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diversethis channel has been pretty quiet lately?06:03
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nwediverse: thats true...08:34
nweI think ppl are busy with other stuff :)08:34
nwefrinnst: nice :) I will go on vacation on monday =)08:43
frinnstim on call next week, not much to do hopefully :)08:44
frinnstbut hopefully will get some crux work done this week08:44
nweurk, I have my on call this weeken :)08:44
joacimI've been playing video games08:51
joacimdamn steam sales08:51
diversehappy holidays to you guys08:56
BurnZeZDoes anyone have port for fglrx?08:58
nwesorry I dont have anyone :/09:00
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diverseyay, net-spliting09:13
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frinnstuse the open driver myself09:28
prologicanyone here own an androif tablet of some kind?09:40
prologicanything you'd recommend?09:40
prologiclooking at the new nexus 7 lte/4g model09:41
prologicI hear/see Android 4.2+ now has full screen zoom/magnification/accessibility too now which means I can finally buy and use an android device09:41
prologicit only took 3 years!09:41
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frinnstno, nexus4 here on 4.4.210:52
frinnstno clue about the zoom stuff as i dont use it10:52
frinnstbtw do you need to do anything to make a standard crux install useable for you?10:53
frinnstyeah seems so, you tripple tap for magnification10:58
BurnZeZTrying to get fglrx working is suffering11:16
BurnZeZIt's been 4 hours, so probably time to give up11:16
frinnstwhat do you need fglrx for, if you dont mind me asking?11:16
BurnZeZMining dogecoins11:17
frinnsthehe ok11:17
BurnZeZThat's not all, though11:17
BurnZeZI kinda want to see the current state of the driver11:17
BurnZeZIt's been around a year since I last touched it11:17
BurnZeZI don't think I was using a recent version then, either11:18
frinnstI dont think ive ever tried it. been using ati/amd gpus since the first HD cards came out11:18
BurnZeZIt has good 3D performance, but awful 2D performance11:18
frinnstbut I dont really have big needs, just decent 2d, xv/vdpau and xinerama11:19
BurnZeZThat's why I use radeon driver11:19
BurnZeZI want responsive 2D UI11:19
BurnZeZI rarely use 3D for anything11:19
frinnst2d on radeonsi is kinda sucky at the moment11:19
joacimused fglrx 10 years ago11:19
BurnZeZjoacim: Last time I used fglrx it still had the cursor corruption bug from ~10 years ago11:20
frinnstno vsync with glamor xv, and vsync on vdpau is incomplete11:20
BurnZeZI don't know why ATI11:20
BurnZeZ's hardware likes corrupting cursor *11:20
BurnZeZUsually you notice it when using multiple monitors11:21
joacimnever found the 2D stuff to be that bad11:21
joacimdidnt feel anything improved when i got a gf6600gt11:21
BurnZeZYou move the cursor across and it gets corrupted11:21
BurnZeZTurns into squiggles11:21
frinnstheh, I saw that two days ago when i booted my wintendo (windows 7)11:21
joacimyeah i'm a militant single display user =)11:21
BurnZeZOnly two displays now, but wish I had four11:22
frinnstthe open driver on my former card "supported" using 4 monitors11:22
joacimremember getting a 16:10 display in 2006. everyone told me it sucked, it was useless, that i should get two 5:4 displays instead11:22
frinnstmore than its supposed to be able to handle11:22
BurnZeZjoacim: 16:10 is a lot better than 16:911:23
joacimsame story when i got the first generation of C2D. someone told me it sucked, it was useless, i should get an older single core instead.11:23
frinnstjoacim: guess it depends on your workload. multimonitor is brilliant when you want to segregate stuff11:23
frinnstjoacim: well obviously you have stupid friends :)11:23
joacimthinking about getting a second display too11:23
BurnZeZMultiple displays is great when coding11:23
joacimi just want to see irc and my browser when i'm playing games11:23
BurnZeZDocumentation on one display, code on the other11:23
frinnstI use it for VMs and media11:24
joacimBurnZeZ: i do like 16:10 too, but i'm getting 16:9 now11:24
BurnZeZI have 16:9s only11:24
joacim16:9 was a lot cheaper than the 16:10 from the same series11:24
BurnZeZAlways need more vertical space11:24
frinnst1920x1200 <311:24
joacimyou could place them vertically =)11:24
joacimi think 16:10 looks better11:25
BurnZeZI still like 4:311:25
joacimdont think i care too much about the vertical space, as i tend to put stuff side by side11:25
BurnZeZThe problem is that vertical space is more useful when reading11:26
BurnZeZAnd most of what I do is read11:26
joacimfrinnst: they werent my friends. just random people on irc :p11:26
joacimleft those channels a long time ago11:26
BurnZeZTechnically they weren't wrong11:27
joacimgrew kinda tired of the constant "that's pretty stupid" "waste of money" "what did you do that for"11:27
BurnZeZTech has advanced far more in complexity than in usefulness11:28
joacimonly game or application i had problems with was simcity 4. it runs kinda slow and can crash a lot when you have two or more cores11:28
joacimthe fix is easy tho11:28
joacimand i really liked the display since i watched a lot of media, and most of it was made for wider displays11:28
joacimand i do like to put stuff side by side11:28
BurnZeZYou know11:28
BurnZeZMaybe I will flip this display11:29
BurnZeZJust need to figure out how to hold it in place11:29
joacimI've seen pictures of battlestations with three displays all placed vertically11:29
joacimlooked pretty nice11:29
BurnZeZEspecially when the monitors don't have bulky edges11:30
joacimgaffer tape ofc.11:30
joacimnaked lcds looks cool too11:31
joacimwithout the bezel11:31
joacimeasier to just buy one of those displays with a minimal bezel11:32
frinnstyeah i they will become more and more common11:33
joacimthe thing i try to avoid is shiny plastic11:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hicolor-icon-theme: updated to 0.1311:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.30.211:37
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jaegerprologic: I have the first gen nexus 7, it's pretty nice. I'd guess the new one is better14:07
jaegerI just installed retroarch on it this week, fun stuff14:12
nweyay, my nagios failover working :D14:25
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tilmangcc's arm backend sometimes generates infuriatingly shitty code :/15:54
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BurnZeZromster: You were the old ati package maintainer. Do you know enough to update to latest beta fglrx?20:18
BurnZeZUNIX-based systems are not my area of expertise20:19
tilmantrolling hard?20:20
BurnZeZtilman: What exactly sounds troll-ish about what I said?20:20
prologicfrinnst> btw do you need to do anything to make a standard crux install useable for you? <-- yes -- that's why I maintain the compiz fusion ports :) jaegar used to!20:44
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frinnstah, ok21:36
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