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diversenwe: are you still bored? :P01:45
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xvee 1'03:15
xveewoops, my bad03:16
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Romsterhmp all that backlog is depressing.03:49
Romstershould read i am a 46 year old incompetent man03:50
Romsterif he returns i arn't helping him again.03:51
Romsterwasted enough of our time.03:51
Romsterdiverse needs to learn how to control his emotions better too.03:51
Romsterthink professionally don't sink to there level.03:52
Romsterif he reads the back log :D03:52
Romsterfrinnst, you missed this one
Romsterhow many things is he trying todo.03:56
Romsterwhy does fox news not have foxes \o/04:21
Romsterbbl work04:21
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diverseRomster: considering he played the same game on us twice, it's pretty hard to not be upset about this troll.04:30
diverseobviously ignoring him is the best thing, because he is going to repeat it again, like a void, which he is.04:32
diverseand honestly I don't care if he reads the logs04:32
diverseand I think everyone here wants to move on and not think about it either, because talking about it is a waste of energy.04:43
diverseso now changing the topic04:43
diversexvee: yes I am still awake.04:43
xveediverse: we need to drug you up with some melatonin and an isolation chamber04:46
xveei really want to try sleeping in an isolation chamber...04:48
xveewell, have you ever been in one?04:49
diversewhat do you think?04:50
diversehint, the answer is a word with 2 characters and has an "n" and an "o"04:52
xveei cant think of it diverse, please, tell me if you have04:56
xveeanyways, essentially your locked in a soundproof, light proof box type thing, with water thats warmed up to your body's temperature (so you cant feel it) and it has a ton of salts in there so you float.04:57
xveeessentially, it cuts off all sensory input, relieves the body of stress (floating and no pressure from gravity i guess), and you're fed pure oxygen while in there04:57
xveewhen you finish, you come out really relaxed and recharged. but thats only a couple hours. some people buy their own chambers and sleep in them!04:58
diverseheh interesting04:58
diversevery futuristic looking04:59
diverseif people sleep in them, have there been cases of drowning or skin peeling right off after exposure to water for several hours?05:03
xveei think only one person has ever drowned. its really hard to. you're only in oh...6 inches of water maybe.05:03
diversewell that girl in that photo I showed you look like she was sleeping in at least 3 feet deep of water in that chamber05:06
xveejust looked at the second one.05:07
xveehm...all the ones i've been in are about 6 inches maybe a foot. maybe. regardless, you float in in because of the huge amounts of salt they put, and, if you were to try to sleep it in, the onl way you'd drown is if you flip on your stomach and try to breath which i think will cause you to wake up05:08
nwediverse: haha nope :P now  I have something todo...05:09
diversexvee: as long as they put salt in the water to make it denser05:11
jaegerquite a lot of epsom salt, specifically05:11
xveei forgot which particular salt it was05:11
xveebut yea, they put a lot. so much so that i cant sit because it lifts me up. i have to lay down in there05:11
xveei wish i could afford one though. it costs about 20k05:13
jaegerone of our scientists at work has been talking about starting a study with one of said tanks... I'll believe it when I see it but would be entertaining05:14
xveei've done it 4 times now. your mind tends to trip out in there. apparently, they're starting to put in audio and what not to use as a teaching method05:15
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diverse2nd one I like better ;)05:27
diverseAlright, getting some sleep, night.05:32
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nwegoood morning06:36
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nwehow are you guys?06:42
Romsterdiverse[away], your wasting more energy on him now -_-06:50
Romsteri'm too used to fan noise if my pc is off i can'ty sleep06:52
Romsteri'm like must turn pc on ugh no power. so now i got a generator :P06:53
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frinnstbrilliant. customerpc without sp3 for xp08:10
xveefrinnst: how many tool bars?08:11
frinnstnone actually08:11
frinnstits been powered off for a long time, fortunately08:11
xveeoh, you lucked out then108:13
frinnstnwe: so, did the server die?09:06
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nwefrinnst: almost :P one of the disk is dead, and my colleuage running fsck.. I setting up a new server so we have 2 :P09:28
frinnstget a proper san/nas and go with a vm :)09:50
nwefrinnst: I setup a new one in kvm09:51
frinnstwith shared storage?09:58
nwefrinnst: yupp10:05
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frinnsthow is live migrations working in kvm? as in migrating a running vm to another physical host11:12
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Romstershame i haven't joined that club yet12:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xdelta: dropped13:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xdelta3: romster -> contrib13:53
Romsterquiet tonight in there13:56
frinnstI need a bottle of that for xmas13:58
frinnst64178123 kids running around screaming13:58
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Romster hahaha14:18
frinnstoh god, hiccups14:21
frinnstis it just me, or does that pizza look boring?14:26
frinnstthough im told we have a wierd pizza culture in sweden14:26
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Romsteryeah not much toppings if ya ask me14:28
Romsterwhen i get pizzas they are so heaped up with different toppings.14:28
jaeger <-- this about sums it up14:29
Romsterbut the fact it's got a banna peal and condoms around the side of the pizza for size comparison that made me laugh14:29
frinnstoh i missed that14:29
Romsterhahaha pizza car14:29
Romstererr cat14:29
RomsterWe bought a big ass pizza today. My wife asked me to get something to show perspective.14:29
frinnstim gonna get me one of these after work:
Amnesialooks tasty14:34
frinnstit is14:35
jaegerWe have a similar one here, looks a bit different. Very good, though14:37
Romster the hell not for the weak minded.... long read.14:39
AmnesiaRomster: the face looks fake..14:40
jaegeris that the russian sleep story thing? heh14:41
