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prologictrying to find linux drivers for a SanDisk SDDR-289, either my google skills suck or there aren't any00:19
prologicthe kernel I'm running has support for SanDisk SDDR-09 and SanDisk SDDR-5500:19
Romstertried sometimes it finds stuff google can't easily.00:20
Romsterbbl darts bbq00:22
frinnstwow, bing can find things?00:47
frinnst(thats what duckduckgo uses)00:47
frinnsthm, you need actual drivers for that ? Doesnt it just act like other cardreaders do?00:48
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Amnesiafrinnst: ddg != bing01:04
Amnesiait does use it, next to other search engines, to gather results though01:04
frinnsti use myself01:04
Amnesia"enhanced by google"01:06
Amnesiahm it's located in .nl..01:07
frinnstsame folks that are behind ixquick01:10
Amnesiawhat're there results like?01:12
frinnstpretty identical to google01:12
frinnstsans the bubble effect and other local crap01:12
frinnstdunno if there is a bubble effect with, but anyways01:13
frinnstbeen a long time since i used google directly01:13
Amnesiabut it does use google under the hood right?01:13
frinnstscroogle - rip01:13
Amnesiait're all just google proxies ^.^01:14
Amnesialxquick used to be crap..01:17
frinnstyeah it used bing01:17
Amnesiamost likely there're all interrelated-.-01:19
Amnesiawe're the fucking product-.-01:20
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joacimfrinnst: i know you can disable some of the tracking google does, but i dont know if doing so can avoid the bubble effect01:30
joacimmostly for ads and youtube recommendations i think01:30
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Amnesialxquick -> privately held company01:35
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Romsterduckduckgo uses a number of search engines.04:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.7.7 -> 1.7.8. Fixes steam bug
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xveehi guys07:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mod_php: update to 5.5.610:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: update to 3.8.210:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mysql: update to 5.5.3510:34
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tilmanso i got a new ssd11:34
tilmanand i'm wondering whether or not to put btrfs on it again11:34
pitilloRomster: 404 on midori. New version 0.5.6 available12:09
teK_tilman: ask frinnst, he likes btrfs a lot12:10
tilman$ mount|head -112:27
tilman802 on / type btrfs (rw,relatime,ssd,noacl,nospace_cache)12:27
tilmanwhat is this crap.12:27
teK_you should have a line for rootfs and the actual partition, too?12:31
tilman802 instead of /dev/sda212:35
tilmanle weird12:35
teK_as I said.. I have this and two additional lines for /12:35
teK_stop whining :D12:35
tilmanye, i remember the _two_ entries12:36
teK_maybe we can blame udev *g*12:36
tilmani'm on kernel 3.12.1; maybe they changed stuff?12:36
teK_possible.. using 3.12.2 myself12:36
tilmani don't do this new-fangled shit ;)13:00
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frinnstand to answer your question: yes, you should put btrfs on everything14:17
frinnstdont use compression on / unless you have a separate /boot. bootloaders doesnt like btrfs-compressed kernels14:18
tilmanye, i was planning on keeping my ext2 /boot14:19
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tilmanfrinnst: should i enable the skinny-metadata feature?15:13
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tilmanguess so, doesnt seem to have any negative consequences15:14
frinnstyep, the bugs should be ironed out by now15:17
frinnst(im using it)15:17
frinnstyou might want to use
tilmanstable btrfs works for me so far15:20
tilmanwithout the skinny somethings anyway15:20
frinnstskinny is a lot faster15:20
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tilmanfrinnst: fucking retarded free space accounting already pisses me off16:38
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fmateogood monorning17:44
fmateomy name is Jean Charly17:44
fmateoI need to know, what happen with the website17:45
fmateodo you can answer me17:45
fmateoI see the website down17:46
fmateohi jaeger17:49
fmateohow are you17:49
fmateodo you can help me?17:49
jaegerhello, fmateo. No idea what's wrong with the website, sorry18:07
jaegerthe server seems to be unreachable via SSH as well so can't investigate18:08
fmateothank you very much18:12
jaegerno problem. hopefully it'll be back soon, might be some problem in the datacenter where it's hosted18:12
fmateohow else I can use the ports-u18:14
jaegerJust have to wait until the server is back, unfortunately. Unless someone has a ports mirror available. That reminds me, I should set mine back up, heh18:16
jaegerIt hasn't been updated in a long time, I think18:16
fmateogo that's a problem, now I can not do anything18:19
jaegerwe used to have a couple ports mirrors available but not sure if anyone still does... pretty quiet right now, you might wait and see if anyone else responds18:20
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tilmanhow do i create a bootable usb drive from crux-3.0.iso? sorry, i forgot and can't find it in the irc logs :\19:15
tilmanoooh, isohybrid iirc19:15
jaegerdd :)19:23
tilmanyeah, sigh19:25
tilmanyou probably told me the same in february19:26
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Rotwangwhat's up with
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xveehi everyone22:08
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