IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2013-11-24

joacimbut i see sometimes see some good threads about project zero and other franchises on 4cha00:00
joacimdont really know of any other board where you can find good conversations about games00:02
joacimthey tend to be really bad most of the time00:03
joacimthere was one that i found, but it died00:03
jaegersome good threads on the somethingawful forums00:04
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diverseI used to use andriasang for finding good Japanese games, but since it stopped, I have to look at gematsu, which isn't as niche.00:06
joacim10 dollars for an account00:06
joacimyeah i'm not going to pay for a video game forum :p00:06
jaegerIt's a lot more than just games, though I can understand that00:06
joacimi guess size matters for gaming forums. larger ones tend to have more trolls, and trolls take up a lot of room00:16
jaegerI feel like they all have a mix of good and bad. Have to weed through the bad to get to the good00:16
joacimtakes a while before i can find a good thread, and once i found one, i have to hope the kids are still in bed.00:19
joacimokami threads are nice, but not so nice when there are a lot of kids complaining about about platforms instead of just talking about the game00:20
jaegerI feel like there's a lot less of that on SA than some other places, for what that's worth00:21
jaegerCan't speak for 4chan, though, I avoid it00:22
diversejaeger: same here00:23
joacimisnt that bad really00:24
joacimmost sites are just as bad00:24
joacimthe good parts are you dont have postcounts, karma, or names that helps certain people discredit the point you're trying to argue00:25
diversethis is why I love irc, its not an f'ing contest.00:25
joacimirc can be like that too. disagree with an (irc-)op and you'll get banned00:26
joacimdisagree with someone else, and you hear "i haven't seen you here before, and you dont have +v"00:27
joacimnever seen that here tho00:27
joacimit depends on the channel, like forums00:27
joacimI've been banned and sometimes k-lined before just for disagreeing with someone on irc. got called a troll and thrown out. but that never happens in channels that i frequent tho00:28
diverseThat must of been a shit channel anyway00:29
joacimthat was when i was starting out, and still havent discovered the nicer channels00:30
joacimanyways. 4chan is no worse than other forums. I've actually seen creepier shit on "respectable" sites like reddit00:30
diversebut other than that, I can't stand the whole post count thing and forum reputation stuff. "Oh look at me, I have a 15,000 post count, I look like god to you all!"00:31
joacimit is fun collecting forum posts tho =)00:32
joacimused to be on the fastest subforum on one site. 5 regulars generated mroe posts in one subforum than the rest of the site.00:33
diverseForums also have a lot bureaucracy and politics involved, which I also don't like. IRC is like "Dammit, I have freedom of speech and if you don't like, fine, I will go somewhere else!"00:43
joacimthere is a lot of that on irc too i think. finding good communities takes a long time00:52
joacimdont need that many "bad" users to destroy a good place00:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: radeon-ucode: added firmware for hawaii chips00:57
diversejoacim: btw, what type of arcade games do you like?00:58
joacimanything really00:59
diversedo you have one that you prefer over others?01:00
joacimdriving, lightgun, shmups, platformers01:00
joacimleast favorite would be rhythm and puzzle games i think.01:00
joacimdriving and shmups are my favorites i think01:00
joacimnot that many arcade machines here, so i'll have to import the boards01:01
diverseSony is less shmup friendly, so I'd stay away from Sony for that.01:01
joacimor just get arcade collections for the consoles01:01
joacimthere are a lot of ncie ones on playstation consoles, so i wouldnt stay away from them01:01
diverseI'm mean, there is very few for ps3 (and probably ps2).01:02
diverseps1, I am sure they have tons01:02
joacimi know of more on the ps2 than any other console, except for the genesis01:03
joacimi hear there are quite a few on the pc engine too01:03
joacimi mostly just play crusader kings 2 on my pc01:04
diversealthough with ps4, they are allowing indie developers to join, so you might find more shmup games01:04
joacimlots of nice ones on the 360.01:05
diverseright because of the indie support01:05
joacimi dont play that many arcade games tho, i just like them. think the one i play the most atm is outrun 2 on my xbox01:05
