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RomsterBurnZeZ, i've never been an ATI maintainer stop trolling.08:09
nwegood morning08:15
nogagplzromster did you end up getting an xbox or w/e08:36
Romsternah but i got aoe2 hd on steam08:36
nogagplzah yeah I remember that08:37
nogagplzdo you play the multiplayer or offline08:37
Romstermultiplayer most times and sometimes single player08:37
nogagplzany good at it?08:38
Romsteri dunno play it on moderate and win against computer08:39
nogagplzoh so like a comp stomp sort of thing08:39
Romsterso far i'm learning the units and moves still08:39
nogagplzdoes it still have the cheats like furious the monkey boy or how do you turn this on08:41
Romsteri haven't used any cheats.08:41
nogagplzdid you get your adsl2 yet also08:52
Romsterhad it for ages now.09:08
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frinnstcool, jolla shop now open in .eu14:20
frinnstEUR399 :/14:20
frinnstDelivery time is 3-4 weeks.14:21
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frinnstim so sick of android and its attempts to undermine your privacy at every corner14:24
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tilmanlast week i realized my freerunner was still alive14:27
frinnstoh well, my nexus4 has a new battery and screen. guess i need to man up and live with it for now14:27
tilmandon't need no stinking jolla14:28
joacimi'm more sick of how normals give praise to google and android for beign so open and good14:28
frinnsthaha yeah14:28
frinnstandroid is locked down as shit14:28
frinnstwell, its relative i guess14:28
frinnstbut its not "open"14:28
frinnstits more and more tied to google with every release14:28
joacimhows those firefox phones doing?14:29
frinnstlove this thing:
frinnstnot sure, impossible to get one i think14:30
joacimmy brother is one of those "apple is bad and closed, google is open and good" types. i mentioned that if he wanted something open, he had plenty of other decent options14:30
frinnstbut you can use firefox to install those html5 apps in android if you want to get a sense of what its like14:30
joacimhe just brushed them off as being bad. bad specs.14:30
frinnstyeah but the specs were kinda bad :(. still, very low price14:31
joacimthe specs dont even matter that much anymore14:31
joacimyeah you get what you apy for14:31
joacimbut i still believe that it should perform well assuming the software is well made14:31
frinnstsure, but its nice to have a good-ish camera14:31
frinnstand a nice screen14:32
joacimyeah input and output is important14:32
joacimmore so than having a 64-bit cpu and gigabytes of ram14:32
joacimmy phone is my only camera, so the only reason why i want a higher end phone is just to get a nice camera14:35
frinnstI use firefox as my primary browser now after upgrading to 4.4.214:35
frinnstchrome wanted too many permissions14:35
joacimI want one of those cheap nokias. 100 or 200 series. but i'm thinking i'd be better off with an iphone or lumia just to get a nice camera14:35
tilmanstupid machine keeps locking up on large build jobs :/14:39
joacimonly reason why i rather not get an iphone is that people would just see me as that guy who buys everything from apple14:40
joacimi dont want to be that guy14:40
frinnsttoo many guys already are14:41
joacimtho i kinda am. i recently bought one of those apple AA battery chargers. it was cheaper than the other name brand alternatives ;)14:41
frinnst.. that guy14:41
jaegerNot worth caring if other people think you're that guy :P14:42
frinnsti bought an ipod once :(14:43
frinnststill feel shame over it14:43
jaegerI've got an iphone... it makes calls and checks my email and occasionally serves as a web browser14:44
joacimi dont really care. i just find it annoying when i get comments about it.14:44
jaegerAny smartphone would probably suffice in this case14:44
jaegerI ignore them14:44
joacim"why don't you use ubuntu" "why don't you use android" "why don't you have a thinkpad"14:44
jaegerAmusingly our "windows guy" here at work bitches about apple all the time but he buys every gadget they make14:48
jaegerHe was just telling me yesterday about his ipad air14:48
frinnstso, he's a typical windows user then :D14:49
joacimyeah it is always windows users who tells me to use ubuntu14:50
joacimthey dont use it themselves14:50
joacimi can bitch about apple too, but I usually bitch about the things that windows users bitch about.14:52
frinnstbitching can be fun. i usually enjoy it. though it's probably very tiresome to listen to14:53
frinnstsorry about that, #crux :)14:53
joacimI guess you get a different perspective when you've used the product you complain about14:53
joacimi dont mind bitching, as long as you don't bitch about the price :p14:54
joacimor itunes drm crap on music (there is no drm on music anymore)14:54
frinnsti bought mass effect 2 & 3. ME2 has drm that requires that you play with the dvd inserted. can i bitch about that?14:59
jaegerI don't mind bitching if there's a good reason for it14:59
jaegerI do mind if you're bitching that you hate X but you own every X there is :P14:59
frinnstwas easier when i played the pirated copy. much nicer experience15:00
joacimI kinda regret buying some of the things I've bought on steam15:00
jaegerfrinnst: <-- maybe this would work? depends on the version, I guess15:00
joacimbought TDU2 on sale, but I can't even play it due to the launcher15:00
frinnstcheers jaeger15:01
joacimthe hardware is good enough, but the launcher requires that you run steam as the administrator15:01
joacimand that is not going to happen15:01
frinnstdoh, all mirrors listed as offline15:01 used to be the goto place for CD cracks but I haven't looked at it in years15:01
frinnstbut download worked anyways \o/15:01
joacimheh. i've always used that site when i just needed a crack15:02
joacimsaw it for the first time ten years ago15:02
jaegeryeah, been around for ages :)15:03
frinnsti bought both games just a few days ago. me3 was a download. me2 was a physical disk (lot cheaper than the download)15:04
frinnstfor like EUR5 each15:04
joacimI bought a game on amazon for 70 NOK once, even tho it was 20 NOK on steam15:04
joacimwanted to pay extra because i like having the physical disk15:04
joacimturned out that the disk only had a steam installer :p15:05
frinnstyeah.. but thats probably irrelevant these days since all new games are tied to online services15:05
frinnstif the services shut down you wont be able to play15:05
frinnstME2 works ok offline, me3 is tied to origin (the horror)15:05
frinnsttime to test the download :p15:06
joacimi feel piracy is the only thing that keeps these games playable15:07
joacimservers shut down and you cant activate your copy anymore, but you can still play the cracked version15:08
jaegerI love the ME games, recently replayed 115:12
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tilmani never buy games16:39
tilmanbut when i do, i don't play them16:39
tilmanor i do play them, but not for long and i definitely don't finish them :[16:39
joacimheh. i buy a lot of games, but i never really play them either16:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk: removed --disable-introspection22:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: added gobject-introspection as a soft dep22:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: pango: updated footprint22:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf: updated footprint22:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: atk: updated footprint22:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk3: updated footprint22:21
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