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nwegood morning08:07
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prologiceven'n all11:29
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nwehow are you guys?12:22
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jaegerhrmm... seriously weird issue with a machine I'm working on. It has 2 SSDs in it, a Samsung 830 256GB with Windows 7 on it and an Intel X25-G2 120GB with nothing on it. Trying to install crux on the 120GB13:40
jaegerAs soon as I put a partition table on it the AHCI BIOS can't even see the drive anymore :P13:40
jaegerEven if there's no data in the partitions :P13:40
jaegerI have to move the drive to a different controller just to erase the partition table13:41
sependid you check for new BIOS firmware?13:44
jaegerYeah, it's up to date13:46
jaegerI'm doing a secure erase now to see if that helps any13:46
sepenso weird13:46
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sepenis the X25-G2 working on another box?13:47
jaegeryes :)13:48
jaegerHere's an extra weird thing to throw into the mix: if I move the windows install to the Intel SSD and put a linux partition table on the Samsung the problem switches drives :D13:49
jaegerI think the motherboard's SATA controller is just starting to die, honestly, but it's such a weird problem that I had to mention it :)13:49
prologicthat's just weird!13:52
prologicMy media box's BIOS sometimes just freezes13:52
prologicbut nowhere as weird as your problem13:52
jaegerI've already got a replacement motherboard and CPU coming for this machine so I'm not too worried about it... just very strange13:52
jaegerLike a lot of motherboards it has 2 SATA controllers on it13:53
jaeger1 intel, 1 gigabyte13:54
jaegerIf I leave the SSD on the gigabyte controller it works but those controllers perform much worse than intel's with SSDs13:54
prologicin my case I'm just "putting up with it"13:58
prologicsad I know :)13:58
prologicbut it's just a home machine13:58
prologicI haven't even tried upgrading the BIOS fimrware either13:58
prologicbecause IHMO there should **NEVER** be bugs in such an esstnail part of a computer13:58
prologicI mean c'mon geez christ :)13:58
jaegerWould be nice if we could rely on that :)13:59
prologicyou may as well just put a sledge hammer thorugh it13:59
prologictell me about it13:59
prologicyou know me (or at least should be now)13:59
prologicI expect too much of people/things13:59
prologichighest quality!13:59
prologicperfection ftw!13:59
prologiclike CRUX :)13:59
jaegerI'd settle for "works as advertised" most times :)13:59
jaegerTo be fair I've used that motherboard for years and it's been pretty solid until now14:00
prologicexcept that "most times" for me should be14:00
prologicor I'd like it to be14:00
prologic99.999998% of the time14:00
prologicnot "crash/freeze" once per month or so14:00
jaegerDon't be greedy now!14:01
prologicmy last desktop was pretty good14:02
prologicbefore it died14:02
prologicI don't think it ever had a single problem14:02
prologicuntil it's death14:02
prologicmy new one/current is pretty good too so far14:02
prologicnot a single problem *touch wood*14:02
jaegerI can hear it catching fire right now14:02
prologicI think I had the last desktop for 8 years before it finally konked out14:02
jaegerJust because you said it was fine :D14:03
prologicit does get a bit warmer than my old AMD Sempron 2400 :)14:03
prologicchips these days are too hot I tell ya!14:03
prologicI'd rather a 64 Core ARM chip tbh14:03
prologicsomething like around the 1.8GHz range14:03
jaegerjust buy 16 cubox-Is and cluster them, boom! hehe14:05
prologicI'll look that one :)14:07
jaegerprobably not worth the cost and cabling mess14:10
prologicI have a 22RU rack cabinet :)14:11
sepenRomster: ping14:12
prologicwhat sotr of CPUs do these things use?14:13
prologicI can't find that easily :/14:13
prologicBased on SolidRun microSOM technology, CuBox-i models have scalable ARM processor cores, memory size, GPU cores and other options, stretching them from simple to demanding tasks.14:15
prologicSo I'd have to throw CRUX ARM on them :)14:16
prologicnot sure how useful they'd be tbh14:19
prologictell you what I wouldn't mind though14:19
prologica nice affordable rack mountable cluster solution14:19
prologicfor home14:19
prologicsomething low-power (energy)14:19
sepenthat guy mounted the cluster just to see the effect that make the LEDS ;D14:21
prologicI like it14:21
prologicanything else like this or similar?14:22
prologicI'd lean towards something more commercial off-the-shelf14:22
prologicotherwise I'd have to get my mate's help to help me buidl something like this :)14:23
jaegerIt does look neat, heh14:23
prologicsure does14:25
sepenimagine the same but replacing rpis for this one:
sepenwhat a kind of beast!14:26
