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prologicnot that anyone cares :)00:04
teK_using xbmc on my raspi ;)00:05
prologicI'm just not convinced about xbmc00:12
prologicmany have tried to convince me to switch00:12
prologicand I just don't see the point :)00:12
prologica) we still do watch free-to-air-with-ads TV00:12
prologicand b) xbmc does not and will not offer additional features I don't already have :)00:12
prologicmy setup has Hulu, ABC iView, SBS on Demand, Youtube and Google Crhome all builtin :)00:13
prologicplus of course, remote, keyboard, mouse00:13
jaegerI didn't say you should switch, I just said I don't use mythtv anymore00:13
prologicand remote viewing access on any device in hte house :)00:13
prologicI wasn't referring toyou :)00:13
prologicall my colleagues at work use xbmc00:14
prologiceven if you do use xbmc and want to record free-to-air-tv00:14
prologicyou still have to have a capable backend00:14
prologice.g: mythbackend or similar00:14
prologic(there are others)00:14
prologicanyone recommend a beter irc client for android?00:20
prologicI'm using AndChat atm00:20
prologicand it sucks ass00:20
prologiceats way too much CPU and bettery00:20
prologicas much as 1/300:20
prologicI have ZNC bounder on my server so I kinda expect a client that's capable of utilzing push notifications that znc can send out00:21
prologicat least this worked with colloquay on my old iPad00:21
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jaegerI use andchat, haven't really seen a better one00:28
prologicdo you find it eats your battery and cpu as well?00:32
prologicfor an I/O bound apps I find it chews up far tooo much cpu00:32
jaegerI haven't noticed that it does but I've never used it for an extended time00:32
jaeger15-20 minutes at most00:32
prologicit comparision xchat here on my desktop has used 22.3m of cpu time00:33
prologicover 44days of uptime00:33
prologicahh k00:33
prologicyeah I'm sort of looking for something to remain permanetly connected00:33
prologicI'm using xabber for jabber/xmpp00:33
prologicand that works nicely00:33
prologiceats very little cpu/battery00:33
prologicbut andchat kinda sucks a bit in this department :)00:34
prologicperhaps if I don't find a suitable app00:34
prologicI'll write one :)00:34
jaegerthere you go00:35
joacimads or some other shady shit?00:35
prologichell no!00:35
prologicI hate ads00:35
prologicwhy would I impose such shit on others :)00:35
joacimi read somewhere that free/gratis applications on mobiles tend to do a lot of shady background tracking00:35
joacimwhich eats battery00:35
prologicthis may be true00:36
prologicbut being all open, etc00:36
joacimwell I see people suggest nasty applications all the time =)00:36
prologicthis could be found out :)00:36
prologicI may end up rooting my nesus soon00:36
joacimand i dont know anything about andchat. just know the name now =)00:36
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prologicCan anyone help with fixing HDMI overscanning on my box?06:48
prologicGot a new LCD/LED HiSnece TV/Display :)06:49
prologicGot this:
prologicAnyway, Intel HD Graphics onboard chip, using the intel driver06:49
prologicso many conflicting ways of fixing this out there06:50
prologicmost talk about nvidia :)06:50
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tilmanteK_: watch the "bullshit made in germany" talk video (c3) if you haven't already09:03
nwehappy new year!10:15
tilmani don't think so10:16
nwenot yet  but Im will not be on irc later so :)10:19
frinnstcalm night for me10:33
frinnstive broken my neck or something10:33
nwefrinnst: slept strange?10:40
nweI hate when thats happens.. :(10:42
teK_tilman: thanks, will do10:43
frinnstanyways, happy newyear *10:53
teK_to you too, Frederik :]10:54
tilmanpretty sure you misspelled that11:43
teK_Fredrik. Sorry.13:08
joacimHe totally should change his name to Fred Erik13:11
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frinnsterik is my 4th name actually :)13:59
frinnstsorry, 3rd13:59
frinnsti have so many. difficult to keep track :>13:59
frinnst5th name is "Asshole"14:00
nweerik is my second name :)14:14
jaegerprologic: did you fix your overscan issue?14:14
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jaegerargh, stupid.... openntpd's service has "restart" in ubuntu 12.04 but not in 10.04. That confused puppet for a while14:34
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teK_they still seem to struggle with init.d-Scripts and a full transition to upstart14:37
teK_from one of my shell scripts:14:38
teK_# stop networking did not work. WHATEVER.14:38
teK_/etc/init.d/networking stop > /dev/null14:38
teK_2 lines later on:14:38
teK_start networking > /dev/null14:38
jaegeryay for standardization :P14:42
teK_This would not have happened if I had been allowed to use my favourite distro CRUX Linux.    *jingle*   CRUX-penguine pops in, full-screen14:43
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tilmanteK_: did you watch this year's talk by fail0verflow, or their talk from a couple years ago? (console hacking)15:50
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teK_tilman: no, not yet16:55
teK_only jacob's talk with FX' and the historian's in the queue16:56
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teK_#5304 and #561216:56
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BurnZeZIs anyone here using fglrx with CRUX?18:18
BurnZeZ(A recent version, hopefully)18:18
jaegerNot I18:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.2.4 -> 0.3.018:23
BurnZeZI'm actually surprised it isn't in opt18:31
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BitPuffinBurnZeZ: I tried using the old one a while back21:01
BitPuffinwas a pain and never succeeded in using it21:01
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