IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-12-03

xveetotally forgot about steam00:07
jaegerI bought some more games that work in linux and was thinking about giving it a shot again00:08
jaegerI made ports for it a while back but it was still really new and buggy then00:08
xveeoh yea. steam sale is going on right?00:08
xveewell, if your ports end up being successful, heck, i might even pick up some games00:09
jaegersteam sales are almost always happening :D00:09
joacimI made a wishlist, and now i'm waiting for things to reach 75-90% off00:10
xveewould a 650m be enough to handle games?00:11
xveeits not too bad, 2gb ddr300:11
joacimyou'll need at least two voodoo 2s in sli00:11
jaegerdepends on the game, should be fine for some of them00:12
joacimI have a gtx 260. it works fine for pretty much everything I throw at it00:12
joacimso i'm guessing yours will be fine00:12
jaegermobile chipsets are generally much weaker but it should be fine for quite a few00:13
jaegerespecially since most games have adjustable graphics levels anyway00:13
joacimit sucks when you have to play on low :/00:13
xveesweet. i've been wanting to play the hidden00:13
joacimthat game doesn't really look that demanding00:15
xveeit doesn't seem like it, no. though it would be fun to play with the people here, and make everyone mad :P00:18
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xveenice stream jaeger06:53
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Romsterkernel 3.12.2 is unstable for me sound plus keyboard typing = lockup08:35
Romstergone to 3.10.21 now.08:35
frinnstworks for me, had less luch with the rc's08:36
frinnstwell, i only tried 3.12.008:37
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Romsterfatal error: sys/int_types.h: No such file or directory09:28
Romsteris that meant to be sys/types.h now?09:28
frinnstwhat port is that?09:28
Romsterin firefox09:28
Romster#line 26738 "configure"09:29
Romster#include "confdefs.h"09:29
Romster#include <sys/int_types.h>09:29
Romsterconfigure:26740:27: fatal error: sys/int_types.h: No such file or directory09:29
Romsteri'm missing with my own build.09:29
frinnstinttypes.h maybe09:30
Romstereh not in sys/ though09:30
frinnstor an internal header for firefox09:30
Romsternope not part of firefox.09:31
Romster./gfx/cairo/cairo/src/cairo-wideint-type-private.h:# include <sys/int_types.h>09:32
Romsterthought it had something todo with cairo09:32
Romsteri see it in a older gcc verison but not the one we use now.09:32
Romsterpretty sure it's just renamed in later gcc versions too /usr/include/sys/types.h09:35
Romstergonna try that09:35
Romsterconfigure: for ac_hdr in stdint.h inttypes.h sys/int_types.h09:42
Romsteruh ok...09:42
RomsterMOZ_CHECK_HEADERS(stdint.h inttypes.h sys/int_types.h)09:43
Romsterso why does it break hmp09:43
Romsterso it's a glibc header not gcc.09:46
Romsterman the entire firefox build is a mess.09:52
Romsteri need to take a step back and review what i'm doing.09:52
frinnstfuuuuuck oracle forms10:03
frinnstfucking custom business apps10:04
frinnstnobody has any passwords, nobody know how its set up10:04
frinnstand im expected to fix it10:04
Romsterheh your not having a good time are you.10:04
frinnstwindows 2003 server, unable to search for files10:04
frinnstunable to search file content10:04
Romster2003 sever man we are ditching those already10:06
Romsterwhy arn't you on 2008 at least?10:06
frinnstall other of the customers servers are on 2008r210:06
frinnstbut since nobody knows how this fucker works, nobody wants to touch it10:06
Romsterhmm but it arn't working as it was now?10:08
Romsterah bogus bug the error was earlier up...10:08
frinnstno, they say they are unable to get printouts10:09
Romsterbecause i disalbed dbus i had to also --disable-necko-wifi10:09
Romsterwhich you got in your mosconfig10:09
Romsterif this works i can strip a ton of crap out of the Pkgfile10:10
frinnstyou know you are in trouble when the filedates are from 2005-200710:11
Romsterwindows it does my head in at work, deciphering what customers mean.10:11
frinnsthahaha omg10:20
frinnst"it works now"10:20
frinnst"we turned off and on the printer"10:20
Romsterah windows crap10:21
Romsteroh that too10:21
frinnstthe app breaks if they use a jre newer than something from 2011 or something10:22
Romsterouch security vulnerability alert10:22
frinnstno kidding10:22
Romsteractually having java is a security issue.10:22
frinnstjava is everywhere10:27
frinnstfuck it, long lunch10:31
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teK_freeswan or strongswan?10:40
teK_Google Search Hits recommends freeswan but then.. I'd have to prefer bind over tinydns, too10:41
teK_FreeS/WAN is no longer in active development ._.10:42
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frinnstthere was a new gnu vpn tingy announced recently11:17
