IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-12-10

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frinnstso.. yeah08:55
nogagplzis that you08:56
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frinnstcali licenseplate09:13
frinnstmust be vee09:13 is down again10:17
prologicI should host it :)10:41
teK_keep cool. mav will handle it :-)10:49
Romsterno rush probably still moving batteries10:50
Romsterthose things are heavy10:51
Romstertelecom ones are 60KG each and 2 volt 550 amp hour10:51
Romsterand they run on 52.6 volts10:51
Romsterand they have 3 banks so they can disconnect 1 for maintenance10:52
prologicRomster, hold a grudge much? :)10:59
prologicyou konw my server(s) are all in data centers these days :)11:00
prologicok technically I only own one11:00
prologicbut I manage a few others :)11:00
Romsteryeah i know the past and yes. but i like to try and forget about the past11:01
prologicyour comment says otherwise :)11:06
prologic* Romster coughs11:06
Romsterold memories never die sadly.11:08
Romsterand i've had one of them busy hectic days11:08
prologicso have i :)11:11
prologicI want to punch plone in the face!11:11
Romsteri don't know plone but i've been busy urgent this urgent that while mostly guarding the shop alone with customers wanderin in and hone calls on 2 phone lines11:14
Romsteronly now starting to relax11:14
frinnstI was asked by a customer to upgrade an old webapp. "We need it in two days"11:14
frinnstso reading up on it i discovered that i need to perform atleast 9 updates between versions11:15
frinnst+ lots of db-schema hackings11:15
frinnstand testing11:15
prologicyeah there are some things that these days I would just refuse to do11:15
prologicor cough up enough $$$ for me to do it11:15
frinnstyeah especially when they were offered by the developers to do the upgrade. they thought it would take maybe ~40 consulting hours11:16
prologicI've been wrestling with our cloud hosting providers (free and university funded/backed, located at universities)11:16
frinnst"Noo, lets have frinnst do it for us. hes quick and cheap"11:16
prologictheir "big data" storage can't handle untarring a tarball with 400GB of data that contains 16.7M files11:17
prologicthe NFS chokes :/11:17
Romsternfs version 4?11:18
frinnstprobably v311:18
frinnstiirc jaeger had some issues with small files and nfs11:19
prologicso much for big data11:19
prologiccan't even handle the shitty little amount I want to throw at it :)11:19
prologicyeah it's all "not my problem" though :)11:19
prologicI just can't use their stupid ass storage service(s) :)11:19
prologicnot to mention the cloud computer nodes we get are pathetic when it comes to performance11:20
frinnstyou know what it was built on?11:20
prologictheir like 1/10th slower than my iMac at work11:20
prologicnah sorry no clue :)11:20
frinnstargh, "cloud computing"11:20
frinnstfuuuuck them buzzwords11:20
prologicI can only tell you what our vms know11:20
prologicI couldn't agree moe11:20
prologicmeaningless buzzwords11:20
prologicit's the 80's all over again11:20
frinnstno its not, im not young :(11:21
frinnstsent an email to my boss, asking if I could tell the customer to go fuck themselves (but in a more polite way)11:22
Romsteri would say 48 hours is not enough time.11:24
prologicI would :)11:25
prologicI sometimes do at work11:25
prologic(in a nice way)11:25
prologicYOu want me to build an ebay web application?11:25
prologicGet f**d :)11:25
prologicYou want it when? in 2 weeks?11:25
prologicYou are being stupid :)11:26
prologicIT is fun no? :)11:26
prologicYou want us to fix your PC, make it faster and cost $0 and take only 5mins to complete?11:26
RomsterIT is stressful11:26
prologicWhat kind of magical fairy land do you think this is?!11:26
prologicserious dude11:27
Romsteri'm gonna hate the remaining win xp boxes full of viruses11:27
prologicnaive folk expect magic to happen11:27
prologicnaive and sometimes (often) ignorant11:27
prologicgood for botnets :)11:27
prologicmake sure you send me their mac addresses11:28
Romsterexpect more of those in years to come11:28
prologicand isp details11:28
prologicin fact I'll send you a little trjoan you can install for me :)11:28
Romsteri have a nice virus here. it'll encrypt all your files send the private key to the attacker... and demand you pay 0.5btc and only have 72 hours todo that to get the private key to decrypt your files. :D11:29
prologicnice trick11:29
prologicI've heard about that11:29
prologicpoor suckers11:29
prologicand who knows how to send BTC anyway :)11:29
prologiclet alone buy it :)11:29
Romsteroh it shows how too11:30
prologicoh really11:30
prologicthat is neat11:30
Romstereven uses the same walet site we use11:30
prologicshould write one for servers11:30