Romsteryeah in a gas chamger no sleep for 30 days thing14:41
jaegeryeah, I've read that one before... it's well done, very creepy14:41
Romstergoes back to looking at pizza pictures.14:41
Romstersure is14:42
jaegerIf you like those creepypasta type things the SCP wiki is pretty entertaining14:43
Romstersomeone with too much time write those?14:44
Amnesiashould that but that image is supposed to be legit:P?14:44
jaegerlots of people, I suppose14:44
jaegerAmnesia: it's completely fake :P14:44
jaegerjust supposed to be creepy14:44
Romsterdidn't creap me out alot but i was more holy f*&^*14:45
jaegerwell, I suppose it came from some base image that was real, maybe14:45
jaegerquite altered, though14:45
frinnstooh, shiny14:46
jaeger <-- here you go :P14:46 ?14:46
Romstermaybe not more looking14:47
RomsterCreepypasta cool14:49
Romsterdo they serisouly roast spit a human14:51
Romsteri find that sickening14:51
frinnstsounds tasty14:51
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Romstertoo nasty so not into gore.15:03
frinnstwuss :)15:22
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joacimdiverse: I wouldn't call him a troll. Being ignorant does not a troll make.17:43
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joacimTrolling is intentional, not something sone out of ignorance17:44
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nrxtxRomster: could you have a look at "freealut" from contrib, download gets corrupted file19:19
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Rotwangis tab grouping in cuddlefox also very slow for you?19:43
nweguys are cvc and billing code the same??19:43
Rotwanghi, btw19:44
nweyay finally pre-order
tilmannice try with the referral19:55
nwelol :P19:56
nwetilman: for you :)
Rotwangso what about tab groups in ffx?19:58
Rotwangis it only me or everyone?19:58
tilmanRotwang: i have 0 clue what you are talking about :D19:58
Rotwangright upper corner under search bar19:59
Rotwangthere is a tiny button/icon19:59
Rotwangclick it19:59
Rotwangon the same level as the tabs row, on the far right20:00
tilmani dont know what cuddlefox is20:00
RotwangI meant firefox20:01
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Rotwangthis one is my today's favourite:
Rotwangnot this one20:17
Rotwang <-- this one20:17
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Rotwanganyone here?21:07
Rotwangcould someone do me a favour and run this: /usr/bin/perl5.16.3 -MExtUtils::Command -e cp  does_not_exist does/not/exist/as/well; echo $?21:07
Rotwangso it is not only me, how on earth such important module could be broken?21:12
tilmanmaybe you aren't using it in the right way?21:12
RotwangI doubt it, it is very straightforward to use21:13
Rotwangit is meant to be a drop in replacement to some of the coreutils stuff21:14
bedisgot 0 too21:16
RotwangCopies sources to the destination. Multiple sources are allowed if destination is an existing directory.  Returns true if all copies succeeded, false otherwise.21:19
Rotwangfound it out while trying to install new rakudo with -j3 [;21:19
Rotwangand it actually is an open bug:
Rotwangsince 200921:42
tilmanRotwang: this is your opportunity for fame!21:44
Rotwangyaaay \:D/21:45
Rotwangalthough I think I can't be any more famous21:45
Rotwangit is simply not possible21:45
xveei just got a computer with win xp on it, sp1, 987354 tool bars, wont boot normaly, keeps opening up my documents every time you open something, and i have to fix it. tonight is going to be one hell of a night21:54
Rotwangkill it with fire21:57
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xveei don tthink fire will help22:03
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jaegerin case fire isn't a solution, try combofix and malwarebytes, I guess22:05
xveethats what im trying to get working, except, the system wont really boot. i have a flash drive with bootable antiviruses running, avira just finished scanning. found 12 threats. if it boots, ill be a happy chap22:07
joacimI think I'd just reinstall22:07
joacimbut backing up the data could be hell tho. people drop stuff everywhere on windows22:08
joacimI do that too tbh.22:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nqp: 2013.10 -> 2013.1122:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rakudo: 2013.10 -> 2013.1122:11
xveei wanted too except they have some old program that they don thave teh install file for so they cant :(22:12
xveeit would've made my life easier22:12
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xveemalwarebytes been running for a minute and 45 seconds...250 infections. lol22:25
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Rotwanghow is it even possible, lol22:27
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jaegerThat's a good example of why I don't fix computers :)22:40
tilmanyou really really should reinstall windows22:40
xveetilman: i cant. they have some old software that they dont have the cd/install file for22:42
joacimcant you grab those elsewhere?22:42
xveei tried googling around a bit but couldn't find anything22:43
xveei told them they should turn this computer into a server since win xp isn't going to be supported anymore, and the lack of updates will turn this thing into hell22:44
xveedoesn't seem like they're interested22:44
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xveewe're at a 1800 XD22:59
xveei love adventure time!23:02
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fmateohi all23:03
fmateois it possible to install gnome on my crux env?23:03
Rotwangfrinnst: are tab groups in ffx slow for you?23:04
frinnstpossible? yes. but nobody has ports for it i think23:04
frinnsti dont group my tabs23:04
frinnstgrouping tabs is for pussies23:04
fmateook now i know23:04
Rotwangfrinnst: but could you click on it and see?23:04
frinnsti've removed the icon for it i think23:04
frinnstlet me see23:04
Rotwangit is actually a very nice feature23:05
Rotwanglike bookmarks but better23:05
frinnstseems sort of snappy23:05
RotwangI always have tons of tabs piled up that I never go back too23:05
Rotwangbut don't have the heart to close them23:06
frinnstthe animation isnt smooth, but seems fastish23:06
frinnstyeah, might give it a go at work23:06
Rotwangok thanks23:06
frinnstusually have 5-6 windows with ~+30 tabs in each23:06
frinnst"this might be important, better leave it open"23:06
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fmateoi am really impressed about how crux runs23:09
fmateoi was gentoo user23:09
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