IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-11-26

xveeso...its almost at 7k now00:09
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joacimis norton as bad as people say it is? my aunt and uncle complains about how slow their computer is. i can see nothing wrong with it.00:23
joacimthe only thing that sticks out is that they're using norton antivirus00:23
joacimbut now that i've been sleeping on it for two years, i'm wondering if their ide controller (if the computer has an ide disk) is set to pio mode.00:23
joacimi remember mine would sometimes do that after windows update00:24
xveeits not as bad as it use to be, but its still quite bad00:24
xveei'd say you'r ebetter off pirating something00:24
joacimmy uncle says he likes to pay for it00:25
xveei've been putting eset on everyones computer and no one seems to be complaining00:25
xveedetections are quite good00:25
joacimi tried to recommend mse, but i didnt go on about how shit norton is like some people does. i dont know the software suite personally00:26
xveei dont like norton at all. usually, all the peopl that bring it to me either have a virus already since its crappy detection doesn't do much, or, complain about how it slows em' down00:26
joacimi dont have an av at all00:28
joacimso my computer is super fast00:28
xveei usually never run one either00:28
joacimi think it is more about what you do. easy to avoid most stuff00:30
joacimi sometimes install some av and run it once just because i want to see it work. never found anything00:30
xveeon windows stuff, i usually have malwarebytes just for scanning. thats about it00:31
joacimlast time i found something was with avira (antivir back then). It reacted when I inserted one of the boot floppies that I used00:31
joacimit was a false alarm00:32
xveeits really easy to avoid things. i just think people are pretty careless in what they do00:34
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xveescan just finished. 18,154 infections. pretty sure thats a new record01:41
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xveeit wont even delete them. i tfroze when i tried to remove em'...oh boy, here we go02:10
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joacimxvee: what kind of software do they want to keep anyways?02:52
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diversehmm, why isn't deadbeef not showing album art?03:19
joacimmissing file format support?03:19
joacimis it very sensitive to how album art is saved?03:20
joacimitunes is anal about that. it wants it in its own format, or saved with the id3-tags03:20
diverseits been rebuilt with libjpeg and libpng installed. I also have imlib2 which deadbeef could also use, but its not using any of them.03:23
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diverseOh wow, 0.6.0 came out after a whole year, my luck can't get better.04:02
diversefrinnst: why would say that about tab grouping?04:14
diverse*would you04:19
xveediverse: there old versions of some photoshop like program04:48
diversexvee: ?05:30
xveethe program that tey want to keep. it ssome photoshop like program. i forgot the name05:33
diverseyou mean gimp?05:33
xveeno no. you asked what program they wanted me to keep...assuming you're talking about hte messed up computer im working on right now05:34
diverseI didn't ask you anything recently, perhaps that was someone else?05:35
xveeface palm*05:35
xveejoacim asked lol05:36
xveeim sorry05:36
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diverseRust still takes forever to build even after the buildbot said its builds faster, sigh...06:45
diversefinished, finally. Mozilla sure knows how to make long-time-to-build apps.06:52
diversepitillo: I can just refresh E after updating right?07:06
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frinnstso a customer is running a simple sharepoint site for company news etc, pretty static. a year ago they asked us to look for an alternative. we found openatrium. we hear nothing since. now their physical sharepoint server has died and they ask us if we can roll out the alternative "today"08:05
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nwetime to take the train to work..08:57
diversenwe: are you chatting with us on your phone?08:58
nwediverse: nope :)08:59
nweIm chatting with you from the computer ;)08:59
Amnesiahm, has anyone over here ever played with elementary os:)?08:59
diverseAmnesia: nope09:01
Amnesiait's window manager is pretty neat imo:)09:02
AmnesiaI might even install it on my gf's/parent's boxes..09:02
diversewhat WM does it use?09:02
diversedo it on your gf's machine and surprise her :)09:04
diverse"where the fuck is my Windows!" she says09:05
Amnesiawell, she hardly uses her netbook nowadays09:06
Amnesiashe's usually using her icrap :/09:06
diverseif she comes back to it, just say you installed the "new Windows OS that came out a couple of days ago" and she be back to facebooking in no time :P09:08
diversetoo much?09:09
