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diversewhat package uses /etc/ ?02:10
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nogagplzglibc I guess02:25
nogagplzprobably safe to get rid of it though if it offends you02:25
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diversenogagplz: by that, what do you mean specifically?04:20
darfodiverse: man ld and man ldconfig04:29
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prologicwho here has a nexus 7?06:00
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diversesamsung galaxy here06:02
prologicahh bugge06:03
prologicbugger :)06:03
prologicwondering how to nuke all this google+ crap :)06:03
prologicand get rid of half the social/tracking crap06:03
diverseyou need to root your phone06:04
diverse(which voids the warranty on your phone)06:04
diverseso if you are out of warranty, do it06:05
prologici see06:07
diversealso, it's a safety hazard to root your phone, it's (like Linux) being root, so if someone hacked your phone, you can guess what happens next06:07
prologicsame go with the tablet?06:07
diversesame goes for all Android devices06:08
prologicI'm happy to put custom firmware on it eventually06:09
prologicand build my own flavour of android06:09
prologicbut this might do for now06:09
diverseyeah custom firmware should do it06:09
diverseand unroot it when you are done06:10
diverseif you can that is06:10
prologicthis is my first android device06:11
prologicI can finally use them!06:11
prologicwith the builtin full screen zoom accessiibility in 4.2+06:11
prologicyay :)06:11
diverseyeah 4.2 is an improvement, noticeably faster than the previous versions06:12
diversegot an upgrade from my provider and upgraded it to 4.3 a couple of days ago, was happy about that.06:13
diverseprologic: I think 4.3 improved the battery life a little bit06:17
prologicwell this is my first experience06:27
prologicused to own iPads before this06:27
prologicso far not too bad the Nesus 706:27
diverseprologic: welcome to the dark. Enjoy the cookies.06:28
diverse*dark side06:29
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joacimkinda stupid. 4.4 should be available to everyone. not just one who build their own and install it themselves.07:14
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diversejoacim: 4.4 is out? Man those providers are slow.07:40
joacimwikipedia says release date 31 october 201307:41
diverseoh wow07:41
diverseand I just got 4.3 2 days ago07:41
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diverseand 4.4 has already been out for 2 months...07:43
diverseprologic: your way behind07:44
prologicI think I'm installing the update now :)07:44
prologicthat's the +plus side of having a Nexus I guess07:45
prologicyou get the upstream updates faster :)07:45
prologicand diverse "cookies"?07:45
diverseprologic: people will say "Join the dark side, we have cookies" as a meme07:45
diverseis your update 600MB+ in size?07:47
diverseprologic: ^07:47
prologicgotcha :)07:48
prologicI've always been on the dark side though07:48
prologicI just couldn't use any other device other than iOS devices until *now* :)07:48
prologichang on I'll go check07:48
prologicI had to plug it into power07:48
prologicit refused to update with 20% battery left :)07:49
diverseif it's a big update, chances are, it's OS upgrade07:55
diverse*it's an07:56
diversefor the second `it'07:56
diversewould be nice if irc could correct the previous messages, like on Skype...07:57
prologicyeap 4.4.2 here now07:57
diverseah nice07:57
diverseI envy you07:57
prologicall the color schems and wallpaepr got changed07:57
prologicblah :)07:57
prologicoh well at least it's not *bad*07:57
prologiclike iOS 6 -> 7 ugggh :/07:57
prologicit's the very reason I've moved away from Apple mioble07:58
diverseand of course I'm 'up to date'08:00
diverseprologic: moving to Android is a good move, Android has always been more open with what you can do with it compared to iOS08:01
prologicwhat device do you have?08:01
prologicI can see that now :)08:02
prologicbut I could never use one till now08:02
prologicwoudln't that then be the Samsung falvoured Android?08:02
prologicand they'll inevitably be a little bhind ?08:02
prologice.g: cruxarm is a bit bihind crux x86 :)08:02
diverseI'm using whatever my provider gives me08:02
