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prologicanyone besides me use mythtv around here?06:17
prologicI'm planning on upgrading my media box and the ports to 0.27 (latest)06:17
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frinnstnot I07:36
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prologicheh :)08:14
prologicI suspect I'm the only crux user who does :)08:14
prologicI believe jaeger use to have a mythtv box08:14
prologicbut he abanonded the ports so I took themn up :)08:14
prologicman I'm a little drunk :/08:14
prologicbad day today :) too many kids, yelling, sreaming and carryoing on :)08:14
prologicplus a new dog we have to look after tempoarily08:15
prologichad to spend the afternoon fencing it in with chicken wire08:15
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xveehello again08:23
xveejust wanted to say, i found this nifty little thing called viewtube08:25
xveeessentially a grease monkey script that you can use to watch youtube videos. it has html 5 and works quite well08:25
xveenrxtx: i was wondering if you ever tried getting bumblebee working with the open source drivers08:28
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nwegood morning08:31
nwehow are you frinnst?08:33
nweif you will do something then you can come over to me and take my laundry :D08:33
frinnstthat sounds fun :D08:34
frinnstim at work watching youtube :)08:34
nwehehe =) urk work.. I have holiday to 7/1  :)08:36
frinnstim alone here. just realized the other guy still has vacation08:37
frinnstfuck it, im heading home :D08:37
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cybini'm trying to install cups-filters, but get that undefined reference to GfxColorSpace::setDisplayProfile(void*). what do i need to install too, to get this resolved?09:12
frinnstthere's probably more debuginfo before you get that error09:13
frinnstcould you share the complete buildlog?09:13
cybinsure. just a second.09:14
prologicfyi builds fine here09:17
prologicjust bulit it in fact :)09:17
prologicfrinnst, bored at work huh? :)09:17
prologicI have several oss projects you could contribute to :)09:17
cybin here you are :)09:19
frinnstlooks like an issue with poppler09:23
frinnstyou need lcms209:24
frinnsti answered my on question via google :D09:24
cybinlcms2 is already installed...09:24
cybini've found an old irc log stating these ne dependency, but it didn't work here. yet. maybe i missed something to rebuild?09:25
frinnstand you have rebuilt poppler?09:25
cybini don't remember. it has been a while since i got caught by this error and did not have any time to work on this further. i will rebuild it now.09:27
cybinyeah, it has been built now. thanks a lot.09:45
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jaegerprologic: yeah, I've not used mythtv in years. I use XBMC now in its place, stopped watching broadcast TV13:05
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prologicjaeger, fair enough18:55
prologicwe have pretty shitty access to streaming media here in AU (still) -- There's Foxtel, but you pay heavily for it and it really doesn't have a lot of new content most of the time, and still has ads.18:56
prologicWe really have nothing else18:56
prologicWe still have GeoIP restricted services such as no Hulu, Netflix, etc, etc.18:56
joacimcan get netflix and itunes movies here, but you can get more stuff with an american account19:19
joacimi don't watch tv anymore either. why would I pay 5000 NOK a year just to watch one single show that may or may not air on the channels that I subscribe to19:20
joacimmight as well pirate it, and buy the bluray when that one comes out19:20
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jaegerMost of my watching is via netflix these days19:37
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xveehey guys, quick question. i installed firefox via romsters precompiled package, but when i go to launch it, it gives me this error19:44
xveeABORT: OOM: file /usr/ports/work/firefox/src/mozilla-release/xpcom/build/../glue/nsTHashtable.h, line 10019:44
xveei checked depends and all the dependencies are installed19:44
jaegerOOM probably means out of memory19:44
xveethats strange. im using 75mb out of my 8 gigs of ram19:45
xveeill try recompiling the entire system. some things are being kinda wonky19:47
xveerunning revdep firefox doesn't say anything19:55
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xvee_Yea for some reason WPA supplicant wasn't playing nice either though it wasworking fine yesterday.20:04
xvee_I think its because my initial cflags were off20:04
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Amnesiaxvee_: turn up the verbosity of wpa_supplicant20:09
Amnesiayou'll get quite detailed info20:10
xvee_Well, it tells me that the host is unreachable for reason 0. But I'll do that for sure.20:11
torisohello, anyone know a good site about compiling a kernel?20:34