AmnesiaI'm rather curious what it would be like to have a nerdy girlfriend&&09:09
diverseah I hit the mark didn't I?09:10
Amnesiayou did:P09:11
Amnesiaanyway, what do you think of the pantheon window manager?09:11
diverseprovide a link09:11
Amnesiauno momento09:12
diversegracias amigo09:12
diverselooks nice, is it an actually DE?09:15
diversethey use qt?09:16
Amnesiano gtk309:16
AmnesiaI'm also going to stick to dwm, but it's fine for computer dodo's09:17
diverseelementary OS should be using the elementary toolkit -_-09:21
AmnesiaI always tend to struggle with huge package managers-.-09:23
AmnesiaKISS FFS09:23
diversebut that's not idiot-friendly, keep that in mind09:24
AmnesiaKISS isn't idiot friendly?09:24
diverseit's user friendly, not idiot friendly09:25
diverseso naturally you wouldn't be able to work with anything idiot-friendly, cause you are not one. :)09:26
diverseOh come on that was so supposed to make you laugh.09:29
Amnesiabtw, what do you folks want to do when you want to remove "orphaned" dependencies?09:29
diverseand a complement09:29
Amnesiadiverse: I'm also an idiot:P09:30
AmnesiaI've been running slackware/gentoo/debian:P09:30
diverseapparently not enough to be one!09:30
diversesigh, making people happier is difficult -_-09:31
Amnesiadiverse: weekend's cheer me up:D09:32
Amnesiaso how do you handle orphaned packages on crux..09:33
diversewell first list all the orphan ports, check their dependencies with quickdep, and decide for yourself if you need to keep it or not09:34
Amnesiahm, currently I just make snapshots of pkginfo -i, and compare them when I want to clean up stuff09:35
pitillodiverse: probably better to restart it instead of reload09:35
diverseAmnesia: which ever works but keep in mind, just because the orphan ports are not dependent on anything, doesn't mean they are not used as dependencies09:37
AmnesiaI know09:37
Amnesiacrux's definition of an "orphan" is rather nihilistic imo:P09:38
diverseorphan means 0 dependent ports09:38
Amnesiahm, how does prtorphan determine that, cause currently it's giving 0 results, while I deliberatly installed an orphan:)09:39
diversepitillo: actually I just did a reload and it worked09:39
AmnesiaI'll write my own tool to do dependency handling^^09:40
diverseAmnesia: probably a port has it as a "Nice to have:"09:40
diverseoh wait, that doesn't matter, nvm09:41
diversedon't know, buggy perhaps?09:41
Amnesiathink so:)09:41
pitillodiverse: then reloading will pick up all things right but when there are those kind of libs changes, I always restart instead of reload09:42
diversealright, I guess I will09:43
diversepitillo: restarted09:45
diverseAmnesia: I also had issues with prt-get not updating .footprint files even though it said it did09:47
Amnesiaafaik the prt tools / pkg-tools aren't being developed right..?09:48
diverseprobably just maintained09:49
Amnesianever seen an update for them:)..09:50
diverseI made a request with jaegar a year ago about adding MAKEFLAGS to pkgmk.conf, so that bumped it from a .4 to a .509:51
diverseAmnesia: thats the latest its been updated10:00
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frinnsta colleague of mine uses elementary10:33
frinnstyum, windows eventlog10:35
diversefrinnst: the OS?10:36
Romsterxvee i do that stuff every day10:49
diversexvee had left10:52
Romsterhe always leaves.10:52
Romsterirc backlog web interface.10:52
diversenow if cruxbot could read unicode -_-10:54
Amnesiafrinnst: know whether it's mature enough for computer nitwits:)?10:54
diverseAmnesia: you make me sigh, _deeply_10:55
Amnesiadiverse: remember to inhale again10:55
diversetoo late, I exhaled too much10:55
Romsteri have a couple of tools romster/pkg-url and romster/pkg-clean but i haven't done any work over pkg-utils yet.10:56
Amnesiawhat do they do?10:57
Romsterpkg-url lists urls of all the source= lines recursivly and pkg-clean is a clean up tool for a chroot so i can retest other ports.10:57
Romsterbasicly a pkgrm for all ports not in core and a few select others.10:58
Amnesiahm ok10:58
Romsteri got a big version sort one in the works.10:58
Romsternot exactly on it's own a crux tool but it'll be used for on Pkgfiles.10:59
Romsteryou can find me monologing aobut it in the irc log :)10:59
diverseNow if Romster could just spend the time learning C...11:00
Romsteryeah i need time first.11:00
diversethat means never -_-11:00
AmnesiaC isn't that hard, you just need to get used to it11:00
Romsternah one day i'll get to it11:00
diversesurprise me11:01
diverseand oh keep in mind, there is a ton of functions in the std lib that have buffer overflows, make sure to avoid those.11:04
Romsteri was reading that the other day when tilma_n said that foo function was buggy11:08
Romsterglibc is full of landmine functions.11:08
diverseits the history of libc, not just glibc11:08
Romsteror actaully stdlib of gcc11:08
Romsterbackwards compatability i guess11:09
Romstermoral of the story don't use depreciated functions in new programs.11:09
diversecorrect mundo11:09