diverseIt's more of a 'AT&T Samsung' flavor08:03
diverseso I think it's AT&T's fault08:03
joacimwell. samsung agreed to make a device for a specific provider08:04
diverseI think the galaxys are also on Verizon too08:05
joacimin norway, no provider have phones made specifically for them08:05
joacimnorway is too small for that shit tho.08:05
joacimso providers cant deny updates to people08:06
diversewell I am speaking from a US-perspective08:06
joacimthey have tried to fuck with the features of phones tho. like denying you 3G internet or mms and claim your phone doesnt support it08:07
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joacimbut usually people just install their own configs so they can do all of that without any problems08:07
diversejoacim: can you get 4G?08:08
diversewith the special configs08:08
joacimin oslo08:08
joacimwith any phone that supports the underlying tech08:09
joacimthis is mostly a problem when phones gain functionality through software updates. like when iphones got tethering.08:09
joacimproviders prefered that you bought a new subsidized phone or one of those "mobile internet" deals for laptops08:10
diverseso they force you to have the latest and greatest, when what you already have is good enough for your needs?08:12
joacimthey do want you to sign up for another contract, yes =)08:13
diverseoh god08:13
joacimI pay 30 NOK a month with my contract. providers rather I sign up for a new one that is a minimum of 200 NOK a month08:13
joacimthey don't make contracts as cheap as mine anymore08:13
joacimat least you can buy any phone in any store and use it with any contract08:14
joacimI can buy seattle for 30 NOK08:14
diverseyeah the 30 NOK is better08:15
joacimnot as bad as the stories about people who pay a hundred dollars for their phone contract08:15
diversea 100 dollars would be like paying 610+ NOK08:16
diversethat's pretty steep08:16
joacimwell. the exchange rate is in my favour =)08:17
diversetrue, I guess the NOK is stronger08:17
joacimsteam is pretty bad because of it. a few years ago they switched the prices over from dollars to euro08:17
diversejoacim: fake your address and get them cheaper08:19
diversewhat I'm sad about is how much Japanese import games costs.08:21
joacimi figured it must suck to import to america =)08:22
diversewell it's not because of importing, it's mostly because of how the Japanese economy works (I learned this from my friend in Japan)08:23
joacimi see americans sometimes try to troll forums by pointing out how expensive everything here is. it is usually nothing more than the same price, just with VAT included in the price, which is more common here08:24
diversewell those guys are just ignorant08:25
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diverseI understand if I bought Japanese imported games in a store here, there is the additional import costs added to them.08:27
joacimWhen I import, I have to pay 25% tax on everything worth more than 200 NOK08:29
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joacimpoliticians promise to raise that limit with every election08:29
joacimbut it never happens08:29
diverseman, that's only spending more than 33 USD, big ouch.08:30
diversemore like raise to a 1000 NOK08:30
diverseor 2000 NOK08:31
joacimthat limit hasnt moved at all since the 70s08:32
diverseowww, the pain...08:32
joacim200 kr. in 1972 amounted to 1 288,24 kr. in 2012.08:32
diverseSigh, that's inflation for you.08:33
diverseSo yeah, make protests and argue for raise to 2000+ NOK08:33
joacimI only had to pay taxes that one time I bought myself some shoes from england tho08:34
joacimi think the EU have this thing where you dont have to pay taxes to EU members when you order from norway08:35
joacimbut amazon and ebay seems to ignore that08:35
joacimI always have to pay english taxes08:36
diverseprobably because amazon and ebay are more US-centric -_-08:36
prologicyeah well I'm really happy with my Nexus 7 so far :)08:36
joacimvat that is08:36
diverseprologic: I envy you!08:36
prologicI just spent $3 on apps08:36
prologicI'm going to get the Nesus 5 too soon08:36
joacimamazon and force me to pay UK taxes08:36
prologicto replaec my iPhone 5s + iOS7  :/08:37
prologiciOS7 is such a POS now08:37
