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xveegoodbye everyone00:56
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leetspete1traceroute dies at (, which would probably be one hop from the IP it resolves to right down or router problem, maybe?02:49
Romsteror some switch failed.02:51
Romster is down too i noticed02:59
Romsterleetspete1, mtr is a nice tool as well.03:02
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Romstermtr --report --report-cycles 10 > /tmp/
leetspete1Romster: Interesting.  I'd never heard of mtr.03:08
Romsteryou have now it's in contrib/mtr03:33
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leetspete1Romster: Yes, I installed and ran it in lieu of STFW. ;)05:26
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fldthello everybody08:50
fldtanybody knows when will be back up? :)08:50
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Amnesiatilman: <- do you write a lot in C yourself?10:16
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nrxtxno more crux homepage? :D11:47
leetspete1nrxtx: It's down for reasons unknown; seems to be the network.12:05
Romsterand charlie __mavrick61 isn't responding yet12:06
nrxtxcan someone provide me a link to one of the download mirrors for the crux iso?12:08
Rotwangthe longer I look at this gif the funnier it gets12:09
nrxtxRomster: thx :)12:11
Romstermd5sum matches that that i have12:11
nrxtxmd5sum is?12:11
nrxtxthx looks fine12:12
Romsternest issue Pkgfiles12:13
nrxtxalso down?12:15
nrxtxyeah looks like it is, but i have a local 2 week old mirror of all port repos that might do it first12:17
Romsterah that'll do for now.12:19
Romsteri could mirror what i got on my system that's a day or two tops old12:19
nrxtxthx, but you don't need to, will work with my local stuff12:20
Romsterk good playing age of empires 2 now12:21
nrxtxthe enhanced edition?12:23
Romsterhd on steam12:24
nogagplzare you playing it in windows12:25
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nrxtx :D16:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spacefm: 0.9.1 -> 0.9.218:23
frinnsthey, the old design!18:23
frinnstit was still in use when i downloaded my firsts crux-iso18:23
frinnsthm, no maybe not18:24
frinnstbut i do remember visiting it18:24
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nrxtxwhat happened at the beginning of 2006 with crux?18:36
nrxtxah the switch to wiki as main page :)18:39
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t4kkGood evening everyone! I was wondering if any cleaning/maintenance is required in the local ports tree? Coming from Arch, directories that share a similar purpose would get clogged up over time with old packages.19:59
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frinnstcd /usr/ports && pkgmk -r -c20:12
frinnstor check out prtwash(1)20:12
t4kkExcellent. That was just what I needed. With only (approx) 3.5 GB, I can't afford having unused and old downloaded files and packages :)20:14
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nwegaah.. wrong window :P21:26
nwewhat must I do if I will host a port mirror ?21:33
frinnstholy hell.. "prisoners" - what a movie21:34
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teK_nwe: mirror your own ports?21:38
frinnstfor core/opt/xorg/contrib i think he means21:40
teK_well.. for i in  core opt xorg contrib; do git://
tilmanshould mirror the rsync export21:42
teK_well.. for i in  core opt xorg contrib; do git clone git://${i}.git ; done21:42
teK_but I don't think that's what nwe was looking for wrt the part where we publish this information on #crux and, I guess21:43
teK_which I'd be somewhat reluctant to do21:44
nweteK_: for core/opt/contrib/xorg etc..21:46
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joacimi've procured prisoners too22:14
joacimdont know what i want to watch tho. since i have procured a few other films too22:14
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