Romsterlogical sense.11:09
AmnesiaRomster: check out musl11:10
diverseyou can however practice using them, just don't use them in real code11:10
Romsterdoctor who 50th Anniversary Special is out <<11:11
diverseC wasn't designed with safety in mind (but at that time safety comes with cost) and focuses on speed.11:13
Amnesiadiverse: ever heard of musl-libc?11:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: librsvg: fixed gpost-install script11:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] subversion: updated to 1.8.511:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: subversion-bashcompletion: updated to 1.8.511:21
diverseAmnesia: yeah, but it is not a perfect alternative.11:25
Amnesiameh depends what you're looking for11:25
diverseand just because musl makes everything safe, doesn't mean you can't shoot yourself in the foot if you not careful.11:28
Amnesia"safe" :p11:29
Amnesiatrue that11:29
diversebuffer overflows, segfaults, security issues, bugs11:30
Amnesiaimo they're quite fun to find (in someone else's code^^)11:31
diverseand you call yourself an idiot, why?11:33
Amnesiawell, cause I waste a considerable amount of my life working for someone else^^?11:35
diversewhat's wrong with that?11:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: elementary-xfce-icon-theme: initial import11:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: elementary-xfce-icon-theme: added missing header11:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4: added icon-theme to metaport11:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-places-plugin: updated to 1.6.011:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-equake-plugin: initial import11:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-mailwatch-plugin: updated to 1.2.011:35
AmnesiaI'd rather life somewhere in the bush bush and code stuff for myself:P11:36
diverseyou can do that too.11:36
Amnesiaand me self reliant11:36
diversenot everyone is perfect11:37
Amnesiayeah, I'm too lazy:P11:37
diverseAgain, why I am struggling to cheer you up?11:37
diverseIt's like you have a floating pessimistic cloud on top of you11:38
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Amnesiahm, monty python cheers me up:D11:39
Amnesia :D11:39
diverseThat was a great skit in the olympics11:41
diverseAmnesia: "Always look on the bright side of life~"11:44
Amnesiauntz untz untz11:44
Amnesia :-D11:44
diverseAmnesia: I think I will keep pasting you the same link again11:48
Amnesiathat voicemail message made me laugh too:)11:49
diverseAmnesia: Did I cheer up now?11:59
diverse*cheer you up now11:59
Amnesiadiverse: yep12:00
Amnesiadiverse: +112:00
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: parole: initial import12:03
sepenI finally added some icons to xfce ;D12:03
diverseyeah, good job! You made all Xfce users happy! *fistbump*12:04
sepenbut note changes in librsvg, since elementary-icons are svg files12:04
diverseah I see12:05
Amnesiasepen: are you currently using the elementary icons?12:17
diverseElementary is such a popular word. You have the elementary icons, elementary OS, efl elementary toolkit, Elementary TV series.12:20
Amnesiadiverse: today it seems so yes:P12:20
diverseeven the past year it' so12:21
Amnesiaah, guess I missed that12:21
Amnesiadwm <312:21
diversesomeone will fork that and call it "dwm: Elementary edition"12:22
AmnesiaI doubt it12:24
sepenAmnesia: yes12:25
diverseThat was a joke12:25
Amnesiasepen: screenie?12:25
Amnesiadead white male12:25
diverseI made it up as a joke12:26
sepenscreenie? I never used it, I always run 'scrot'12:26
diversesepen: slang for scrot12:26
Amnesiasepen: in turn slang for screenshot:P12:26
diversesepen: oh geez12:28
Amnesiathat're the elementary icons o0?12:30
sepenthis is after fist run12:30
sepenwait I'll do another one with thunar12:30
Amnesiait doesn't really look the same:)12:30
diversethey existed before elementary OS12:31
Amnesialol, really?12:31
diverselike I said, "elementary" is a popular word12:32
diverseAnyone will just use that word and think they are being original12:33
Amnesiathought it're the same things12:34
diverseAmnesia: come on, don't troll me, you know damn well they aren't12:35
AmnesiaUmad bro?12:35
diverseDidn't say that in a mad tone.12:35
Amnesiasepen: ty12:36
Amnesiadiverse: yes you did12:36
Amnesiaby ultrasound :D12:36
diverseok how about this?12:36
diverseAmnesia: come on, don't troll me, you know damn well they aren't :)12:36
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diverseahh, such a difference emoticons make12:37
Amnesiatrue that12:38
AmnesiaSING ALONG \o/12:38
diverseI see12:39
diversethe "ahhh" part12:45
Amnesiahe died:(12:45
diverseAmnesia: so, found any cool apps recently?12:48
diversehow about you sepen?12:50
Amnesiadiverse: E_NOTIME12:51
diversethat sounds familiar, is that the realtime patch that nrxtx mentioned a while back?12:51
diverseor am I thinking of something else?12:52
Amnesiaactually no, I need to apply isolation to my rooftop before the winter kicks off12:52
