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frinnstany :)00:55
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prologicnext time I'll have another look02:59
prologicit seems to crash/freeze very month or so02:59
prologicannoying :)02:59
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xveeis anyone else having issues with flash not playing videos on youtube with chromium?05:52
joacimI can't confirm, or disconfirm. But this is trange. The design of the youtube front page is totally different in two different browsers05:59
joacimthe one in safari has a newer design, while the one i see in chrome has the older one.06:00
xveei noticed that too. i even checked on a different computer as well. however, videos that dont load on crux work on a windows pc06:02
joacimmaybe it is specific to the version of flash you use06:02
xveeperhaps. maybe ill try getting pepperflash in here06:03
xveeon a completely unrelated note, have you ever played skyblock mod of minecraft, joacim?06:06
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horrorStruckho ho ho --> drwxr-xr-x 2 root root          60 Dec 29 10:43 kdbus09:47
tilmani'm not sure how i feel about dbus living in the fn kernel09:48
horrorStruckwell it's more a dbus simpler replacement. i'm definitely not skilled enough to discuss this in depth but it's seems to be pretty much welcome09:55
tilmanme neither ;)10:04
nwegood morning!10:10
horrorStruckhej nwe10:10
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tilmangod morgon10:22
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nwehow are you guys?10:40
Rotwanggood, thanks10:40
Rotwangnwe: and how are you?10:40
nwenice to hear :) Im fine a little bit tired..10:40
nweso what happening in here?10:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: detox: new port11:05
Rotwangnot much11:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nqp: 2013.11 -> 2013.12.111:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rakudo: 2013.11 -> 2013.1211:16
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frinnstyeah, you might want to hold off kdbus for now:
Rotwangwhen I see lennarts posts I get cancer12:28
diversewhat did poetterhead do now?12:35
tilman"I would like to see him break Linux kernel and meet Torvalds' less friendly side."12:46
tilman"I am sure such a talented engineer, as Mr Poettering, will find many places in the Linux kernel that require immediate and drastic improvement."12:47
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diversewow, he is so arrogant, apparently his head lives up in his ass.13:05
Rotwanghe is arrogant, but he also actually do stuff, a deadly combination [;13:08
diversewhich makes me grimace13:10
diverseRotwang: a computer is his deadly weapon13:16
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.42.913:33
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horrorStruckgreg kh is #3 committer of kdbus which is very much reassuring14:40
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frinnstgod im fat14:55
frinnsti just broke my chair14:55
frinnst+15kg in 1-2 years14:56
Rotwangfrinnst: it is not hard to loose that kind of weight14:58
RotwangI mean if you  want to [;15:00
joacimyou gained your weight in muscles15:01
jaegerooh, memtest86+ 5.01 is multithreaded :)15:18
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jaegertilman: only with mooltipasses15:47
Rotwangand mootexes15:48
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tilmani see17:07
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xveeafter playing around with it a bit, it turns out chromium needs the extra codecs to get youtube working properly. i got it working on the other computer, now i need to do the same for crux. just a heads up in case anyone else has this issue21:23
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