diversejoacim: how bad are the UK taxes?08:37
joacimabout the same08:37
joacimbut as it is now, I have to pay UK+NO taxes08:37
diverseprologic: like said, enjoy the cookies ;)08:37
diversejoacim: unbelievable...08:38
diversehow do you put up with that crap?08:38
prologichmm cookies :)08:38
joacimyeah it is shitty08:40
joacimI could send some emails to ebay and amazon, but I havent bothered with it yet08:40
diverseit's so shitty, it's like shit with green diarrhea as the icing on top08:42
joacimowners of stores here in norway think this is great tho. so now they can continue selling overprices crap, and they don't have to improve their selection.08:42
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diverseand with a side of vomit08:45
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diverseprologic: you might want to avoid reading the bad imagery I said earlier while eating those cookies08:48
diversejoacim: I'll tell you this, don't buy a JP import game where you are now.08:51
joacimit isnt that bad08:52
joacimand I want a pc engine anyways08:52
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diversejoacim: not saying you would buy a non pc game, but does that mean 490 NOK for the import is not bad?08:53
diversethat's just for one game08:53
joacimpc engine is a console08:54
joacimknown as the turbografx 16 in america08:54
nwegood morning08:54
diversejoacim: whichever platform your choose, does 500 NOK for a game sound reasonable to you?08:55
joacimnew games are 400-600 NOK08:55
joacimin norway08:55
joacim25% VAT included08:56
diverseso the real price is 300-45008:57
diversehmm, not bad08:57
diversethat would be US level of costs for new games08:57
diverseif you didn't have that stupid VAT thing08:59
joacimwell, you have to pay VAT too08:59
joacimthe difference is I can see how much I get screwed over on the sticker, you have to do the math yourself, or see how much it is once you reach the register09:00
diversewikipedia says that most US states don't have VAT, they just have sales tax. I never heard of VAT until you mentioned it.09:03
diversethus I learned something new today09:05
joacimI don't have a degree in economy or anything like that09:05
joacimi just know that I have to pay taxes, or else I'll have to work in the mines09:06
diversewell you seemed politically aware with what is going on in Norway09:07
joacimnaw i was just catching up on the news09:08
diversestill, that VAT and import tax, what a PITA09:15
joacimwell I just pay the one thing. called moms =)09:16
diverseuhhh, is there some way you can get it down to 1962 level?09:18
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joacimI see no reason to09:19
diverse25 seems like a favorite number in Norway09:24
joacimyeah it used to be 24%09:25
diverseokay, I shouldn't have chuckled.09:25
diversejoacim: if the NOK can get a bit weaker, take a vacation in the US and buy as many games as you possibly can ;)09:31
diverseerr then again, vacation expenses...09:32
diversejoacim: how about pirating ;)09:33
joacimflying across the atlantic is bloody expensive09:34
diverseyeah I figured -_-09:34
joacimcan get myself a trip to paris for 1000 NOK. A trip to NYC is about 5500 NOK09:37
joacimthink it used to be more expensive to get to america tho09:37
diverse... ... ...09:37
joacimDon't really like flying anyways. I rather go by train or something09:38
diverseis the train cheaper?09:38
joacimnot really09:38
joacimit isnt that bad09:41
joacimold used games are usually under 200 NOK anyways09:41
joacimand I only need to import some games09:41
diversedo you get to see the condition of the used games before buying?09:45
joacimI try to only buy from sellers that use their own photographs09:46
joacimdepends. sometimes sellers that use stock pictures are much cheaper09:47
diverseI see, most of your purchases are online.09:47
joacimI'll buy from this guernsey based seller. they're really cheap, but sometimes the quality of the item is less than optimal09:48
joacimwell. I buy most games from local thrift stores09:48
joacimand game/gamestop09:48
diversehave you found other online sellers in norway?09:50
joacimthey're all overpriced09:50
joacimfound a dreamcast for 1500 NOK once09:50
joacimI can get one for 40 pounds from ebay09:51
joacimprobably about 20-30 pounds to ship it to norway09:51