prologicand see how many linux/unix servers you can r0t with it11:30
Romsterdoes say the btc key expires after 72 hours11:30
prologic*j/k* :)11:30
prologicyeah so after 72hrs you're never getting your data back11:31
prologicmust hurt a bit11:31
Romsteror be able to track who11:31
prologicin theory the attacker can be tracked11:31
prologicif you have the know-how :)11:31
prologicit's just really hard11:31
Romsterunless you trace the packet sending the private key to the ip of the attacker11:32
Romsterbut then it's probably a hacked box too11:32
Romsterunless they are dumb to send it to there ip with no proxy11:33
prologicit all has to be colelcted somewhere eventually11:35
prologicand then traded for real currnecy11:35
prologicthe attacker can be tracked11:35
prologicjust takes times11:35
frinnstooh, cryptolocker12:08
frinnsti've read about cryptolocker encrypting sharepoint for an entire organization and everything12:09
frinnstI look forward to when xp is no longer supported but still on corporate networks12:10
Romsterthats the one frinnst12:10
Romsterit'll suck big time12:14
Romsterthough corporate have a few more years left12:14
Romsterwin7 is unsupported in 201512:14
Romsterand today i found out how sucky win8 backup is12:15
Romsterwont even do a full system backup12:15
Romsterwindows and linux but have there problems12:16
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prologicno rsync?12:31
prologicyou're kidding me12:31
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Romstertry only user profile docs music movies and only 20% max of external hdd12:40
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Amnesiahas anyone over here a non-linux kernel in conjuction with the crux userland?14:48
jaegerNot I14:51
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t4kkHey Guys. For quite some time I haven't really had a use for an office suite. However, I do now. So I figured I'd go ask you which software you were using for those purposes :)15:52
jaegerThe very few times I have need for office things I use LibreOffice15:57
jaegerthat's maybe once every 6 months, though15:57
t4kkI would have tried that one out, it's 404 though and I was told by a friend it sucked so I didn't bother finding a mirror lol15:58
syncnlibreoffice does the trick. its no MS Word, but it'll get you through the day.16:01
syncnI have to write reports in .doc after most of my gigs. I live in linux. I hate to head into Windows to write a doc. I make it through with libre16:01
joacimpeople still demand .doc?16:02
joacimi've met some geezers who think it is still the only thing, but nobody complains when i hand then a pdf16:02
syncnimage if i gave a client their analysis report in .odf16:02
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frinnstIP over ICMP16:43
frinnst"Hans is this guy living in the Alps who knows all about echoes."16:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] firefox: updated to 26.0.18:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] nss: updated to
frinnstthe font really matches the content19:23
tilmanit says Shamir19:24
tilmanwhat ze fuck19:24
frinnsthehe yeah its him19:24
Rotwanghow on earth anyone could choose comic sans for anything19:29
tilmanRotwang: everytime i open a document in comic sans my fingers are itching to replace the font :[19:30
frinnstscheduled for 201519:30
frinnsthopefully i dont have to use windows 8 until then19:30
frinnstlooks legit19:33
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Amnesiafrinnst: :-)20:57
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syncnAmnesia: the frequency of these types of posts is thoroughly depressing to me.21:12
Amnesiasyncn: why, are you suprised?21:12
syncntake me from "yea.. thats technically possible.." to "i am not a free man.."21:13
RotwangAmnesia: I'm not sure if I understand, but the attacker would have to get physical access to your hardware21:13
syncnRotwang: which, if they're present for the building of the hardware...21:14
Rotwangyes, so it is the same with ssl certificates and others21:14
syncnAmnesia: i had just finished with this one before you posted that: hnically possible.." to "i am not a  free man.."21:14
syncnAmnesia: i had just finished with this one before you posted that: hnically possible.." to "i am not a  free man.." hnically possible.." to "i am not a  free man.."21:14
syncn**** ***21:15
Amnesiasyncn: why're you're this suprised..21:16
Amnesiathat's '09 :P..21:16
syncnAmnesia: or check this one. dont even read, just look at the logo in the link at the top
Amnesiathe NSA has been "playing around" with buffer overflows since the 70's21:17
syncn(btw the first comment there... may well be the very best comment iv ever read)21:17
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