IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2013-12-24

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tilmangot a new laptop09:48
tilmanput debian testing on it09:48
tilman< 24 hrs later, i'm already annoyed09:49
frinnsti run debian testing on my old eeepc. xfce09:56
tilmanspectrwm is still at 1.0.0 (early 2012) in unstable09:58
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tilmanjaeger: can you please add xhci support to the crux iso kernel? no usb at all for me without it11:00
tilmanjaeger: nvm, i'll send a patch when i have a working kernel config11:09
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frinnsthm, isnt it included already?11:42
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jaegertilman: it's already in the newer configs14:18
jaegertilman: also listed here:
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prologicMerry Christmas y'a;;20:00
tilmanjaeger, frinnst: sorry, i only checked the 3.0 branch of iso.git. derp!20:30
jaegertilman: no worries :)20:53
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RomsterMerry Christmas everyone22:43
henesyRomster, merry xmas22:49
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: automake: updated to 1.14.123:23
frinnstanybody tested gnunet yet?23:38
Romsternope and why are you messing around go visit family23:49
Romsteri'm off for the day ttyl23:50
tilmani think i'll have to fix a gazillion compat32 ports23:58
tilmanlots of little weirdnesses in there :p23:58

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