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jaegertoriso: there are quite a few hits from a google search about compiling a kernel, though I couldn't say personally if they're good or not20:44
torisook, thank you i do get trouble with compiling kernels, specialy how to link it to grub20:47
frinnst"make install" will copy the image to /boot/vmlinuz and run lilo for you. if you want to use another bootloader you either have to copy it manually or uninstall lilo20:48
jaegertoriso: the "localyesconfig" target in the kernel makefile might be helpful if you have trouble picking the right hardware support20:48
jaegeras for grub, it should be fairly straightforward, just have to make sure it can find the new kernel image20:49
torisojaeger, how long a typical crux install take?20:51
joacimI need about a week to configure a desktop. probably just 4-5 hours in real time tho20:53
joacimabout an about two-three hours to compile everything on my older C2D cpu20:53
frinnstyou dont need to compile anything when you install, except for the kernel20:54
joacimthat includes xorg and firefox20:54
jaegertoriso: Depends on how comfortable you are, I guess. I could probably do a fresh install in 10-15 minutes, I imagine20:54
torisook, thats not bad, joacim, then you have a linux that suit your needs20:54
jaegeradding all the stuff you want adds more time, of course20:54
jaegerbut an install itself, not too long20:54
joacim30 minutes + 30 minutes configuring just for a server20:54
torisoits how to compile that get me in trouble20:54
torisoa kernel*20:54
jaegerexperience and repetition help that20:55
frinnstmake menuconfig && make && make modules_install install20:55
torisothat yes, but its what i need to pick and not to pick20:55
frinnstthe defaults are pretty sane20:56
joacimjust be sure you build the drivers for your filesystems and sata/storage controller into the kernel20:56
joacimand not as a module20:56
frinnstyou need to know a bit about the hardware you have, scsi/sata controller etc20:56
jaegerIf you have trouble picking, try comparing the output of "lspci" and "lspci -k" to the options in menuconfig20:56
jaegeror try "make localyesconfig"20:56
torisook thank you, i'll try to install crux, not now, but during the week :)20:58
xvee_Lspci -k will save your life with the kernel. Use /" to search for the things you want to add support to.20:58
xvee_Makes the process easier20:58
torisofrinnst: you saying it is pretty sane as i dont need to configure it, if i wish to?21:06
joacimas in you don't have to change that much to get a working kernel.21:09
joacimyou will have to specify filesystem and sata drivers21:09
joacimprobably network too21:10
torisook, that's less scary :) i just want to be able to reboot, then i will pick and chose more21:10
torisonetwork, like dhcpcd?21:11
torisoor the driver21:11
joacimthe drivers for whichever network chip you have21:11
joacim <- this should cover the most important parts.21:13
torisoyes, i've been reading it, compiling the kernel is something i never done21:14
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xveewoops my bad22:01
xveethe full recompiling of the system fixed ff22:01
frinnstI want to know that guy, he sounds awesome22:12
frinnstare there lots of 30c3 videos up yet?22:14
frinnst(or i could just search)22:15
teK_yeah but still some interesting ones are missing22:16
teK_CCC + video = eternal love :p22:17
teK_I think Applebaum's talk shows some rather scary things22:17
frinnsti loved the defcon dns-bitflip talk22:18
teK_these guys seem to suck with video, too22:19
teK_is there a good ftp:// of 'all' of them?22:19
frinnstdefcon? dunno, i only watched via youtube22:19
teK_what is/does 'blackbaging' a house?22:24
teK_I probably do not want to know.22:24
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teK_frinnst: the presenter (of the DNS bitflip talk) is rather boring :\22:54
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teK_yet the topic is :-)23:06
frinnsti want to register loads of .se domains23:07
frinnstbut too expensive :(23:07
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teK_hehehe :D23:08
teK_someone still is being a bad person, huh? :>23:08
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joacimI cant even register .no :S23:15
joacimno private entities can23:15
joacimyou can register some shitty subdomain tho23:15
teK_ECC on everything? Really?23:16
frinnstoh? we used to have that, but they let up on those rules ~10 years ago23:23
frinnstbefore you could only get (privatperson)23:24
joacimthink it is here23:29
prologicmy god the jre is a pita23:33
prologicI should develop a set of proxying services to automate the "I accept" and "download"23:34
teK_I guess that's not possible to be done legally?23:35
prologicI don't see how it would violate anything :)23:35
prologickinda stupid anyway, isn't Java OSS?23:36
prologicor is it now propritery since Oracle bought it?23:36
teK_circumventing the requirement of the user to agree to their EULA?23:36