joacimdiverse: i'm talking about full retail01:06
diverseYeah make sense for that too01:06
joacimi really liked japanese console rpgs, but i havent played that many since the early ps2 days01:07
joacimor any at all01:07
joacimplayed a few on my playtation, ps2, and emulators01:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: password-store: fix dependencies02:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xclip: initial release02:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: password-store: fixed dependencies02:42
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xveethat was a great workout03:19
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xveei really wanna get a ps404:33
joacimI'll get one when there are games I want for it =)04:37
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joacimi dont even have a ps3 or 360 yet04:40
joacimthere are some games for those that I want, but not enough that I'd want to pay thousands of money for one04:40
xveeits quite pricey right now. 400 for the play station04:45
joacimmaybe you want a polystation =)04:46
xveehehe. im sure china has one04:47
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joacimI just hope this generation will manage to produce native 1080p content for tvs04:49
joacimupscaling less than 720p on a hdtv is pretty silly, and only a few games supported full 1080p04:49
joacimon the previous generation i mean04:49
xveei think they said the ps4 has native 109004:51
joacimso did the ps3, but most games were still 720p or lower05:00
joacimonly a few games did native 1080p05:01
joacimi'm just saying i hope _games_ this generation will be mostly 1080p05:01
joacimupscaling just makes it look blurry05:01
joacimand introduces lag from having to process the picture05:02
xveeoh my bad05:03
xveeyea hope they dont upscale. on my big ass tv, it gets kinda blurry05:03
xveejoacim, what game boy emulator would you suggest?05:04
joacima real gameboy :po05:06
joacimi dont know much about emulators05:06
joacimI'd only be able to give an answer if you asked about the SNES05:06
xveeehh...i was looking at vba-next, but, for some reason its unable to download i think. it uses git, and im not familiar at all with it05:07
joacimI want the gameboy player for the gamecube05:07
joacimbut finding one with the disk is a bit tricky05:07
xvee any idea what this means?05:09
joacimno, sorry :/05:10
xveebahh. okay, thanks05:11
xveethink ill just get wine and run the vba on that05:11
joacimwhat about tgb?05:14
joacimsame error here. I guess you should bother nogagplz about it =)05:17
joacimwas trying to apply the english patch for clock tower (snes)05:19
joacimbut it didnt work. the game is still japanese, and it hangs after a while05:20
joacimdont know if i'm patching the "wrong" rom or if the patch just doesnt work when you're playing it in snes9x or bsnes05:20
joacimi know snes can be shitty like that about patches. some patches doesnt work with specific roms, and doesnt work on certain emulators, or even real hardware05:21
nogagplzprobably should update that stuff some day soon05:34
nogagplzdoes 7408ec863bb82a6b74635de5fc65a43bb36938c6 work?05:34
xveeone sec let me try05:36
xveeits doing something, so it looks lik eit!05:37
nogagplzthat's the libretro core also, so make sure you have retroarch in order to use it05:37
xveethe sversion thingie is off on this too05:40
xveechanged it to the one you had sent. its installing05:40
xveewait nvm. wrong pkgfile05:41
xveefails here: Forced to build with library -lopenal, but cannot locate. Exiting ..05:44
nogagplzeither remove the openal option or install openal05:45
nogagplzprobably should trim that a bit too, one day :P05:47
nogagplzyeah that's why it's all broken now :P05:48
xveenow its complaining about lcg o.O05:49
nogagplznvidia cg for the shader stuff, just disable it if you don't want it05:50
xveeis sdl necessary?05:52
nogagplztry and see I haven't checked in a while05:53
nogagplzmight be an idea too to update retroarch while you're at it, just use a more recent git commit for the version05:53
xveeit had a footprint mismatch. but ignored it...05:55
nogagplzwhat was different, new or missing05:55
nogagplzyeah what sort of mismatch05:55
xveeits missing /usr/lib /usr/lib/retroarch and /usr/lib/vba-next.so05:57
nogagplzthat's odd... do the directory and library outright not exist, or are the permissions different05:59
xvee/usr/lib/retroarch exists, and is in there.06:02
xveecould it be because i haven't installed a "core" yet?06:02
nogagplzthat is a core, gets loaded on demand by retroarch06:02