joacimfound a shitty old metroid prime at a store here for 350 NOK. I paid 150 for mine.09:54
prologicCan you ssh into an android device?10:04
diverseprologic: Yes, you have to look for a ssh server app in the play store.10:05
diverseI thought it was funny how I can make my phone into a file server ;)10:05
diversegonna get some sleep, night!10:09
frinnstprologic: i have a nexus410:41
frinnstyou can just deactivate unwanted apps. or you can root your phone and remove the apk (will probably make future OTA updates fail)10:42
frinnstfastboot oem unlock (will wipe all storage); fastboot boot <recovery image> ( install that you copied to your sd-card (; done10:47
frinnstand if you want to control what permissions you want to grant different apps:
frinnstthat was removed in 4.4.2, so I use this instead:
joacimheh. that's too much fucking work for a phone10:50
frinnstnah, its quite simple10:51
frinnstand well worth it with android10:51
frinnstiptables <310:51
frinnstadblock, etc10:52
frinnstor buy a jolla :)10:53
joacimwhat happened to tizen?10:53
joacimI rather see palm return10:53
frinnstnot much :/10:53
prologicwhat does it mean to root your device anyway?11:04
prologicbit confused on that :)11:04
frinnstinstalls a su binary pretty much11:04
frinnstand a apk that allows you to delegate what apps can access it11:05
frinnstallows you to get r/w on /data, allows you to use iptables etc11:05
prologicand this is (or can be) instaleld from the app store?11:05
prologicor you have to custom flash your firmware11:05
frinnstsort of, you need root to install it :)11:06
frinnstbut if you boot a "recovery image" you can install unsigned apps11:06
frinnstbut to boot that image you need to unlock the bootloader (and that wipes all data, by design)11:07
prologicI need to do some greading :)11:07
frinnstits sort of like booting init=/bin/su11:07
prologicI could install this in the meantime11:07
prologicno root requried11:07
prologicyeah I installed a terminal emulator before11:08
prologicand whilst it's sort of linux11:08
prologicit's nothing like I've ever used :)11:08
prologicno "uname"!11:08
prologicwtf :)11:08
frinnstyou need to download the android sdk to get access to the fastboot binary11:10
prologicI may look into all this :)11:11
prologicare root assisting apps on the google play store not allowd?11:12
frinnstno they are allowed11:13
frinnstthey do remove adblocking apps frequently11:13
frinnstbut you need some manual intervention to give you root access11:14
frinnstupgrades to the root-management apk can be found on google play11:14
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prologicyeah I saw the root management app12:42
prologiclooked interesting12:42
prologicthing is, I don't particularly feel like bricking this new shiny device just yet until I've learned a hell of a lot more :)12:42
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frinnstits really simple actually12:48
frinnstunlocking the bootloader (fastboot oem unlock) allows you to boot and access / rw12:49
frinnstand then you can install the needed binaries (su(busybox), superuser.apk)12:50
sepenfrinnst: could you make a guide for me? I'm afraid to brick my sony xperia ;D12:57
sepencurrently I've 4GB internal sdcard and I added an extra 16GB uSD card, but I cannot move installed apps to the external card12:58
sepenI read I should do the root thing but I'm a bit lost honestly due to the variety of methods I found12:59
frinnstyeah it can be a bit confusing, people recommending all sorts of stupid methods13:01
frinnstlike flashing an insecure kernel that you can exploit...13:01
frinnstunsure if there are any caveats for xperia, but i've used this method on my old galaxy s2 and my nexus413:02
sepenso first step is to boot with rw for /, right?13:02
sepenmy wife has a galaxy s213:02
sepenand I removed lot of apps to avoid common problems she have13:03
sepenand also I have a 8GB for this phone, but again I should do the root thing :P13:03
sepenfrinnst: anyway the method should be similar, any webpage I should take as a guide?13:05
frinnstim sure there are. i can probably whip something up later if needed13:05
frinnstnow im heading in to work13:06
sepenand how many time will take the entire process, read and getting info, download stuff, reboots, etc.13:06