prologicwho reads it anyway? :)23:36
prologicdoes _anyone_? :)23:37
prologic"next, next, yes I frigg'n agree"23:37
prologictbh I don't even know why I have it installed23:37
prologicwhat java applets are left in the world on the web anyway23:37
prologicI don't even think any of my banks use java applets anymore either23:38
prologicmight as well remove jre and firefix-java-plugins23:38
joacimI think has some somewhere. they have customers that "need" them23:38
joacimthey have newer better alternatives, but nobody is allowed to tell their customers about them or something23:39
joacimand every single damn norwegian bank uses it. damn bankid login is a java applet23:39
prologicyeah all AU banks went the way of HTML + JS23:39
joacimit can work around it, but i lose some of the functionality of the website that way23:40
prologicI don't know of a single one that still uses a java applet23:40
teK_prologic: law does not care if you read it because you acknowledge that by accepting it..23:40
prologiclaw is stupid :)23:40
prologicor more correctly23:40
prologicour justice systems are a joke23:40
prologicas are our patent systems23:40
teK_I would not go that far (anymore) :)23:40
prologicespecially software patents23:40
prologicI would :)23:40
prologicit's all seriously a big joke23:40
teK_I recently visited a law-related lecture at university :)23:41
prologicwe continue to find more and more ways to capitalize on just about anything23:41
teK_there _are_ problems to be dealt with by passing laws23:41
prologicjust the other day I found out that here in AU (didn't nkow this before) we capitalize off our elderly and their familes23:41
prologicif (as an elderly) person you have to go into a nursing home23:41
prologicyou have to pay $200-300k (or emore - asset tested, the more assets you have the more you pay)23:41
prologic+plus 85-90% of your pension/income23:42
prologic+and you get none of it back when you die23:42
teK_200k? when?23:42
prologic(or your family gets nothing)23:42
prologicit's true23:42
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prologicour lously government allowed this to happen23:42
prologicit's a full on private industry23:42
prologicprofititing in the hundreds of millions23:42
prologicit's disgusting23:42
prologicand down right disgraceful23:42
teK_you will be happy to hear that this is not any different in germany (wrt private industry)23:43
prologicyeah :(23:43
prologicmany parts of the world are heavy on capitalization23:43
prologicit's sickening23:43
prologicprofit off the misfurtunes of others23:43
prologicyeah great23:43
joacimmine promised to raise the value limit of imported goods from 200 NOK to 1000 NOK23:43
joacimthey never did23:43
teK_they forced my 86 year old grandpa to take hikes around the city to take the health insurance card to different doctors despite the nursing home "confiscated" that card for the best of my grand ma23:44
prologicthere is only one thing wrong with this world23:44
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joacimthats about the worst thing i can think of right now23:44
prologicteK_, :/23:44
teK_in the end I did it..23:44
prologicif we young folk can do anything23:45
prologicwe have to change this23:45
prologicwe mistreat our elderly so badly here in AU it's just inhumane23:45
teK_fun fact: she has been there for nine months now. This has to be done quaterly and still this quater was the first one that he magically was forced to do this himself23:45
teK_suicide comes to mind as an option :o23:46
prologicyeah well23:46
prologicif we don't fix this by the time I'm in my 90's23:46
prologicI'll probably consider that as an option23:46
prologicit's awful what we're doing23:46
prologicI just can't believe how it's even legal to capitalize off the misfurtunes of the elderly and their families23:46
prologicit sickens me to my core23:47
teK_you can measure the humanity of a society by observing how it treats its weakest members23:47
prologicand the sad fact is here in AU23:47
prologicwe have a fast growing population of elderly23:47
prologicall the baby boomers of the 50's and 60's23:47
prologicare all getting old23:47
teK_same here23:47
prologicit's a frigg'n multi-billion $ industry23:48
teK_I agree23:49
teK_there's a german bank (where the pension of my grandma is paid to) that is specialised in denying access to accounts if their owner has dementia23:50
teK_my grandpa had to go to court and even on a court order they'd still deny access23:51
teK_this meant that the fee for the nursing home (arround 1700EUR/month) had to be paid by my grandpa besides his usual expenses23:52
teK_enough of this..23:52
prologicit's all depressing23:53
prologicit's supppose to be new year's23:53
prologicat least for AU23:53
teK_23 hours to go ;)23:54
torisooh right its right new year in australia23:54
prologicTue Dec 31 09:55:38 EST 201323:55
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