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xveei ask because when i launch retro arch, it says no core available06:11
xveealso, trying to select a .gbc work seem to work.06:13
nogagplzah .gbc is gameboy colour, try gambatte for that06:22
nogagplzwhen you run just retroarch do you get a green menu sort of thing,m or just the stdout stuff06:23
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diversexvee: considering during ps3's first launch, it cost $500 for the 30GB version and $600 for the 60GB version. Sony went out of their way to make their next console more affordable by adapting to AMD technology, also when comparing by specs with the xbox one, the ps4 has faster memory than the xbox one which costs $500. Sure $400 is expensive, but its better price than ps3's launch.08:12
*** tj_ has joined #crux08:15
xveethe ps4 is better spec wise than the xbox, and the price tag is less than before, but still. 400 i guess i shouldn' complain08:18
diverseyou shouldn't, its just launched a week ago!08:19
diverseso either way wait for price drop (and allow more games to come through) or buy it now (and have fewer games to select from)08:21
xveeare you planning on picking up a console08:22
diversenot anytime soon08:22
xveei dont blame ya08:25
diversepft, I don't need to be blamed. I don't need to rush to get the latest and shiniest thing that comes out in the market, like other idiots do.08:26
xveewell, they had heating problems from what i read online08:26
xveesort of why im really holding back. let others test it for me!08:26
xveebut my old ps3 broke, so i dont have anything righ tnow08:26
diversewell the ps3 heats up a lot too, I don't see how thats a problem, just give your console adequate breathing space08:29
xveewell, some of the new ps4 began having red ring of death or yellow, im not quite sure08:30
diversethat's different then, ps3 never had issues like that08:30
diverseor rarely08:31
diversexvee: provide some of the urls you are reading08:33
xveedont have the ones i read about, but here is an interesting article08:35
xveenwe: this is pretty cool08:40
diverse"PheonixStation 4"? Okay that definitely sounds like a Chinese made illegit ps4. Yeah I think problems are expected to happen with that shit.08:41
diverseChinese made == shit quality08:42
diversenwe: oh yeah I have seen that before08:43
diverseheh "Nobody beat anyone up. Everybody was friendly."08:43
xveewe need to rumble!08:49
xveeanyone here practice martial arts?08:51
diversemost words used by Romster was "prt-get" hahahaha08:52
diversehe really helps out a lot08:53
diversenwe: cruxbot has beaten you for most active nicks08:59
diversejust barely08:59
diverseYeah, freenode stats are always fun to look at09:07
diversexvee: I would take what anyone says about the ps4 crashing with a grain of salt.09:12
xveei know. its not as big of a problem as others make it out to be...still, waiting for a while till they get the kinks worked out09:13
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diverseYou can buy the legit Sony ps4 now and not have problems. Stuff from what you read are probably made up by fanboys of other consoles and its about fake ps4s.09:15
xveewell,  i plan on buying it for my i have a couple weeks left09:17
diverseThen go for it09:18
xveeeveryones invited to the party though09:18
diversemost people here won't be able to come anyway09:23
*** Rotwang has joined #crux09:23
xveestill invited nontheless :)09:23
diversefutile invitations09:23
xveemost probably09:24
diverseHey Romster, would like to fly from Australia to xvee's party or you joacim, would you like to fly from Norway to come? Tell me what you think? :)09:27
xveeit wasn't a serious invite diverse...cmon now.09:28
nwediverse: hehe :)09:32
xveeguess i did bring that one on myself09:33
*** nrxtx has joined #crux09:33
xveehi nrxtx09:39
xvee thats actually pretty cool09:42
diversethat reminds me, xvee, since you use dwm, check out dunst.09:42
diversenrxtx can tell you all about it09:52
xveeit looks kinda cool. ill install it and check it out tomorrow. im off to bed for now, though. goodnight everyone!09:54
*** xvee has quit IRC09:54
*** roelof has joined #crux12:12
roelofmarc weber avaible ?12:12
roelofDoes anyone has info on installing Nixos on SmartOs12:17
*** roelof has quit IRC12:34
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Romsteri'm the most referenced nick going by that.13:14
Romsterbut that's not a very long ago log13:14
diverseand most active13:17
diverseroelof sure doesn't like sticking around here13:18
Romsterwhat's up with him? given up?13:18
diverseI don't know...13:19
