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RomsterBurnZeZ, i got mame to compile with no effort.00:40
frinnstAmnesia: please file a bug, or it will be forgotten00:46
frinnstor post to the ml atleast00:47
xveejesus these black friday videos ar ehilarious01:04
xveepeople turn into animals for god damn tvs01:05
joacimcheap off brand shiny plastic tvs?01:16
joacimmy city has things thing once a year where stores sell a very limited amount of goods at very cheap prices01:18
joacimi remember you could get a playstation or nintendo 64 for 50 NOK at this one store01:18
joacimthey only had a handful of them, so you had to camp out throughout the night to get them01:18
joacimbut it was still very civilized01:19
joacimpeople didnt trample eachother to death or anything like that01:19
joacimi dont know why, but norwegian stores have this black friday thing too now. dont know why as there is no thanksgiving.01:22
xveei figured it'd be more civilized01:54
xveeamericans...i swear01:54
joacimi dont think people here make such a big deal out of it02:30
joacimhave hardly heard anything about it in over ten years02:31
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xveeRomster: i thought i posted that some time ago lol06:59
xveestill funny :P06:59
Romstermaybe i got bookmarks of everything from different channels07:03
xveeoh haha07:13
xveei remember playing wih css in one of my classes07:13
xveechange one little thing...the entire page messes up07:13
Romsteryeah i had a job to fix a site to work in both IE and firefox07:14
Romsteri ended up saying this is as good as i can get it IE is shit do not use it07:14
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xveeIE -_____-07:30
Romsteri said first up i woudn't suppport IE07:33
Romsterbut everyone complained it was not displayed correctly in IE despite mentioning works in all w3c compliant browsers and IE is not one of them.07:34
Romsteri tried to make it look the same it was impossible to get it exactly...07:34
Romsteri gave up and said sorry not possible and quit that job.07:34
Romsteronly a small job so i didn't care07:35
Romstermore pissed off that IE sucks majorly.07:35
Romsterand yet everyone still uses it07:35
Romsterand get this a site is IE only wont work in any other browser no idea why maybe activex stuff07:35
Romsterand then they also say it only works in ie9 that's not available for this persons win xp, and there machine s old i told them to use firefox.07:36
Romsterso there forced to use IE and then forced to get a new computer with a newer windows to use a newer IE07:37
Romsternew manchine windows sure be good. but hell why does said site they use for work not work in any god damn browser.07:37
Romsteri hate IE with a vengeance.07:37 dead url07:40
nwegood morning07:40
nwehow are you Romster ?07:41
Romsterthe usual07:42
nwehehe good to hear :)07:43
nweI have just woke up... so sitting in the sofa and drinking coffee, while the rest of the family sleeping07:44
Romstercoffee doco on tv and messing with linux08:01
nwecoffee doco? whats that?08:12
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Romsteruh got coffee and watching a documentary on tv08:31
Romsternow i have fresh Tasmanian salmon with malt vinegar08:32
nweah :)08:44
Romsterwhat i think and type don't always match up08:45
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nweI have just eating breakfast.. my stepdaugther fixed the breakfast :)08:48
nweand I playing around with logstash08:50
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xveeso, how goes the bitcoin mining09:28
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Rotwangswapon: /var/build/swap.bin: read swap header failed: Success11:25
tilmansucks to overwrite errno by accident11:25
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