Amnesiait sucks donkeyballs though..12:52
diversethat doesn't sound cool...12:53
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Amnesiait isn't12:53
Amnesiathe isolation itches as fuck:p12:54
Amnesianothing's wrong with pessisism:)12:55
Amnesiastuff can't get any worse when you're pessimistic:D12:55
diverseyou need a hug from your girlfriend12:56
diversedoomicide: hey, how is it going, anything new?12:58
diversethere doesn't seem to be any new updates with mpv or spacefm13:00
doomicidediverse: Nope, nothing new.13:09
diverseoh well13:09
diversehave you thought about uploading a udevil port?13:09
doomicideyeah, but I'm using pmount in combination with spacefm -d, so I don't really need udevil.13:10
diverseah I see :)13:10
diversefrinnst: you there?13:16
diverseyou are so going to hate this giant wall of text13:21
RomsterElementary deer watson13:46
Romster spoilers13:53
frinnstnow I am14:12
frinnstnice, 17 security issues in ffmpeg14:13
Romster A Deleted Scene The Day of the Doctor Doctor Who 50th Anniversar...14:13
frinnstnot yet archived in oss-sec14:14
frinnstshould appear here soon i guess14:14
diverseyay, security issues \o/14:15
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frinnstyeah im subscribed to that ml, its really depressing :)14:15
Romsteri'll fix it later too busy right now.14:17
frinnstyeah no worries14:17
frinnstnothing major that i can see anyways14:17
diversefrinnst: btw, which version has it?14:17
frinnstdunno, mail says 2.1 but i guess you should check the repo if you really want to know14:18
Romsterand i'd have to test everything as to what breakage it causes.14:21
frinnstyeah dont worry too much about it14:21
Romsterbumping ffmpeg is always asking for trouble <<14:21
Romsteri'm not i'll do it when i've looked it over more.14:21
diversewow, deadbeef lets you customize the interface on the fly14:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: guile, nwn-diamond, quake4, teamspeak2-client, unace: dropped14:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: clamav: updated to version 0.9816:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.2.918:42
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: iptables: update to 1.4.2118:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: iproute2: update to 3.12.018:43
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: btrfs-progs: updated to v3.1220:15
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nrxtxhu there is already a ready to use cubieboard image? :D20:59
pitillonrxtx: there is a rootfs ready for it :)21:02
nrxtxyeah saw it after reading sepens mail :)21:02
xveei was thinking of getting crux on my rpi, and using it as a ssh server/proxy and for file storage21:04
tilmanpretty sure has an image for the rpi21:08
xveetilman: it does. it just one of those things i have in mind, but, am usually either too busy to too lazy to do. junk food has priority lol21:09
pitilloxvee: if you put hands on it one day feel free to comment or rant about it :)21:18
xveewell, it is a long break with thanksgiving and all21:37
xveerant i will!21:37
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xveeside note elementary os looks quit enice22:31
xveepanetheon or w.e looks like mac osx22:31
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:31
tilmanwhat a fucking joke22:44
tilmandoesn't do shit unless it can identify your DE22:44
tilmanWTF! i thought it's called _xdg_ utils because it queries shared-mime-data and friends22:45
xveexdg doesn't identify it?22:46
tilmanxdg-mime falls back to file -i on a "generic" desktop22:47
joacimxvee: I don't think it does. somewhat similar, but it still looks very much like a gtk-based DE22:47
xveejoacim: i guess thats fair. it is quite nice though22:48
xveewonder how it does on resources22:48
joacimabout the same as everything else i guess =)22:48
joacimi'd like to try it out. how it feels is more important than how it looks i think.22:49
*** Kruppt has quit IRC22:49
joacimused the elementary icon themes before22:49
xveewe should ask roelof to make a port. :P22:49
joacimwell. you could just install elementary =)22:50
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xveebut i finally got crux to where i lik eit22:50
joacimnot sure about hte name your price download scheme. I always feel bad about not paying when they have a scheme like that in place. which is why i never bothered with testing recent versions of ubuntu22:51
xveeyea. i always feel bad for not donating :/22:51
xveei always feel like small donatons look bad. i mean i know 10 dollars is 10 dollars, but22:52
xveei dont like it when its forced, though. like to install elive i think it was called, it was like 20 bucks22:53
*** xvee has quit IRC23:01
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*** xvee has joined #crux23:32
xveedoes the creator of crux frequent the crux chat?23:38
sepen@seen pil23:39
*** xvee has quit IRC23:44
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