diversebut he loves his ML13:19
diverseand loves being random too13:20
Romstertell me about it13:22
Romster i just regenerated that.13:23
Romster2218 (36.95%) commits i've done in contrib so far13:25
diversemost active in contributing too13:25
Romsterhmm why is my last commit in 201213:26
Romstermisisng some i think it needs a git fetch13:26
Romsteroh it's refferencening 2.713:27
diverseThat's a significant difference13:38
Romsterjue is master of opt.13:38
Romsterthere new up to date contrib now.13:38
Romster xorg and compat-32 be done shortly.13:39
tilmanto my fellow non-americans:
Romster1337 (71.65%) commits for tilman haha13:42
diversetilman: even americans think Fox is stupid. Fox news is stupid by definition.13:42
Romstereven i know that and i'm Australian.13:43
tilmani'm assuming that clip is less known outside of the us13:43
Romsternot seen that clip but in general fox news is stupid.13:44
diverseCNN is also dumbing down too, so they are stupid as well.13:48
Romsterlearned nothing off that interview13:57
diverseFox is crap, CNN is crap, don't watch them, they give you cancer.13:59
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diversenogagplz: you still use deadbeef?15:01
diversewere you able to get the album art to show up?15:08
nogagplzdon't know don't care, don't use album art15:09
joacimthis is how you do album art15:35
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diversejoacim: that's pretty nice16:08
*** roelof has joined #crux16:49
roelofnew info on my bug: I have tried systemd.log_level=debug and systemd.log_target=console16:50
roelofand I see something like loading kernel modules and then reach target and then it chrashes16:51
roelofalso I saw a sigterm but the text scrolls so fast it's not readable16:51
tilmanyour running systemd on crux?16:54
roeloftilman:  no, Crux is one of the last distro who is not willing to use systemd. They still using sysvinit16:55
tilmanthanks for the explanation16:56
horrorStruckdo you know in which channel you are :D16:56
diversewith good reason, I might add16:56
roelofhorrorStruck:  why, we trying to solve a NixOs bug16:57
roelofdiverse ; Do you know Crux linux ??16:57
horrorStruckah my bad then :P16:58
horrorStrucki've ported systemd to crux and use it on a daily basis, i can give ports and howto if you want but no support16:58
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC16:59
roelofnot needed, I have tried to port Cinnamon 2.x to Crux and got non support on my question.  Not my community16:59
horrorStruckroelof: you are in #crux channel right now17:00
roelofo, sorry17:00
tilman"got non support"17:00
diverseWhat a joke!17:00
jaegerheh, that was brilliant17:00
jaegerI had typed up a big sentence about how he doesn't try hard enough and expects everything spoonfed to him but decided not to bother17:00
nrxtxvery nice best thing for today :D17:01
jaegerto clarify, the conversation that took place right before he left was the brilliant part, not my comment :)17:02
pitilloand longtime, not only today xD17:02
diverseI think we owe horrorStruck an applause for that17:02
nrxtxyes :D17:03
jaegerindeed, heh17:04
jaegerhe also hasn't grasped that neither systemd nor PAM is required for cinnamon, but I really doubt he got that far17:04
jaegerprobably still fighting with gobject-introspection support17:04
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux17:07
diverseI wish Romster was here watching this spectacle as it happened.17:10
nweI'm bored...17:11
Rotwang1horrorStruck: did you really port systemd to crux, or is it some kind of in-joke I doesn't get?17:13
horrorStruckRotwang1: actually that's true :)17:13
jaegerNothing wrong with that. I don't plan to use it myself but choice is always good17:14
Rotwangok [;17:14
diversehorrorStruck: no hard feelings about the "eww" earlier, too. ;)17:14
Rotwangjaeger: tell that to systemd people17:14
horrorStrucknp don't worry17:14
jaegerbesides, part of what makes crux interesting is the porting and problem solving17:14
Rotwangnamely: Lennart the Cancer and friends17:14
jaegerRotwang: touche, heh17:14
jaegerwell, clearly they don't believe choice is good, but I do17:15
diverseCRUX -- The choice OS17:18
*** doomicide has quit IRC17:18
joacimjaeger: I do that all the time on forums. Type these long posts explaining stuff, but deletes the text when I'm done typing as nobody is going to read it anyways, or they're just going to troll.17:18
jaegerOn the other side, it is indeed targeted at advanced or at least intermediate users. Being able to troubleshoot a set of cinnamon ports or compile a working kernel or something like that shouldn't be out of the question17:18