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Romsterfrinnst, ok last compile run and then i got a nice cleaned up firefox port.13:23
frinnstnice, pastebin it and i'll join in your fun :)13:23
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Romsteris that patch still needed for cairo?13:24
Romsteri compiled without it and don't notice anything odd.13:24
frinnstNo, i just missed to git rm it13:25
frinnstI have it in my queue for next push13:25
Romsteri haven't tried PGO yet or the other memory allocator13:26
Romsterthis is a 32bit firefox but a few lines removed it'll be stock again.13:26
frinnstiirc there still are issues with that13:26
Romsteryeah which is why i avoided it for now.13:26
jaegerfrinnst: fun story regarding oracle and old-ass java versions - oracle uses a shared ssh tool built in java (of course) for troubleshooting problems with the ZFS storage appliances. it only works with a small range of 6u4x JREs13:27
Romsteri had no luck with it and PGO would make everyone cry double time and twice the ram to build.13:27
frinnstjaeger: hahahahhaa13:27
Romsteroh nice.13:28
frinnstwell atleast they dont have static default admin passwords like HP13:28
Romsterhonestly these companies get there security from...13:28
Romsterread that nuke password 0000000013:28
jaegersmooth :/13:29
jaegerGlad we didn't buy HP, then :D13:30
frinnstI wonder if netapp does anything similary stupid13:30
frinnst78a7ecf065324604540ad3c41c3bb8fe1d084c50 SHA1: badg3r513:31
Romsterclosed source never trust it13:31
Romsterfrinnst, this is my firefox-32 jsut remove the 32bit stuff edit maintainer job done.
Romsteroh and edit mozconfig should be trivial.13:56
Romsteri need to nuke the headers for firefox-32 as it clobbers the 64bit firefox i haven't done that yet.13:57
Romsterfrinnst, if ti's too much i'll knock up a 64bit one shortly.13:59
jaegernwe: no idea here, sorry14:01
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frinnstno worries, i'll have a look14:04
frinnstnot sure if we should meddle with user settings though (even if they appear ok)14:05
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nwejaeger: okey :/14:22
nwethanks anyway14:22
Romsterfrinnst, ok building a 64bit one.14:24
Romsterdiff -pruN ~/var/cwd/remote/projects/crux/opt/firefox/ /usr/ports/opt/firefox/ |wgetpaste14:26
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterfrinnst, done ^14:27
Romsteryou may wanna wait until next firefox version before you push anything though.14:29
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Romsterlet me know if you make any modifications. i pretty much knocked this stuff this evening.15:00
Romsternwe, that's normal behavior wget does that too. you would have to somehow use the http headers to get the real filename to save too.15:02
nweRomster: I mean Varnish should get a hit even on img img.jpg?=bleh because img.jpg and img.jpg?bleh is the same files.15:11
Romsteryeah but even wget foo.jpg?name=foo will do the same thing.15:19
teK_frinnst: yeah but I have to use a swan15:19
Romsteryou would have to either use the http header for file name or parse the file name off the url.15:19
teK_thanks anyway15:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-net-dns: 0.72 -> 0.7315:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.0.13 -> 5.0.1415:32
Romsterif anyone wants to test.15:54
Romsteri'm heading to bed15:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libfame: dropped16:00
frinnstswedish :)16:29
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tilmanhehe, i somewhat suspected but thought it looked too weird for it to be swedish16:34
tilmanspeaking of swedish16:34
tilmananyone want to envy me for seeing dark tranquillity live tonight?16:34
tilmanand tomorrow fwiw :D16:35
frinnsttilman: no, i have good taste in music16:35
joacimswedish. bah!16:46
joacimnorwegian is hardcore16:46
joacimwe have two written languages16:46
frinnstnorwegian sounds like retarded swedish16:58
jaegerneat, got X3: AP running in steam on crux without ridiculous trouble16:59
teK_uh, language imperialism. Sweeet. *not speaking in native tounge here either*16:59
joacimI like it when germans come to norway thinking that norwegians understand german17:03
teK_never been to Norway but will remember to assume that. Promised.17:03
joacimthank you17:04
joacimpretty much everyone had at least 3 years of german in school, but only people with grey hair remembers any of it17:04
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.5021:18
frinnsti thought radeonsi was more unstable now than i remembered it21:19
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-util-macros: updated to 1.18.021:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-modesetting: updated to 0.8.121:24
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: file: updated to 5.1621:38
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