joacimI've been looking for something that would let me mount an rpi or something like it inside of a 5 1/4" well on my PC14:28
joacimpowered by the pc power supply14:28
sepenlol, use an hd case14:28
sepenor the case from  a broken cdrom14:28
joacimI would like something that looked right too =)14:29
joacimnot just something i built myself with velcro and tape =)14:29
sepensorry, for the first j char in the link14:30
joacimwould've been neat if the cdrom still worked =)14:31
sepenI planed to do the same for my cubieboard214:31
frinnstim trying to convince my boss to purchase some neat arm hardware to eval. how well they would work as thin clients14:33
frinnstlinux that boots into x and launches a rdp-client14:34
prologicthis is more like it :)14:35
frinnstomg mitac14:35
frinnstour first PC was a mitac14:35
sepenfrinnst: freerdp worked fine on my cubieboard2 and efikamx14:36
frinnstmy amiga was way more powerful14:36
frinnstsepen: nice14:36
frinnstwe have a client that has a direct fibre connection to us via the city fibre network that need to replace a bunch of XP boxes14:36
sepenanyway we managed to build chromium for some armv7 devices14:36
sepenalso last firefox build ;D14:36
frinnstwohoo, swap on nfs? :D14:36
sepenswap over nfs? what kind of shit is that?14:37
joacimsomeone kill me please14:37
frinnstwell are the sd-cards big enough for swap to allow firefox to build? :)14:38
frinnstjoacim: nice, dsl?14:38
sepenfrinnst: yep14:38
joacimsome kind of cable service14:39
joacimthey market it as "hybrid fibre"14:39
frinnstah, cubieboard. thought it was on a pri14:40
sepenfrinnst: last time I built firefox I added more swap in the middle of the build process ;D to avoid it fail14:40
sepenfrinnst: rpi is armv6 and I don't have any to try14:40
sepenpff I think you should ask santa about a cubieboard214:41
sepenor a samsung chromebook ;D14:42
joacimaw crap. they ruined it. I used to get 10/5 Mbps. now I'm "down" to 13/214:43
joacimmight as well go back to adsl then. at least adsl providers don't force me to pay for tv14:44
frinnstdo they force you to pay for a telephone?14:45
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joacimmost cable providers here force you to pay for tv when all you want is internet14:46
frinnstnot sure how it is in sweden these days. I've been with the same isp since 200114:47
frinnstfibre ftw14:47
joacimwith adsl, i'd have to pay a little bit extra if i dont have a phone line, so i might as well get that too14:47
joacimat least with a phone line, i can run a dialup bbs =)14:48
joacimI never had a dialup modem :/14:49
frinnstthe phonebills were not so nice14:50
sepenI changed here to wiimax isp15:02
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tilmanwhat's a common size for terminus in your xterms?17:42
tilmanwondering whether my short-sightedness has reached worrying levels17:42
frinnsti use 818:01
tilmankill me now18:01
frinnstbut im actually thinking i might use 918:01
frinnst8 is becoming a bit small18:01
tilmanare you short sighted?18:01
tilmanwearing glasses/contacts?18:02
frinnstnear sighted, yeah18:02
tilmanlol, is that the term?18:02
frinnsti dont know :D18:02
frinnstim *i cant see things at a distance*-sighted18:02
tilmani might have to visit my glasses guy18:03
frinnsti did that recently18:03
tilmanfrinnst: yeah, being short sighted is the temporary one ;)18:03
tilmanme too, thats the fucking problem18:03
frinnsthadnt been for about 4-5 years18:03
frinnstwas a biiiig difference with new specs18:03
tilmansame, i can now drive without feeling bad about it again18:04
tilmanbut at the computer it feels weird now18:04
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BurnZDoes prt-get work with OpenBSD?18:11
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jaegerAnyone have a BSD box handy to check something for me?18:42
jaegerI guess BurnZ probably did :)18:42
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jaegerooh, my firewall is bsd-based, that'll work19:15
tilmanit's a unix system, i know this19:19
BurnZeZjaeger: Yo, what's up?19:56
BurnZeZNever mind19:56
jaegeractually I still have a question if you have a BSD box handy - would you send me a single line of syslog output? I'm just curious if it matches RFC3164 format19:57
jaegeras for prt-get with openbsd I imagine it would but have never tried it19:57
jaegerAFK, meeting :/19:57
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frinnstoh, you already pushed it?20:59
frinnstsweet, spice works again21:00
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teK_'f course I did :-)21:54
teK_good to hear that spice is working again21:54
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frinnstlast application i had troubles with with glibc-git22:41
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teK_is it this time again? new PHP fixing some CVE-vuln :}23:38

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