sepenah ok13:06
sepensorry, see you later13:06
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prologicyeah frinnst write us up a quick guide13:21
prologicis massively confusing out there13:21
prologicthere are 16yr old kids doing all sorts of weird sh*t13:21
prologicI mean what teanager knows how to do anything right :)13:21
frinnstahhh, stale cave-air13:22
prologicalso the nexus 7 doesn't have an external sd card slot13:23
frinnstsure, but the oneliner i wrote above pretty much covers it all13:23
prologicso not sure how more difficult that maeks things :)13:23
frinnstneither does the nexus413:23
frinnstjust save it on the internal emulated sd-storage13:23
prologicyeah so all you need is to install the android sdk13:23
prologicwhich I presume is easy to install on crux13:23
frinnstyeah its just a zip-file13:25
frinnstunzip it, cd into the right dir where fastboot and adb are located and do the dance13:25
frinnstyou need to reboot your phone into download-ready mode tho13:26
frinnston the nexus4 i do that by turning it off, holding down vol down and power until it boots into it13:26
prologicahh k13:27
prologicand it needs to be plugged in via usb?13:27
frinnstseems to cover it13:27
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frinnstmeh, screw it. heading home13:41
frinnst~30min workday ftw13:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: imagemagick: update to 6.8.714:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mpg123: update to 1.17.014:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: whois: update to 5.1.014:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gdbm: update to 1.1114:02
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frinnsthmm, openelec/xbmc doesnt support nfs?15:21
frinnstonly smb?15:21
frinnstguess you need to enable it manually15:22
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nwefrinnst: yes it support nfs..18:14
frinnsti could only find options for smb in openelec18:15
nweI think you must do something like that..18:18
frinnstyeah, manually yes18:41
frinnstUpdate: NFSv4 is not supporten by OpenELEC, it needs idmapd to work...18:43
frinnstoh well, my nfs shares are not suitable for xbmc anyways. need to think of something else18:43
frinnst.. or get another nas :)18:52
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frinnstwow, java is on a roll!21:06
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xveehi guys21:38
xveehappy holidays!21:38
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frinnsthappy its over, yes :)21:45
xveefrinnst: that bad o.O21:53
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BitPuffinHas anyone here used slack?23:25
frinnstas in slackware?23:26
BitPuffinWhat are crux's advantages over slackware23:26
frinnstyeah, i have23:26
BitPuffinI've only tried crux23:26
frinnstwas a long time ago23:26
BitPuffinhow was it?23:26
frinnstslackware 8/9 or something23:26
frinnstit was nice. only ran it on my homeserver, never as a desktop23:27
BitPuffinah I see23:27
frinnstit didnt really have a complete package tool back then, just tarballs. no dependency checking and no way to easily update packages/security fixes23:28
frinnstenjoy the horror23:33
BitPuffinwell now they seem rather similar23:38
BitPuffinI think I would enjoy running crux on a VPS23:38
BitPuffinproblem is I don't know any vps that supports it23:38
frinnstwell depends on how you define "vps" i guess23:39
frinnstbut no, probably not23:39
frinnstdoubt many providers would like to support a source-based os on a shared system23:39
BitPuffinwell I don't mean shared hostin23:41
BitPuffinI mean where you get a vm with a set of resources that are yours23:41
jaegerMost VPS providers allow you to install custom distros as far as I know. Takes some effort, though.23:42
frinnstsure, you are "guaranteed" a set of cpu cycles, but its still shared and the more of the allocated resources you use, the less profit they see23:42
pitillowhat about to use a CRUX jail inside de host OS?23:42
jaegerWith that said, try VirtualBox or similar23:42
BitPuffinwell I'm running crux in a VirtualBox right here on a mac23:43
BitPuffindoesn't solve the whole vps thing though haha23:43
BitPuffinguess something like this
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