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xveeso, how's everyone doing00:57
joacimdunno. I'm doing fine tho.01:02
joacimthinking about getting a new display, but those things are expensive, and i'm thinking i should wait to see if the ones I want end up in one of those seasonal sales01:06
joacimnever really seen nicer things end up on sale tho. usually already cheap lower end stuff01:06
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jaegerwhat are you looking to get?01:14
jaegerxvee: he's been out of crux for quite some time but here's a picture of him:
joacimthis one01:15
joacimasus has a similar one that I'm thinking about too01:15
jaegerlooks nice01:16
joacimcan't really make up my mind about 23" or 24" either. 23" displays are much cheaper, but 24" displays gives me more vertical pixels01:16
jaegerI like to keep a 16:9 aspect ratio no matter the number of pixels but that's just me01:40
joacim16:10 looks nicer to me. 16:9 feels too wide. But I want the lower price of the 16:9 models as much as I like the taller 16:10 aspect ratio01:43
joacimI'd be happy with either one, and I wouldn't run out and buy a new 16:10 display if I already had a similar 16:9 model01:44
jaegerI certainly wouldn't turn down 16:10 if that were the better quality one01:44
jaegerok, time for some SSD shuffle01:47
xveejaeger: thanks. its kinda weird though...never thought he'd abandon it01:50
joacimI can get an ssd + 16:9 instead of just a 16:10 display01:50
joacima cheaper 120GB SSD01:50
xveejoacim: have you checked this out?01:51
joacimofc not. I live in norway ;)01:52
xveetotally forgot01:52
xveei wonder how much shipping would be if they do ship outthere01:52
joacimthere is this one, but I havent really used it in nearly ten years01:53
joacimdont think it has been maintained that much either01:53
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nweyaya 4G on our trains :D06:11
nwegood morning btw06:12
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frinnstmy DELL U2412M is both cheap and nice07:24
Romsterbit better than 108007:31
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frinnstyeah, but its sad that you almost had higher resolutions ~10 years ago08:43
frinnsti remember my 19" crt with 1600x120008:44
frinnstand i also got a nice tan from it in the winter :)08:44
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xveeso that computer i was working on, i had to hook it up to an external computer and tried scanning with that. looks like the worm wanted to spread to the new machine. so i had to boot an a/v with a flash drive that runs linux and hopefully it wont crash this time or try to infect the pc09:20
pitilloxvee: have you tried to run malwarebytes in safe mode directly on the machine?09:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
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Amnesiaw <- lol12:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: spectrwm: remove the buggy LD_PRELOAD stuff13:20
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nwegaah Im so fucking tired..14:16
tilmanfeeling pretty good14:17
tilmanhaving a nice kopp kaffe too :P14:18
nwescch :P14:19
joacimI'm still in my bathrobe14:21
tilmanfuck yeah!14:21
tilmanfrinnst is annoyed because he's only allowed to wear bathrobes on fridays14:32
tilmanin the office, i mean14:32
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nwehow are you frinnst ?19:00
frinnstjust fine19:01
frinnstwatching cyst-popping videos on youtube <319:01
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joacimthose are very pleasing to watch19:10
nwenice to hear :) hmm cyst-popping?19:11
nwefrinnst: ty19:29
nwefrinnst: what do you have for laptop?19:29
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Rotwangfrinnst: WHAT?19:46
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Rotwangwhy do you watch cyst popping?20:04
frinnstah, hehe well i find it satisfying :)20:35
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