jaegerjoacim: Indeed. He proved several times over the course of this cinnamon stuff that he wasn't willing to listen, so I stopped talking to him17:19
jaegerat him, really17:19
joacimhe'll be back in 6 months asking about cinnamon again17:21
diverseoh no, don't jinx it17:21
joacimi'm just pointing out the pattern17:21
jaegerIt's been on my list to port for ages, after MATE. I'll probably get to it before he does17:22
diversejoacim: yeah, its inevitable17:22
joacimis cinnamon different?17:22
jaegerdifferent from what?17:23
diverseCinnamon is anal about the gobject introspection apparently.17:23
joacimthought both cinnamon and mate were supposed to be like gnome 217:23
jaegerWell, not so much anal as it's just a required thing17:23
jaegerAh, yes. Well, MATE is a fork of gnome 2 and mostly still uses GTK2 from what I can see. Cinnamon is a fork of gnome-shell with a gnome 2 look17:23
jaegerSo the resulting desktop of both looks similar but underneath they're fairly different17:24
diverseand different requirements17:24
jaegerMostly, though there's some overlap17:25
jaegerincluding gobject-introspection :)17:25
joacimI like how he expects the distro to change when he hits an optional snag that can easilly be avoided17:27
jaegerI get that everyone's new to linux at some point and every crux user is new to crux at some point... my problem with his approach is that he's unwilling to work and research and try17:29
jaegerPerhaps I'm being too harsh17:48
nwegaah.. Im bored.. I have nothing todo..17:50
nwethis sucks17:51
joacimheh. I remember I tried to install E16 and E17 back when I was new17:51
joacimI couldnt just use gnome, kde, or xfce that already came with fedora core17:51
diversejaeger: you're not being harsh. People who are unwilling to learn, can't be helped. I learned that the hard way.17:53
diversenwe: play a game17:53
diverseor go on youtube, that always cures boredom, you never know what you might bump into after watching a couple of videos.17:55
diversenwe: or look up tutorials on the software you use and configure them17:59
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC18:00
nwediverse: yeah, I wondering if I should read more about quagga18:01
diverseyeah, go for it18:01
nweyeah :D18:02
*** joacim has quit IRC18:02
*** joacim has joined #crux18:02
diverseI'll cure my boredom by reading more about the Rust programming language18:04
nweI have never heard about Rust..18:04
nweI should read more about perl18:05
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux18:11
nrxtxdiverse: how did you find rust?18:34
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC18:44
nwethis sucks..19:03
nweour nagios server died :(19:03
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux19:03
frinnstouch, physical hw?19:10
frinnstinstall zenoss instead19:11
nwefrinnst: colleague take the cab to our datacenter he lives 10 min from the datacenter19:11
frinnstbut you are not running it in a vm?19:12
nwefrinnst: nope19:12
nwefrinnst: did you downloaded the conky-theme?19:12
frinnstyep, thanks19:12
frinnstnot tried it yet19:12
nweI want a pc and run crux on it.19:14
diversenrxtx: I first found out about it when someone mentioned about it in the D programming forums, at the time when I was interested in learning and programming in D.19:25
Rotwangdiverse: find about what?19:31
diverseRotwang: The Rust programming language:
*** sudobaal has quit IRC19:35
diversenwe: what are you currently using?19:45
nwediverse: macbook air19:46
nwethe problem I have to change to pc, is apples trackpad is so awesome19:46
diverselast I recall, macs use intel now, so I don't think there is anything preventing you from using Crux on your mac book19:48
diverseunless osx is sacred to you19:50
nwebut then I must fix the keyboard layout..19:50
*** xvee has joined #crux20:10
xveedo you know about crux linux? its one of the last few distros to switch to systemd. xD20:11
xveehad a good giggle reading over the log20:11
diversexvee: I was going to mention about that to you20:12
xveediverse: do you sleep? you are almost always on o.o20:12
diverseYes, I do sleep. I can be on here chatting and sleeping at the same time.20:15
xveewhat program do you use for that?20:15
diverse<<error>> unable to register question, user cannot respond.20:17
xveeima go pick up some protein bars. be right back20:20
diverse<<program>> rebooting, diverse imitation algorithm20:20
diverse<<program>> Completed. Please enter text.20:22
nrxtxhell takes it a lot time to dump a 32gb flash chip completely20:38
