunch of question marks22:38
diversenot a unicode friendly terminal it seems22:39
xveethe one im on is rxvt-unicode o.O22:39
diverseI guess you need the font22:41
xveelol what did you send22:42
diverseI said "konnchiwa"22:42
diverse"nihongo wo hanashiteiru."22:45
*** Pingax has joined #crux22:48
xveeare you asking if i can speak japanese?22:48
diversenope guess again22:48
xveeare you saying you're speaking in japanese ?22:49
xveei cant tell if initially you're questinging me, or, im not getting the actual message. haha22:52
diversejust to prove those questions are not real:
diverse*questions marks22:53
joacimabout that. seen terminals behave quite differently with fonts22:55
joacimtext that didnt display in urxvt would display fine in xterm22:55
joacimand vice versa22:55
joacimthat is latin for "in-turned position"22:56
xveewhat font are you using diverse? i quite lik eit22:56
diverseI forgot22:56
joacimdejavu or something?22:56
diversejoacim: he is talking about the Japanese font22:57
diverseor at least I think22:57
joacimlooks to me like he was asking about the general terminal font22:57
diversebut the english, yeah its dejavu sans22:57
xveei meant the general font. dejavu huh? i dont remember dejavu looking nice lol22:58
diverseyou want to use the mono dejavu font. Yes it works well as a terminal and text editor font for programming22:58
xveeoh thats probably why. i just use the regular dejavu ttf22:59
joacimi used monte carlo/profont with xterm/urxvt22:59
joacimi tried grabbing monaco from my mac, but it didnt look right with urxvt23:00
*** nrxtx has joined #crux23:02
nrxtxteK_: lighttpd:
diversexvee: you can use any font in the teriminal, just as long as it's monospaced23:06
xveei remember when i first started using crux, and used dejavu for its, it wasn't very pretty23:09
xveei used dejavu for chromium fonts. blahh23:11
joacimfonts are tricky23:12
joacimi've never been able to make them look good23:12
xveeterminus. terminus everywhere! haha23:13
joacimsome fonts would be really blurry, and some would look fine, and some would be aliased23:13
nrxtxi got somehow stuck with source code pro23:13
diverseyou would want to use anti-aliasing for those kinds of fonts and maybe increase the dpi a little for clarity23:15
diverseI guess e18 uses bytecode hinting, which perhaps makes my font look as good as it is.23:17
joacimi found disabling antialiasing helped23:18
xveei should look into that23:23
xveemy browser fonts could use a little tweaking23:23
diversexvee: look into font hinting23:29
jaegertry the infinality patches23:39
xveei shall try right after the gym23:43
xveeuntil then, adios fellas23:43
diverseja na23:43
diversejoacim: still thinking about getting a psp?23:46
joacimand a neo geo pocket color, and a ds, and a 3ds, and a vita, and a dreamcast, and an american snes, and a genesis, and a consolised mvs.23:48
joacima newer video game pc that used less electricity and ran cooler would be nice too23:48
joacimi'll need some american and japanese ps2s also23:49
joacimneed american versions of some games as the pal ports sometimes sucks too much, and there are some sweet games that never came out in europe23:51
diverseand there is many great games that never came out of Japan, which is why I study Japanese.23:51
joacimi'm more interested in arcade games23:56
joacimdont need much japanese to play those23:57
joacimand many of the story based games have translation patches23:57
joacimlike the rance games and the fourth project zero (fatal frame)23:58
jaegerdon't hear people talk about those often23:58
joacimrance games? maybe because they're kinda lewd23:59
joacimbut i find them interesting since i tend to enjoy grand strategy23:59
jaegerfatal frame, I should have clarified23:59
diverseand many story based games don't get translations because there is too much text and uber niche.23:59
joacimmost people just talk about silent hill and resident evil23:59

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