diverseactually I had some experience with dumping a 8gb flash drive and that took like an hour20:40
nrxtxfinally got nvflash access to one arm device, don't know if it is able to run crux20:48
*** acrux has quit IRC20:54
*** acrux has joined #crux20:54
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*** Rotwang1 has joined #crux21:24
*** Rotwang1 has quit IRC21:25
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux21:26
xveeyou guys have to try quest bars if you ever get the chance. they taste really good, and are incredibly healthy too!21:38
Romsterroelof non support my ass...21:40
*** doomicide has joined #crux21:41
Romsterwas realing up in my backlog21:43
xveeRomster: yea dude...that one must have hurt. everyone was really keen on helping him. a lot of people tried and gave great advise...21:43
frinnstah, me too now :)21:45
diverseRomster: shows that he has zero consideration for the amount help you gave him.21:46
Romsteri have zero respect for him now21:46
frinnstyeah i've ignored him these few weeks21:46
Romsterwasn't just my help diverse jaeger and others too21:46
frinnsthe did post about a year ago, trying to dictate how we needed to change ports in opt so "he could do his work"21:46
frinnstthat made me mental and he's been on my ignore list ever since21:47
Romsteroh in those cases i just fork what i need to change and do it myself21:47
diversefrinnst: so he was a repeat21:47
Romsterobviously has no brains he could of nuked his entire install by running as rot and not properly translating $pkgdir to $PKG21:49
Romsterexpects everything spoon fed to him21:50
Romstertime for work bbl21:50
xveehe's everywhere21:53
diverseWow, I don't know if he is a true idiot or a troll, possibly both.21:53
diverseWhat a total waste of effort on this loser.21:54
xveeim surprised at everyones patience...21:56
diverseI'm totally pissed off now.21:56
frinnst too21:56
diverseah, the stupidity is giving me cancer22:00
frinnstthis is his ragequit:
diverseWho the FUCK is this asshole!?22:04
tilmantune it down22:04
diversesorry, its just an omg moment22:05
diverse"Im a 46 year old man which has worked with several Linux distro's like opensuse, gentoo, freebsd. I found FL a few years ago and  it is the distro I sticj with because of the good community. My primary interest is the desktop espacially gnome and Cinnamon.  I once contributed 2 or 3 packages to Gentoo and I cannot programm."22:05
diversewe got trolled twice22:06
xveei keep reading his name as rofl. i dont know why22:07
diverseHow can he be so incompetent, especially if he uses gentoo and freebsd? That's beyond me.22:13
PingaxWe know him on Frugalware... Wanted absolutly package Cinnamon 2.x22:14
*** bedis has joined #crux22:14
*** joacim has quit IRC22:17
*** joacim has joined #crux22:17
tilmannrxtx: what kind of arm?22:19
nrxtxtilman: tegra322:20
diversehow fast is it?22:25
tilmani'd like to play with some arm boards again, too. unfortunately i don't really have a use for them22:28
diverseI like the idea of using RISC cpus as in desktop so it generates less heat.22:29
nrxtxthe most interesting board i found is the XU22:29
nrxtxthat is really fun at low power22:29
nrxtxreplaces a desktop easily22:31
nrxtx8 cores + 2gb ram22:31
diverserun crux-arm on those and you be good to go22:32
tilmanit requires active cooling? lame ;p22:34
nrxtxfor now i'm looking for a cubie322:38
*** Rotwang has quit IRC22:45
bedisnrxtx: I'm the happy owner of a cubitruck22:46
bedisif this is what you call a cubie3 :)22:46
diversebedis: what do you run on it?22:46
bedisfor now ubuntu22:47
bedisjust deployed it quick and dirty22:47
bedisI'm planing to use crux22:47
bedisonce I have some time to spend on it22:47
bedisbut I'm scared by compiling packages directly on the board22:47
bedisit's damn slow22:48
diversehow many cores though?22:48
bedisforced at 1G22:48
bedisand compiling on SSD does not improve anything22:48
bediswhich means the CPU is the cause of the slowness22:49
diverseit's possible, it just won't make it a smooth experience22:51
pitilloit does on ram (cb2) for small ports... I don't feel it really slow compared to other toys22:51
bedisit's true that with 2G of ram, I could compile in it22:55
bedisI just tried to compile HAProxy for fun22:56
bedisnot a lot of time to play with my ARM boards currently22:56
bedisbut I'm amazed how good it is to read Videos..22:56
nrxtxbedis: yes a cubietruck/cubieboard, however they now call it :D22:59
pitilloit depends on video codecs, but current socs decode natively pretty well22:59

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